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By overeight at 21,Jan,21 19:21
I just built up my underwear collection. I started and since I'm now single I've been taking the opinion of my waxer and massuse to tell me if they think my choices are sexy or not. I know it sounds a little odd but hey they are the only ladies who see me either in them or less and I trust they are fashionable women of taste and they give an honest opinion. I built my collection out of different Ergowear items in different colors and styles.

By overeight at 21,Jan,21 19:08
Biden eradicated the Trump law that makes it legal to retain ivory from a paid hunt in Africa of an elephant. The law was designed to drop the price of ivory from 2 1/2 times the value of gold. So basically overeight ISIS regained 1.6 billion dollars and can now afford to commit terrorist acts.

By overeight at 27,Sep,20 19:35
Chock full o nuts and 1850

By overeight at 18,Sep,20 11:32
Yes she is. Can you believe that body has had two kids and she still looks like that. On her Instagram she has a full gym at her house and she is married to some big movie star guy. But she posted pics of her workout and whoa very intense.

By overeight at 14,Sep,20 23:21
Helmut Norpoth predicted Trump 362 to Biden 176 votes. They have only been off by no more than two votes in the last 24 out of 26 predictions on elections. That's the poll the media refuses to acknowledge even exist. They predicted 2016 exactly as it came out but Hillary laughed at them a week before the election and said there was no way in hell they had one clue. Just so you know

By overeight at 14,Sep,20 23:15
Trump all the way🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

By overeight at 29,Aug,20 18:11
No a mask is not required at a nude beach but it is required you take off your bathing suit and put it on your face. Hahahaha

By overeight at 28,Aug,20 21:06
I enjoy when I notice a lady checking it out. I dont wear real tight pants but my mushroom head certainly shows right thru my Jean's so there is absolutely no question how big the head is or how long it is. Sometimes ladies eyes get a little big and they get a little grin when they notice they can clearly see the head defined through my Jean's. That's when I really enjoy that they looked.

By overeight at 28,Aug,20 14:46
No man lingerie but I have looked into underwear for endowed men. For some reason the majority of it is designed for gay men. I just want a simple trunk that's plain one color that has an actual pouch in it.

By overeight at 25,Aug,20 12:24
Blonde bartender has the best most artistic pics I've seen on here

By overeight at 23,Aug,20 22:33
Can I take her for a test drive like a used truck. You know some look great but they have a problem with its drivetrain hahaha

By overeight at 23,Aug,20 22:25
Speaking of bootylicious did anyone watch the grand ole opry last night. The singer of the band Runaway June has probably the greatest ass I think I have seen in years. Damn that little native girl is hot. Wow turned me on and she was in Jean's that looked like a skin substitute.
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Look this chick up her name is Naomi Cooke so hot damn

By overeight at 23,Aug,20 18:10
I dont care about little underwear anymore. I used to wear bikinis way back years ago but because I dont like stuff on my leg. And I used to wear speedos when I went to go swimming but now I like trunks. I'm a little older and I like wearing something that isnt briefs or less I like having a little coverage now. Used to though when I wore speedos the ladies did look and not only look but stare because my cock stretched the fabric out enough after I cut the lining out so they could see skin through them. I had a few ladies brave enough to just say you may as well be naked I can see your whole cock in those. Then I would tell them I bet if I take it out you see more. They usually said I dare you to. And then they would see how tight speedos compressed it.

By overeight at 23,Aug,20 11:30
Well it's tough for a straight guy to choose a gh I would love the experience but would like to be reassured it's a woman on the giving side.

By overeight at 23,Aug,20 11:26
I think that works both ways Phart with low and high IQ. Just an opinion though

By overeight at 23,Aug,20 11:21
I dont look at other bulges but do pay attention to my own because I'm straight. But I have noticed that some ladies look at mine when I wear this one pair of very soft Jean's that let's ladies see the cut of my mushroom. I also sometimes wear compression pants to go exercise and when I wear those they are pretty much like wearing vacuum packed spandex.

By overeight at 22,Aug,20 12:30
Well just to be honest I am pretty long but my cock was skinny. So i started pumping and now my cock is as long as the pump it reaches the end when i pump but i have gained some girth. I'm looking now at a pump that allows the head to expand. You order the shaft whatever length your cock is to your head and the top of the cylinder is 3 inches in diameter and four inches long so that your head gets a good expansion. That can cause your head to. E super sensitive too. I cant wait to get the bucks together to order mine. Making my cock thicker made it so my head isnt as prominent as it was.

By overeight at 22,Aug,20 12:16
Hun I've probably jacked off to your pi s more than any other woman here just because you constantly add hot pics and your incredibly hot.

