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By Scorps at 08,Jul,20 17:18
You all didn't like it with Obama, and then turn right around and do the same shit to Trump.

Do you NOT see the stupidity or hypocrisy? My God, woman!

By Scorps at 08,Jul,20 16:47
Whatever you RACIST!

Be Patient, please!

I'm gonna take that VERY article YOU just posted, impose Donald's name, and simply insert ALL the things YOU people say about him. Just for fun!

Guess what the result will be?

The result is going to show...

YOU will accept the above from "the Chicago Tribune" as GOSPEL or YOUR truth!

But once I use the EXACT same ARTICLE as a template to illustrate the HYPOCRISY. You will then deny it, right?!

The President is SO fairly treated it's nauseating, right?!

Gimme some time, I'm gonna make it happen, and thanks for the inspiration!

NO foul play when I get done, either!

By Scorps at 08,Jul,20 16:15
Then we would have our first, BLACK PRESIDENT!

Then you guys could have a new punching bag!

Oh wait, you wouldn't dare say anything negative then, cause he's black, you would be deemed... A RACIST! Oh no!! 😳 Can't have that...

Isn't that what you all called us that couldn't stand Obama's ass. Racists?! At every turn of opposition to his ideas or policies, we WERE ALL racist! Yeah ok, whatever!

It's never very funny when the shoe is on the other foot. That being said, I would SURELY be laughing at the clowns with similar views as you.
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RACIST this ➡️

By Scorps at 08,Jul,20 16:03
LMAO That's funny right there!

By Scorps at 08,Jul,20 16:00

Supreme Court upholds Trump's rollback of birth control coverage mandate!

The Supreme Court, in its 7-2 ruling, sought to resolve a long-running legal battle that previously vexed the justices.

Full article ➡️ only registered users can see external links

It's but a small victory, but we'll take it, for now!!

How about exercising PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY! I know that's such a NOVEL idea, right? When it comes to getting pregnant. If you don't want a baby, DON'T FUCK or pay for the birth control your gotdamned self! I nor anyone else for that matter, should be responsible for YOUR birth control, PERIOD!

By Scorps at 08,Jul,20 15:13
It IS ironic that one of the other people that DID, at least have THE BALLS to chime in on THIS thread, referring to America and American's as the "Ship of Fools", was ALSO from the Netherlands.

Perhaps their citizenry truly feel they live in a more superior society?

I may just have to have a closer inspection, to see if it is in fact possible. Maybe I'll have a report sometime as to whether Netherlands is in FACT more diverse, morally grounded, or FREE than the U.S. 😉

Anyone with more knowledge, feel free to speak up!

By Scorps at 08,Jul,20 14:52

I'm fairly certain he's just semi-joking around, although the reasoning TOTALLY works. If Kanye were to run, it would pull almost all the black vote, and many of the other idiots that would SOLELY and BLINDLY vote for the simple fact that, he's black. Thus, destroying the chances for the mentally challenged Uncle Joe and re-handing the election to Donald J. Trump.

I personally support Kanye's decision, should he decide to actually go through with it.

By Scorps at 08,Jul,20 11:22
Ahhh ok!

Now THAT was a pretty clever response, truly made me laugh.

By Scorps at 08,Jul,20 11:16
I've seen this mentioned on cable television somewhere, but didn't think much about it.

As a massive lover of Doggies, most animals really. This just doesn't appeal to me at ALL! In my opinion, it further illustrates that some people just have too much money.

By Scorps at 08,Jul,20 10:58
You are SO observant!

I hadn't even noticed that.

Thank goodness Mr. Admin makes it to where you can see who does those sort of things. Not able to hide behind a anonymous shield of cowardice. Just another reason I applaud him!
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It appears to be member Gre_1972

Perhaps he just hates America?

I've certainly never interacted with nor seen him post anything around here.

