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By Dalesalford at 14,Jul,19 14:57
Haha without being big headed yea I was.
I was really cute with a nice little tight body....abbs...six pack etc.

By Dalesalford at 14,Jul,19 14:53
He went down on me

By Dalesalford at 14,Jul,19 06:45
It's fine, was a long time ago an I was kinda teasing him

By Dalesalford at 10,Jul,19 08:34
I was 14, an older man sucked me then raped me

By Dalesalford at 06,Jul,19 03:56
I do wanna try having sex with a woman at least once but scared IL either not be able to stay hard or be shit in bed since I've only ever been with guys

By Dalesalford at 27,Jun,19 06:44
Love poppers.... especially taking dick while I'm on them

By Dalesalford at 26,Jun,19 07:33
That I post nude pics an vids online

By Dalesalford at 26,Jun,19 07:29
About 5ish

By Dalesalford at 23,Jun,19 09:04
I'd like to be 7.5 inches long.
6.5 inches in girth
Love to be a shower instead of a grower as well like 6 inches soft

By Dalesalford at 12,Jun,19 14:49
Yea been used a few times as a fuck toy for a group of top lads

By Dalesalford at 10,Jun,19 23:10
Shit story.
The grammar is very poor also.

By Dalesalford at 10,Jun,19 19:34
Guess it's different in usa

By Dalesalford at 08,Jun,19 18:08
It's not all bad just mainly late at night it can get a bit wild with most being drunk.
I've had some great times there as well.
And yes if I'm in there late at night an see a drunk or passed out twink he's getting his arse fucked!

By Dalesalford at 08,Jun,19 18:06
Obviously not been to a sauna
That's open late then.
Manchester basement sauna is full
Of drunk guys after the club's shut.

By Dalesalford at 08,Jun,19 06:21
Been tones of times, usually late at night after coming out a club drunk.

Good place for guaranteed sex but as someone else put also a risky place for catching sexually transmitted infections.
Guys that go at the sort of time I go are often the same...drunk!
Therefore condoms are rarely used.

Drunk nieve twinks that are there for the first time are easy to spot a mile off and get prayed upon by other lads an older guys.
That's how I started out.

I was 19 but looked about 15, lucky I had ID.
remember being stood outside round the corner working up the courage to go in.
Already quite drunk from the club's with half a bottle of vodka in my hands I'd bought on way there.
I literally necked the whole bottle then went inside.
It would have been so obvious it was my first time... shyly putting the towel round my waist before taking my boxers off in the changing room trying not to make eye contact with the guys in there watching me.
Walking around exploring nervously getting a tone of attention from guys.
Walking through the dark area an feeling multiple hands touching my bare chest...some even going for my crotch area.... nervously moving their hands when one tried.
The vodka I'd knocked back just before coming in starting to hit me feeling more an more drunk an woozy.
I found an empty private cabin and thought I'd have a sleep an sober up before I made any risky choices.
Going in there an locking the the door not realising in my drunken state how easy the door would be to open from the other side with the catch being on the top.
Falling asleep with the vodka still hitting me more an more.

Half drifting in an out a while later with pain, a feeling of weight on me an a strange feeling of my legs not being on the floor.
Slowly realising my towel was gone an my legs were actually being held up on open by 2 guys at the sides of me.
The weight an pain was a third guy that was currently having sex with me.
Too drunk to do anything about it...just lay there drifting in an out but aware what was happening.
Hearing moans then the weight going.
Replaced straight away by one of the others pushing into me.
All 3 fucking me.
Once they had their fun leaving me there naked taking my towel.
Lay there on my back looking at the open door but still too out of it to get up an shut it.
Within seconds more guys walking past an stopping looking at me lay there.
Quickly going from looking to coming in touching me.
Within minutes going from touching to flipping me onto my stomach and fucking me.
3 or 4 of them managing to fuck my arse before staff saw what was going on an stopped it.
They took me to an office an got me a towel an some water...let me sober up a bit an get dressed then got me a taxi home.
I'd planned on going there just to look around an maybe doing something if I fancied someone.
Instead as a young, slim/toned, smooth cute nieve twink stumbling around drunk I'd been quickly targeted for sex and fucked by at least 6+ guys.

Waking up in the morning rough as hell but remembering what had happened.
Going into the bathroom in my boxers...Seeing the inside of my arse cheeks an inner thighs covered in dried cum an blood, looking in the mirror seeing tones of dried cum over my chest an torso, my back and even on my face an in my hair. the white ck's I was wearing all stained as well knowing they'd all not only fucked me unprotected they'd obviously all used my arse to cum into as well as all over me.

