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By 1RonG at 04,Apr,20 03:53
Oh how we wish it were that cheap in the UK, working it out , we are paying about $1.25 a LITER

By 1RonG at 01,Apr,20 03:01
I was reading about this yesterday. Covid 19 originated in animals , they are sure of that , even to the point that they are now muting around the idea that the virus has been around for years, but undetected. The original case was a mutated virus, animal to human transmission , and then it mutated again to go Human to Human. There is clearly something in our biological make up that yhis virus likes. As has been stated it appears to be lung related being classed as a SARS ( serious acute respiratory syndrome ) virus, and that 8s why i going blood cleaning wouldn't be effective.
Just to clarify this , the mutations have been so small that, at this point , it was deemed no one mutation was more dangerous than another
If the scientists are correct and this has been around for years, previously undetected, why is it such an issue now?

By 1RonG at 07,Mar,20 13:02
UK is just as bad too. Major retailers are rationing hand sanitizer too lol. Shame all the experts just say wash your hands for 20 seconds with normal soap.
I'm not sure why people want so much toilet roll? It's not as if it gives you the shits!

Also why we are at it , why is the media making such a deal that of it, at present is no worse than flu ! Aren't we just teaching our kids how to be petrified of a virus? Personally I'm going use the old British mantra .....Keep calm and Carry on!

By 1RonG at 01,Dec,19 02:01
I don't see the issue. I my opinion he's been very imaginative and listening to that article, it would seem to me that other realtors are jealous!

By 1RonG at 22,Oct,19 08:18
Not quite true. He/she isn't allowed to speak in debates but can certainly determine if something will actually be debated

By 1RonG at 04,Oct,19 08:54
What's funnier is the fact when you asked for a definition he still got it wrong and didn't realise the error

By 1RonG at 04,Oct,19 08:45
Lol...think he has the wrong word , think he means multiple, or maybe he does what his wife to have sex with men he can turn the volume down on

By 1RonG at 21,Sep,19 04:04
The big cities , such as London , Manchester and Birmingham ( and others ) have fantastic public transport systems , but when you move out into the less urban areas it can be hard. Some areas have very little or no public transport and thus do rely on cars , with many households having two cars.

In answer to your first question, yes ,most households have

By 1RonG at 21,Sep,19 02:04
Wish we were that in the UK it would work out at about 7.50 USD for a gallon of unleaded!

By 1RonG at 02,Sep,19 13:34
I think it's more the fact that you clearly state that you had warm up pants, no underwear and a cock ring and I quote ' so my penis was quite visible ', then you go in a coffeeshop full of college girls ( which due to you location You could not avoid ) and open the sites webpage in your browser. Now clearly this was going to lead to some ' excitement ' down below, that can be no surprise..then you came on here to brag about it ( that's how it comes across anyway ) . You are very lucky someone didn't report you for indecent images at the very least...let alone having a raging , very visible,stiffy in public and made no effort to conceal it

By 1RonG at 02,Sep,19 13:24
Makes no difference to me....have two dogs , 1 male, 1 female and 3 cats 2 male , 1 female. If I like the dog/cats temperament then that'll do me!

By 1RonG at 27,Aug,19 21:49
Very much doubt that she would let me take any these days

By 1RonG at 27,Aug,19 21:44
Lol, maybe but the last time was several years ago now!

By 1RonG at 27,Aug,19 21:33
I have been allowed to take a fewa few topless but that s it. And the conditions to those were no head shots.

By 1RonG at 27,Aug,19 13:19
My wife would Kill me if I posted pics of her! In fact she'd probably kill me if she knew I was here lol.
But you have to consider that a lot of the ladies accounts , with many multiplied of pictures taken by a third party, are probably not ladies posting at all

By 1RonG at 20,Aug,19 02:54
It is predominantly gay/bi men on here ( I'm perfectly straight by the way ) . I love showing my cock off, if a gay/bi man wants to comment or message me so be it (admittedly I won't talk about getting involved in gay/bi activities ) . There are a few women on here that get into the chatrooms , not many I'll admit but they do get there. You will find women are not as forth coming chatting and commenting on men's cocks...some do but most don't, it's just the way these types of sites are

By 1RonG at 18,Aug,19 03:15
Irritates me when purchasing online and the company won't tell you the shipping cost until you go to checkout/pay and usually after you've entered all your details. Many a time I've gone through the whole process to see the shipping cost and decide that the shipping cost is too high

By 1RonG at 05,Aug,19 01:43
Just having a though whilst we are talking about fake accounts... How can we be sure that , because a member has pictures that are available on the internet, that they are fake? Maybe , just maybe they are members of more than one site and using the same pictures?

By 1RonG at 04,Aug,19 11:24
Again Diana to me , is clearly a fake and has become more obvious as the pictures are posted. Not sure if she/he deleted the photoshoot photos whether there would be any left. The usual giveaway is lots of quality photos posted very quickly, admittedly Diana hasn't done that.

I really am unsure why people post fakes up. Honestly if the photoshoot is themselves then there is surely no issue, as how's that different from anyone else but if you are posting someone else then and claiming to be them then that is not right

By 1RonG at 04,Aug,19 02:12
It is the nature of the site yes, but as why should it be? The recent fakes were very obviously photo shoots, a few from Germany/Austria and also Australia. They didn't show up on a Google picture search though which was odd. I've never understood why people do it.

