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By Mazinga at 04,May,19 12:58
I'm not married.
But I do enjoy viewing what their wives/girlfriends
are getting (or turning down) at home.

By Mazinga at 04,May,19 12:17
I'll be fine, lol, thanks!

Sometimes I indulge in toOo much p*rn exposure
with pics, videos, websites and such that after a while
I become numb to it.
So, I needed a break from it to refresh my lust
for more sxy cyber eye-candy.

By Mazinga at 04,May,19 11:59
Hi all! After a looong absence, I'm back.
I hope everyone is doing well.
Just chilling out at home today on this boring
unusually cold May weekend in upstate NY.
I'm heading out to my local community dinner
for a bite, and then off to band rehearsal for
a few hours, and then back home to enjoy
the rest of the evening.

I'll have new pics up soon.
Speaking of which, I think I'll reorganize my gallery
and get rid of old irrelevant pics. lol

Anxiously awaiting the Ssssizzly HOT Sxy SYD-dy
Schweaty Summer season!

By Mazinga at 04,Aug,18 13:50
Poppers are as far as I go, and I personally don't
consider poppers to be a drugg.
I try not to huff too much poppers if I'm on a
Viagra pill because then the effect of the Viagra
gets defeated by the poppers; that's just something
I've learned in my experience.

I've done pot, acid, hash, and drank a lot during my
younger years. By the time I was 25 I quit all that stuff
out of boredom and I didn't like waking up with hangovers
the next day.

Today at 53, I'm drugg-free
( except for poppers, lol. )

By Mazinga at 04,Aug,18 13:43
Yes indeed, he's a cutie!

By Mazinga at 04,Aug,18 13:40
Trump is the SHITHOLE our country's Founding Fathers
warned us about. That warning is clearly evident in
plain simple English in the U.S. Constitution.

History exists for a reason, and THIS is a big reason
why it exists.

What boggles my mind is that so many people who
support the SHITHOLE are so happily stuck on STUPID
they don't give a fuck about how THEY have turned
our country upside down.

And they have the audacity to claim "patriotism"
while supporting a TRAITOR.
Just like Jack White sang in one of his songs,
"You can't be a piimp and a prosstitute, too".

By Mazinga at 04,Aug,18 13:22

Nonetheless, I agree with you on that.
I've seen a few face pics that gave me weird
or creepy vibes.

Some face pics in which the person looks like he or she
is frowning or having a bad day... folks, you wanna
ATTRACT people, not repel them. lol

Why So Serious? lol

It's not just here, but in any adult site where I visit
and view people's profiles.

May I add: folks, please Smile or at least grin a little!

By Mazinga at 04,Aug,18 13:15
If a hot guy of my preferred type were to ask me,
in person, "What's your sexual fantasy?"
I'd look him in the eye and reply with "YOU."

By Mazinga at 04,Aug,18 13:07
Collecting anything, whether stuff is bought or found,
is quite an amusing hobby. Entertaining, and amusing.
The search for holy grails, rare items, and unique
specimens; and the money and time invested in such
hobbies, is crazy enough to make folks wonder if
collector So-n-so ever gets laid or even has a life. lmao

For a while I used to collect Japanese toy robots
of my favorite classic 70s and 80s anime giant
robot characters.
Sites like Robot-Japan, and CollectionDX highlight
members collections. Lotsa high-end robot toys
from vintage to modern. Many of those specimens
rake in lotsa money in the aftermarket among hardcore
Collector communities who specifically collect items
in that toy genre.
Other collectors do it for the sentimental value of
reminiscing their childhood years when such toys
from the Japanese cartoon shows were in the market.

In any case, I had to take a break from that hobby
as it was too expensive to maintain and keep up with.
The hobby still thrives to this day.

I still have some of my toy robots, someday I'll
post new pics of my collection in a site gallery
so visitors can view my collection.
You may have seen the two robots in my SYD page. lol
My SYD username originates from one of my favorite
robot characters.

By Mazinga at 04,Aug,18 12:53
The little die-cast toy cars from as far back as 1968.
Manufactured by Mattel, the name of the toy line is
known as "Hot Wheels".
Most of us played with them since way back then.
Their die-cast toy cars are still made to this day.

By Mazinga at 04,Aug,18 12:48

By Mazinga at 04,Aug,18 12:46
that scene is the most epic
in sci-fi horror movies ever!

