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By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 26,Mar,20 01:13
Same here, in most locations - i can’t even go for a surf on the most remote beaches. Fuck you, hysterical governments. Not even the stretch of water behind your own house? I hate guns, but you live in the US, shoot the pigs for trespassing and not staying the mandated distance away from you (i condone the shooting of people who try to stop you from fishing in your own backyard - that is my one and only pro-gun clause )

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 26,Mar,20 00:58
Your house is awesome, Codes - you can fish from your back garden. The dream! House party at Codes’ time (we just need somewhere to hide all the cars from the pigs - we even have home gathering limits here)!!! I’ll catch the food and man the BBQ

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 16,Mar,20 00:59
Yeah, i looked at my list for the first time in months and saw that you and a couple of other friends had fallen off my ✅list. You are very discerning, Codes. Whatever the reason was, i testify on your behalf that revoking your verifying ability is harsh. Let me go check if i can still verify... I can

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 24,Jan,20 02:26

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By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 24,Jan,20 02:25

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 16,Nov,19 23:05
Agreed. I miss that king of words and our chats. I don’t really forum anymore, but the forum isn’t the forum without JustWill!

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 16,Nov,19 22:57
i remember this one. Kicking it old-school, Dev . To be fair, it is one of those gross smells that you can’t help intentionally smelling; just to see if it is actually as disgusting as you know it will be. Did we ever find out what troll wrote that?

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 14,Nov,19 18:49

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 14,Nov,19 18:45

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 14,Nov,19 18:43

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By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 28,Oct,19 18:56
Friends, b! Not spamming everywhere like them. The women’s side isn’t campaigning coz there is no need - the best pic will win regardless

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 28,Oct,19 18:52
Hugely intelligent response, you bearded monkey. 👍

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 28,Oct,19 01:43
To lix, the thing that is so brave that “it” can only talk shit about me whilst hiding behind “it’s” scheming-blacklist.
You and your toy seem to be doing a pretty awesome job at spamming for votes in Pic Of The Month. The spamming in groups, let alone “invite only” groups, is a class move - as always. You inherited the moderator role of the Australian Member group from someone who inherited it from me when i was here as Lover_Fighter (a long time before the lix/187 plague hit this site). Banning me from it & the 2nd top Australian female was...pathetic. Making it “invite only” so that you & your lil fella could have a captive audience...🤪🤪🤪!
Asking friends for votes is extremely comparable to relying on your mother & spamming in whatever way you can find 👎.
lix-junior has 296 positive votes on a picture with only 212 views, 4 favings & 5 comments.
Watch that ‘activity meter’ fellow members...the 12th most popular pic (4th least popular pic) is coming 2nd by 260 positive votes over the picture in 3rd (which is twice as popular). It will probably even pass mine because the scummy, spam-couple own it. You have no shame/pride whatsoever, do you?
Also, watch the epic cheat they’ll pull off if i still have a decent lead on the last day (mass positive vote for mini-lix, mass negative vote for me); and then, if you are friends with them, re-evaluate that friendship & how you rate their character/s (lack thereof).
You’re both jokes, cheats, cowards and embarrassments!
Come get me 😘 👍.
A dedication: only registered users can see external links

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 19,Oct,19 00:45
Enough’s enough, Dev - that little fucker tecsan needs the boot. I’m scared for it’s safety if i or one of my friends ever hears from it again!!! No shit!!!

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 02,Oct,19 00:54
I’m picky with pussy.......

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 23,Sep,19 20:02
If admin isn’t going to boot every single sad fuck with multiple accounts on here; Skittles’ suggestion in my NEW IDEAS thread re branding a conspicuous mark on each of their pages saying MULTIPLE ACCOUNT / DUMMY PROFILE USER should be enacted! ASAP!

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 18,Sep,19 23:33
Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians, British, Irish, etc people do, dgraff. I prefer coffee though

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 18,Sep,19 23:31
Would be more than happy to do so, person whom i do not know - i am a peaceful kind of guy (: 👍🤝🥃. Cool name, by the way - love Kipling 👍👍👍

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 18,Sep,19 23:27
Make peace pipes burnable at no expense - all puns intended

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 18,Sep,19 23:21
Yes to a, b, f 👍👍👍🤝🥃!!!
d - everyone knows my stance on blacklisting by now (it’s weak); but let the cowards have evidence on their page that shows that they blacklist and are weak.
e - don’t know about main chat; but if it didn’t chase people off the site, bring it back - if people want to fight publicly, better their than here.
f - have i ever been here for when logs were around? Fon’tknow what a log is, so can’t comment.

