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By Tobes at 04,Oct,18 09:58
Agreed. Everyone who's curious needs to give it a go and, whether you like it or not, there's no shame in it. Something to be proud of in my opinion.

By Tobes at 04,Oct,18 09:54
I sure do feel a better man thanks. I actually feel blessed for being capable of enjoying sex with both genders. There's actually a couple of pics from one of my meets on my profile. I'll have a look at your forum post a little later. Thanks.

By Tobes at 03,Oct,18 11:22
Thanks for the comment
Since writing this thread I have now had gay meetups with two different guys. I love it and would do it again. I don't know why I was worried and I don't regret it one bit. And you were right; it certainly doesn't change who you are one bit. You feel fulfilled because you have filled that gap!

By Tobes at 05,Nov,16 07:51
With regards to open wounds in the mouth, do you think tooth decay counts or an infected chipped tooth???

By Tobes at 05,Nov,16 07:31
I have always slept naked ever since my late teens. And it's not for any sexual reason it's just natural to **** in the nude. I have never understood why people wear clothes to bed. Even if it's cold, there's still no need to wear clothes, you can just put extra blankets on instead

By Tobes at 01,Dec,15 12:11
Some nice advice there thanks
We've agreed to meet this Thursday evening.

By Tobes at 29,Nov,15 17:21
Are you open about it now or is it still a ****. What did you do that first time?

By Tobes at 20,Sep,15 19:07
Yes, I agree that it would take an extremely brave man to get circumcised off his own back just cos he would prefer it. I think most men are probably happy the way they are though. I, for one, love my penis and wouldn't change it for the world

By Tobes at 18,Sep,15 13:08
Yes agreed. He does have an amazing cock though. I'm sure he's proud of it like I am mine 😀

By Tobes at 17,Sep,15 14:14
I've just had a quick look and you're right. His penis actually looks very much like mine. As you say, there is just a small amount of foreskin flaccid and when it's erect there is almost no foreskin visible.

By Tobes at 17,Sep,15 11:58
Well that's 7 people who say I'm uncircumcised. My cock looks like it's cut on so many of my pics though. Whenever I get asked in future I will have to say 'I'm uncut with really short foreskin'.

By Tobes at 16,Sep,15 19:45
That's 3 out of 3 so far. Are you sure? When my penis is hard there is only just enough foreskin for me to tug on with my fingers. As these two pics:-

This is the absolute maximum I can pull the foreskin. Anymore and it would hurt.

By Tobes at 16,Sep,15 18:44
Really??? Wow, for years I've assumed I was.
These are quite good pics for illustrating my point taken just this second:-

Foreskin natural

Foreskin purposely closed

By Tobes at 18,Nov,14 16:27
And here is the photo of me naked in my flat taken just a few minutes ago.

Photo of a wiener from Tobes

By Tobes at 05,Dec,13 08:25
Well here it is.

No chance of me getting an erection at the moment.

Photo of a horn from Tobes

By Tobes at 04,Dec,13 19:20
I finally have my chastity cage and it looks very sexy. Really pleased with it. It's a fine stainless steel one. I'm gonna try and stay in it for a month. Would anyone like to see a picture of me in my chastity cage?

By Tobes at 18,Nov,12 17:51
It is nearly always infront of a mirror for me!

By Tobes at 17,Nov,12 19:01
Just imagine it. You get your girlfriend to lock your penis in a chastity cage for one month. Then you still have to keep on pleasing her. Kissing her, sucking her tits, going down on her etc. If she wants penile penetration you would have to wear a strap on. Worse still, she could chain you to the bed and tease you all night long while you're still in your cage, the whole time, unable to get hard or even masturbate afterwards. Imagine the frustration. And just imagine the releif and explosive orgasm you would have the night she finally unlocks you! This thought just makes me horney as hell. And even when she does unlock you, she might decide one night is enough and locks away your penis for yet another month!

