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By Petro635 at 27,May,20 06:38
I think as guys seeing our different sizes should not be a big deal. Being comfortable in our bodies is more important. Seeing what size we all are is fun. We should be comfortable seeing each other naked.

By Petro635 at 10,May,20 08:02
We were having sleep over and looking at Playboy. We could see we all had boners. We were so horny, we played truth or dare but we all did the dare because we all wanted a reason just to get naked or see or touch each other. We stated just showing each other then jerking each other. The first dare was to pull underwear down to knees for like 10 seconds. Then drop them to ankles. Then we ended up taking them off. Just went naked together.

By Petro635 at 09,May,20 18:15
People don't talk about sex, so people never talk about different views on sex. So many people only look at the bodies as being sexual because that what we are told sex is. Guys learn naked bodies are sex and that's it. What if sex was more personal and about helping each other feel good. People might talk about that more then body image or dick size. Because then people at age 20 or 80 can talk about sex

By Petro635 at 06,May,20 06:27
I have a question. Why be forced into painful sex ? Why not open yourself to someone and sex together. Don't be afraid to be emotional. Did someone tell or show sex as being forcefull and painfully when people had sex for the first time ?

By Petro635 at 30,Apr,20 08:23
It looks fine

By Petro635 at 15,Apr,20 05:06
It fun when friends can help each other. Your both helping each other to relax as all guys do. It a cool thing when guys can experience that together

By Petro635 at 11,Apr,20 07:58
I think size is important because it can be how we judge ourselves and other people. So using that power to put someone down is not good. Seeing what size we all are is fun.

By Petro635 at 08,Apr,20 15:33
I think guys are basically told that size is the sign of how much of a man we are. Even as kids we are told to cover up or hide our cock and balls because they are privet or shocking to see. That's not really true. I remember being told just wearing my underwear was wrong and I had to put more clothes on at home. If it was normal to see each other. Then nobody would care. Just like on here, enjoy the freedom of being naked

By Petro635 at 07,Apr,20 07:22
She should have just said everyone has a different size dick and balls and not make a big deal about it or your brothers seeing each other naked should have not been a big deal.

By Petro635 at 01,Apr,20 06:46
I don't see how panties are so kinky fantasy. Why not have the person your with be the sexual thing. That's more personal or sexual I think, because your both are being sexual together. It more pleasure sharing that together and it's more satisfying sex

By Petro635 at 31,Mar,20 07:07
I think the more people we see naked the more normal it becomes. It kinda how people are raised also. If your family is real modest. I remember being told as a kid walking around house in my underwear was wrong and put more clothes and on. So then I always thought it was wrong and underwear was privet. Really we all like sex and it fun. The more you see people naked or talk about sex the more normal it seem.

By Petro635 at 25,Mar,20 23:48
People should just be their sexual self. Take all clothes off. Then everyone is equal sexually. When people are naked you can't even tell anything about their sexuality. Clothes like panties or briefs say more or just clothes in general vs being naked.

By Petro635 at 25,Mar,20 23:37
I'm working like normal. People need to get back to work soon.

By Petro635 at 25,Mar,20 06:27
I would think guy would prefer briefs or something because they have a room for our dick and balls. I don't see what the deal with panties on guys is for. They look to small. Guys can get bikini briefs if they really like them small and tight.

By Petro635 at 23,Mar,20 15:47
Yours looks good, it's surprising how many guys have no skin to protect their penis head. Since guys don't see

By Petro635 at 23,Mar,20 08:37
Everyone has a beautiful penis. Your looking at then only in one way. Look how amazing each penis is and how you can enjoy each one. Help the guy it hooked to enjoy his penis then he will help you enjoy yours

By Petro635 at 13,Mar,20 01:55
Everyone just keep buying more stuff. We will keep delivering it. We have to keep the economy going so Trump wins again !

By Petro635 at 13,Mar,20 01:51
It will come back up. People have to stay in for the Long haul.