By overeight at 22,Aug,20 12:11
I love southern ladies I grew up just south of the Georgia line only 8 miles from Georgia. Yes the ladies are horny and yes they love cock but you have to be nice and considerate to get there. It takes manners and gentlemanly respect to get them hot.

By overeight at 22,Aug,20 12:04
Well I wont post the number that I was given when I got tested at 7yo because my teacher suggested to my mother I have a test because my thought process was different. The next year I was placed into a class with only 7 students and was the gifted program and I hated it. I had to learn a different set of subject than my friends and I had to be in a class with so few student. It was awful and practically torture to be quite honest.

By overeight at 22,Aug,20 11:59
I've recently watched a few videos of lingam massages and would love a woman to give me one so sensual and slow. I'm not really crazy about just getting jerked off so much but a nice slow sexy sensual penis massage I could really get into.

By overeight at 18,Aug,20 23:43
Tell you this if she was on my patio like that I would just have to poke it I really do like her ass and I'm an ass man

By overeight at 18,Aug,20 23:41
She has a very nice ass but most women do think theirs is to big

By overeight at 18,Aug,20 23:30
I just found a place to buy penis pumps that make your head big. The place is Thickwall cylinders mushroom head enlargement cylinder. They make penis pumps custom sized for men. You have to give them certain measurements and they make and send you a pump. Check it out guys it's a cool pump.

By overeight at 17,Aug,20 17:47
I dont know how to post here but your welcome to look at my page

By overeight at 17,Aug,20 17:45
Well one popular site is youporn

By overeight at 17,Aug,20 17:36
I have actually only had a few wet dreams. However I have in recent years had precum quite a few times. Once I was at a coffee shop and two super hot college girls came and sat at the table next to me and I couldnt help but stare at their practically see thru clothes with no undergarments on. I got so erect I was pulsating and my pants even got pretty wet from the precum. And yes the girls definitely noticed I had a very very hard cock and were all smiles and looks. I think they actually enjoyed it as much as I did.

By overeight at 16,Aug,20 21:57
Ok first yes my cock has been so hard it hurts and pulsates. I was getting waxed once this pretty hot young lady was waxing me and telling me how much she liked my cock. I got so hard I even had precum oozing out until I finally shot off and she loved it. She cleaned me up. I think she intended to do it but she didnt have to touch me much just her words got me so excited. Another time I was at a coffee shop after a walk and these hot girls in yoga pants so tight I could see practically thru them. No panties and I'm sitting there hard as hell enjoying the view. Well I got so excited I got my compression pants wet and had a wet spot at the end of my cock in public with an obvious hard was very exciting.

By overeight at 16,Aug,20 21:18
I like wearing full back underwear but I've found jockstrap hold my package better and I wear bamboo ones so that way my mushroom head shows thru them

By overeight at 16,Aug,20 21:13
Honestly I'm an older guy and I used to not mind tiny underwear as long as the package fit. But now I like trunks because I think at my age it's just more appropriate for me to wear. Problem is most makers of endowed mens underwear mostly make small things or bikini type or the pouch for your cock is see thru mesh. I just want something like Wildman t or ergowear

By overeight at 16,Aug,20 20:53
Just want ladies opinions on this. I want my mushroom head to be more visible in my pants. Ok they have a pump for cock heads that swells your mushroom up. However I'm long but close to my head my cock is thin. Do you think I should go to the piano shop,and ask the attendant if she would mind letting me get erect and if she would help me check out the head pump to be sure my cock is thick enough to buy the head pump. I just want to be sure I'm thick enough it will seal up and swell my head. And please let me get ladies opinions guys I'm sure any who are gay or bisexual wouldn't mind this I'm just curious if the ladies would have a problem with it because the attendants who work at my local shop are ladies.
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Oops auto correct that's porno shop

By overeight at 15,Aug,20 19:29
Well I'll be honest here I when I was younger wasnt really into country music. However now I'm a pretty good fan. But I'll say my biggest celebrity crush probably of all times in my life is Terri Clark. I think she is absolutely stunning. Shes tall 5'11" tall long slim legs nice build she is still at just turned 52 but has an awesome figure. She barely shows any age to. She is absolutely beautiful and I follow her on a few platforms and she is not a dante girl. She like one of her songs is a dirty girl. She doesnt mind getting a little dirty doing things for herself not leaving it for someone to do for her. She ties her own bait on her line and takes her own fish off the hook. She totes her own golf clubs. Just the kind of woman I really like. I dont like those that the world has to stop because I broke a fingernail type.