Getting in the shower feeling dirty an used.

By Dalesalford at 08,Jun,19 04:43
That's true, condoms are
Rarely used in these places

By Dalesalford at 07,Jun,19 11:07
I like to suck but not that keen on my own dick being sucked.

By Dalesalford at 07,Jun,19 09:56
Walking alone in a wooded area.
A group of young scally lads block the path....they decide to drag me into the woods.
There's like 10 of them all between the ages of 16-18.
They beat me up a bit then strip me naked.
Every lad there rapes my arse bareback.
I'm then made to suck every single one of their dicks.
10 loads in my arse an 10 shot over my face an body.
Left there with cum dripping all over my body and out of my wrecked hole!

By Dalesalford at 07,Jun,19 06:30
14 sucked an older man

By Dalesalford at 07,Jun,19 01:35

By Dalesalford at 07,Jun,19 01:35
Had a boyfriend few years ago that was 9 1/2 inches and mega thick down there.
Hurt my jaw sucking him tho with him being so thick and he only came a dribble.

Loved it stretching my arse tho 😝

By Dalesalford at 06,Jun,19 02:15
1. Medium

2. Medium

3. Uncut

4. Trimmed

5. About 12

6. 14

By Dalesalford at 04,Jun,19 04:34
When I was like 14 there was this really long quiet road near where I lived.
The only houses nearby were farms coming off the sides of it.
I could see any cars coming long before they could see me.
I used to walk down it in summer.
I used to walk about half way down then have a wank in the middle of the road.

I don't know why but it also turned me on walking down it in summer with my t-shirt off.
I had a nice body at 14.... slim,smooth toned chest an nice little six pack.
I loved walking down it in tight denim shorts with my top off.
I'd make sure my boxers were on show above the waist on the shorts.
The cars that did go down it looking at me as they went past turned me on.
I got more daring an used to open the first 2 or 3 buttons on the front of my shorts.
They'd stay up cus they were tight round the legs but with the buttons open they'd flap open at the front showing more of my boxers an part of my bulge which turned me on even more when cars went past looking.

Once a car stopped an the guy was taking to me asking where I was going etc...
I said I was just out for a walk etc.
I stood there at his window talking to him for a few mins.
He mentioned that my buttons were open...even tho by then we'd been chatting a few mins an I'd seen him looking down at my crotch area repeated times while I was leaning on his window.
I pretended I hadn't noticed an started to fasten them.... standing upright it was obviously my dick was hard especially when I'd done up all the buttons. With the shorts being really tight round the crotch it was clearly visible an he was watching my crotch area the whole time while I was fastening my shorts up.
A car was coming so he said he had to he was leaving tho he said he hoped he'd see more of me soon.
The way he said it while looking up an down at my body really turned me on.

After he an the other car had gone I dragged my dick out my shorts an within like 30 seconds I was shooting my load all over the road I was that horny.

By Dalesalford at 31,May,19 01:22
I always swallow if I like the taste or not to please him

By Dalesalford at 31,May,19 01:20
I let him spray it all over the inside of my mouth then swallow every drop

By Dalesalford at 27,May,19 12:42
If he's hesitant I give him the old lines "I never usually fuck bareback" "I've only ever done it in relationships after we've both tested" etc
After a few lines like that, the fact I've made sure he's mega turned on an hard beforehand an my legs spread open even the most safe top gives in an ends up balls deep bareback

By Dalesalford at 27,May,19 08:03
I fuck and get bare fucked all the time and have never caught anything

By Dalesalford at 27,May,19 07:59
Haha I do this all the time, get a guy over for sex then when it comes down to it I tell him I'm out of condoms.
By then I've got him too horny to stop so he does me bareback.

By Dalesalford at 24,May,19 21:56
Poppers do make your dick go soft.
There more for bottom lads that are taking dick in their arses.
Try them when being fucked an you'll love it!

By Dalesalford at 24,May,19 07:09
Rest in post below

By Dalesalford at 24,May,19 07:09
Following on from post above.

