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By GloriD at 11,Feb,19 08:43
Very recently. I'm trans and when I started hormones I basically had almost no cum for a month. And if you look at my page, my ability to gush cum is something I'm proud of. At any rate about a week ago my ability to shoot impressive amounts of cum came back! Best wank ever, covered myself with cum, and it hasn't gone away since. The cum is a different consistency though but whatever there's lots of it again. I also have a considerably shorter refractory period, sometimes it's non existent.

By GloriD at 20,Sep,18 20:03
I prefer shaved, but I'm bi so... yeah

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By GloriD at 20,Sep,18 17:45
I made a toy out of a curtain rod. That's really it, I'm boring

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By GloriD at 18,Apr,18 22:41
I was 9 the first time I fucked another boy. It was very awkward because we were both virgins, but memorable. I was first with a girl when I was about 11, and it was about the same. Awkward because she didn't know what to do, and because I'd only ever had sex with other boys. At least I knew enough to put it in the v not the a. It was good, though I was also sort of a virgin both times.

By GloriD at 18,Apr,18 22:35
I've been with an Asian girl. Really it makes no difference.

By GloriD at 18,Apr,18 22:30
I've been trying to do this, but I don't often cum easily. I've had orgasms hands free but never ejaculation. Interestingly, it can be more intensely pleasurable than cumming. I try it both with and without prostate stimulation, which are two entirely different sensations. I figure if I get one I'll be able to get the other. That said, I can just hold my dick without moving my hand and cum normally. Which is actually how I had my first orgasm. I really didn't know what was going on, but next time I learned it was better if I moved my hand up and down.

By GloriD at 18,Apr,18 22:20
I don't have much of a frilly corona, but I like to think my head is pretty juicy

By GloriD at 18,Apr,18 22:18
Daily. Sometimes upwards of half an hour, it often used to not go away until I jacked off and came when I was younger.

By GloriD at 18,Apr,18 22:14
I'm bi so maybe I don't count. Around the same time I started with girls, around 8. I've always been pretty equal in my interest in both men and women.

By GloriD at 18,Apr,18 21:44
Nope not touching this here. Not even with my ten foot...err inch pole.

By GloriD at 18,Apr,18 21:42
I really don't know. Is there something in between? I'm pretty big soft, but I'm also pretty big hard too. You can be the judge.

By GloriD at 18,Apr,18 21:35
Yes, though I usually wank less depending on how much sex I'm having. I'd have to be having sex multiple times every day for me to not. And the sex would have to be at least good.

By GloriD at 18,Apr,18 21:20
Up slightly

Otherwise pretty straight

By GloriD at 18,Apr,18 20:53
Literally ones that cum. Ok, I prefer uncut cocks. Other than that ones that cum.

By GloriD at 15,Apr,18 20:37
Thanks. As for being cut, I'd prefer to have had the choice regardless.

By GloriD at 15,Apr,18 15:49
I think my dick is pretty nice. It'd be better if I wasn't cut, and it'd be better of my urethra was a little more pronounced because that turns me on, but wherever I still think it's pretty good.

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By GloriD at 14,Apr,18 00:55
Not curious but would be happy to help anyone who is to alleviate their curiosity

By GloriD at 14,Apr,18 00:50
Well If he's bigger than me enough to go wow my dick looks small, then I can only be impressed. I'm kind of long, but only of modest girth. Actually, I often feel my dick is a little pencilish, it looks longer and skinnier irl than in the pictures. Sometimes I think it's comical. It was worse before I lost over an inch to getting fat. My urethra also isn't very pronounced either so It can look very flat from the side irl, again kind of comical. Do I care? No. I still laugh at it sometimes.

If he's considerably smaller than me, whatever. As long as it feels good when you cum who cares about size, shape or even look? Are some dicks better looking than others? Yes. Does it matter when they are balls deep in ass, pussy, or mouth? No! Just find a way to best use it.

But honestly size isn't really a big deal to me. I'm a realist though, you have what you have and you can't change it so you may as well make the best of it. Maybe I'd feel a little embarrassed or awkward if he was considerably smaller than me, and was obviously disturbed or embarrassed by it. If only because I'm already terrible at handling that sort of thing and would feel bad. I'd do everything I can to make him forget about it though. And I do find a lot of small penises aesthetically pleasing. Well average and big ones too. I like all dicks regardless of their dimensions, as long as their owners are happy with them. If they aren't, I'll try to rectify that problem with my mouth, hands, ass, dick whatever it takes.

Besides, the body attached to your dick is pretty good, I'd give up an inch to be back to any sort of healthy weight. And yes, I know I'd get the inch back getting rid of the fat burying it. Shh you.

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But I come here to make my pee pee hard and some asses do in fact make my pee pee hard.

By GloriD at 13,Apr,18 19:07
It's an older pic but it checks out

By GloriD at 13,Apr,18 19:04
Yes, it's great. I can do it intentionally using a few techniques. Stopping just before I orgasm, fantasizing with minimum stimulation, and during prostate stimulation are my favourite ways. If only I could actually cum from prostate stimulation only. Also, this rarely happens even when I'm trying to cum. Which is either really amazing, or really annoying depending on how bad I need to cum and how much time I have. It's like the ejaculation reflex backfires somehow. Always seems to happen when I have limited time and really need to squeeze a quick one out. It at least doubles the amount of time it takes me to cum most of the time so sometimes I can't even finish.

By GloriD at 13,Apr,18 18:53
Never through masturbating alone, it actually usually takes me some time and effort to make myself cum, which I guess is a blessing and a curse as I have a somewhat high libido. I can during anal and though not hands free. Either with a toy or while being fucked. I'm working on the hands free thing. I don't think it would have any appeal to me without the prostate play though. That said, I find soft dicks cumming really hot, especially if they have a good foreskin or are flopping around a lot.

Heres a video of me cumming mostly soft

By GloriD at 13,Apr,18 18:40
I'm only mildly bi, so I'm kind of weird about it. Some I'm just not attracted to sexually or aesthetically. Others are instant boner please let me fuck you. Still will be happy to fuck an ass I'm not attracted to though. As long as it isn't terribly unattractive.

By GloriD at 12,Apr,18 21:52
Love it. That said I love pussy and dick. And cum for that matter. So maybe I don't count. Honestly, I'm torn over whether somebody else's cum tastes better straight (oh the irony ROFLMAO) or out of a pussy. My cum always tastes better out of a pussy. To me. Because my dick was in a pussy.

By GloriD at 12,Apr,18 21:45
Assuming you mean where you have an ejaculatory orgasm at the end, 4. Though I can do much better with help, I sometimes tease myself throughout the day, and I taught myself how to have non ejaculatory orgasms, not counting them. Been meaning to try to break the record, but it has always taken me a really long time to cum. Even when I want to just rub one out quick, I'm usually looking at around of 10 minutes, sometimes less, usually more. Maybe I'll hold off on cumming until I my days off, down a few monsters, plan ahead for what I'm going to eat, and pull out my entire toybox, I feel I can do 5 or 6 if I have the time. Maybe if I just try to cum as fast as possible I'll shoot less and be able to keep going after 2. Oddly enough, I'm usually good for 2 if I want though, with the same erection if time allows. Anything more becomes extraneous without a partner to help. Most of my 3's and 4's were spread throughout the day, like a double in the morning one in the afternoon and one at bed.

By GloriD at 12,Apr,18 21:25
Alone, 4. With help, 14. I like to just take a day and devote it entirely to sex. Usually my birthday or some other holiday or some shit where you are supposed to relax. Ok, I'll be honest. I was shooting blanks after the first 5 or so in an hour, but I was still trying, and was able to get a pit of cum out after a bit of a rest and food and drink. It was an epic day, and I was much younger.

By GloriD at 12,Apr,18 21:21
Probably averages to about once a day. Well it may be a bit more if you count times I don't cum from masturbating. I sometimes masturbate without cumming a few times to work up a really big cum when I want to finish, usually after edging for a really long time. Like hours. Usually just once a day though. Sometimes not at all and sometimes 2 or 3 where I cum. Rarely cum more than 3 times in a day, and usually with.

By GloriD at 12,Apr,18 17:33
I have to say that I really am not surprised

By GloriD at 11,Apr,18 21:47
more than cool, but entertaining none the less

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By GloriD at 11,Apr,18 21:11
Ok, so you missed my point entirely. I have some experience in analytics and statistics, so I have a very good grasp on how this works. I'm too tired and lazy to go over it, and I found this lovely BBC link that will show you how an average of something can be misleading.

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Furthermore, that chart does not show the most common penis sizes. It solely shows the percentage of people you are longer than taking no regard for exactly how those lengths are distributed. If you are longer than 95% of people, that means that you could be 8"(or whatever) and the other 90% could be 7.9. That chart is meant to be simple, not accurate. If it was representing the actual raw data it would look more like this.

The average of this is 6.1, even though the most common of the numbers represented are 5 and 8. The fact that there are more samples above 5 than below distorts the average to 6.1. In fact if you flipped the chart, it would perfectly prove my point. 6 would be the most common number as there is 10 but no 0 so 5 would become 6. However, the average would be 5.1, even though 6 is be the most common number on the flipped chart. In this case 3 is be the second most common, and there are more samples below 5.1 than above. This distorts the data away from the most common number of 6 on the flipped chart.

Science is good, but you need to understand how to interpret data properly. Else you could misunderstand what the science is saying.

Edited to add additional data then to re add the chart.

By GloriD at 11,Apr,18 19:05
I'm bi so I guess I don't count. That said with how good anal feels, I have no doubt that I'd enjoy it as much as I do if I were straight, though I'd have been entirely less likely to try it. Well I didn't so much try it as my boyfriend at the time convinced me to let him fuck me.

Seriously, if you're straight and don't want to because you think it's gay or something like that. Look it like this, you aren't masturbating your ass, and you aren't simulating being fucked up the ass. You are masturbating a part of your manhood that you can only properly get to through your ass. Specifically your prostate, the part of you that makes you cum.