By Petro635 at 02,Mar,20 07:44
I usually lay in bed. So you can move legs more

By Petro635 at 27,Feb,20 21:09
You prove you want to save everyones by not letting them fail for their choices. You want everyone else to pay for their health care.

Illegals entry into the USA. The system of free health care and hospital will take care of them if they go and free high school education their kid will get. They will get food stamps if needed. That's the system you don't seem to understand. Because you can't say no to illegals and you can't say no to the free stuff. They just show up and they can get it. Then we have to pay for it. But we don't actually pay for it. We jus keep adding it to the debt. Are you blind ??? Look at the California they are something like 1 Trillion in debt.

Illegals and the $11,172 thing was to point out they probably pay some taxes but they don't pay enough taxes to over come the free benefits they are taking. Part of the problem is because they are illegals the people they work for won't pay them a good wage because they know. Nobody is going to say anything and they can't because they are illegals. So they get screwed and so does the USA tax payers because nobody won't say no or go after the business that employees them.

If the government would stop spending money when it run outs of money then people like you would wake up and see the problem we have. We can afford all the stuff we want. Then you would be forced to made a choice as to what programs you want the government to spend your and my and everyone else money on. But no you don't want to make a choice, you want to keep spending even more money and keep going into debt.

It not about me me me. I'm willing to admit we are running out of money and can't afford national heath care. Because we already spent 22 trillion more then we have. Let's pay the 22 Trillion off and let's see maybe we can afford national health care.

By Petro635 at 27,Feb,20 19:29
You want to believe you can save everyones without paying for it. The illegals are just an example of how messed up the system is. Do you really think they are paying $11,172 in taxes to cover their cost. I have been to many places that only have illegals working for them. They are not making much money

I'm sure your know about the 22 Trillion national debt. So obviously people are sucking on the tit of the government as you put it. You only care about what you want. Only you can think 12 million illegals at $11,172 or 1.3 billion is small. I'm sure it seem drop in bucket to you because you don't pay the bill. Your not willing to stand up for what you believe.

We already paying taxes in case your forgetting about all the stuff the government already give out for free. If you want to pay for more stuff. You can write a check anytime you want to.

Yes we can influence how taxes are spent. We can vote for someone who says no to free national health care.

By Petro635 at 26,Feb,20 22:04
The hard part to swallow is the price. We are spending more money they we are paying into the system. You want me and another people to pay for them. I don't want to pay for illegals and the people scamming the health care system. Part of the problem will illegals is they go to the hospital and we have to pay for it.

I know of a older guy that gets pain pills. Then he sells the them for the money.

I have solution to the problem. How about we force any business that hire employees to pay the $11,172 average national health car cost. No matter what your job is the business will pay the national health care average cost per person. Then they can pay you regular pay what every that is. So someone flipping burgers will have free heath care just because they have a job. So they will want to work. The business will add that price the the hamburger or anything they sell.

Here is the good part. I can decide if I want to pay that price for a hamburger or anything. I won't be forced to pay out of my hard work. I can even have my 401k and not have some cazy tax on it. I won't care if they have illegals working for them because they will have health insurance. Just because they are working.

You can't just take away money from other people because you think is a good reason. I'm not paying for illegals or some lazy person who want to party on the weekend when I'm working. If people want to make me a hamburger and fries and include their health care and personal pay in that price. That ok, because I can choose if I really want that hamburger and fries.

If you think the government should just take money from people then I will tell the government you should pay a lot more taxes because you can afford it. Your rich

By Petro635 at 26,Feb,20 07:00
It's still the same amount of money in the end. Part of the problem is we try and hide the cost. We don't see the real price of heath insurance. When we don't know the real price people think we can just give everyone Heath insurance. It's only $60 a week. So why can't we pay for everyone, right ? Because like you point out it really a lot more. It really 3.9 Trillion or $11,172 per person. The people that are getting the free heath insurance today. Don't even think about it. They don't get a bill or anything. They just sign up and the government covers their health insurance

When people don't know the real price or don't care they probably think, let give everyone free health insurance. The rich people can pay or the government can pay for it. The business can pay for it. Once you take personal responsibility out of the deal. People don't care or even think about it. People don't care about the price anymore because they don't pay anything. The system get bigger and bigger and out of control and so complicated we can't even figure out wear the money is going. Then we start to get more people 167 million taking the free heath care and only 160 million people paying for it. The system will fail because the benefits are better then working. We also don't put ant limits on the health insurance. So people say cover all the illegals and their kids. When it really $11,172 for everyone we give free health care to.

By Petro635 at 25,Feb,20 21:32
So if we just dump Medicare and Medicaid we are looking at 3.6 Trillion to cover everyone. They seem to say it would be $11,172 per person. That means they are saying their is 327 million people in USA. That all sounds about right to me. I would have guessed the 2.7 Trillion would have covered everyones, 3.6 Trillion is a lot of money. The problem is not everyone is working to pay their $11,172 part.

So we have to pay it for them. Their are about 160 million people working in the USA in 2018. 327 million-160 million is 167 million people we have pay for. Their are more people taking the heath care money then are paying into the system.

167 million at $11,172 is 1.9 Trillion the working people have cover or makup for. That $1.9 Trillion by 160 million people employed in 2018 is $11,800 extra/ more taxes per working person we need to pay to cover the 3.6 Trillion bill.

Do you think that's asking to much ? See if we force them to work jobs like mine or yours then we don't have to pay so much money. We just need to FORCE them to work Ha Ha. Just the idea their are more people taking from the system then paying doesn't seem fair.

By Petro635 at 23,Feb,20 20:54
That about the same number I hear. So 27.7 Trillion for 10 year is 2.7 Trillion a year. How are we going to pay for that ? Don't say corporation tax or something that can change because corporation can move or they can just add the tax on to the stuff they sell. So we end up paying the 2.7 trillion. Let's just all pay for it or cut some government programs to come up with 2.7 Trillion.

I did a quick Google search and it say in 2018 we had 156 million people working in USA. That's $17,300 per working person. We can taxes the really rich people more. At $17,300 that's almost Six time what I'm paying now.

If Sanders compaign plan is 11 Trillion more in taxes. I don't know were that money is coming from. I guess Corp taxes. You can tax corporations and the people. I don't see how anyone can afford it. Just looking at we are 22 trillion in the hole and can't even pay that back yet and we refuses to balance the budget. Adding even more sound impossible. That cazy, it so complicated you can't tell me how much we have to pay or percentage of taxes increase. $17,300 is more then I want to pay, so people can flip burgers and have free health insurance. Just make them get job like me or a different job that include some heath care. I don't think you can afford this idea. Maybe if we cut the illegals and their kid out of the heath care syatem we can bring the price down some.

By Petro635 at 23,Feb,20 07:28
Look at the economy, you don't want to give Trump the credit. It seems you hate Trump so much you won't give him the credit for the economy or you really believe this is Obama ?

You won't answer the hard questions. We will put you in charge. So tell us how much money national heath care will cost? How are you going to pay for it ? If you are going taxes people or corporation. I don't think that's a good idea but it depends on how much more we have to pay.

If you want cut government spending or other programs to pay for it. That something I could go for. I already know the answer is nobody want their favorite government program cut. If you think you can list the ones you will cut to pay for national heath care.

By Petro635 at 22,Feb,20 12:47
Your personal opinion is just that. You act like your personal opinion is somehow special. If you don't like Trump don't vote for him. They did not remove Trump from office because they did not have enough proof. So why not stop complaining about that. Like YOU said stop living in the past the impeachment stuff failed. So now move on.

By Petro635 at 21,Feb,20 16:47
The Trump tax law change that most driver complain about was the Per Diem change. Now O/O could still claim it. Company drive can still get it if the trucking company pays it. All they have to do is a little different in payroll and driver still gets it. Most driver did not understand it, even trucking companies. So a good company today will pay Per Diem. They don't actually pay it. They just take it off your payroll so it not taxed money. Then they add it back at Per Diem tax free money. They have to have little program to count the days driver get Per Diem. So drivers that did not understand how it works all claimed they were paying more taxes. Some probably did pay more. Hopefully by now they understand how the Trump taxes change and work for a company that pays Per Diem.

O/O get to claim Per Diem and they get a new 20% pass thru tax off the top or something like that. I would have look that one back up. The rates for trucking was the best in like 50 year for 2017 and 2018. So they have to go down back to normal rates.

I'm making some of the best money ever in trucking. I got pay raise, the trucking company is looking to expand the fleet even today they want more drivers. I have made more money every year for the last 3 years. So the idea the Trump is killing trucking it not true. I did not get $5,000 tax increase

You are correct someone with kids would probably not want to drive a truck. That's their choice. Someone flipping burgers, may not want to drive a truck. It's their choice, but they are not stuck in a fast food job. They can't blame Trump for that. They should not claim we now have pay for their health insurance because they flip burgers. How about they get a better job that pays better just like me ? People should be able to tell us how much national heath care will cost. If it's close to what I'm paying now for heath insurance maybe we can do this. But if its a crazy number because we are going to insure everyone and people want to keep flipping burgers without heath insurance. Then I'm not paying for them or voting for someone who keep say claiming it's not big tax increase. They are talking like 2 or 3 Trillion a year tax increase. If your flipping burgers at minimum wage it not a problem. If your making ok money driving a truck that can get expensive.

By Petro635 at 21,Feb,20 09:52
You can't say their are no good paying jobs and everyone working fast food is stuck in the job. Then if they get a better job now nobody will be making the hamburgers. Not everyone will want to do the job. Because not everyone working fast food are victims of Trump or the economy. They choose not to move on for some reason.

I'll tell you about the job because I bet most people won't do it. They will choose the fast food job because is more easy and less hours. The job is Truck Driver. They have free training and will pay them during training. You will work 70 hours a week and live and sleep on the job. You will work 3-6 weeks. It pays lots more then fast food. Most people won't do the job. Training for the job pays more then fast food job.

So you should tell them to get out of that fast food job. I can tell you of some companies that need driver and will train then if they are really interested. Here the thing. It Friday morning, do you think I'll be home this weekend or working ?? I don't know myself. That how the job works and why I get paid lots more then fast food. They will pay ME not to work. If they don't get me home. I get paid regular pay, plus I get $100 extra not to work on Sunday. They are going to pay me $100 not to work. They need more drivers are willing to pay. Let see who want out of that fast food job.

By Petro635 at 21,Feb,20 05:55
I see you claiming everyone is working at fast food places and no good jobs. I know of some good paying job they can all get. Free training and the will get paid while training. You sure do worry about them fast food people. So ask them if they want a better paying jobs. I got a new car last year. Just for fun I got one of those robot vacuum cleaners. You see them yet. This little robot drives around the house and vacuum the floor. Then it go back to recharge. Do you think most people in the world have enough money to get one ?

I got some home automation stuff people can buy for home. A thermostat and some internet connect speakers and lights. I can turn lights on just by talking or change the thermostat temp. Now I just have the lights set to come on automatically at sunset. If I have to pay for someone else college education I would not have these thing.

By Petro635 at 14,Feb,20 20:37
Everyones should look at the list of prices for everything. I don't think people want or could even afford to live like that. A car it basically double the US price. Stuff like soda and cigarettes they tax crazy because it a direct cost to cover for Heath insurance.

Maybe other people will comment. I don't think people want to pay that much money to have a system like Norway. It would require a big change to your average American. Let's see who get elected as the next president and see if Americans like the idea.

By Petro635 at 14,Feb,20 13:34
We spend more money, almost crazy money on our military. Because we want that benefit. People want to know were the free heath care money is going that other countries have. We spend it on the military. We spend money on lot of other things. We have FEMA every summer just about another hurricane will hit and people living along the beach area will get flooded out and we will spend more money trying to help them and most of that money is probably wasted. Look at Puerto Rico. The found wearhouses full of hurricane relief supplies rotten and all wasted. How about illegal people in the US. They generally take the low paying job they may or may not pay taxes. If they have kids we have pay for their education. They don't have a high number of illegals in Norway and Sweden that I hear about.

Look at how we spend our money in US vs Norway or Sweden. We have bigger house. So we probably spend a bigger percentage of our income on homes. They have smaller home because it more expensive so they can only afford a much smaller place. Because they spend more money on taxes I would say.

In the US everyones has a car because you need one to get around and go to work. We have spend our money and buy a car. So we can't spend that money on taxes to pay for national heath care. Their are probably so many little different thing that people are not thinking about or don't know because we don't live in Norway. They have great vacation times off. They get like 30 day off every year. That normal to them we work 70 hours a week take very little time off.

We would have live the whole Norway life style to have the same benefits or cut spending like the biggest one is our military. Who want to cut the military to same size as Norway ? That's no aircraft carriers and stealth bombers, probably no drones and probably no nuclear submarines.

By Petro635 at 13,Feb,20 23:11
Sweden and Norway are not socialist. They are capitalist just like USA. They just have a higher tax rate and no military. You want to try again on a successful socialist country ? Or do you want pay more taxes and give up the military.

By Petro635 at 11,Feb,20 05:49
Not everyone can chat and be naked or sexual at same time I guess. Chatting is more personal kinda

By Petro635 at 11,Feb,20 05:32
We can all handle seeing each other naked. It how we all see what normal is

By Petro635 at 10,Feb,20 09:40
So what's your point are you saying the 3.6 is really 6.9 ? If that your point then we need to do the same to Obama 6.6 we have use use the same scale.

I found a Forbs magazine report that said the real unemployment for August in 2014 was 12.6. Your very lose with your numbers. So who do you think is better Obama at 12.6 or Trump at 6.9

By Petro635 at 10,Feb,20 01:12
The lower unemployment rate today at 3.6 vs 6.6 in 2014 under Obama. Don't mean anything to you.

By Petro635 at 09,Feb,20 21:24
If your saying Obama in inherited Bush economy failure. How long into Obama do you claim Bush jr was responsible for ? Would you say 4 years ? Because we will apply the same stand to Trump. Meaning 4 years into Trump's time his economy policy it having a effort. So you can't keep claiming Obama for ever. If you want to believe it's 4 years then Trump economy is now taking affect. It still less unemployment then Obama. The stock market is up and less people on food stamps. Everything is better with Trump !

By Petro635 at 09,Feb,20 12:02
Today their are more jobs then people. If anyone wants a job. They can have one. When you put out free benefits that are better then a job. Naturally people will take the free benefits. The best option is a good economy, then people can choose what they want to do. They can work and some people will choose not to work. I hope everyone that wants to work does have a job. Can you honestly say Obama years economy was better then today.

By Petro635 at 09,Feb,20 09:13
Why do you think you deserve the 1% people money ? Look at Bill Gates. He made a product lots of people wanted to use. So he got very rich. He can't take his money with him. So he is now giving it away to people and groups he think are good. If I don't like what someone do charging I don't buy their stuff. Apple computer s and iPhone all have 30% profit built into the price. Look at how much money Apple has. Look how cheap they pay the people that built the iPhone. They don't need that much money.

We decided if the product is something we want to have or not. I don't see how you think you deserve their money. What if we say your making to much money ? You don't really need that much money. That's not how we do things. You can work hard and hopefully better yourself or your family

That's the freedom we have. Look at other countries around the world. We have the best life style. Part of that is because if you work hard you benefit yourself or your family. Maybe you choose to send your kids to collage.

I have deal for you. I will go along with free college and free heath insurance for every one. I want something in return, I'm not paying for and then let people not work. I want free jobs for everyone ! The free part is just a play on the free college and free health care. It sound great don't you think ?

So the deal is, everyones has to work. We will have a data base of every job opening and you now HAVE to work. Even if you don't like the job. First choice would be job in your college education area. If their not an open job you will work some job. We are going to force you and them to work. We are going to take away your freedom to choose how and when you work. You might have to move to North Dakota if their is a job opening.