I'm thinking he's messing and with my over confidence and bring really nieve at that age I'm thinking I'm in control of the situation.
I laughed an was like "yea haha u loved my show, bet you'd love to take my virginity"
Telling him no chance with that thing (pointing to his massive bulge)
"You'll just have wank while u suck"

He laughed an was like "guess so"
He carried on kissing my neck... moving down kissing my chest as he went.
He pulled my boxers down an my dick was already solid... probably about 4-5 inches at that age with little hair.
He took it in his hand and put his mouth round it.
Being stud there outside with just my trainers on with my boxers round my ankles with the sun on my body was a massive turn on.
I was in heaven feeling my dick touched an sucked for the first ever time ever feeling all grown up that I was having my first sexual experience.
Feeling powerful that even tho I was 14 I'd managed to get this older guy mega turned on with my body an now got him doing what I want sucking me.
He carried on sucking me for a min then said to lay down in the grass cus it will be better.
I lay down on my back...he stud there looking down at me telling me how hot I looked.
He took his boxers off an his dick sprang out solid... probably at least 8inches long and like 3 times as fat as mine.
I wasn't shocked cus I'd seen how big his bulge was so knew he was big.
My eyes were glued to it tho seeing a fully grown dick for the first time in the flesh.
He stud there an started wanking it a bit looking at me, laughing a bit like "you like my dick lad?"
I'm like "yea I love it, hope mine gets that big"
I sat up an touched hand looking so small as I wanked it a bit..him moaning something like "yea boy play with it"
I put the head in my mouth a bit an sucked it for a few seconds.
His hands suddenly at my head pushing it down...him like "yea suck it boy"
My mouth being stretched as wide as it would go as 3 or 4 inches suddenly forced in.
I didn't like it so put my hands on his legs an pushed myself off it saying that's enough an lay back down telling him to finish what we agreed.
He's laughing like "proper little tease ain't you?"
Me-"Haha yea, u love it!"
Him-"yea tease me some more an IL finish your bj"
Him- "show me your virgin hole"
I take my boxers right off an lift my legs, holding them open letting him see it..loving teasing him I start to play with it.
He throws me a little bottle out his shorts telling me to squirt it on my hole an play more.
I'm mega turned on with him watching wanking his dick so I squirt a bit on my fingers an start to push a finger in...then 2 but stop when it starts to hurt.
He's like "carry on lad"
I'm like "no it's hurting"
He throws me another little bottle.
I pick it up an ask what it is.
He's like it's poppers, it just helps guys relax an gives a rush.
Telling me to hold one side of my nose an sniff it a few times through the other.
I try to take the top off but can't.
He's takes it off me undoing the top... laughing that it's a child proof lid.

He passed it back saying to keep my finger over it until I sniff.
I'm not sure about it but don't see the harm in trying.
I put it to my nose an take a sniff....he says to take 5 big sniffs so I do.
He takes the bottle back an puts the lid on.
I think nothing has happened until suddenly my head starts to rush...I can feel my heart beating mega fast an feel all warm an dizzy.
He sees it's kicked in an tells me to try fingering my hole again.
I feel all horny so put a finger in feels better now...he's telling me to go for it an squirts loads of the lube over my hole.
I put 2 fingers in an it doesn't hurt this time...he's wanking egging me on.
Before I know it I've got 4 fingers inside an it feels good.
He's loving watching me..he's like "yea fuck that hole boy"
He gets down an goes to suck my dick again.
He starts sucking an gives me the popper bottle again saying to have a good sniff again cus they wear off fast an that it's a weak bottle.
I sniff it loads of times an get the rush again.
He moves my hand as he's sucking me an starts to use his fingers on my hole asking if I like it.
I'm like "yea carry on"
His hands are way bigger than mine but he gets 3 fingers in an it doesn't hurt.
He's telling me my hole feels amazing inside all smooth.
My dick is going a bit soft but he says it's the popper's an not to worry it will go hard again.
He stops sucking an concentrates on fingering my my dazed state I just lay there an let him.
He tells me I've loosened up good now an to relax an enjoy it.

He goes in his shorts an pulls out another bottle saying these are way better now I'm used to it.
He opens it an holds it under my nose telling me to sniff, I have a couple of sniffs an go to pull away.
He holds the bottle there tho an says to carry on an that IL love it.
I keep sniffing while he holds it there saying again, again.
After sniffing it multiple times I'm suddenly woozy as fuck vaguely hearing him say something like "yea kid that's strong shit that"
He suddenly without warning flips me onto my front face down and before I even know what's happening.
I vaguely feel legs pulled apart an my hole being opened again an for a second think he's fingering me again.
Suddenly his weight is pressing down on me tho an I realize even in my mega dazed state that he's pushing his dick into me.
I can feel my hole stretching wide an feeling really full as he pushes more an more in.
I'm lay there thinking "shit he's actually fucking me"
It starts to hurt as he goes more in an I snap out of my dazed state a bit.
I tell him to stop, that I don't want fucking.
He's like "you been gagging for it kid"
I say I haven't an tell him to stop again.
He says I've been a prick tease since I got there an was getting what I was asking for.
I tried to struggle an shout....his whole attitude suddenly changed an he got angry saying I obviously wanted it rougher.
He pinned me down an put a hand over my mouth.
My hole suddenly felt like it was on fire as he forced all his dick in, feeling like it was going into my tummy as he started thrusting really hard.
I'm screaming by now muffled under his hand hearing him repeatedly saying over an over in my ear "take it" "take it" and "fuck yea"
Finally after what seemed like ages but was probably a few mins he said he was shooting an to take his load, he collapsed on top of me moaning.