By Mazinga at 04,Aug,18 12:30
In my lifetime experience with current and former
presidents, I can say that ALL poliTICKcians are dweebises.
And that is just my opinion.
Some of their ideas I've agreed with, and some of their
ideas I've disagreed with.
They've all done their fair share of good and bad.
But in my eyes, they're also assholes.

In this previous election, our country did NOTHING to
produce Quality candidates for the Presidential Office.
Everyone was too busy sucking up 'Reality' TV shows;
chasing Pokemon creatures throughout the city
( oh, what a Perfect sky-blue harmonious day That was! );
and guzzling down pisswater generic Keystone beer in
their backyards while gossiping about one another.
Meanwhile, every poliTICKal assclown and his/her mother
came out of the wood-works like maggots hoping to
get at that prized carcass.
NONE of those "candidates" were qualified for Office,
and I naturally don't give a fuck what anyone thinks.

No matter who I voted for, or against, it was always
gonna result in yet another asshole in Office.
And, boi, did we end up with an ultimate Asshole

All the racist sKKKumbags rallied behind him; they were
always too chickenshit to speak their racist xenophobic
homophobic hateful minds openly in public because they
knew their asses whould get handed to them by an
overwhelming community of united American Citizens
who do not tolerate all that racism and prejudice.

SHITHOLE said everything the racist sKKKum wanted to hear.
It's no surprise to me how much racism there is here
in America, as it was always hidden and inbred for
generations until it was emboldened by SHITHOLE
to come out and act on it.
That is some powerful koolaide there it rivals the
one served by the former Reverend asshole Jim Jones!
And the masses of racist sKKKumbags drank that shit up
like sheeple sucking a huge tit!
Their only reason why they voted for and elected
the Orange SHITHOLE was to
"get that n*gger out of office!"...

My country in which I was born and raised has become
So Full-RETARD we've become the laughing stock
of the entire world. Basically a swamp of CRACK WHORRES.
And that Retardation is getting worse by the hour!
I served my country for THIS?????

They bashed "Obummer" for eight long years,
Now it is the SHITHOLE'S turn to get the same treatment.

All previous poliTICKal assclowns aside;
We're not discussing them. They'll get their 15 minutes
of fame in school History books later on.

We're discussing The Genuine SHITHOLE now.

You're welcome.

By Mazinga at 04,Aug,18 11:38
Everything about this site has its place and purpose,
which is what I like very much about SYD/SYC...

1. The User's profile/gallery page ...that's where I post
my pics of me. Some of my pics show me with a partner,
that partner's face is blurred, blocked, or masked.
No need for me to post another member's pic in my gallery
unless a member asks me to tribute his pic and gives me
permission to post a pic in my gallery of me tributing him.

2. The Shrine... whatever thoughts and things I like about
a member, I post notes in the shrine for said member.
It's my way of letting said member know how much I
think of him and admire him.

3. The Favorites folder... if I really like a member's pic
I add it to my Favorites, and that is the only area where
I would keep a favorite pic of any given member.

With all due humble respects to everyone, I see no reason
for the need to post another's pic into one's profile.

Someone started a thread titled "Undiscovered Gems",
in which the topic was about profiles that may
have been rarely seen, overlooked, or yet
to be discovered.
I thought that was a nice way to bring visitors to
someone's page by way of their page link.

Whether or not an undiscovered member wants the attention
I don't know, but I treat that situation respectfully.
We all love to be admired, and we all enjoy viewers
visiting our pages.
By all means, come visit, view, and leave comments
or at least say Hi. We love it!

We're all here to show off our goods, and by visiting
members pages it's our humble way of saying
"Thanks for sharing!"...

Hi Everyone!
What you want, baby we got it
What you need, baby we got it
All we're askin' yoUUUUU is fooooor a little

By Mazinga at 04,Aug,18 07:07
Gotta love that hot Alien Chest Buster!

By Mazinga at 02,Aug,18 11:33
I rarely enjoy fucking... the guy would have to be
so super hot my type for me to enjoy sex with him.

I'm more inclined to masturbate, I can edge myself
for hours while holding back my load; and just revel
in my own pleasure threshold until I finally break it
and release my load.

In my adult lifetime experience, I've only had one
buddy who enjoyed sucking and edging me for a few hours
until I ejaculated. That was all he wanted with me,
and I never complained about it; I Loved it!
Too bad that buddy relationship was short-lived
for almost two years.