By Scorps at 08,Jul,20 10:35

By Scorps at 08,Jul,20 10:34
PIANO Man by Billy Joel

It's nine o'clock on a Saturday
The regular crowd shuffles in
There's an old man sitting next to me
Makin' love to his tonic and gin
He says, "Son, can you play me a memory
I'm not really sure how it goes
But it's sad and it's sweet and I knew it complete
When I wore a younger man's clothes"
La la la, di da da
La la, di da da da dum
Sing us a song, you're the PIANO man
Sing us a song tonight
Well, we're all in the mood for a melody
And you've got us feelin' alright
Now John at the bar is a friend of mine
He gets me my drinks for free
And he's quick with a joke or to light up your smoke
But there's someplace that he'd rather be
He says, "Bill, I believe this is killing me"
As the smile ran away from his face
"Well I'm sure that I could be a movie star
If I could get out of this place"
Oh, la la la, di da da
La la, di da da da dum
Now Paul is a real estate novelist
Who never had time for a wife
And he's talkin' with Davy, who's still in the Navy
And probably will be for life
And the waitress is practicing politics
As the businessmen slowly get stoned
Yes, they're sharing a drink they call loneliness
But it's better than drinkin' alone
Sing us a song you're the PIANO man
Sing us a song tonight
Well we're all in the mood for a melody
And you got us feeling alright
It's a pretty good crowd for a Saturday
And the manager gives me a smile
'Cause he knows that it's me they've been comin' to see
To forget about life for a while
And the PIANO, it sounds like a carnival
And the microphone smells like a beer
And they sit at the bar and put bread in my jar
And say, "Man, what are you doin' here?"
Oh, la la la, di da da
La la, di da da da dum
Sing us a song you're the PIANO man
Sing us a song tonight
Well we're all in the mood for a melody
And you got us feeling alright

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By Scorps at 08,Jul,20 10:17
🙄 Pffft! On the contrary, I didn't say anything mean spirited to YOU, here!

Try again, LIB

By Scorps at 08,Jul,20 01:24
The Other Woman by Ray Parker Jr.

Oh yeah
I'm in love with the other woman
My life was fine (Yes it was)
Till she blew my mind

Aw shucks, I'm just the average guy
I fooled around a little on the side
Never thought it would amount to much
Never met a girl who's love was so tough
Who'd a thought a one night stand
Could turn into such a hot romance
Mm, when she did it to me
I slipped and fell in love

I'm in love with the other woman
My life was fine (Yes it was)
Till she blew my mind

Now I know the rules of the games
You hit it once then break away clean
I should have never gone back, I know
But I had to have just a little bit more
My friends laugh but that's alright
I may be a fool but I know what I like
Now I hate to have to cheat
But it feels better when I sneak

I'm in love with the other woman
My life was fine (Yes it was)
Till she blew my mind
Somebody help me
I'm in love with the other woman
My life was fine (Yes it was)
Till she blew my mind

Oh this affair is unique
All my life I never met such a freak
She keeps me goin' strong for so long
When I get home it's all gone
Makes me wanna grab my GUITAR
And play with it all night long

I'm in love with the other woman
My life was fine (Yes it was)
Till she blew my mind

Tell me, has anybody else out there
Ever fell in love with the other woman
Oh with the other woman
Say I'm in love with the other woman
With the other woman, with the other woman
I'm in love, sure 'nough in love

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SO funny to me how a simple single word can inspire things to pop in the your brain. I haven't heard this song in probably years and years. Yet as soon I read our word for the day, BAM! This came to mind, and he only says an instrument, once. LOL Crazy! 🤪

By Scorps at 08,Jul,20 01:05
I would agree, he's pretty clever and semi-talented, for sure!

You suppose since the bulk of his material is about one person, that he would ever have the decency to thank him for assisting in his gain to notoriety and further wealth? One might think, taking that into consideration, he most certainly should also vote for the man. That way he can continue his success, at the others person's expense...

By Scorps at 08,Jul,20 00:51
Thanks for the vid! 👍

Don Lemon is trash, and I can't understand how or why he still has a job.

Anyway, the fella's are quite articulate and on point as usual.

By Scorps at 07,Jul,20 17:14
🙄 Thank you Sir! 👍

I thought I was the only one who read past the first posting.

By Scorps at 07,Jul,20 13:44
YOU (Candy), of ALL people, probably SHOULDN'T be correcting ANYONE, EVER! About their misspellings, use of language etc.