He pulled out an got up.
Straight away he started getting dressed.
I turned over not knowing what to say.
He was looking at me...he's like "aww look at that cute little face, why so sad?, Is it cus You came for a bj an got your virginity taken instead?" "Bare fucked an loaded" laughing as he's saying it.
Saying he'd loved every second.

He picked up my boxers an put them in his pocket saying they were a souvenir.
Said he'd leave me to sort myself out and left.
I put my shorts an t-shirt on an lay there for ages thinking about what had happened and how it had got to him raping me from just meeting for a bj..half laughing to myself thinking he never actually even finished the bj

By Dalesalford at 23,May,19 05:14
Id just turned 14.
I met an older guy in his 30s on some waste ground at the side of a river.
I'd agreed to meet him there cus he said he'd suck my dick with nothing needed in return.
We met on the riverbank an he led me off the side of it a good 10 min walk Till we got to a little open grassy area.

He asked me to strip to my boxers, I said no at first, that there was no need for me to do that just to get my dick sucked.
He said since he was giving me a bj with nothing needed in return the least I could do was let him see my body.
I was a little shy an uncomfortable but being only 14 also mega horny an really wanted sucking.

We were so far off the river path I was confident there was very little chance of anyone seeing and it was a hot sunny day so I decided to give him what he wanted.
I took my t-shirt off followed by my shorts so I was stud there in my boxer trunks and trainers.
He was looking me up an down saying stuff like with my hairless slim toned figure, little six pack an cute boy face I was perfect.
It turned me on as he carried on telling me how sexy I was an before long with him egging me on I was showing off to him.
Loving him watching me as I posed...tensing my abbs an little arm muscles... turning round pulling the back of my boxers down teasing him.

We were like 2 mates messing around laughing so I thought nothing off it when he said it was his turn an stripped to his boxers doing the same.
He asked what I thought an I said he looked good an that he had way bigger muscles than me.
He said that was cus we are different..that I had a sexy boys body and dick an he had a proper man's body and man's dick.
As he said that he saw that I was a bit embarrassed as I looked from my own bulge to his that looked like 3 times as big.
He said to chill out an not worry.
That I was only 14 so obviously gonna be smaller an he liked that.

He came over an started touching my chest an torso, pulling my body to his reaching down the back of my boxers saying I was one hot kid.
Kissing my neck Saying he loved that even tho I was a virgin I was confident enough at my age to not only meet a stranger but to meet one for sex.
I said I wasn't there for sex an wed agreed to him giving me a bj.
He was like "come on lad, after that show you put on stripping"
"Teasing me with your body an arse"....

If you wanna hear the rest let me know in comments..

By Dalesalford at 21,May,19 20:36
Yea got caught a few times, once in a public toilet at 13.... wanking away and just cum when I looked up an realized a man had been watching me over the top of cubicle probably the whole time.
Pulled my trackies up an ran out.
Another time at about 14 wanking in my bedroom, eyes closed with headphones on thinking I was home alone.
Finished an cum.... opened my eyes to see my bedroom door was wide open when I'd shut it.
Went downstairs to find my 16yo Forster bro had come home.
He made a comment "not very big is it?"
I was like "what isn't?" Thinking shit as he seen me?
He pointed in the fridge to a trifle saying he meant that....
I asked how long he'd been home embarrassed praying he'd say he'd just come in.
He said he'd been home about 10 mins....I was like u been upstairs?

Hes like "yea I went to your room to see if you was in...(big smirk across his face) you were busy tho....

By Dalesalford at 19,May,19 10:32
I'm a bottom gay guy.
I've been topped unprotected and used as their spunk dump by every guy that's fucked me since losing my virginity.
Boyfriends, one night stands and guys in sauna's.
Never had an sti up to now

By Dalesalford at 18,May,19 04:46
I never have safe sex tbh

By Dalesalford at 27,Apr,19 06:00
Yes I love guys posting my pics and videos online

By Dalesalford at 16,Apr,19 22:24
I was about 11