I often respond to ads on Doublelist, only to learn
that the partner just wants to get fucked right away.
I have needs, too; but lately I get hits from
total bottoms who are "Me Me Me". Fuck that shyit!
I'm not a "Me" person, I'm a WE person.
If WE don't click, then it's just Me and MY Dick.

By Mazinga at 02,Aug,18 11:22
Ditto. Same here!

By Mazinga at 02,Aug,18 11:17
I don't like to compare for the sake of Measuring.
I like to compare for the pleasure of admiring cocks
that are different from mine...
...their physical and structural attributes intrigue me.

By Mazinga at 02,Aug,18 11:04
"Draining" their balls... yawn.
That term is used so loosely on Craigslist
(and now on Doublelist) as a mere visual play of words,
an Attention-Getter posted in desperate multiple
repeat ads on the site.

If a guy has a very intense orgasm, it may FEEL like
his balls are getting "drained".
I don't believe the balls could ever be "drained".
They're just spent from sending out that semen.
Bonus points if the guy feels "Blue balls" discomfort
after all that hard thrusting and/or jerking.
It's a Relief from all that built-up sexual stress.
After that happy ending the balls need time to recover.

Hold your load for a few days, and then slowly
edge yourself for as long as possible for the climax
and that Point Of No Return; you'll shoot a nice
thick hot load.

I enjoy the intense orgasm than the actual shot.
Cum is the reward for a good blowjob or handjob
that was well done.

By Mazinga at 02,Aug,18 10:51
After 4 days of abstinence, I edged and rubbed one out
late last night... shot a huge spooge up to my chest
and several splotches over my right thigh.
If I had been masturbating every night until last night
my load would have been just a dribble.

By Mazinga at 02,Aug,18 10:32
(Le sighhhhhh)... Giuliani was no hero, he was just
a dweebis posing for the cameras.

Giuliani, the prickless beitch who Disneyfied 42nd Street
and basically gentrified NYC.

The Bash King who ignored the plight of the LGBT community
during the peak of violent gay bashings throughout the
NYC area in the late '90s.

The soapbox "hero" who talked all that "tough guy" shit
in front of the news cameras and hugged so many survivors
in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on 9/11.
That was just him posing for the cameras...
...Even THEN he was contemplating getting a job
in the White House.

Along comes his "homie" from Queens NY who somehow
becomes President of the United States, and since then,
Giuliani has been doped up on that trump koolaid and
suckin trump cock desperately seeking a job in the
White House.
Him, and New Joyzee governor Chris Christie, competing
for schloppy scheconds all over that trump appendage
like a pair of buzzards fighting over a dead worm.

The mouthbreather even Wants to create a non-existent
"job" at taxpayers' expense as trump's "lawyer".
Giuliani sucking trumps cock AGAIN. The suckery goes on.
O M F G the queefage just never ends, doesn't it!

If I had my way I'd snipe that fucker at point blank range
with golf balls from his well-stocked garage,
and then I'd drive away in his Sedan like stealing
a BMX bike from a nuisance kiid in Hicktown USA.

By Mazinga at 02,Aug,18 09:59
Awwwww Thank you!

Cock, YES. I never had Pussy before, but there's
a first time for everything, lol.
Bring all that good schtuff on!

By Mazinga at 01,Aug,18 12:18
I'm still waiting to see smurfs jump out from
hiding beneath that head...

( surprise! ) BOO!

By Mazinga at 01,Aug,18 12:13
At least, a Thigh job with that would feel nice.

Without penetration- who Wouldn't want that big cock
rubbing between his or her thighs, from behind,
from front, cowgirl position, doggy, face-down with that
big thing rubbing between the cheeks, oily tit-fuck,
even spooned by it!

At most, he'd get a handjob (two hands) with that.
Strap him down, I'll lube my hands and edge
dafuq outta him for several hours!

By Mazinga at 01,Aug,18 11:23

By Mazinga at 01,Aug,18 00:33
I like a Grower... start out teasing it soft
and make it grow hard through a good edging.

By Mazinga at 01,Aug,18 00:30
The last time I cried was when I was 25 and he was 38.
Took me a while to get used to his size for six years.
Then we broke up. That was roughly 23 years ago.
I haven't cried ever since.

By Mazinga at 01,Aug,18 00:27
"Pussy" sounds more sexier. More sensual.

