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By Smoothmann at 26,May,19 09:19
Nice looking land! Where are you?

By Smoothmann at 26,May,19 09:18
I was naturaly nude in nature yesterday on my nude hike!

By Smoothmann at 26,May,19 07:34
You do know it's waste water! Although it's mostly water!I would consider it if I was dying of thirst in the desert!

By Smoothmann at 25,May,19 22:23
I went for a 10 mile nude hike today! See my photos on my page.Temp.was in the low 70's,perfect weather to hike up the mountain and to the high ledge.Two other hikers saw me as I was going back on the return trail.They were about 65 yards behind me and I must have confused them with my camo backpack as they never said anything or got any closer.Anyway it was a great day to be nude.I even stayed nude all the way to where I parked my car and then drove home nude!

By Smoothmann at 24,May,19 09:09
I too enjoy nude hikes in the woods!The only item I wear are shoes and a camo back pack.I guess the camo back pack makes me harder to see in the woods!

By Smoothmann at 24,May,19 09:03
I use a venus 3 blade razor and I shave in the shower daily.I stay nice and smooth with no ingrown hairs or stubble.I shave my butt and around my hole,but sometimes I use Nair hair removal cream in the butt hole area,it gets some of the hairs that the razor misses.

By Smoothmann at 23,May,19 20:46
I have new outside nude photos on my profile page!I try to live nude as much as possible!

By Smoothmann at 23,May,19 17:11
Now that it's warm outside I enjoy being nude outside as much as possible!

By Smoothmann at 22,May,19 21:35
I use Bag Baum on my skin it helps soothe any inflamaton or shaving bumps and it softens the skin.

By Smoothmann at 21,May,19 20:57
Yes! It should be legal!

By Smoothmann at 21,May,19 20:55
We have 3 nudist resorts in NJ and we have Gunnison nude beach at Sandy Hook,NJ

By Smoothmann at 21,May,19 20:53
On warm summer nights I drive nude on the back roads with the windows down and later on I walk my property nude from 9PM to 11PM.I also enjoy having my photo taken while nude outside! I could live nude 24/7 if allowed!

By Smoothmann at 21,May,19 20:46
If you watch your diet your cum will taste much better!I have gotten away from high suger foods and I drink a lot of water every day and my cum is milky white and it has a slightly salty creamy taste!Drink up!It does the body good!

By Smoothmann at 20,May,19 22:52
I spent a hour walking my land nude tonight and I also brought my garbage can out to the street nude.Photos of tonight's nude walk are on my profile page!Enjoy!

By Smoothmann at 20,May,19 20:11
I will be taking the garbage and recycles out to the street nude tonight.My neighbors don't seem to mind as they have seen me many times before!

By Smoothmann at 20,May,19 20:07
I shave every night in the shower.I just use the hot running water and I use a venus 3 blade razor.As said before keep a sharp blade and press lightly so the blade glides and only cuts the hair.This works well for me with no ingrown hairs or stubble.

By Smoothmann at 19,May,19 15:33
9 days in a row at my nudist resort!

By Smoothmann at 19,May,19 12:05
I just completed a 102 mile round trip driving nude to and from a flea market today.

By Smoothmann at 19,May,19 12:00
Take a bowel movement and then use a anal douche to flush out any fecal matter and flush 2 to 3 times.This works good for me and my anal toys come clean with only lube still on them.

By Smoothmann at 19,May,19 05:21
one day I am going to make a dildo on my lathe.I can make one out of plastic or metel.maybe a 2.25" x 12"dildo!

By Smoothmann at 19,May,19 00:22
I went outside tonight for walk around my land,it was 74 degrees and I have several photos on my page to prove it! Enjoy!
--------------------------------------- added after 15 hours

I will take another nude walk this evening!
--------------------------------------- added after 21 hours

Thunder storms coming soon.No nude walk tonight1

By Smoothmann at 19,May,19 00:12
I have used a long varnished wooden handle from a brush in my butt!It has a tapered step about 6"down the holds it in just like a butt plug!

By Smoothmann at 18,May,19 20:43
After reading this post I may take a nude walk outside tonight!

By Smoothmann at 18,May,19 20:36
When I was around 10 years old my 2 friends and I would show are cocks and measure our sizes flacid and 2 year older friend was able to cum and it took me and my other friend a couple of years to be able to shoot some sperm!Those were fun and innocent times!

By Smoothmann at 18,May,19 16:57
I have been thinking about buying a metel ring.Is there a guide as to what size will fit different diameter shafts?

By Smoothmann at 18,May,19 16:46
I would give this cock a 9!

By Smoothmann at 18,May,19 06:17
I like a smooth shaven set of balls!

By Smoothmann at 18,May,19 06:16
When I was younger I could get my mouth on my cocks head and get a creamy drink! I am not that flexible anymore. Although it still tastes good!

By Smoothmann at 18,May,19 06:12
I have walked around my neighbor hood late at night nude!It was quite exciting!

By Smoothmann at 18,May,19 06:09
Yes! All the time!I love the taste of my cum!

By Smoothmann at 18,May,19 06:08
All blow jobs are good for me!

By Smoothmann at 18,May,19 06:07
I like to eat my precum and cum.My diet has made my cum quite tasty.When I cum on my belly I run my fingers through it it and then lick them clean!

By Smoothmann at 18,May,19 06:00
I too like a shaved smooth armpit and whole body for that matter.It's a much cleaner look and feel for me!

By Smoothmann at 18,May,19 05:57
I always have safe sex.I choose my partners carefuly and all is good.

By Smoothmann at 17,May,19 17:46
I am almost allways nude on the weekends and after work every evening!

By Smoothmann at 17,May,19 17:10
Nice and smooth!

By Smoothmann at 16,May,19 22:51
Nice cock!

By Smoothmann at 16,May,19 22:50
WOW!That cock is long!

By Smoothmann at 16,May,19 18:31
Yea! She is another one I would love too have!

By Smoothmann at 16,May,19 18:29
That is an understatement!!!

By Smoothmann at 15,May,19 21:05
So smooth my friend!

By Smoothmann at 15,May,19 17:30
Dana Delaney the actress and Katie Morgen my favorite porn star over the years.Current porn star Penny Pax.:x :x :x

By Smoothmann at 15,May,19 04:41
I will try some metel cock rings soon.

By Smoothmann at 15,May,19 04:38
Left hand!

By Smoothmann at 14,May,19 20:07
Ya ich weiss!

By Smoothmann at 14,May,19 19:35
Das war nicht Deutsch!!!

By Smoothmann at 13,May,19 21:16
Lix,Your beautiful and don't worry about what other people say.

By Smoothmann at 13,May,19 17:08
A very classy lady.She will be missed.

By Smoothmann at 12,May,19 20:01
WOW!!!!She is pretty and talented in the art of sex!!!Wish I could play with her!

By Smoothmann at 12,May,19 16:22
What a tease! Show me more!!!!