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Lots of precum 30,Sep,19 13:40


By louther at 01,Oct,19 11:40
Yeah me too! It just sorta dries up with a bit here & there but not a lot

By louther at 01,Oct,19 09:21
Now thatís hot! Sounds like you could produce enough to make your whole cock wet

By louther at 01,Oct,19 09:06
Iíd like to stumble on you giving one and be next in line! Iíd make sure we get pics to post here and show my cum as it runs down your hand too!

By louther at 01,Oct,19 08:54
I am 46 and Iíve been with 40 women and 4 men. Only 1 of those men was as an adult...I am way overdue to get a guy sucking me off lol!

By louther at 01,Oct,19 08:50
Very hot!

By louther at 19,Sep,19 13:06

By louther at 19,Sep,19 12:56
Iím not usually shy about it now as an adult. Of course as a boy in middle school I was nervous that first time in the locker room, but you never know how youíre going to measure up or who might make you the joke of the day.

I was pretty used to nudity early though my dad was often naked at home and never closed doors when changing or even pissing. It was nothing to go into the bathroom while he or my mom showered and I never really covered up at home either. I was often in my undies or naked going to/from the shower.

By louther at 16,Sep,19 13:38
I come to view the pics of course! I also like chatting with members and getting to hear their stories or fantasies. I really like messaging about first time bi experiences and just getting to know people and their desires.

By louther at 20,Jun,19 10:11
You should write up what happened in a blog, Iíd bet itís a good story!

By louther at 20,Jun,19 10:09
Iíd like to see someone try this and video a cumshot before & after lol! Iíve been interested in this myself so maybe Iíll try out the formula and make some videos.

By louther at 10,Jun,19 10:58
A guy, my older cousin. Full story in my blog I was real young but loved it.

By louther at 31,Oct,18 10:35
Definitely a grower

By louther at 02,Oct,18 10:06
I love the small ones!

By louther at 23,Aug,18 16:45
I love them, makes the orgasm feel better and she says she can feel all the veins in my cock when I fuck her. It makes them pop out more cause Iím so much harder.

By louther at 20,Jul,18 11:29
Iíd love to try docking with an uncut guy, yours would be perfect!

By louther at 20,Jul,18 11:27
I do!

By louther at 27,Jun,18 19:24
I love cock rings and have no ED issues whatsoever. My obsession actually started when the girlfriend bought a vibrating ring for couples and she loved it and I loved the way it felt too. After that we discovered that a cock ring makes the veins pop and she could feel that inside her and it was a great sensation for her. I now own about 4 or 5 and my favorite style is one that has a ring for the cock and a ring for the balls. When we fuck doggystyle she loves that it makes my balls tighter and they slap her clit as we fuck. All mine are silicone or rubber material though. I would definitely recommend you try them out.

By louther at 27,Jun,18 09:32
Been years for me, I was in my teens but Iíd like to try it out again. Makes me hard thinking about being next to someone and seeing their hard cock and waiting for the cum to shoot!

By louther at 24,May,18 09:39
I donít think youíll have any trouble finding a variety of both men and women to play with your hot wife! Have fun!!

By louther at 16,May,18 12:26
Just my thought, but being cut at birth I can tell you the head doesnít stay sensitive once you donít have the foreskin to cover it. I wish I was never cut! In my opinion it isnít worth the pain or chance that once you get cut it doesnít feel as good.

By louther at 02,May,18 16:18
Count me in the group that like to see it, especially nice thong.

By louther at 02,May,18 08:27
You can read my story in my blog. Itís long but maybe a turn on.

By louther at 01,May,18 15:46
Iíll post my answer here even though this thread is really old. My ex started out not being very into it the first times I had brought it up. After we progressed through some plugs and I focused a lot of attention on her ass, she grew to love it. In the end there were times Iíd go straight to fucking her ass, and times she would ask for it over regular vaginal penetration. She grew to love it, itís definitely possible for a girl to want anal sex.

By louther at 23,Apr,18 15:38
Any sex toy store or online Amazon even sells them. Iíve known people to also go to Home Depot and buy cheap o-rings to use for cock rings too.

By louther at 21,Apr,18 09:33
They sell rings that are designed to do both. I have pics of one I have for this on my page, check it out. I really recommend trying one.

By louther at 20,Apr,18 11:00
Since this has been resurrected, I do like cockrings and use them often. For me, itís not about keeping my cock hard, it does that well on its own. I just like the way it feels and makes my balls tight and the veins on my cock pop out. The girlfriend loves it when I use one while fucking her, she says she can feel the veins in her and itís just a great feeling for her also.

By louther at 02,Apr,18 09:52
Do it often at work, I work for a large company so it can be tough but sneaking off to bathroom and looking st this site can be all the incentive I need to whip it out and shoot a load!

By louther at 24,Mar,18 10:58
Iíd love to pass you on the way to work when your stroking!

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By louther at 21,Mar,18 09:21
Only had cut so far but itís been years since.

By louther at 21,Mar,18 08:20
440 here outside Cleveland