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By SrCums at 27,Feb,21 11:28
Problems that remain persistently insoluble should always be suspected as questions asked in the wrong way.
Alan Watts

By SrCums at 27,Feb,21 11:27
If you do not know how to keep still in this crazy world, you will be drawn into all kinds of unnecessary trouble. You will lose your view of the Way, and, when you realise it, it will be too late, for in losing the Way, you have also lost yourself.
Lieh Tzu

By SrCums at 21,Feb,21 14:32
:x All too easy:x You are either egoistic or altruistic. Meaning your desires are for you or for others.. When for others it makes you a good teacher, or student, or both. Someone to learn from.

By SrCums at 20,Feb,21 18:50
Being blacklisted because you follow the leader and want to score brownie points for political reasons without knowing who you blacklist? Whatever floats you boat.. You've saved me the trouble of blacklisting you.. Such as being a dick-ass just because your radical liberal ideas don't conform to your demands of conformity.. Before the Trump era I always had issues on whether to say goodbye to people permanently or to just give the benefit of the doubt. This makes it all to easy.

By SrCums at 20,Feb,21 18:45
A clear filter of getting jackasses out of you life no question. The one's that hate trump stay away from.. They are no good.

By SrCums at 13,Feb,21 20:56
So stay in your bubble.

By SrCums at 13,Feb,21 16:38

By SrCums at 13,Feb,21 16:37

By SrCums at 13,Feb,21 16:33
There you go with the CONSPIRACY word again... Translation from Retard mode to english.. "I know you're right but fuck you anyway" Fuck you too...

By SrCums at 13,Feb,21 13:33
You're so fucking dumb I can't believe it... To a moron Left winger,,, conspiracy theory means "you're right but I don't want to hear it."

By SrCums at 13,Feb,21 01:33
Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest is sort of the principle of capitalism isn't it. I didn't understand whether you for or against that survival of the fittest. You know I don't, I a supporter of a strong safety net, so people will be supported in times of need and no one has to live in poverty.//////////////////////////
OK,,, so lets make a synopsis here.. Why you give links means nothing because journalism is dead. All CNN is basically is Jerry Springer.. Your assertion of people that shouldn't live in poverty... Then why s SF has shit on the street with homeless,, same for Portland and Seattle and now NYC, Philia, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, Milwaukee, Gary, East St louis, Phoenix, Buffalo, Miami, WPB all poverty,, and what do they all have in common? Democrats...... ALL OF THEM.... LA, .... Bullshit you give such as Trump is NO GOOD and you will not be pushed around.. ALL conservative cities are places where all the people that live in your hell are moving out and moving into such as Tulsa and OKC for example.. The bastards that are moving there are so fucking dumb they are still voting for the fucking devil so this is stupidity defined.... So why is that?? You're so fucking dumb I can't believe it... If you are going to argue bullshit then back it up.. Not fake links, CNN, MSNBC bullshit.. Last time I checked the constitution is our law.. READ IT! and for once in your life try and make you're boring and meaningless life into producing productiveness for once.. Put some DEMOCRAT into it..LOLOL

By SrCums at 09,Feb,21 11:17
Very good visual.. Or no matter how much common sense you inject good useful truth into a class A no good stinking butthole the result is a no good stinking butthole..

By SrCums at 08,Feb,21 12:59
What I do know it translates to egoism. Never taking responsibility for your actions...Someone you can never EVER be close to.

By SrCums at 07,Feb,21 11:49
Thanks for acknowledging... Trump Derangement Syndrome(TDS) is not explainable yet it is here even after there was major changes for USA and the rest of the world for the better YET 30% of the population absolutely hates him not just here but for the rest of the world hates him even though he hasn't done anything wrong.. A mystery.. Then they cheated so badly in the election even a 2nd grade retard would know the truth yet there are people on here that are obliviously deranged yet they write well.. I'm baffled.
He helped blacks, whites, jews and christians not because they are these features but as human beings. Liberty and justice for all is our constitution. National sovereignty , education and loving our flag and what it stands for.. How much better can you get from that?