By overeight at 15,Aug,20 19:20
When I was young I went out for Halloween wearing my kilt dressed as a Highlander. When I wear my kilt I go traditional so that means nude underneath. Well this group of really hot chicks where taking pictures all over everywhere left and right this was right after cell phones got cameras. Well this one came close to me and I told her let me see that just a minute. She handed me her phone and I snapped a pic under my kilt. She looked at it and said oh shit. She came back and said can I snap a few more pics that ones fuzzy. I said sure. She started snapping pics and her girlfriends came over and asked what are you doing. She showed them the pictures she took and these five e women in the bar just grab my kilt and pulled it up and started playing around with my cock so everybody in the bar could see I was not wearing anything underneath. Well it came costume judge time and these chicks pulled me on stage and lifted my kilt and said look he is authentic in his costume. I didnt complain because I won $250 bucks and it was just for a bar full of mostly women seeing my half hard cock,I can handle that anytime.

By overeight at 15,Aug,20 18:55
I dont have any regular or anything but I sometimes do pump my cock and if I do it like 3or 4 times a week for about a month it stays a little swollen at all times and its longer and thicker when I'm flaccid so I make it habit to at least pump once a week just to maintain. I have seen a little permanent increase about 3/4 of an inch in length when I'm flaccid and my mushroom head is a lot more visible in my pants if I pump a few times a week,gets lots more looks from ladies when they can see a big swollen head of your cock in Jean's clearly like your not even wearing pants. Or so I've notice women look more when I'm pumped more.

By overeight at 15,Aug,20 18:41
Well once I went to a swinger party but I was single and the only single guy there. Well it being my first time at a swinger party and not knowing but one couple I sat there looking around for awhile and after a bit I just stood up dropped my pants and slowly sat and stroked my cock while I saw women sucking cocks and eating pussy and guys eating women and taking turns. I didnt get fast or anything just a slow steady little stroke. The next thing I know 3 of the ladies come to me and said hmmm you have a nice cock can we suck it. I was like have at it. That night I had 5 women suck my cock and 3 fucked me. I was blown away and I was invited to come the next time they met but I lost contact with the folks. But I did have one hell of a night that night. I probably stroked my cock for an hour until I got my first woman sucking it.

By overeight at 15,Aug,20 18:28
I've done it to sweetslit and the one I've done it to a few times here is seejen she is flawless. Perfect body perfect lips hot twat her body is unbelievable.
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Ok I admitted who here I've jacked off to but just how many women have enjoyed looking at my page?I dont have to know if you masturbated or not but give as much detail as you wish.

By overeight at 15,Aug,20 12:37
Well I cant say I jacked off next to someone sleeping per sei. However I can say this one woman I had to share a hotel room with on a out of town job. The room had two beds of course. Well one morning I woke up so rigid hard that the covers were looking like a true teepee. Well the alarm clock went off and she woke up. And she asked do you want the bathroom first or next. I told her well I need to lay here a little bit unless you just want to see me get up in all my glory in front of you. She giggled and said yeah I kinda noticed your a little excited that's why I asked. Well she got a shower and walked out dressed and she said ok we got 20 minutes to get to work and I was still rock hard. She said if you want I'll shut my eyes. I said well I'm not modest but I dont want to offend you. She said oh I'm not the virgin Mary or anything I've seen a few before dont worry about it. So I stood up,my cock was outside my boxers and pulsating it was so hard. She saw it and said holy shit your not kidding your excited damn what a cock. She watched her eyes glued to it while I grabbed my clothes and went to the bathroom. When I came out she said well did it go down. I said yeah i got it tamed. She giggled again and said you know i thought you didnt want to get up because you were embarrassed but i see now your not so from now on dont worry if that happens again. Honestly i kinda enjoyed being flashed first thing in the morning you have a pretty nice body,every bit as good as any Male stripper I've ever seen so dont sweat it.

By overeight at 15,Aug,20 12:21
Well I live in a town with three college's. Well sometimes if I'm driving around town after I've gone and gotten a waxing sometimes I pull my pants down so that I get air and cool down my skin and my package. There has been many times that I've ridden out the parking lot and college girls walk by while I'm at the red light and see I'm there with my pants down. And I have had a few in trucks and jeeps that sit higher than my truck and had girls look over and see I have my pants down and ride all the way through town with two or three in the vehicle looking over to get an eyeful.

By overeight at 15,Aug,20 12:09
Once years ago I had this really hot female roomie I had the hots for. Well one night she turned on movie channel soft porn and we sat and watched it together. That night after we went to bed I was so hot and excited thinking about her hard nipples because she only had on a thin tee shirt. I rolled the covers back and I sleep nude. Well I'm about 3/4 thru stroking one out and I saw out of the corner of my eye a silhouette by my bedroom door. She and I were the only two there. The excitement made me cum immediately a big huge load too. As soon as I could I stood up and rushed out into the hallway to catch her with her hand in her panties watching me. There I am with my still hard dripping cock,her with her hand in her panties and stunned. So I kissed her on the cheek and told her I hope you enjoyed watching. She kissed me back and said I was coming to ask you something but didnt want to make you stop or embarrass you. That was a very erotic night we had together.

