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Wide or narrow metel cock and ball rings? 02,Jun,19 00:00


By Smoothmann at 18,Jan,20 16:55
Wow! Your cock keeps perfect time!!!!

By Smoothmann at 15,Jan,20 19:23
So cool!

By Smoothmann at 13,Jan,20 20:30
I use a cock ring while having sex and I stay harder much longer and my gf is happy!

By Smoothmann at 13,Jan,20 17:31

By Smoothmann at 13,Jan,20 17:30
Looks like a fun time!

By Smoothmann at 12,Jan,20 20:04
Here in northern NJ it was 67 degrees on Saturday and Sunday it was 64 degrees.It's going too stay above average temp wise until next Friday.I am sure we will pay for this warm weather as we get most of our snow in February and March!

By Smoothmann at 11,Jan,20 08:21
I love the taste of my precum and cum!

By Smoothmann at 11,Jan,20 08:18
I have low hanging balls when it's hot outside.They do tuck up when swimming nude or when the weather is cooler.

By Smoothmann at 08,Jan,20 21:32
Cool cock pairing!

By Smoothmann at 04,Jan,20 12:19
I am going commando today with my cock and ball rings on!

By Smoothmann at 04,Jan,20 12:16
Nice and thick!

By Smoothmann at 04,Jan,20 12:16

By Smoothmann at 04,Jan,20 09:22
I love too wear my cock and ball rings 24/7.Does anyone else here enjoy wearing their rings most of the time?

By Smoothmann at 04,Jan,20 09:03
Yes you so right!Sex is much better when you are smooth.Easier clean up and no hairs too get tangled up!

By Smoothmann at 01,Jan,20 17:57
The only hair on me is on my head and a trimmed mustache.The rest of my body is smooth shaven.

By Smoothmann at 01,Jan,20 15:37
Nice precum!

By Smoothmann at 01,Jan,20 09:57
So true! If you eat healthy your cum will be better tasting!

By Smoothmann at 01,Jan,20 09:34
I enjoy my pre cum and regular cum as it tastes really good!

By Smoothmann at 01,Jan,20 09:32
Me too.I prefer to be smooth shaven and most of the members at my resort are smooth also.It is a cleaner look for men and women.

By Smoothmann at 01,Jan,20 08:56
What a cool view!

By Smoothmann at 01,Jan,20 05:57
If anything I am more relaxed while swimming nude so getting a hard on does not happen when I am swimming nude.On the land is another story!

By Smoothmann at 31,Dec,19 20:54
I always swim nude at my resort and at Gunnison beach.

By Smoothmann at 31,Dec,19 14:43
Nice rope of cum!

By Smoothmann at 31,Dec,19 04:27
Cool rings!

By Smoothmann at 29,Dec,19 19:52
So true!

By Smoothmann at 29,Dec,19 19:49
So cool! I wish my cock was there too!

By Smoothmann at 29,Dec,19 06:05
I am a life long nudist and I stay nude in the winter by turning the heat up in the house and having a wood stove helps!

By Smoothmann at 28,Dec,19 09:35
Nice! It looks like mine!

By Smoothmann at 22,Dec,19 07:50
I enjoy hiking nude in the woods too!I have photos from my nude hikes this past summer on my page.Be happy and stay nude my friend!

By Smoothmann at 21,Dec,19 15:20
Strong balls!!!!

By Smoothmann at 21,Dec,19 06:37
This looks like fun! How big is the plug?

By Smoothmann at 20,Dec,19 19:28
Cool cock ring!

By Smoothmann at 19,Dec,19 19:28
So nice!

By Smoothmann at 15,Dec,19 09:03
Petro635 is right on the money with his post.I have been a nudist for so long that it is natural for me to stay nude while doing any of my daily chores in my house or yard.In time you will also enjoy being nude all the time too!Sailee,Are there any nudist resorts near where you live? If there are,the resort will give you the freedom of being nude with like minded people!

By Smoothmann at 13,Dec,19 17:32
Go for nude hikes in the woods.You will feel in tune with nature!I enjoy hiking nude in the summer months!

By Smoothmann at 10,Dec,19 19:31
Good looking dildo!What size is iy?

By Smoothmann at 10,Dec,19 19:30
Nice carved wooden prostate massager!

By Smoothmann at 08,Dec,19 12:30
I too masterbate dry with my cirumcised cock and it feels great!

By Smoothmann at 08,Dec,19 12:28
When I go on my nude hikes I leave my seed along the trail!

By Smoothmann at 08,Dec,19 11:41
I am smooth shaven from my chest,back,legs,ass,cock and balls! I have hair on my head and arms only.

By Smoothmann at 08,Dec,19 07:18
I have much the same views as you do music wise.The older music is just better in every way!

By Smoothmann at 08,Dec,19 07:14
I was not able to get on the site until later in the evening!I am glad it's up and running again.

By Smoothmann at 05,Dec,19 22:04
Yea!Hitting my prostrate with my dildo makes me cum harder!!!!

By Smoothmann at 05,Dec,19 20:18
With a dildo inserted in my ass I can cum much better as it is rubbing on my prostate.I have found that riding my dildo in and out I can cum hands free! You are feeling a more intense orgasm with your dildo inserted.

By Smoothmann at 05,Dec,19 05:39
You sure are a #1!!!!

By Smoothmann at 05,Dec,19 05:37
Another great butt pluging!

By Smoothmann at 05,Dec,19 05:36
Plugged well I see!

By Smoothmann at 04,Dec,19 20:41
Yea!2"is my current limit for my butt.Once it's in for a while then I can start riding it up and down with no pain!

By Smoothmann at 04,Dec,19 20:30
That's a nice large dildo!2"?

By Smoothmann at 04,Dec,19 17:27
Yes!I have a 2"x8"King Cock dildo that really stretches out my butt hole!I need a lot of lube and working my hole with smaller dildos too get the big 2" one in!