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 18,Sep,19 23:13
That’s a good idea; but there are many valuable members here that don’t post. We need more members, not less

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 18,Sep,19 23:12
All sound like decent ideas to me 👍👍👍🤝🥃. I’m not much for any games, but they seem to have been good for attracting and engaging others.
I’m not really a fan of the excitement thing at all - it just allows people to “like” without voting as they would’ve in the past.
Explain the voucher part, blue - i don’t quite get it? How does your idea differ from just donating points?

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 15,Sep,19 21:52
That’s why i didn’t name the sad troll, b!
My points speak for themselves. I’m not a “name and shamer”. I fight my own battles and i try to do so “face to face”. However, similarly to you, i am willing to take accountability for the fact that i am a flawed person (as is everyone)👍👍👍

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 15,Sep,19 00:31
The thing has no shame, Dev - it’s a killer pic though (props to MrsDev) 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼🥃

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 15,Sep,19 00:18
6 months of 30 PMs and wall spammings a day... I offered it a free plane ticket to Sydney...the pathetic fuck started talking about guns like the cowardly, sad shit-kicker it is

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 15,Sep,19 00:01
Which one, Dev? If it’s the one i think you are talking about; fuck yeah - my patience ran out with it last night after 6mths of incessant troll-stalking. I don’t know if i’m as 100% sure of the origins of said runt as you...but you’ve been around for a lot longer than me and dealt with who you think it is much more

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 14,Sep,19 23:53
Off the top of my head:
I don’t think there are enough subtle cheap positive gifts. I reckon there should be a 10 or 20 point 👌🏼. I also think there should be a 100pt ‘peace pipe’ for when on-site conflicts come to a truce.

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 14,Sep,19 23:43
That is fair. Unless they don’t visit the forum - then it is actually even more vindictive than people chatting shit privately. That was not in anyway directed at you, b! - we have our periodic break-ups; but you are not on my shit list (we’re friends with similar personalities that clash occasionally)

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 14,Sep,19 20:34
a) Schemers and manipulators.
b) Any and every member of any/all of the Crews on here.
c) Multiple dummy and fake account holders.
d) Trolls that stalk you and when you smash them back call you a bully or do something described in the next category.
e) People who hide behind blacklists and opportunities at being vindictive/cynical anonymously or where the person they are barbing will not see it (at least, not immediately) and will therefore not be given the chance to respond.
f) Homophobes, racists, ignorant and bigoted people in general and people who bully the defenceless.
g) Any combination of a), b), c), d), e), f).
h) Occasionally, me - my behaviour/personality is often bullish & too intense.
i) People who are not aware of, or will not admit to, their own negative/antisocial personality traits and/or bad behaviour; or their propensity to fall into any or all of categories a) through to f).

There’s more, but i already have my list of likes/dislikes in my blog...and it’s a sunny Sunday morning.

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 14,Sep,19 06:50
Soz, mate - edited my reply as you were re-replying. I’m not as sure it’s the Moon-tard, Dev - it stinks of the Crew from our part of the world that we are anti (and their mad troll nurse)

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 14,Sep,19 06:42

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 14,Sep,19 06:12
It’s page actually has some gifts now, Dev

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 08,Sep,19 00:38
I’ve got a pretty dodgy story myself. All i will say is that i was receiving messages from someone who i think was pretending to be someone they weren’t: i’d get a PM whilst online that mimicked what that person would’ve said to me (even down to the wording and personal nuances) and a response to my reply which avoided answering every question i asked (but still sounded like the person); and then i’d check “their” page and it’d say they’d been off-line for 23hrs-3days?!

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 04,Sep,19 21:37
I saw. Very mature of you

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 04,Sep,19 20:29
Did this get dumpstered?
--------------------------------------- added after 5 minutes

Cash and talking trash? I see no trash talk; just an argument to arrive at a consensus of sorts. Best Image/Member is dumb and so is the Domination Game

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 04,Sep,19 20:27
I concur; i’m going to be loved or hated regardless though.
This is why i put a self-imposed ban on me coming to the forum. Arguing with friends is not something i’m interested in doing

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 04,Sep,19 09:19
What? Forgive me, i haven’t “forum’d” for 8 months. I don’t understand your subtext or have any idea what has gone on here “recently”.
A re-explanation: 800pts spent on yourself (you enter at 10%, 800pts is 40 votes of 5% each / 200% [+ your original 10%]) in BestImage/Member would mean that you’d be the only person left (when you get to 0%, you are erased). I added jroc to the list of 5 because she has been top of BestImage/Member before too (maybe not recently) and is a “top 15” who is verified.
Got to be accurate, b! - you know me :x