As I've so nicely reminded YOU before. Just cause I, or anyone else, doesn't ALWAYS point out YOUR own mistakes, does NOT mean you are any better.

So, you make light of Mr. Dgraff's choice to leave school in the tenth grade. AND then try to illustrate his ignorance by pointing out a small misspelling. YOUR or YOU'RE

Ok, let's get into this!

You SUPPOSEDLY attended college and earned some sort of degree. YET! Here's just TWO excerpts (there are more!) from YOU, just TODAY!

A simple Candy quote, from ⬆️ there...
"Weather Dr Fauci is guilty or not (and history will decide that) won't matter."

2nd Candy quote, from ⬆️ yonder...
"To exspensive,wear this strap,it will keep you safe.YEa right."

Now! Seeing as he dropped in 10th one might be able to say, his misspellings are a little more understandable.

BUT! YOU! You have a "College Edumacation"! In which case, who looks more stupid with misspellings?!

Just saying...
--------------------------------------- added after 10 minutes

BTW Do I NEED to specify YOUR errors!?

By Scorps at 07,Jul,20 12:43
Sadly, 85 to 90 percent (possibly higher), of the worlds media, as a WHOLE, can be described as leftist, liberal, democrat, or progressive leaning entities. With THAT MANY sources spewing the same hatred, lies, radical ideas, opposition etc. It's NO WONDER that there is a perception that these views are supposedly being widely accepted/embraced.

THAT being said... Of course you are right!

You people cling onto LIES like a balloon to Bernie Sanders hair.
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By Scorps at 07,Jul,20 11:30

You are just simply NOT allowed to bring up that FACT!
Stick to "truths" would ya!

It might cause their highly held EXPERT, Dr. Fauci, to look dumber than he already does.

That is simply not allowed MISTER!

Besides, EVERYONE knows that President Trump is the SOLE person responsible, for ALL them supposed deaths.

Get with the program, man!

By Scorps at 07,Jul,20 11:06
I do try!

By Scorps at 07,Jul,20 03:43
Oh that's rich!

Mexico shutting the border to us... 😄😆🤣😂


By Scorps at 07,Jul,20 01:12
I COMPLETELY understand the message, I do! I just wanted to add an equal point of hypocrisy in action. Also, don't be fooled by my tone, I get it, don't take it personal.
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Just yesterday I got refused service because of the mask...


Need to drop by the cell phone store and they very politely asked me to go back out the door, which I did with no static. I then just sent my wife.

By Scorps at 07,Jul,20 00:51
This is no more ridiculous than saying it's ok to assemble in mass groups to protest, destroy property, commit acts of violence, ALL DURING A PANDEMIC, but not to pray (even outdoors) or God forbid, attend a Trump rally.


Where's your clever little note depicting that idiocy? 🤔
--------------------------------------- added after 17 minutes

BTW few flaws with your clever little posting...

The seatbelt - IS an infringement on a person's rights. Thus, I choose not to wear one most of the time (depends on who's driving, really). I'll take the ticket! Consequently, I have NEVER been ticketed for such once I have explained why I choose not to wear them.

T.S.A. - I haven't to this very day gone through their fucking x-ray machine, and won't! 🖕

Airlines - Why!? Why demand them things? Will it cause the plane to crash if you don't? If the plane does crash, are you going to live because of that?

You wanna make an issue of that gotdamned mask and believing that the federal government SHOULD make that demand nationwide, when it's NOT necessary in every friggin state or city. Bottom line is, IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL whether you or anyone else like it or not. The decision needs to be made at the local levels, period! Then it's EASILY solved by refusing service to those that simply refuse to wear one.
--------------------------------------- added after 30 minutes

I would suggest calling the Po Po for anyone unruly enough to cause a stink about the masks, but unfortunately there's a war being leveled against the Police, so, they may not be there to answer the call very much longer.

By Scorps at 06,Jul,20 14:28
😍 SO well said Cc,

He was a terrific guy, and musician. He will surely be missed. 😔

R.I.P. Charlie, you were considered by many as a Great American.

By Scorps at 06,Jul,20 14:07
Really! "The first black President"?


