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By Jamie at 05,Mar,21 18:57
Never until now

By Jamie at 03,Mar,21 15:26
Yes they are

By Jamie at 03,Mar,21 14:53
All his pics are privite

By Jamie at 02,Mar,21 12:06

By Jamie at 28,Feb,21 13:13
skittles keep going to kfc or Popeyes 🐔🐓

By Jamie at 27,Feb,21 18:41
That it was going to be a good for a cook out.

By Jamie at 27,Feb,21 08:55
Good morning from Texas.

By Jamie at 26,Feb,21 19:07
WHO Forced bjuk to swallow all the losds.

By Jamie at 23,Feb,21 17:21
The office is being underconstruction

By Jamie at 23,Feb,21 12:09
We need to come out with a plan

By Jamie at 23,Feb,21 12:06
Lol. I read that to by the way who is that new member.

By Jamie at 22,Feb,21 19:00
I live up north we did have a good amount of snow. Down south they don't get any but once in a while. I'm from San Antonio didn't see mush snow when I was young. But they sure gut this time

By Jamie at 22,Feb,21 15:05
I save those pictures

By Jamie at 21,Feb,21 20:49
Yes or him to me

By Jamie at 21,Feb,21 20:42
Why vita can't verify anyone are I can't verify him?

By Jamie at 21,Feb,21 20:29
I think you loose the right to verify only if they are deleted

By Jamie at 21,Feb,21 13:55
Ok thanks I'll give it a try

By Jamie at 21,Feb,21 13:07
Can a person freeze the abuse again?

By Jamie at 20,Feb,21 14:50
If there wasn't for slavery there would not be no mayates just saying. Lol

By Jamie at 19,Feb,21 15:35

By Jamie at 16,Feb,21 13:37

By Jamie at 14,Feb,21 16:56
only registered users can see external links

By Jamie at 14,Feb,21 14:14
Why is this thread not on the dumpster you little gay lover

By Jamie at 14,Feb,21 08:47
skittles don't sent him pizza.sent him a Pepperoni roll.🍠

By Jamie at 10,Feb,21 10:11

By Jamie at 09,Feb,21 10:07
I just saw the video only registered users can see external links

By Jamie at 08,Feb,21 18:59

By Jamie at 08,Feb,21 15:06
Bella! something like that

By Jamie at 08,Feb,21 15:04

By Jamie at 08,Feb,21 15:01
I know you were one.

By Jamie at 08,Feb,21 11:20
Did monted sent it to you.

By Jamie at 07,Feb,21 22:23
She still have them. maybe her support pm her. so she decided to keep em

By Jamie at 06,Feb,21 18:27
I had a few that suck me felt good

By Jamie at 06,Feb,21 18:23
Works fine

By Jamie at 06,Feb,21 17:46
O. how can you judge something blank..

By Jamie at 06,Feb,21 12:53
Oh I see now.I post a pic of my self to find out.

By Jamie at 05,Feb,21 22:18
I remember when fake accounts would burn your points then they would delete..

By Jamie at 04,Feb,21 17:52
Rachel G

By Jamie at 04,Feb,21 15:57
May be it's a gril with balls

By Jamie at 04,Feb,21 15:31
I see this member. caching gifts is she sending points to someone to be on top member page./member.php?w=634676

By Jamie at 02,Feb,21 15:37
Breed was awesome

By Jamie at 30,Jan,21 15:06
You all didn't see this only registered users can see external links

By Jamie at 29,Jan,21 09:21
only registered users can see external links

By Jamie at 25,Jan,21 16:50
No you stole it from

By Jamie at 25,Jan,21 09:49
Can't find him did he went poof 🌩

By Jamie at 20,Jan,21 19:35
I noticed. he left he pm me .said to take care he will be miss.

By Jamie at 18,Jan,21 23:38
Hotlips of course cunty

By Jamie at 18,Jan,21 19:19

By Jamie at 18,Jan,21 16:37

By Jamie at 18,Jan,21 15:52
Oh yes he does /member.php?w=533479 he was shrimpdick before