"Cunt" sounded nice for a brief while, until people
started using it in a derogatory context against
another person.

By Mazinga at 01,Aug,18 00:24
Exposing myself to my partner...
...I call it an Invitation, either Take it or Leave it.

By Mazinga at 01,Aug,18 00:21
Cohoes NY

By Mazinga at 01,Aug,18 00:16
Hangs so low we'd need a tow-truck to suck it.

(waiting for that video clip of him
playing jump-rope with it)

By Mazinga at 01,Aug,18 00:11
Which head? NO Not THAT one!

By Mazinga at 31,Jul,18 23:34
I agree with what you said earlier.
The wine got to me, made me tipsy, lol

I was anticipating my B'day coming up
and so I decided to get a little buzzzed.

By Mazinga at 31,Jul,18 23:32
Nice find! I'll have to check that book out.
The summary nails it right on point!

By Mazinga at 29,Jul,18 12:52
( Gay guy here. )
I use my Fleshlight... it's always
ready willing and able, it never judges me
whenever I have trouble staying hard,
and it never approaches me with a prude
"total bottom" attitude.

By Mazinga at 29,Jul,18 12:42
You may be right, it could be a fake profile.
The gif avatar makes it obviously so.
Many site members will often use their own
favorite gifs for their avatars.
But that gif in Amico's avatar is too typical. lol

As for his fantasy, it is kinda weird almost too naive.
Oh well, whatever floats his goat.

By Mazinga at 29,Jul,18 12:34

By Mazinga at 29,Jul,18 12:23
@leopoldij... re: the toot cousin guy...

1. His old mobile phone has a thick accent.

2. The only thing he feels about his toot cousin is
that HE wants that "easy" chocha, only because
she happens to be breaking off a piece to
everyone else but him.
He obviously can't find a non-related chic of his own
to get laid with.
I smell a virgin fuckboi in that house.

3. So, he's a Flathead (my nickname for flat-earthers).
Herman Munster was level-headed, but at least
Grandpa made him smart.

4. Tide Pods.


--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

( I tried to reply within leo's comment, but my
reply got bounced up here for some reason? Strange. )

By Mazinga at 29,Jul,18 12:12
I read those. I couldn't help it, I haaaad to
joke in on her blackguy/whiteguy blog.

By Mazinga at 29,Jul,18 08:26
You're welcome @TWOWARMTTS2

By Mazinga at 29,Jul,18 07:40
I keep my face and eyes straight, and I stand close
to the urinal.

THEN... out of the corner of my eye, I watch for
the guy's head and face.
If he appears to be looking or glancing at me too long
and I notice any facial gestures from him
I slowly (and shyly) glance towards his face and
step away just a bit so he can then look at my cock.
If he steps back a bit, I take it as the green light
to look at his.

Once this becomes mutual... SCORE!

By Mazinga at 29,Jul,18 07:35
YOU... are Awesome!

By Mazinga at 29,Jul,18 06:26
I saw the thread title and I was curious to see
what this is about.

(reading this thread, or Trying to read it)

O...M...F...G, my eyes HURT!

The struggle is SO fuckin REEEEEAL!

By Mazinga at 29,Jul,18 06:15
To the original author of this topic:

You should change your topic title and 1st post to
"Why many ppl r crazy for uncut cocks?"

The way you worded it appears to be generalizing
all White people.
It also makes you look like you've been hanging out
on the old Craigslist Personals too much.
Just saying.

Look at the bigger picture:
many ppl of ANY race and nationality enjoy uncut cocks.
While others enjoy cut cocks, and others enjoy Both.

Oh well, this is an old thread and the original author
is probably no longer here at SYD.

What matters is you like to moan for the bone
and scream for the cream!

By Mazinga at 29,Jul,18 05:53
I remember in my very early childhood years,
my mom used to wash my uncut cock by pulling
the foreskin back and using her nails to dig
the gungus out... that shyit HURT, but it
had to be done.

After her first few times doing that to me
I started doing all that cleaning by myself.
By the time I was 12 it was then that I had decided
to retract my foreskin
(I didn't even know what "Retraction" or
what that process was at the time).

I agree, mothers ( and fathers! ) really should show
their boys everything about their cocks.
It will save their boys from embarrassments that
may arise later on in life.
Everything Sexual that I had learned about my cock
I learned from older boys... and I discuss that
in my blog titled as
"My First Time Ever Getting Boinked By A Guy".