Herman Cain - Dr. Ben Carson

Would and could have been our first "Black President"

Obama IS half white, how the fuck does that qualify him as being the "first black President"? I mean that sincerely!

Who decided that it's OK to ignore half of his lineage in favor of the other. Makes NO sense to me and I find it intellectually insulting.

--------------------------------------- added after 9 minutes

I have two Cousins that are mixed, guess what their collective take on the matter is...

Taking into consideration that BOTH of their father's booked upon learning of their conceptions. They agreed that to assume they were just ONE race would be an insult to their Mother and where she came from. Think they identify as "black" or should identify that way? Try again!

By Scorps at 06,Jul,20 13:13
I'm not angry whatsoever!

Google motherfucker!

Of course YOU got it right. The ONLY reason I know for sure, is because, I had to GOOGLE what YOU posted. "Hieronymus Bosch", and when I did, the ship of fools painting popped right up. So, give the whole "am I right" bullshit a rest.


In my opinion, it just makes you look even more stupid than you already are.

If you have something with a modicum of intelligence to add to my thread, then by all means, please do. If you don't, then fuck-off would you.

It's evident in many of your other posts, around these forums, that you don't think very highly of America or American's. Unless of course it helps in getting your jollies off.

By Scorps at 06,Jul,20 12:44
Although I haven't seen the documentary you speak of, when you see the numbers they can be a little overwhelming. For sure!

I firmly believe that a vast majority of the problems in our society stem from the home. The fact that so many blindly excuse self control and personal responsibility, and the lack of teaching those principles to their children. The constant blaming AND acceptance that it's always someone else's fault as to why people are bad. The INSISTENCE of taking personal responsibility and control of one's own actions, destiny, is just TOO much to demand from our society. The whole mess could EASILY be solved by one very simple statement...


Is there a simpler statement?

By Scorps at 06,Jul,20 12:12
Keep On MOVIN' by Soul II Soul 😍

It's our time
Stay in my life
Oh oh why, do they choose to leave
This way
Oh oh yes
Keep on MOVIN'
It's our time, time today
The right time is here to stay
Stay in my life, my life always
Yellow is the color of sun rays
I hide myself from no one
I know the time will surely come when
You'll be in my life, my life always
Yellow is the color of sun rays
don't stop
Keep on MOVING, don't stop no (Like the hands of time)
Keep on MOVING (click clock)
(Find your own way to stay) keep on MOVING
The time will come one day
keep on MOVING
Keep on MOVING, don't stop, no
Keep on MOVING
Keep on MOVING, don't stop, no
Keep on MOVING
I know the time, time today
Walking alone in my own way
Extremely cold and rainy day
Friends and I have fun along the way
Yes we do, yeah
I hide myself from no one
I know the time will really come when
You'll be in my life, my life always
Yellow is the color of sunrays
don't stop
Keep on MOVING, don't stop no (Like the hands of time)
Keep on MOVING (click clock)
(Find your own way to stay) keep on MOVING
The time will come one day
Keep on MOVING
Keep on MOVING, don't stop, no
Keep on MOVING

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Love this song, always makes me feel like dancing.
If only I could dance.

By Scorps at 06,Jul,20 12:00
🙄 Well....


Give me a second... 😣

Ummmmm, well, if you CHOOSE to ignore the most egregious "white" half of President Obama. I suppose you could glean that he broke the racial barrier, as the first "Black President" in U.S. history? Does that count? 🤔

If not, I got nuttin...

By Scorps at 06,Jul,20 04:32

I had NO doubt that you were just reciting what you read, none!

My point to you is...

That very same "The Guardian", ALSO stated in 2016 that their polls showed Hillary Clinton with a "SUBSTANTIAL" margin of victory over Donald Trump.

Oh yeah!

Is Hillary President of the U.S.? NO!

Therefore, why would you, me, or anyone else believe what that article is saying? Because you want it to be true?

When they said Hillary was going to win, and she didn't, guess what, they lost ALL credibility as far as I'm concerned.

That being said, feel free to continue to believe that bullshit if you like. Afterall, you are a free individual with the right to believe WHATEVER you want.

By Scorps at 06,Jul,20 01:42
Thank you SO much for covering for me Mr.Andthisisme!