By 1RonG at 31,Jul,19 15:14
I was thinking of putting a pic in top of the month just to see but don't think I'll bother, seems to be a little ' political ' 🤣

By 1RonG at 31,Jul,19 12:00
Pretty sure shes spending her own points to get herself to the top of the pile..pretty sad if you ask me. It's much better if other members think you are top member but to spend points to elevate yourself to the lofty heights , I just don't get it. It's like spending lots of points just to remove someone from the top, pretty sad.
Oh well , it's Bella's picture so she deserves to be there

By 1RonG at 25,Jul,19 13:26
I couldn't agree more with Phart, natural everytime

By 1RonG at 23,Jul,19 03:24
I've had some comments about me being huge and when I say I'm not,I'm only 7 inches they seem surprised. As you say camera angles can make a difference , but honestly, what's the point in lying about it, it won't make any difference!

By 1RonG at 28,Jun,19 11:36
Nope, definitely not wrong for finding it repulsive!

By 1RonG at 25,Jun,19 11:35
Approx minimum wage is 10.44 USD here in the UK, so not much difference to yours

By 1RonG at 25,Jun,19 09:43
We can only hope over here in England , works out at just over 7 USD for a gallon here!

By 1RonG at 20,Jun,19 00:48
I will comment and that's only to say , if you stay away from their posts then don't comment about the people involved then they won't have anything to say about you , or you they. Your friends on here will no doubt continue to talk to you , as will any new member that wishes to. This is obviously all my opinion but personally I would just ignore and move on.
I won't be be replying to this as you probably won't listen to my suggestion anyway

By 1RonG at 19,Jun,19 17:51
Trust me, I'm not gonna bother again lol!

By 1RonG at 19,Jun,19 17:38
I did suggest she stopped reading the posts of those that upset her but seeing as I notice a new thread had been started , commenting on what you guys have been posting, she clearly can't stay away, for whatever reason.

By 1RonG at 19,Jun,19 08:23
With all due respect... Don't go looking into their posts when not logged in , ignore , move on , don't copy and paste any of their comments. If you don't know what is being said about you then it can't worry you and you can go and have the fun you want

My opinion

By 1RonG at 09,Jun,19 11:33
Just the use of make up I think. Doesn't look like any obvious Photoshop ping going on. Seems pretty genuine to me

By 1RonG at 04,Jun,19 14:56

By 1RonG at 04,Jun,19 02:05
I try and keep my head down lol!

By 1RonG at 04,Jun,19 01:55
Lol, you couldn't make all this up! 🤣🤣🤣 Certainly reading it all from a ' bystanders' point of view has been quite funny😂

By 1RonG at 02,Jun,19 13:21
Bit of a broad statement to say they are just a fashion statement here in the UK. Plenty of farmers and people living in rural areas require 4x4/AWD, myself included.your ' high end ' 4x4s tend to be the ' Chelsea tractors ' , the likes of Range Rover Evoques and Porsche Cayenne

By 1RonG at 28,May,19 12:47
Hope she's ok , and I never doubted her being real ... Spoke to her a couple of times and she came across as genuine

By 1RonG at 23,May,19 14:59
You may be right Bella, sadly I'm not so sure though, as I'm sure she'd tell me!

By 1RonG at 23,May,19 13:04
I could only wish for my other half to wake me up performing oral or similar , alas she sleeps too well for that to happen!

By 1RonG at 21,May,19 01:21
Lol, I had spotted Bella was having a little fun hence I didn't reply BUT it does just show how things can be misconstrued when only seen written down

By 1RonG at 20,May,19 23:00
I don't think Spurs have it in them to beat Liverpool to be honest! It has to be irritating to be a Liverpool fan, who had their best season ever in the Premiership, to be beaten to the top by one point

By 1RonG at 20,May,19 22:14
Have you ever thought they may have nothing to add to the thread?

May be they agree with you, or having taken your points and listened, or maybe they just feel the thread has run its course for them ,so have just simply moved on. Not every post necessarily warrants a reply

By 1RonG at 19,May,19 02:14
Oh, impressive 😂

By 1RonG at 19,May,19 02:11
Would it be before or after?

By 1RonG at 19,May,19 02:09
Could you smoke it?

By 1RonG at 19,May,19 01:39
Initially I was not replying to you directly, I was replying to the original poster. I was also not trying to say I was right or wrong, I was offering my opinion. I was also not accusing anybody in particular of posting comments from one thread into another thread.
My opinion is that old rifts had been tolerated and certain members were just getting on with day to day life, then someone started to stir and cause friction by copying and pasting comments. I am not going to name anyone as that is pointless and will start more rifts. I, personally was not involved, but from a reader of the forum, I felt ( my opinion ) that there was no need to copy posts to other threads unless said member(s) were trying to get a reaction. What other use would there be for copying into a completely unrelated thread....

By 1RonG at 18,May,19 14:21
Comments that are inflammatory are best left ignored as then the rifts don't begin. And why post in said comments in another thread when they are usually only relevant to the thread they are already in , unless you are looking for someone to respond to the comment and thus potentially ( and note I said potentially ) create a rift between members.

By 1RonG at 18,May,19 13:03
You are absolutely correct, rather than ignore certain comments, some can't resist replying or even posting said comments onto other threads on the forum to try and antagonise other members and ' stir the pot '

By 1RonG at 17,May,19 10:01
What gets me, is that she was doing a good job of going over to another thread and stirring it up to make you look bad. Very much a troublemaker who will always try and reignite old arguements for their own pleasure. I think ' they ' enjoy creating the division on the site

By 1RonG at 16,May,19 23:50
All the Manchester United FC fans I know absolutely hate Liverpool FC! They hate them to such an extent they were cheering Manchester City!
( For our International friends we are talking about soccer , in particular the Premier League in the UK )