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By Jamie at 21,Sep,20 08:59
Hey you forgot something 🇺🇸.

By Jamie at 21,Sep,20 07:08
Lol it makes sense Scorps.

By Jamie at 19,Sep,20 21:25

By Jamie at 19,Sep,20 20:45
What if you have bad back and knees what to do?

By Jamie at 18,Sep,20 22:12
I love diso music

By Jamie at 18,Sep,20 18:31
Aye lot shaking 🕺

By Jamie at 18,Sep,20 16:45
miserable cunts aye

By Jamie at 17,Sep,20 19:15
only registered users can see external links ..wonder if he will spent time in jail
Lol blm

By Jamie at 17,Sep,20 18:17
I wouldn't trust it with my dog .

By Jamie at 17,Sep,20 13:39
I see no list here won't see his posts no more

By Jamie at 12,Sep,20 20:08
I'm glad I don't see that nasty shemale undercoverangle..

By Jamie at 12,Sep,20 18:36

By Jamie at 12,Sep,20 17:10
Eyedmonster It be More like the Civil War again

By Jamie at 08,Sep,20 19:57
Let's have a orge..

By Jamie at 05,Sep,20 20:38
He just tells like it is,most us don't like it but live goes on.

By Jamie at 03,Sep,20 21:21
Well it was sooner then 30 . 21 when I got married wife was on her period. Lol

By Jamie at 03,Sep,20 16:19
Around 30

By Jamie at 03,Sep,20 14:19
No shit let em in

By Jamie at 03,Sep,20 12:57
Wish we could all get along

By Jamie at 01,Sep,20 09:06
Lol. Let me try again. Jamie to add huxley999 to his friend list.

By Jamie at 31,Aug,20 16:45
I did add @/member.php?w=188992 @ friend list
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I give up Lol

By Jamie at 25,Aug,20 19:11
Maybe a 2- 4*🌈-

By Jamie at 25,Aug,20 12:01

By Jamie at 25,Aug,20 10:58

By Jamie at 23,Aug,20 21:29

By Jamie at 22,Aug,20 21:02
Thank you that's what I like to hear

By Jamie at 21,Aug,20 14:15

By Jamie at 20,Aug,20 18:56
Pawnshop maybe

By Jamie at 20,Aug,20 17:31
I really want to sell them but not to the wrong person I'm getting old not gone hunting anymore

By Jamie at 20,Aug,20 16:03
Cum give a squeeze and more

By Jamie at 20,Aug,20 15:59
All I have is two shotguns

By Jamie at 19,Aug,20 18:00
Iike to have one sitting on my cock

By Jamie at 19,Aug,20 13:29
may I fuck you

By Jamie at 16,Aug,20 21:25
I agree

By Jamie at 16,Aug,20 19:21
Witch I had some one to shave my balls

By Jamie at 16,Aug,20 16:13 my self

By Jamie at 15,Aug,20 04:20
I should kept quiet

By Jamie at 14,Aug,20 18:21
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do black life matters?

By Jamie at 14,Aug,20 13:25
Angel1227 at least bella! Don't talk to her self lot's people answer copy and paste what I wrote here..

By Jamie at 14,Aug,20 10:33
Like to see

By Jamie at 14,Aug,20 10:00
Like the head

By Jamie at 13,Aug,20 18:11
I whether not Do drugs to get fuck beside I don't bother with drug

By Jamie at 12,Aug,20 22:55
Didn't Trump call her by that name?

By Jamie at 12,Aug,20 19:13
What no one likes pocahontas Harris

By Jamie at 11,Aug,20 18:33

By Jamie at 11,Aug,20 18:28
I try Viagra and Cialis all they gave me was heart burns .. I still get hard tho

By Jamie at 08,Aug,20 00:06

By Jamie at 07,Aug,20 17:28
Don't for get Mandy

By Jamie at 07,Aug,20 14:15

By Jamie at 06,Aug,20 15:00
Mr phart I was writing what 2nice post about The monuments they were building