By Scorps at 06,Jul,20 01:24
You know Art?

Here all I thought you knew, was how to fuck whores and talk and boast about it incessantly. Criticize Bella! every chance you get, and pucker up to kiss some serious ass around here.

Who knew!

There's a wonderful song with the same title, too!

Ship of Fools by Robert Plant
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By Scorps at 06,Jul,20 00:34
Which one is it!?!

Did we sell out to Russia OR China?

Between you and Mr."ship of fools" ⬇️ down or ⬆️ up yonder, do EITHER of you know what the fuck you're talking about?

So it's YOUR belief, China is going to, or already interfering with the U.S. election? Is that what you are saying? Cause if so, the Dems are implying Russia is involved again. As if that helped them the first time.

OR are you implying Trump NEEDS Xi to interfere, in order to win?

How about YOU and SVEN get together, and come up with a complete coherent opinion as to what's REALLY going on and with which country. Because as it stands now, you two are talking out your asses and making ZERO sense. (no need to take it personally, btw)

But you have me at a loss trying to comprehend what your saying. One sentence you talk about Russia, then your next sentence you refer to Xi Jinping. WTF!
--------------------------------------- added after 10 minutes

Oh! In the interest of keeping it real AND fair.

NO where in my initial posting did I mention President Donald J. Trump's name, yet you decided to bring it up in a forum wishing our country and citizenry a happy 4th of July. Yet you thought it a good idea to bring him up? 🤔

By Scorps at 06,Jul,20 00:15
"Ship of Fools" huh!

I could MAYBE get your hatred for OUR President, by reading what you posted below. But that whole ship of fools thing... You just insulted EVERY American, even the doofuses that agree with you.

I saw you mentioned polls, too! Is that the same kinda polls that stated Hillary Clinton was going to win by a landslide!? Polls are about as useful as sandpaper for toilet paper.

Poll this...

By Scorps at 05,Jul,20 23:40
Sven Sven Sven... >smh<

I can't begin to express how much it delights me to discuss OUR President with someone not even from this Country.

First of all!


Now, let's get into this. You remember sometime back, when he (OUR President) payed a visit to YOUR country? Come on, you HAVE to remember. The visit where a portion of YOUR citizens had a BIG orange, what appeared to be, a crying baby, in the likeness of OUR President, in balloon form, like a Macy's parade balloon? Remember that?

It WAS reported that YOUR streets were filled with protesters, haters, and other ignoramuses in opposition of Donald J. Trump. SO many out there, it was just INCREDIBLE!

When showed from a different perspective OR news agency >wink wink< , you quickly realize just how fucking lying these pieces of shit actually are. Upon close inspection of the signs being held up by that massive crowd out in the streets. Turns out, those that were there to support OUR President, outnumbered, I'm assuming numbnuts like yourself 4 to 1.

In other words... The crowd FOR President Trump was 4x larger than the pathetics holding the balloon mocking him.
Which by the way, was kinda funny and did make me giggle a little.

--------------------------------------- added after 20 minutes

In light of that, YOUR opinion means diddly! 🚮 ⬅️ That's the symbol for trash, in case you didn't know. Further exacerbated by YOUR opinion of Col. Vindman, who is a mealy mouthed COWARD and a LIAR. It was HIS opinion, which like yours, isn't worth a fuck if we are to be honest. (No need to take it personal, btw)

You certainly have got ONE THING RIGHT though, that I wholeheartedly believe...

"Divided You'll Fall"

You got that right!

🤔 Perhaps that's why YOU and a couple other foreign fuckwits around here, like interjecting your unwanted and in many many cases unwarranted criticisms. Seems like a reasonable assumption to me...

Is that what you all's goals are? To assist in the efforts to keep divisions alive and well in America from the outside? Hmmmmm

By Scorps at 05,Jul,20 23:07

By Scorps at 05,Jul,20 22:06

"intestinal fortitude to get involved in the politics"


Oh that's fuckin funny right there!


What sort of things are we jamming up our ass today!?

You are SO right, that's faaar more important of a topic.

Or even the sweet smells of those hard-on invoking public urinals...

