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By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 17,Jul,19 13:35
Phart why do you believe this country is full of freeloaders? Yes, there's some, but, I sus
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Suspect you never made much of your life and now you blame it on the "freeloaders" and illegals instead of admitting you were not up to it. You always complain about them.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 17,Jul,19 12:26
I find that my cock size seems to change depending on witch one I'm holding.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 17,Jul,19 11:40
Well, I share your pastime. The sentiment was honest, but, not really meant for you to do it. Thanks for grabbing the tiller lately.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 17,Jul,19 11:20
In other words, It's unfuckingbeleivably B O R I N G
Run to the witch and advice her to walk into that great lake behind her house until she learns to breathe under water

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 17,Jul,19 11:17
It stops when you are six feet under. Till then, enjoy the ride, bumpy as it may be.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 17,Jul,19 11:08

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 17,Jul,19 11:07
I think that after the last few days, no one disputes Trump was tweeting about the 4 new congresswomen. He said so, too.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 17,Jul,19 11:02
Most countries will keep carrying us. Their treasuries have huge steaks in our economy (property, bonds, infrastructure) We go down they go down. In the late 80's the Japanese were involved in such a blood bath.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 17,Jul,19 10:58

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 17,Jul,19 10:58

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 17,Jul,19 10:55
I like cut almost as much as uncut, but, running my tongue under a foreskin just before I start sucking is soooooo hot. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 16,Jul,19 21:02
Truth is I thought he, CC54, was bs-ing. That member keeps knocking the Mrs off the top spot. When I got more info I felt like a fool. I wish there was a way to delete.
Anyway, in this case, I would support ending the account. It's sickening.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 16,Jul,19 18:29
If past statistics can offer any guidance, in 2016, $1.44 trillion income taxes were paid by 140.9 million taxpayers reporting a total of $10.2 trillion in adjusted gross income, according to data recently released by the Internal Revenue Services.Oct 16, 2018
The national debt is like you getting a loan to buy a car. It will be paid or refinanced until it's paid off or the government defaults. It's happened before. Let me remind you that Clinton, a Democrat, brought it down to zero.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 16,Jul,19 16:57

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 16,Jul,19 14:31
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This is CNN news today. I think it says it all.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 16,Jul,19 14:23


By CountryCouple54 at 16,Jul,19 12:14

I have a question for whoever wants to put their opinion in. I'm not going to even care that this member has been deleted before and are back again for the second or third time, that's irrelevant to my question. This member claims to be a female but there is a male involved on the page. My question is they also have pictures of what they claim to be their 18 year old daughter Charlie. And it's just not innocent pictures laying out by the pool or the beach. It's pictures of their daughter at 18 pissing, sucking dick, etc... There's also pictures of the mother and daughter together. I won't mention the members name but they're from Germany. Is this something common in European countries that you have nude and sexual pictures on your phone or your computer of your 18 year old daughter. And is it normal to post them all over the world wide internet with her face? I'm hoping this person is a fake and it really wouldn't be a mother and father posting naked pictures of the 18 year old daughter. Because if it is that's FUCKED UP.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 16,Jul,19 13:58
There are 29 members of Congress born outside the USA. They are all from different countries. They are all US citizens as they can't serve otherwise. If your premise is correct, all these people come from failed countries (whatever that means). These people come from the UK, France, Germany, and Japan. Yes,some came from 3rd world countries and some had to flee from there (Cuba). Out of these people, not one has been critical of Trump recently except in supporting the party (Democrats) line. So, who was Trump ranting against? Who did he mean when he said go back where you came from?
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I don't know your country of origin and it may very well be a failed nation, so I'll not opine,but, even in an all white (99%) nation, there is discrimination. There's the rich against the poor. The landowner against the land worker. The Christian against the Moslem. And even the light brown against the dark brown. I won't touch the Indian Cast system.
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There are many problems to solve in my country. Yet, there must be something that brings the population of other countries to our doors. Some bring solutions, some bring disgrace to their country of origin, some are just regular folks trying to live in peace with their families. What I do know is that Trump, either by ignorance or meanness, is disrupting the moral fiber of a country that always protected the little guy. And it was always done by the opinions and actions of the regular folks, not a king wannabe like Trump

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 16,Jul,19 09:03
I would have to agree with you Anthisisme depending on weather I do the abusing or the one being abused.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 16,Jul,19 09:01
Nor does it make it wrong. It's government. The opposite is anarchy and I don't think that is better. New scientific procedures have had their detractors throughout history. Control is the key

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 16,Jul,19 07:14
Petro, ideas are a starting point. Paying for it would be done by a very radical way. We call it "taxes". You know, like the way we would pay for a wall at the Mexican border.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 16,Jul,19 07:10
These 3 losers blacklisted me. Why? Who knows. No, really, does someone know?

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 16,Jul,19 06:25
You are entitled to your opinion, Admin, but, all middle of the road newspapers, many congress members of both parties and a good portion of the US electorate thinks it was racist. I, personally, see this as one more occasion where this racist, uncouth, bully, sex offender and male chouvinist pig, has embarrassed my country once again in the eyes of the world. He should not have been elected. I'm hoping this will be remedied with the 2020 election