As I had stated in other threads, I retracted
my foreskin for two reasons:
1. I was envious of guys who were cut, and at
the same time I admired cut cocks; so, I wanted to
experience what it's like to be "cut".
2. I was dreading the painful task of cleaning
my foreskin digging out all that... schtuff...
...and so, by retracting my foreskin and leaving it
permanently retracted my cock's hygiene became
easier to achieve without any painful discomfort.

The retraction process took me about ten years
until my exposed cock head was finally accustomed
to physical and material touch.
And I've remained retracted to this day. No cuts.
I can no longer roll my foreskin completely
over my cock head, and I don't want to;
but at least I'm intact.

I've had guys admire my cock for the way it looks
and how it feels in their hands.
They had never made any issues about my race
and heritage as an uncut Hispanic guy.
Win win for both sides.

By Mazinga at 29,Jul,18 05:29
I'm contemplating the thought of changing my username
on this site, and other adult sites to which I belong.
I love my username. BUT, it is Googleable...
My username also happens to be a world-famous
Japanese robot anime character from the '70s.
Whenever fans google for its name I'm afraid my username
could show up in the search results showing threads
and links to my adult site hangouts.

I don't want my family and relatives to see
this side of me although I've already crossed the line
as a show of my defiance to their sense of
"moral prohibitions".
So far, knock on wood, my cyber-sexual life hasn't
been found out by my folks.

By Mazinga at 29,Jul,18 05:15
As @bella! stated, using the @ tag when responding
to a specific user helps to keep the discussion organized,
and it will draw the specific user's attention
to your replies.

Sometimes I don't know if the @ tag works when I use it.

By Mazinga at 29,Jul,18 05:10
I enjoy the forum. THIS forum especially.
Something about the forum here at SYD really
piques my interest, so much variety of topics.

I've been through a few other adult forums
and their topics repeat in so many different ways
that they appear to me like stupid questions over
and over again.
I hardly see that here at SYD.

If a topic interests me I like to chime in,
even if I don't always make sense. lol

If there is humor involved, you can bet I'll dive
right in and share some shitz-n-giggles.
--------------------------------------- added after 89 minutes

BTW, I tried to read the one about dude's
"prostitute cousin"... had to exit that thread
like the fastest bat outta hell,
I thought I had seen much weirder characters
on "Seinfeld"!

By Mazinga at 29,Jul,18 04:50
We all (males and females) enjoy variety.
Like the phrase goes, "Variety is the spice of life".
On that note, I'd prefer to find new waters to swim through
rather than continue trying to swim against the current;
Life is short and I don't have much time for that.

With all that slack, I now have the freedom to choose
either to Fuck anyone anytime I want, or just be still
and NOT fuck at all.

Why not just go balls to the wall? Because of
Self Control, Morals, Respect, my own Conviction,
and treating people with Dignity.
Those are qualities I want to adhere to.
If someone wants to "Break me off a piece", fine;
but I don't Have to take him up on the offer. lol

Even if I were to remain loyal to just one partner,
how much Sex could partner and I possibly have until
we get tired of it for a while and then later on
resume fucking our brains out again?
Annimals fuck for Life.
Humans fuck for Life, for Pleasure, and just for
the mere fuck of it.
We've got gangs of Fucks to give out like freebees
even though we say we Don't GAF about things.
Interesting how the teeter totters. lmmfao

It's raining Men, and it's raining Women.
Standards this, standards that, standards overlapping
one another. Does society know what it wants anymore?
Doesn't seem like it.

Ya know, I'm counting sheep-- and every now and then
I wanna stick my foot out to trip one up for the
shitz-n-giggles of it. I feel like I almost Have to.
I get sick and tired of the patriarchal attitude.

Why not give everyone a fair deal?
Because lessons need to be taught, starting at Birth:
The woman has to bear the burden of conceiving an
unborn chyld for nine months until its birth,
while the man has to STFU and own up to his
responsibility of planting that seed.
Studies and Reports can 'determine' whatever,
No one is gettin outta this one scot-free. haha

"It's a man's world"... okay fine, Mr. Man;
you can keep your "world".
I want the entire universe! More to experience,
and more to play with.
Women deserve that fair deal as well. Ying Yang.


I've been drinking wine this evening.
W...T...F did I just post!

By Mazinga at 29,Jul,18 04:09

Hmmmmm, I think I miiiight try to Google that one.