By Tobes at 22,Apr,12 13:38
Well I tried the banana thing and I couldn't get it to fit plus it really hurt

By Tobes at 20,Apr,12 07:22
Well I was thinking more of sliding it in and out of my ass so that it feels like I've got a hard cock inside me!

By Tobes at 19,Apr,12 21:34
I ALWAYS go to bed nude. If it is cold then I trow an extra blanket on but NEVER any PJs or anything. Far more comfortable and what's the point in wearing clothes in bed anyway? You're asleep!!!

Sometimes in the summer, when it's really hot, I don't even have any covers over me!

By Tobes at 03,Feb,12 06:32

By Tobes at 29,Jan,12 06:07
Thanks for the helpful tips! I've been emailing him for quite sometime so I'm pretty sure he's genuine, but yes, I know I do have to be careful

By Tobes at 11,Nov,11 16:02
Oh my god, this thread is so old. I'm still the same. LOVE the nice big cocks and I wank to gay porn all the time! But would only ever date a girl! I love girls!

By Tobes at 06,Nov,11 08:46
And another thing. How do you groom yourself? I'm usually really hairy but shave my chest hairs to a nice short length, completey shave my balls bald and leave just some short hair above my penis! Really feeling quite horny now so a few comments would be great!

By Tobes at 26,Apr,11 15:19

By Tobes at 17,Feb,11 12:18
There are so many guys like this around. I list myself as bi but i identify as straight in the real world because I know I will only ever have a relationship with a woman. However, 90% of porn I watch is gay porn. I can't stop looking at other cocks and fantasising about them!

By Tobes at 17,Feb,11 10:11
Not a bed idea. Just let me know.

By Tobes at 16,Feb,11 15:50
Lol. Well I've already started working out a lot and already noticed a difference. Think it will take a bit more than that though. But thank you.

By Tobes at 16,Feb,11 15:49

By Tobes at 15,Feb,11 17:26
Lol, I go out and meet people all the time! I always have done. I'm going to university for the first time in September to nursing and I guarantee it will be the same old story. No one is ever interested in me sexually!

By Tobes at 15,Feb,11 17:24
Thank you. I just wish it was that way.

By Tobes at 15,Feb,11 10:59
31. I look about 25.

By Tobes at 15,Feb,11 10:44
Hell yeah! You have a well nice dick!

By Tobes at 15,Feb,11 10:36
I'm in England but not north east. I'm in the midlands.

By Tobes at 03,Feb,11 19:58
Well here's my naked picture with cock flaccid:

By Tobes at 03,Feb,11 19:56

Me too!

By Tobes at 03,Feb,11 19:48
Here's mine:

By Tobes at 25,Jan,11 21:33
Love it shaved hairless. And get turned on the most by hairless cocks too. Occasionally I leave a little patch of hair above.

By Tobes at 24,Jan,11 19:06

By Tobes at 23,Jan,11 14:46
Do most gym showers not have shower cubicles so you can't see eachother showering? Mind you, I've only just started going to the gym and I haven't been in the showers yet. I'll have to check the showers in my gym tonight!

By Tobes at 19,Jan,11 17:13
Any British members near the West Midlands then?

By Tobes at 19,Jan,11 16:58
I absolutely love my cock with a passion and would not change it for the world !!!

By Tobes at 14,Jan,11 20:45
There's nothing like hard cocks to get me masturbating !!!

By Tobes at 06,Dec,10 20:33
Well it is my dream to meet a guy and do some mutual masturbation and touching together. It turns me on big time

By Tobes at 03,Nov,10 20:09
Oh my god. That would be way to risky. My cock is way too precious for that!

By Tobes at 19,Oct,10 19:22
I'm in too!

By Tobes at 11,Oct,10 17:56
Just do it. I do it but mainly because I have a much better orgasm when I cum upside down.

By Tobes at 03,Oct,10 20:15
It's not gay at all. I wish I could do it. I curl up and cum on my face. That's the closest I can get.

By Tobes at 03,Oct,10 20:11
Well mine always curves to my left: