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By Lilboi at 03,May,20 01:48
Doing meth with a couple of buddies one night, we ended up succking each others cocks. After a while i was naked riding their cocks in turns.

By Lilboi at 02,May,20 16:58
Thats so sexy

By Lilboi at 05,Dec,19 20:25
drank piss

By Lilboi at 05,Dec,19 20:22
when i smoke a bowl my cock gets tiny, balls tight and all i want is to receive anal.

By Lilboi at 05,Dec,19 20:16
when i was 13 two men let me suck their cocks before force fuxking my ass making me cry and steuggle, since then being dominated by men turns me on

By Lilboi at 05,Dec,19 12:18
i moan and groan loudly with pleasure when cumming

By Lilboi at 31,Oct,19 03:06
My cousin rubbed my cock with her sexy toes making me horny, she put a strap on on and bent me over fucking my ass deep makung me moan and sob.

By Lilboi at 31,Oct,19 02:41
I rub my buddies cock while his step sis rubs my covk with her sexy toes

By Lilboi at 31,Oct,19 01:24
6 men with huge cocks grabbing me and stripping me naked in the woods. Id stuggle and resist while begging the men not to fuck me. They use force to hold me in position and take turns destroying my ass. Crying and begging the men to stop, they get rougher and fuck deeper making me scream.

By Lilboi at 31,Oct,19 01:17
Love crying during anal, not full on but more like sobbing and moaning. My one bud loves it when he fucks faster making me squeal and sob while begging for mercy.

By Lilboi at 30,Oct,19 11:49
Getting spun with my step dad and his friends while they pass around naked, fucking my ass and making me a slut

By Lilboi at 30,Oct,19 11:40
3 black men stripping and abusively fucking me in a public park

By Lilboi at 30,Oct,19 10:04
When recieving deep rough anal i cum without touchinv my cock

By Lilboi at 30,Oct,19 10:00
Sexy feet turn me on always, also love seeing a twink being passed around

By Lilboi at 09,Oct,19 06:48
3 guys stripping me naked and touching me while i suck their cocks

By Lilboi at 30,Sep,19 22:55
My 48yr old buddy makes me act like im 10, i call him daddy and act like hes forcing me

By Lilboi at 30,Sep,19 22:41
Advertised myself as a free prostitute. 3 guys replied on different days, each fcked me till they came

By Lilboi at 30,Sep,19 21:56

By Lilboi at 30,Sep,19 21:37
My friend and i stripped naked kissing on a bed while 4 men take turns fuxking our feet. The 4 of them take turns fucking us making us beg and moan

By Lilboi at 30,Sep,19 21:31
At my bfs house 6 of us sat nude in a circle and wanked. When cumming we had to aim for the cup in the middle, after 3 guys filled their cum in the cup i shot and missed meaning i had to drink the cum

By Lilboi at 30,Sep,19 21:15
5 black men with huge dicks gang banging me in a public park.

By Lilboi at 30,Sep,19 21:11
When 14 my step bro touched my cock and i liked it. I touched his big cock. He took my clothes off and sucked my little cock. I sucked his cock and ler him put it in my asshole making me scream.

By Lilboi at 30,Sep,19 20:52
50 strangers with big cocks using me on a building rooftop. They would strip me naked and take turns doing dirty kinky things with me

By Lilboi at 12,Sep,19 00:58
Id love 2 men to strip me naked, gag me and agrressively fuck me making me cry

By Lilboi at 03,Sep,19 14:49
Yeah not many guys seem to like foot play.

By Lilboi at 20,Aug,19 20:32
Once i met a guy who asked me to suck him till he cums. I sucked his cock for 45 mins non stop

By Lilboi at 20,Aug,19 20:29
I dont always have to cum, i love being cummed on or in, its good enough for me

By Lilboi at 20,Aug,19 18:06
Id love to be blindfolded and taken to an abandoned building where guys use me without mercy. They would make me cry by fucking me and abusing me. After they cover me in cum im taken to a park where im bound and agressively fucked while crying and begging for mercy.

By Lilboi at 20,Aug,19 16:35
I get super sluty when spun, i love being anal gaped and used like a slut. Once i met 3 guys at a bar who i went home with to get spun. We smoked while getting naked and i started sucking their cocks while they surrounded me. I let them gang bang me and make me cry

By Lilboi at 20,Aug,19 16:26
Getting spun with my step bro is fun, we get naked while smoking and he fucks me hard and rough

By Lilboi at 20,Aug,19 16:21
My older step bro and i were alone at home one night when he put his hand in my pants and squeezed my cock and balls. He took my pants off and rubbed our cocks against each other. His cock was bigger and he made me suck it. He then put me on my back and fucked me

By Lilboi at 20,Aug,19 16:08
Tub of yogurt

By Lilboi at 07,Aug,19 05:24
Sucking a horse cock and having it explode cum on me

By Lilboi at 07,Aug,19 02:29
I like having my ass pounded till i cry with pleasure

By Lilboi at 06,Aug,19 21:58
My step bro and his mate were spun when rhey fucked me with a cucumber

By Lilboi at 06,Aug,19 17:20
To be gang banged rough and hard

By Lilboi at 06,Aug,19 17:13
A group of 3 men with huge smelly cocks stripping me naked and abusively fuck me while i moan and beg them to stop.

By Lilboi at 06,Aug,19 06:47
I love cumming in my mouth

By Lilboi at 07,Jun,19 16:17

By Lilboi at 07,Jun,19 16:14
I love being submissive, once my stepbro and his boyfriend locked me in his bed room. The bf grabbed my cock and squeezed it painfully while my step bro took my clothes off. They took turns fucking my face then fixing my ass rough

By Lilboi at 07,Jun,19 09:50
My friends sis watch3d us suck each others cocks

By Lilboi at 07,Jun,19 04:22
Love it

By Lilboi at 07,Jun,19 04:20
I was 12 when i first sucked my friends cock while his dad watched.

By Lilboi at 07,Jun,19 04:17
Id love a group of about 8 guys to take me into the woods and make me their fuck toy.

By Lilboi at 07,Jun,19 04:14
My step bro and his boyfriend once let me suck their cocks and played with mine

By Lilboi at 07,Jun,19 04:11
My step bro watched me suck my friends cock

By Lilboi at 07,Jun,19 03:41
My friend and i were alone in his room when we were 19. We showed each other our cocks and i sucked his for hours

By Lilboi at 19,May,19 21:37

By Lilboi at 19,May,19 20:41
I was 12 when i sucked my 14 yr old neighbors cock

By Lilboi at 18,May,19 22:10
At a bar 2 men invited me to their house, I went and on the way we spoke about sex. They liked that I was young and liked to receive anal, they fucked me all night even double penatratwd