By Scorps at 05,Jul,20 21:50
What a pleasant surprise!

I wouldn't have thought YOU would make such a statement.

Nevertheless, thanks for the nice wishes to our fellow countrymen. You are just one in a few that had the decency to positively respond here. It's completely appreciated! Hope you and yours had a nice 4th of July too!

By Scorps at 05,Jul,20 21:00
I know you lucky fucker!

By Scorps at 05,Jul,20 20:58
Sorry! Didn't mean to contribute to your you tube search thingy to go nuts. Another great video though, in my opinion. It's refreshing to hear someone speaking logically, instead of the constant barrage that our race (white folk) are the devil.

By Scorps at 05,Jul,20 20:44

What the hell you doing looking at all them young'uns!

By Scorps at 05,Jul,20 19:56

I couldn't have said it better myself...


Now, when you fall back on the Crazy Train, don't forget you said these things...

By Scorps at 05,Jul,20 19:45
Yes Phart,

please enlighten our resident blonde with sprinkles of grey, a.k.a. dingbat, what Obama things that the current "clown" has reversed and or overturned.

I've said more than enough in this thread for one day. 🤣😂

By Scorps at 05,Jul,20 19:40
By the way, he wasn't BLACK!

He was mixed'ed!

Get your truths straight!

By Scorps at 05,Jul,20 19:38

That GENUINELY made me giggle. Good job!

By Scorps at 05,Jul,20 19:10
Keep dreaming!
--------------------------------------- added after 7 minutes


Here's a new term (not really), for you to get use to and realize that it's quite alive and well. "The Silent Majority".

When you continually bang your head against the door frame, in an effort to figure out why Donald J. Trump won the election, despite all the polls, including Fox's, saying that Hillary would win in a landslide.

I want you to think about that "Silent Majority" connotation.
--------------------------------------- added after 15 minutes

Also, if you don't think it's real (the silent majority), tell me how many AMERICANS speak up in these forums supporting YOUR beliefs. 😄😆🤣😂😆

What number would you say?!

I'll take a stab at it, I think there are about 3 to 5 at best!

Now, continue dreaming of that Democratic win in November with that empty shell you all call Joe Biden. Who is unable to discern his asshole from his elbow.

By Scorps at 05,Jul,20 19:09

He stopped it on Feb. 2nd

You failed to address the fact that he was labeled a racist and xenophobic for doing so, too!

SEE! Intellectually DISHONEST!

By Scorps at 05,Jul,20 18:49
I must say...

SOMETIMES, you speak like you have some gotdamned semblance of common sense and intelligence.

Case and point, your above post!

It's nice to see you espousing a little moral fortitude and intellectual honesty. It's actually quite shocking to be honest. Where's the real Candy!?

Last point, "You (meaning me) keep saying America is systematically racist."

I'm only repeating the garbage your side keeps saying all over the fucking television.

It's not me!

I do NOT believe that ALL white people are "inherently racist" NOR do I believe that America is "systematically racist". It's the Libs, Dems, Progressives, steadily pushing that narrative.

Either you agree or you don't!

If you don't, then might I suggest you look for another party, because if you don't walk in lock step with that narrative, then YOU TOO ARE RACIST! SEE how that works!

Now! Do you understand what I'm saying?! That is what's being perpetuated ad-nauseam by YOUR side and the mainstream media.
--------------------------------------- added after 6 minutes

Is there still some racism in America?

You fucking right there is!

Is it limited to white people against blacks?
Fuck No!

Question! Are you intellectually honest enough to admit that?

Racism is a plague to ALL races, period!

By Scorps at 05,Jul,20 18:05
And a fine job he's doing that very thing, in my opinion.

Don't worry boys, she and many many more around here are clinging on to them poll numbers for dear life, to carry her/them through til November.

Them same poll numbers, EVEN FOX NEWS had, that predicted Hillary winning in a landslide.


They're SO fucking stupid and I'm laughing SO hard about their beliefs in "polls". That I simply cannot wait til November comes and the "bitch slap" will once again be served up.

Think I will be feeling sorry for any single one of the gotdamned morons steadily clinging on to their "polls"?!

I won't!