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 04,Sep,19 09:05
It’s an exhibitionist/voyeur site. Sexual orientation in the modern world is like whether you prefer a grey/blue/black suit or slides/lace-ups - a tiny and non-defining part of what makes you ‘you’👍

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 04,Sep,19 08:48
Huh? Were you not “King of the Dom Game (Site)” for a couple of years, blue?
I consider you one of my best mates on here; but sometimes i don’t understand the point you are trying to make. If it is, i can expect some people won’t like me due to some personality traits i have...i completely agree and have been very honest and open that i’m aware of that.
If you are saying i do anything unfairly or in an un-sportsman like fashion, that is bullshit and hypocritical...

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 04,Sep,19 08:12
Oh, how i missed the forum 🤪.
Placing 8 pics consecutively in the banner means that 8 members (95-98/100 being non-paying members like you & i), have their 100pts that they saved up and earned pissed down the drain without getting the publicity for their pic that they intended.
Best Image/Member is a crap-shoot - i suppose we (as paying members) don’t see advertising on our page, so i’ll admit - it doesn’t bother me at all. Who would you, disregarding the fake female profiles created by (no naming of names/crews), to be on top? Members with a few friends; or top 15 members such as CC54, lix, jroc, debbyunrated and myself? Then factor in that 2 of the 5 including me dislike 1 of the other 5 (and vice versa). Then factor in that i’m the only member of that 5 (a straight man posting dick pics), that is not catering for the voting majority.......
Does that answer your question sufficiently, b! (: xo?
--------------------------------------- added after 16 minutes

800 points spent on yourself would mean that if you entered at 10% (as everyone does) and someone was on 100%, that you’d knock even them below 0% and be the only person left in the “GAME”, b! xo

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 04,Sep,19 07:20
Agreed; unless that is directed at me, because i dominate shit all. I couldn’t win a contest if i was the only person allowed to enter. Resentment of other people is a very weak character trait. Anger at the system and processes that make life a 🤬🤬🤬 for all of us, OFTEN, is a much stronger/justified/productive feeling for every/anyone.
Focussing on one person, when it is the system that you actually hate, detracts from your ability to actually better the system and nullify the “person”.
Yep, i pretty much just said “hate the game, not the player” in 1,000 more words

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 04,Sep,19 06:46
I have “peace” trademarked on here, blue . I agree almost completely, except that this game/contest/whatever is; is as i described in my original comment in this forum thread - it has never done anything good for fact, it has done quite the opposite.
Mild-narcissism, maybe... The banner as a comparison, however, is a completely different topic & non-issue (except when people spend 800pts taking up the whole thing - that is borderline behaviour) - unless you have the best or most unique dick pic ever, or are “popular” enough to eventually scrape through and onto the front page, you need to publicise your pic. Yeah, i banner to publicise and it’s a complete point-piss; you front wall link or the top of pic pages link.
Just to finish up: the only “winners” in BestImage/Member are fake profiles, admin’s wallet and the love of rarely-spoken/simmering drama and spite on the site between opposing factions (which, to be brutally honest, many members live and die for here)! .......

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 04,Sep,19 06:18
It’s a dumb game that should have a different name. As i keep saying, however, would you prefer a fake profile (created by one of the prominent crews on here) leading and catching less-informed desperados in their trap; or a proper war between rival verified members. If you want to go back to the name of the contest (dumb game of sword-fighting in reality), it is titled “Best Image/Member” you’d expect that “Top 10/50/100 members would usually lead when the ever-so-enticing fakes with web pics aren’t - would you not?
The reality is, being on top is fuel for the fire of hate for straight guys...and pure gold for everyone else 👍👍👍🤝🥃

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 16,Aug,19 02:01
Heathen is where us non-religious people go, sin 👍. My sentence could have done with an “It” at the start; but abridging is no equivalent to “your the best masturbation orgasm”. Thanks though, mate

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 06,Jun,19 03:07
Too cool a nick for them!

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 05,Jun,19 21:55
I wonder what actual gang labelled you that?

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 05,Jun,19 21:25
Aside from the fact that it’s horseshit. That supposed gang could never function - there are no low level members. Of the members i do know, there are at least 9 members that couldn’t be in a gang coz they would all see themselves as leader (you and i as perfect examples); and would never follow. A gang of 21 with almost or more than half being leaders...that’d be like a mafia with no capo dei capi, no consiglieri, no soldiers and 21 caporegimes (i,e,. completely dysfunctional)