By overeight at 15,Aug,20 11:40
Well I've found that for some reason ladies arent so fond of larger ones in a relationship. They like having guys with larger ones but not long term. I'm not huge mind you but I've had a few women who refused me once they saw me naked and erect. I've also had many women who simply wanted just to have some fun and see what it's like to be with a larger than average guy. But I really just want one woman who wants me completely and wants me long term.

By overeight at 15,Aug,20 11:33
Well I'm not one to have only one night with anyone to be honest not that I wouldn't but if I were allowed one night with any one person st spend that alone with that person it would have to be Terri Clark. She is very talented, a great singer and writer and from watching her virtual performances since the virus she truly appreciates her fans and she seems very pleasant and there is something about a woman who will take her own fish off a hook to release it.

By overeight at 14,Aug,20 20:34
Hey sweety how have you been I've been restricted finally got enough points to send a message

By overeight at 14,Aug,20 20:33
I was blacklisted by the same person

By overeight at 30,Jul,20 22:51
Well I went to an event once and at this event there was naked sex and titillation everywhere. My wife at that time had gone to our camper to go to sleep after she had a rough very active day and shown back up at the event and was exhausted. Well I was up till around till around 2:am before going back to go to bed. Well I wasn't one to cheat so once I got to the camper I eased into bed. By the time I was naked and in bed I was pointing straight up hard as it got. So I slid in bed and slid my rock hard cock between her legs. She only had on a tiny string panties so her ass was completely exposed. I easily rubbed my cock back and forth waking her up and she half asleep said stop I don't feel like it I'm sleeping. Just about the time she got that out of her mouth I blew a huge load all between her legs and pulling out over her ass. That woke her and she was pissed. I said well I could have just taken up that other girl who wanted to give me head before I left the party. She was pissed but she thought about it cleaning herself up came back and fucked hell out of me and then rolled over and went back to sleep. She was still a little pissy in the morning but didn't say anything about it.

By overeight at 29,Jul,20 21:00
Mines a very simple one I would like to be naked in a room of naked actresses Linda Carter,Jolene,Blalock,Jennifer Garner and I can't remember her name but that hot ass chick brunette with dark eyes from NCIS New Orleans. And have then all want to take turns with me. Boy that would be the best day ever. Has anyone ever watched the Linda Carter swim race at Battle of the network stars. He swimsuit is completely see thru not lined at all. Boy wish we would have had HD 1080 way back in those days. You couldn't see how see thru it was on an old transistor tv with static from the antenna. But somebody premastered it and damn no wonder she was miss world the year before she became Wonder woman. Damn what a body.
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Shes in her 70's now and i would still love to get hold of her she is still hot as hell. Saw her when she went to the Wonder Woman premiere,Gal Gadot bowed to her like Waynes world I'm not worthy,I'm not worthy and Linda Carter hugged her. She still looks so damn good absolutely stunning most especially for her age.

By overeight at 20,Jul,20 20:20
I remember back when Walter Cronkite reported the new it was like Dragnet Just the facts ma'am. There wasn't any of this speculation,no I think this or its lil this or putting words in peoples mouths. No accusations about anyone in any new story and he actually reported the news. Not like today where they try to make you believe whatever conspiracy they suspect or want to make up like all the fake reports they make. Worst thing is some of them win Pulitzers for fake news. The reporter who said Trump colluded with Russia to win the election won a Pulitzer prize then turns out it was a fake story and cost us $36 million in taxpayers money and the democrats already knew it was a fake story before they started the investigation. Waste Americans money for your own political gains. Every one of them should be prosecuted and forced to pay the government back that $36 million just for the damn waste.

By overeight at 18,Jul,20 12:56
Il cry out her name a hundred times if she sucks me off or just gives me a lingam massage.

By overeight at 16,Jul,20 22:25
Well Scorps I dont want to discredit what you said however mine used to curve hard yo the left and then back out the other way so it was more lil an s shape. However since ive been alone(sad as it is) I got me a pump just so that I could feel a sucking sensation from time to time. I dont use it that often but usually about once or twice a week I might pump and I only leave it on about 20minutes. Well low and behold its a lot straighter now. I do still have a curve in it but not quite as bad as it once was.

By overeight at 16,Jul,20 22:19
Well I'm a little too old for it to wake me up but on average though I'm in my 50's yes about 5 times a week I wake with a boner.

By overeight at 15,Jul,20 19:01
Well because underwear is uncomfortable when I wear something for support its usually a bamboo jock. The material made from bamboo is actually just as smooth and every bit as soft as silk but it looks like cotton normt shiny. The jock is a lot cheaper than buying the underwear that I prefer to wear for comfort because its about $35 per pair. The jocks are only about $15 a pair.