Does that sound like a good deal? Can you not see how bad that would be. You might have to do my job and work 70 hour every week. If I'm help paying for your heath care now, I'm interested in what you eat or smoke or drink. Because it costing me money. You don't need to drink anything but water. No way you should be drinking soda it has to much sugar.

The good side of Social security is to help your granddaughter and her family so they can have some dignity. I think everyone would agree. Helping her and her family is something we should do. We can't do it for everyone, that doesn't feel like working or just let people scam the system. We should not set up a system that people benefit more from NOT working.

Because people will take advantage of that. The system will get so big we will lose control. People will think free high school education is not good enough. Now we need a free college. Because they don't see any disadvantage. They're not paying the taxes to give the free stuff. We don't have unlimited money. Stop free college, so social security can help your granddaughter. People have a breaking point. You try and tax and take to much away from them. They will just stop working because the benefits are better if you don't work

By Petro635 at 08,Feb,20 10:51
We are already helping people. We give everyone a high school education. We have food stamp. We have Medicare and Medicaid.

I'm not saying you don't contribute. I'm saying you can't fix or save everyones by giving them more stuff. People take advantage of your good will. They will just keep taking and never take advantage of the free education. People have to be responsible for their own choices at some point.

A fast food job is not meant to be a job you raise a family on. The problem you point out is true having kids and only a fast food job is a bad way to live. So people need to be more responsible. How about not having kids until you have job that provides the income you need to actually raise kids. People have sex and get pregnant and life end up not going as planned. So people get stuck in low paying job and can't get better themselves. Does that mean I know have to pay for a college education for them. We have to let people being responsible for their own lives. Because I don't want to be responsible for paying for their bad choices.

The job I'm talking about is a real job. It not a self improvement thing. It a real job. No wearhouse work. You sit in A/C all summer and heat in the winter. The job is NOT geared for EVERYONE. You do the job they ask you to do. People do the requirements of the job and you get paid for that work. It's more pay then fast food and they have Heath insurance.

I get free movie tickets. I have not paid to see a movie in 4 years because the job is so happy to have someone do the job. That's an extra benefit they add besides the regular pay. They even guarantee you will make money every week. They will pay you no matter what happens (if you do the job requirements). How about this, they will pay you to NOT work. That's right you get paid NOT to work. If people have kids or plan on having kids. It might not be the best job for them. In the end people have to choose the work they want for the job and pay they want. It not the governments job to give people everything they want. If that's your answer I got lots of jobs for every one that want to make good money. No college education required. It's not military it's a real job. Free training and you get paid while training. Who wants a job ??

Your last point about how you would pay college education if you had millions. You don't have millions, so you say that's the governments job. Because they have unlimited money you must think ? That's not the governments job. The government does not have ANY MONEY. They only take it away from other people with taxes. So if you can afford to be that person you can pay more taxes if you want. That's why you can vote for someone that has the idea you like of more free health care and more free college education.

I can vote for someone who say no to that idea. Because I'm not pay more taxes because you want save people that's don't want to work or are not willing to make the same sacrifice we had to make. In know of job opening no college education required they WILL make lots more money then fast food.

By Petro635 at 08,Feb,20 01:32
You can't afford what you believe in. I know you can't because you want the government to step in and pay the bill. People don't value what they don't have to work for. You are living in a dream Land if you don't understand that. Why don't you go find a homeless person and offer to pay for their education and see how successful they will be. They won't value you money or the opportunity you give them.

I know of a job anyone can get and they will give you FREE training and even pay you during training ! People still won't do the job. Because they don't want to work. So you don't give them Free stuff because they don't care about it. You don't take away money from someone working and give it to someone who does not value it. You give everyone an opportunity to work and let them choice how much they wan to work

Angel1227 put YOUR money up if you believe in you idea. Go pay for some people college education and tell use how it works out. Don't ask the government to do something, your not willing to do yourself.