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 15,Jul,19 17:44
I guess he feels that if it worked in 2016 it will work in 2020. In all my years I never noticed that because of the shame of not sounding politically correct many people did not show their true colors. I'm ashamed to admit that this country, my country, is full of bigoted, racist people.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 15,Jul,19 17:23
It depends on whom you ask. They are not my views and there's plenty who feel the way I feel, but, he did get elected because a large part of this country liked his crap.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 15,Jul,19 17:17
I want to say, "really lix?", but, ok. I'm sorry if I have offended you.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 15,Jul,19 07:25
I don't want Charlie or I to be thought off as being mean spirited. This came up on the Best Image contest. I no longer play in it but I like to vote. I have several friends playing it, including you. I don't like Mr CC54. I think he's a cyber bully and a closet homo. I have nothing against gays. My beef is with him. He pimps his wife everywhere. So, when I vote, I vote for the friend that is closest to 100%. If he/she is close to the 100%, I continue voting until the 100% is reached. I get lots of points daily and don't really have use for them except to vote 'hot' on pics. Charlie was voting for the member just below CC54 in order to send them to the bottom. No more.
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Please note I haven't changed my views about Bella and her bunch of losers. I Just have some ideas on how I want to be. Charlie shares my account now. I wont stop him from expressing his views but, if he wants to be like those people he'll have to get a new account.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 15,Jul,19 06:35
D, don't stoke the fires.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 15,Jul,19 06:34
She's got big titties. Out of the three entries, her's are the most attractive. Remember, Lix and I have big ones too.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 15,Jul,19 06:31
Because it would be fair. She would work against us. I don't want to be like the Bitch Witch.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 14,Jul,19 17:38
Baby, all i wanted was your attention.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 14,Jul,19 16:13
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And I'm not blaming you. You are a victim, lollipop

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 14,Jul,19 11:07
I think we all have. I used to love to finger myself while driving my convertible next to an 18 wheeler.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 14,Jul,19 10:33
I figure that if I go into a little boys bathroom, go to the low urinal and pull my pants and panties down, I'd get an audience. Then i would face away from the urinal, bow my legs, and get right over the edge of the urinal, and let go. The trick is asking some guy to get me some toilet paper "to wipe". HAHAHA!!!

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 14,Jul,19 10:28
Guys, at 14 even a BJ is wrong. Yes, it happens, but, not much of a man if he has to have an u.n.derage kid go down on him.

My opinion.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 14,Jul,19 10:25
You sissy, bitch, cunt. You think we women (or men) owe it to you? All you have is a dick. It's no better than other dicks. If I wanted cream for my coffee, I wouldn't want it from someone so conceited as to think your essence is an elixir. I'd get on my knees and tell, "Fuck OFF"

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 14,Jul,19 10:19
I wont say to shave. You have a right to look as you like. Your bio says you are straight. That means you like females. Us, females, work hard to be as attractive as possible to you guys. We fix our hair, paint our faces, manicure our hands and feet, and yes, trim our bush if it's overly bushy. We even shave it off if it's to your liking. Your bush, sir, while natural, is a huge turnoff. I am a slutty whore. I have fucked more men (and women) than i can remember, and, if my lover looked like you, I'd have him, at least, trim it. A little consideration for your partner goes a long way.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 14,Jul,19 10:09
The witche's tits (if her own) are fantastic. Her POTM is awesome. Regardless how you feel about the witch, vote for her.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 14,Jul,19 10:08
Sometimes, the danger is from assholes that want to fuck you in a real bad way, like CountryCouple54, Phart, and The One Eyed Bitch Witch

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 14,Jul,19 09:57

I saw this on the cunts POTM. It's labeled Bella! I have to say that if these tits are really of the Bitch Witch, then, I have to change my views of this lady. They obviously belong to a woman with some miles on her (the hands say so). She has lovely and impressive TATAS. I voted for her. My, my, bitch, you've got the equipment to do battle with any cunt here. Hope you win.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 14,Jul,19 09:54


I saw this on the cunts POTM. It's labeled Bella! I have to say that if these tits are really of the Bitch Witch, then, I have to change my views of this lady. They obviously belong to a woman with some miles on her (the hands say so). She has lovely and impressive TATAS. I voted for her. My, my, bitch, you've got the equipment to do battle with any cunt here. Hope you win. Candy.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 14,Jul,19 09:44
So many lovely, yummy cock in the SYD main page. There are a few that begs for a 'REALLY?', but, it happens everywhere. Vita has a gorgeous cock. I voted for him in the POTM.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 14,Jul,19 09:16
I am #91. I will obey.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 14,Jul,19 08:25
BieneM is on top. CountryCouple54 is not

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 13,Jul,19 08:12
Hello, stranger. On the Best Image/Member Top I have several friends playing it. I no longer play in it, but, i support my friends. I have a system. The friend that's closest to 100% gets my vote, and, if they are close to the mark, I continue voting till they are on top.
I can afford it. Despite the hatred from your Mistress and her minions I still get a ton of points every day. I'm not very active on site lately. Work is very intensive and I don't have time to be here. Charlie found a much better, friendlier, site (so he says).

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 11,Jul,19 14:00
Mocha is on top

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 09,Jul,19 12:32
Demon Cleaner is on top of the heap

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 09,Jul,19 12:16
There they go again. Policing the membership with their “fake members” ideas. Let’s verify because it’s a serious crime to be fake. Bella and her minions are at it again. Funny thing. They “verify” you and then they say they don’t believe it. I still have not seen any sexy pics of the One Eyed Bitch Witch.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 09,Jul,19 12:00
Labels do not define individuals. The Nazis were as far right as you can get. They were fascists.
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You are the sexiest loony toons here. Only Skittles and Phart are loonier. Still love you, chupete.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 09,Jul,19 06:23
That's like saying the right is controlled by a Nazi splinter group in Bolivia

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 08,Jul,19 18:31
It's the name and it's promise.
BTW. Almost every major federal law is SOCIALISTIC. Social Security, medicare, 40 hr weeks, minimum age, the establishment of the IRS, etc. Any law that is passed for the betterment of the public is socialistic. Why are people so afraid of that? Also, The Democrats did not invite hundredth of illegals to seek refuge in our country. We should stop saying so