Well you can masturbate your ass. Sexually it's one of the most sensitive parts of your body. For me more than my balls, less than my nipples. Honestly it takes a lot of getting used to though. It took me a very long time to actually learn to enjoy anal beyond prostate stimulation. Simulating getting fucked by someone is pretty gay though. But hey, I'm half gay

By GloriD at 11,Apr,18 18:53
I remember being 16 lol. Usually once a day, sometimes more sometimes less. I can usually keep an erection and keep going for another if I really want, though it takes way longer for a second. I can sometimes cum 3 times on a single erection if I'm with someone. I still have the normal refractory period. I just don't easily loose an erection, and have taught myself to take advantage of that to fight through the refractory period and cum again.

NERD SCIENCE ALERT! Very basic stuff though.

Honestly a large part of how often you need to cum is how fast your prostate, seminal vesicles, and balls fill up with fluid/sperm. Or basically how much cum your body makes, can hold, and how fast you make it. Your body tells you to get rid of your cum once these are full because your cum can get stale and solidify inside you, which can cause problems like blockages and stones. Also, humans don't ever stop making sperm or cum, so you also need to make room for more. Lastly there is a hormone believed to be involved in your libido called prolactin. The short story is that the less you have the higher your libido. When you cum, you release large amounts of prolactin as well as ocytocin which are believed to be involved in the refractory period. More ocytocin than prolactin for the short term, though.

Some years ago I had to take some medication that stops you from making cum. While I had no problem getting hard and having an orgasm usually dry or only a very small amount of cum like a drop, I had surprisingly little urge to like I usually do. The orgasms were different, too. I can have non ejaculatory orgasms normally but these were different as the ejaculation reflex was triggered, there was just nothing to actually ejaculate. Almost like if you keep cumming until your out of cum and shoot a blank, usually my 4th, but without that this is the fourth time I came over the last 2 hours of fucking feeling. I still masturbated almost every day just because it feels good though lol. That was hell by the way I take great pride in my ability to produce copious amounts of cum.

By GloriD at 11,Apr,18 18:13
Looseish, though I'm somewhat lengthy. I'm trying to loose weight though, and that'll start tightening it up. I'm considering stretching it a bit, but an organization called Foregen is working on a way to fully replace the foreskin by using your stem cells to grow a new one so I'm holding off for the time being.

By GloriD at 11,Apr,18 18:08
There are a lot of studies though, none of which are in consensus. Moreover, there is a difference between the mathematical average, and what a common penis size (or anything that's being averaged for that matter) would be. I remember reading that the most common penis length is 6" +- 0.5", with penises between 5 and 5.2 being somewhat uncommon. Other sources say that anything between 4.5" and 7" is considered normal, though that has nothing to do with the average size. The average is then skewed by people with unusually small or large penises where the smaller sizes seem to either be considerably smaller and or more common. This is just how math works. The mathematical average is just a poor indicator of what is well average. Or what is the most common to be more accurate.

All that said, I always say who cares as long as it cums and feels good doing it. I love how small dicks look, especially uncut. I love big dicks too, and everything in between. Actually I'm pretty sure smaller dicks have the same number of nerves as big ones, so they may actually be more sensitive than big ones.

By GloriD at 11,Apr,18 17:37
Meh best not to worry about such things as long as it feels good and cums. That said different sizes and shapes are better at different things. For example, I'd rather a 5" dick with a sharp up curve in my ass than an 8" dick that's curved down. Smaller dicks are generally easier to suck and I do love to suck dick. Especially when they shoot cum down the back of my throat.

By GloriD at 11,Apr,18 17:28
I would assume it depends on the person, some are more vocal than others. Most of my most powerful orgasms I've been silent or very quiet. Though I'm usually slightly louder the better the orgasm, but I'm just naturally not vocal when I'm fucking.

By GloriD at 11,Apr,18 14:05
What, like this one?

By GloriD at 11,Apr,18 13:50
They are, but like any sensations you are unused to, you just need to keep playing with them. It takes time to learn how to feel them properly.

By GloriD at 11,Apr,18 13:43

By GloriD at 11,Apr,18 13:42
I love to suck cock even if people find out!

By GloriD at 10,Apr,18 17:18
What gets me the hardest is fucking a really hot girl while being fucked up the ass by some dude with a huge dick. I've done it, but not for a long time. Well not the huge dick bit. Adequate, big even, almost as big as mine, but not huge.

By GloriD at 10,Apr,18 15:43
Fingers, tongue, dick, vibrator, whatever you want

By GloriD at 10,Apr,18 14:37
I'm more interested in receiving than giving anal. If I'm with a woman, she'd need to insist, as I prefer vag 100%. If I'm with another man, then I'll do it happily, can't ask someone to do something I'm not willing to do myself. And it feels really fucking good. Everyone should try receiving at least once. Even if it's just an Aneros or a dildo or something by yourself.

By GloriD at 10,Apr,18 14:30
Getting a nice load of cum from a twitching cock