By Petro635 at 07,Feb,20 09:44
I think Trump is good. I understand people don't like they way he talks or acts. He basically says what he thinks and does it. I would not want to go back the the Obama administration. I would not like Joe Biden being president. He and Obama had their time to what they wanted. It was not a very good time in my opinion.

By Petro635 at 07,Feb,20 08:25
I understand how the deficit and taxes. I don't think you do. Because you just want to keep spending money you don't have. Do you understand we have to pay the current 22 trillion back ? You can get the money from the people or business. Do you understand other countries loan us money ? Do you understand if they don't, we don't have any money to keep spending ?

Since your so smart, tell use how you plan on paying the current 22 trillion back, plus the extra 30 Trillion for 10 years for free health care. We are putting you in charge of the money remember corporation don't really pay taxes. The just add the price into a product. They can also move if you tax them to much. Apple computer is pretty good example. If you did not know Apple had like 300 billion cash in Ireland banks keeping it away from USA government taxes.

By Petro635 at 06,Feb,20 23:36
Nothing just that cazy lady started this post long time ago. Now she deleted her account. She said all kinds of stuff about Trump.. once again they don't have anything and now she gone. This was her big moment to shine

By Petro635 at 06,Feb,20 23:32
If our taxes don't go up how do you think we will pay for it ? We are currently 21 Trillion in the hole and you thing free health or free college is an option. If you want to pay the current tax bill off. I'm ok with looking at free health care or college. I got a deal for you, you figure out the money side of it. You can cut any spending the government does now. You can raise the taxes if you want. I don't think you can afford to pay back the current 22 trillion. I'm more then happy to let you figure out the numbers. What do you want to cut in spending now to pay the 22 Trillion.

You MEGA by letting people work and choose how they want to work and live. You don't take away their hard work(money) and give it to someone doing nothing. Because people just like me and you will stop working if you going to take it away from me. I work 70 hours a week to benefit me. Lots of people don't want to work the hours I do. That's their choice. If you or the government can give me heath care for the same price I pay today. I might go for that deal. The truth so far seems it can't be done. They are claim like 3 Trillion a year more in taxes for heath care. That's about $12,000 more in taxes. Can you pay $12,000 this year extra in taxes ?

By Petro635 at 06,Feb,20 14:16
Because we have laws you make sounds like the illegals are all hard working people. Remember the one that kill a cop and made a run for the boarder They should follow the same rules we have to. If you want to let more people in the USA you should work on changing the laws. Don't ignore the law you don't like. I'm tired of people running for office and not doing what they say. If Trump gets some stuff done that other people won't do. I'm ok if he not presidential.

Just because some people don't like him it's does not make them correct. I'm not working 70 hours a week so the government can tax me more so illegals or anyone can have free health care or free college education. I'll just stop working like everyone else.

By Petro635 at 06,Feb,20 02:07
You can vote for anyone you want. All that other stuff. Let's see if we can remember any past president cheating or lying. Remember this line, No New Taxes and other president said, I Did Not Have Sexual Relations with That Woman. Ha ha

You don't have to like the guy. You should vote for the person you want and see who wins. I really like how they would say No Man is Above the law. When it come to illegals in the USA, now enforcing the law is not far or the right thing to do. If we can pick and choose the laws we follow. I have a couple I don't like.

I know it doesn't matter what I say, I can't change you mind. If you don't want Trump to win next election. Just vote him out. Stop believing it's selling out or some or thing. Just like the impeachment thing is all over. They tried but failed once again.

By Petro635 at 05,Feb,20 00:39
That's all the Trump haters. They are mad Hillary did not win.

By Petro635 at 04,Feb,20 00:23
I think they will actually end up helping Trump get elected again. Because people will see it as a scam. I don't think the other side with all their free stuff and higher taxes will get Americans votes. People don't want more taxes. I don't see Bernie Sanders or Mike Bloomberg making it. Maybe Joe Biden, but I don't think people want to go back to the economy of the Obama years. Just the idea of going back to those years, or economy from what we have today. The Trump haters are strong, only time will tell.