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By pussylover78 at 02,Oct,19 15:11
17 a very accomodating friend of a friend and two months later my first virgin, she was a near neighbour I'd known for years, afterwards she said,'at last'. I never saw her again because that weekend I went off to University.

By pussylover78 at 27,Sep,19 15:26
Just fucking women, playing with women and having women play with me, orgasms for both is a must and of course playing with myself when no women are around.

By pussylover78 at 26,Sep,19 05:26
Together, when that pussy is twitching and sucking and the dick is twitching and pumping, nothing better.

By pussylover78 at 26,Sep,19 05:24
Sophie Lesaint on French tv, she makes me want to cream as soon as I see her, such a dirty laugh too.

By pussylover78 at 24,Sep,19 11:06
Mine is about6" long and 7.8" round of 2.5" across, they usually come back for more and I used to get so many offers in my youth that I must have been on a list of some sort.

By pussylover78 at 21,Sep,19 06:07
Yes, but only once, a longtime lover who I hadn't seen for a couple of months, we were both desperate and only had the weekend, after a ouple of blow/hand jobs she gave me she just said,' fuck I've got to have it in me,' so in it went, we fucked all afternoon but I 'm just glad she was going to wash the bed sheets, what a mess.

By pussylover78 at 17,Sep,19 03:38
It's a great sensation especially if she's mid orgasm.

By pussylover78 at 17,Sep,19 03:36
I always have had regular vaginal and blowjob sex but I still need to wank, even after a good night with my wife I'd still wank in the shower the next day.

By pussylover78 at 15,Jul,19 15:39
I just like doing it, it's relaxing and my fuck buddy admits that she like nothing better after a hard day at work to sit back in an armchair and rub one out herself. She likes to fuck to, give blow jobs and be tongued to orgasm, but like me still needs to have a wank too. she does call it a wank when she masturbates.

By pussylover78 at 15,Jul,19 15:35
Always, I don't like pissing on myself.

By pussylover78 at 18,Jun,19 14:52
I assume I've hit a cervix many times but only one do I remember. It was with a long time lover and we were fucking in the usual way when I fekt a different sensation as though some one in her vagina was sucking the end of my dick, I had found her cervix, not hit it, I stopped and the sensation went on and on, we both had a body shaking orgasm.

By pussylover78 at 18,Jun,19 14:48
I like to watch men shoot a load and I like to watch women rub one out and I am fortunate that a woman friend likes digital sex, we mutually wank over the phone, I'm working on her using skype but she's a bit afraid.

By pussylover78 at 03,Jun,19 14:27
Sorry hot pussy, that is not strictly true,the production of sperm is in the balls and requires quite a precise temperature, hence they hang low when hot and tighten up when cold. The mature sperm then migrates down the seminal cord into the vas deferens where they are stored inside the body, as orgasm approaches they are transferred towards the prostate, mix with the prostate fluid and arrive in that glorious blast of cum out of the dick, hence the white and clear bits of cum, white sperm cum seminal fluid. Sorry to be pedantic but it was all part of my training years ago, no offence meant.

By pussylover78 at 26,May,19 15:00
It happens, a long time ago my mate was proud that he had an open relationship with his wife,he thought that meant he could fuck anyone he liked. He was gobsmacked to find that his wife had been fucking all of his mates when he was out shagging. I'm pleased to say that she fucked me several times and she was a hot fuck. I could never understand why he needed to look elsewhere.

By pussylover78 at 16,May,19 14:24
A long time ago soon after I married,my wife had insisted on remaining a virgin, we fondled around each others genitals to orgasm but about two days into the honeymoon we had got into a 69 and I felt her lips around my cock, I can still remember the sensation and just how fast I shot my load. It has never been a common happen ing in our very long marriage but sometimes she just gets the urge and it is sublime. Having said all that she just loves me to tongue her. Selfish maybe.

By pussylover78 at 02,May,19 14:20
A redhead is missing from my cv too, I came close once but she chickened out.

By pussylover78 at 01,May,19 10:57
Hell no.

By pussylover78 at 27,Apr,19 14:54
I think she is, I had a friend years ago who had had five kids, but was still lovely body wise. She had a very slack pussy and I screwed her forever it seemed then she suddenly had an orgasm, which went on forever then she squirted, she was most certainly peeing and it went on for as long as the orgasm at the same time it was very exciting for me especially when she tole me that it was the first orgasm she had ever had, I knew her husband so I wans't surprised to hear it. The downside was that she went home but I was supposed to be at a business meeting so couldn't so I slept in a piss soaked bed and left the hotel early, fortunately I'd paid cash in advance with a false name. I went on to fuck her regularly for a few years, she never pissed again but had an orgasm on a regular basis once she had the habit.

