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By Sicilian1 at 12,Jun,20 13:06
I like being watched and committed on, it's why if I see a really nice cock that I like, l tell them. I've made friends that way

By Sicilian1 at 22,Apr,20 15:57
We didn't have a football team, (really small school) and I never cared for baseball. So, I tried basketball, sucked terribly and went for track and field. Did pretty well, lettered in high school

By Sicilian1 at 18,Apr,20 08:31
I go naked whenever I can around the house, cleaning. Outside cleaning the pool or jacuzzi. If I know I'm going to cruise the ABSs, l will only wear shorts. Its usually to hot and I sweat so wear boxer briefs mostly

By Sicilian1 at 23,Mar,20 13:27
They are there,look on some of the sites pornhub, hamster, etc

By Sicilian1 at 12,Feb,20 08:50
Very nice, similar to mine.....great head

By Sicilian1 at 02,Jan,20 13:21
Oh, yes. I clean the pool or just enjoy it when it gets really hot.

By Sicilian1 at 02,Jan,20 13:08
It's usually too hot where I live and the sweating is annoying, but when I cruise, always. Shorts, no underwear, my cock gets hard so they can see. Once inside the ABS, my hard cock is out and fully exposed......

By Sicilian1 at 02,Jan,20 13:06
I'm not familiar with the Y. My only experience has been at a beach, gay resort, or at home. Regardless, I'm naked swimming whenever I can...

By Sicilian1 at 26,Nov,19 08:06
I don't ask str8 guys. It doesn't make a big difference, but I prefer cut. Too much loose skin is a bit of a turn off. Usually, in my experience, I can see it or they've indicated on their profile or wherever they post. If were just jerking off together, it doesn't matter. Only when oral comes into it.

By Sicilian1 at 26,Nov,19 06:27
I'm with creative one, am I missing something here?

By Sicilian1 at 21,Nov,19 15:04
One reason I like the gym, guys showing off, stroking cocks, fondling giving a show. Sometimes leads to fun..

By Sicilian1 at 12,Nov,19 09:20
Well, here in Florida it varies. If not naked, I wear normal trunks. Like that bulge you have there..

By Sicilian1 at 16,Sep,19 09:41

By Sicilian1 at 12,Sep,19 06:27
And they probably can't sue because of release form bullshit.

By Sicilian1 at 04,Sep,19 07:36
Totally agree.....I personally ignore most of them.

By Sicilian1 at 30,Aug,19 08:41
I personally like to trim mine just a bit. I think it makes my cock look better....see it more

By Sicilian1 at 13,Jul,19 15:48
takes the fun out of town it....

By Sicilian1 at 18,Mar,19 07:02
Got it, I'm just glad I'm so average, I don't have to worry about this shit, I just ignore the ones who "ask for the vote."

By Sicilian1 at 03,Mar,19 12:34

By Sicilian1 at 02,Mar,19 15:54
Here, here

By Sicilian1 at 02,Mar,19 07:20
I'm truly sorry for your aggravation. I've never had to deal with any of those, and not sure how I'd handle them. I would think that I would just ignore them, consider the source, know that I am better than what they project and move on. So, having said all that macho shit, lol, I don't know. If what they did was directly effecting or hurting me or one of my friends, then I would react much differently. I can be an asshole too...I was a military training instructor, I know how to be a prick....

By Sicilian1 at 21,Feb,19 02:46
I tend to agree. If there's nothing personal or negative towards you, fuck um, it's their issue, not yours. Life's too short. They obviously are dealing with shit that we don't understand. Now, if it comes at you directly, then I'd seek advice. Just my humble opinion.

By Sicilian1 at 29,Jan,19 08:24
I have noticed that from time to time I get a comment on one of my older pics. But, ya, Iíve wondered the same thing. I donít normally go past more than a couple of pages unless, as you say itís a friend or has a really nice cock or lady that I like. Maybe even 75 or 100 per page. Worth the ask.