By pussylover78 at 26,Apr,19 14:35
No thank god or it wouldn't last. I worked with the younger one for years before I retired, she used to flirt but never went further. She's never married, never had kids but after a disastrous long term relationship she fears involvement, I think I'm no threat to her given the age difference and i'm just happy to oblige.

By pussylover78 at 24,Apr,19 15:56
I do on a regular basis, 'cos I'm married to her and she's late '70's and still loves it. I'm also lucky enought to screw a woman 30 years younger than me about twice a year when she comes to visit.

By pussylover78 at 24,Apr,19 15:55
I would.

By pussylover78 at 04,Apr,19 14:53
I like to work my foreskin up and down slowly till I'm really hard and then when the precum appears spread that all over my dick and carry on, sometimes I add a bit of salive and work the whole mixture up the shaft and over my shaved balls. then as I'm getting close, with one hand I hold the skin hard back and wank the whole exposed head playing my frenum too then I cum everywhere and continue the stroking with my cum until I'm soft again, I just love it

By pussylover78 at 04,Apr,19 14:36
I have a friend, much younger than me and who I only get to see about once a year, she has a lovely pussy, trims her belly hair nicely and shaves around her outer lips and her anus, she is lovely to tongue and when on top she likes her anus toyed but not penetrated, it sure does crimp up when teased. and she definitely does not do anal.

By pussylover78 at 28,Mar,19 16:08
It's never happened to me, if you both get the result you're after it shouldn't matter. one recent girlfriend told me that i was better than most blokes who just wanted to out it in and bang away. She and I both prefer slow sex.

By pussylover78 at 24,Mar,19 15:59
Also a long time ago, he's dead and we're all in our 70's, but she told me last week that she'd recently fucked her dentist, but he's too keen and now she has to find another one. She is the only on of two women I've ever met who can fuck and not get involved.

By pussylover78 at 23,Mar,19 15:52
I've always wondered what it's like to be fucked, I suspect most men do but I've never had the chance. I have a friend who loves it, she likes to be fucked in the ass while sucking another guy off, sadly we live miles apart now and we're so much older so I guess that won't happen again. Her husband use to love to watch and wank while another two of us fucked her ass, pussy and mouth.

By pussylover78 at 21,Mar,19 11:38
I never use lube, I find that after some slow up and down with my foreskin that my precum appears and all is well lubed, I think i lucky with the precum, I produce loads of the stuff, I just love it when It's been in a juicy pussy for a while and the two juices mixed make that lovely wet slurping sound.

By pussylover78 at 07,Mar,19 08:56
Cum now I want your cum.

By pussylover78 at 04,Mar,19 05:48
Yes I do,I also like watching women cum too.

By pussylover78 at 03,Mar,19 15:16
Quite right, I am 99% hetero, but once sucked of a male friend after he had sucked me off. I've had loads of female sex partners but one in particular I got deep into discussion with. I asked her if she did anal and she said no, that's something blokes do to each other but then said but i like mine to be teased. A tongue on he anus produced magical results for her and me and she is adamantly not attracted to women nor has been propositioned by a woman.

By pussylover78 at 03,Mar,19 15:06
I had just split up with a long term 'mistress'and was still married, I neede to work physically to get my head ok so went to walk up a big Spanish mountain, all was ok until I thought of the lost great sex, I wanked hard and long on the mountainside, I don't think anyone saw me but it sure cleared my head.

By pussylover78 at 03,Mar,19 15:03
I agree, I love the human body but I just love women, I confess to looking at guys cocks in the shower etc but it never gives me a quiver. we were once in a Naturist campsite in France, the showers were unisex with no doors and I have to admit that standing in the showers and seeing the women bending over the wash basins on the other side of the room was pretty arousing, but I was much younger then.

By pussylover78 at 03,Mar,19 14:55
Too often in a day I think.

By pussylover78 at 03,Mar,19 14:54
At my last blow job with a new woman she pulled back my foreskin, had a good look for smeg and dived straight in, it was incredible.

By pussylover78 at 12,Feb,19 05:55
Yes I do, not all the time, I also sleep naked. In the house if I'm clothed I'm usually naked underneath and sometimes when I go our.

By pussylover78 at 10,Feb,19 13:11
That's the way, saves all those contortions

By pussylover78 at 10,Feb,19 13:10
Yes, you need to know what the women are tasting but I prefer pussy juice any day.

By pussylover78 at 07,Feb,19 15:46
I hate to think, one woman friend I had used a great technique standing up, she didn't rub up and down with my foreskin, but cupped my dick in both hands and massaged the bell end with her thumbs, shit that was amazing, sadly she was a lousy fuck as she'd had six kids which included two sets of twins and often when she came she would be unable to control her bladder so the bed ended up a swamp. Nice lady though.