By SrCums at 07,Feb,21 03:10

By SrCums at 06,Feb,21 13:02
With all the evidence presented, with this for example, even a retard can figure out who is the lying stealing crook and the smart one that has never lied... I don't get it.. I'm not even talking to my sister because of her stupid arrogance and this is common between Americans and fucktards.. What is the deal here?
Yes I can see if it is a grey area but this is black and white.. And these fucking liberals are siding with bastards that are stealing money from them so WTF?? But most of the geniuses here claim to be from Europe and don't know what the fuck they are talking about or perhaps they are nancy pelosi and chuck shumer making fakes and coming on here..
Even with all the evidence presented and it is shown right in front of their 50IQ faces the mother fuckers still don't want to believe you.. No wonder why this G0d forsaken planet won't make it until 2030..
LOL.. I know how a fool acts but this is just unbelievable.

By SrCums at 06,Feb,21 13:00
With all the evidence presented, with this for example, even a retard can figure out who is the lying stealing crook and the smart one that has never lied... I don't get it.. I'm not even talking to my sister because of her stupid arrogance and this is common between Americans and fucktards.. What is the deal here?
Yes I can see if it is a grey area but this is black and white.. And these fucking liberals are siding with bastards that are stealing money from them so WTF?? But most of the geniuses here claim to be from Europe and don't know what the fuck they are talking about or perhaps they are nancy pelosi and chuck shumer making fakes and coming on here.. LOL

By SrCums at 05,Feb,21 12:03
You must mean the illegal voters of ghosts and software that deleted and reissued votes for Biden. The liberalization of fakes. The election was a landslide and it was shutdown in the middle of the night then altered by all the swing states and changing the value of Biden--Trump from 1:1 to 1.25:0.75... This is a COUP DE ETAt..It comes down to 2 things with you... 1) you are nothing but a fucked up retard.. or 2)You know the truth but are too stupid to think you are going to full people especially those smarter than you.. Liberals throughout history will exist with no honor for they have no shame for what they do.. They do not care for this country and neither do you.

By SrCums at 05,Feb,21 11:58
I stand by it. It's a mathematical curve to plot sequence over the last 40,000 yet industrialization has only lasted for 140 years...
What we see today is hatred, new world order initiative that goes back to 1971, propaganda of hate towards our president and leader, taking over of media to suppress 1st amendment rights and division. The election was stolen from the people then they took away 1st amendment rights from conservatives including the president and all his supporters of congress and the senate..
I do know how it works.. Its all about the Central bank that has been in business since 1914 to brings the value of the dollar down by printing too much money for the value of gold thus making all members of household to work long hours to make ends meet..
What did I ever say to you about the rich or poor and taxing? This is bullshit. With money it is darwin theory of survival of the fittest. That along with the central banks, controlling populations,,,now they want to break the law and impeach a president that is out of office because they fear them not because of bullshit insurrection.. They should fear them because he's educated the country their plans and exposes the corruption.. I tip my hat to guilliani, jim jorden, and that lovely conservative from geogia, not to mention matt gaetz..

Your problem with the earth today is you just look at one point but it falls on the curve of the earths movements that we have nothing to do about... I'll say it AGAIN---..this is a false narrative to lie in order to overtax the middle class and steal their money to bribe illegal aliens and to line their pockets. If you don't want to read what I'm saying you are wasting my time and the sites ....

By SrCums at 02,Feb,21 22:37

By SrCums at 02,Feb,21 21:32
Point noted, but when the democrat ****philes tax and take away jobs is to use this as a weapon of propaganda.

By SrCums at 02,Feb,21 17:28
Oh yes the devil does exist,, but its closer than you think. And to the liberal, he or she thinks by putting in statistics generally without putting any names yet being as cleverly wrong as possible yet sounding smart and correct. There is no climate change that we caused or what we can correct! It is natural for fluctuations for the earth to go through cycles of 1000s , millions and billions of years.. The earth wabbles and spins differently every 25000 years... Don't tell me 99% of bullshit says the earth is changing,, YET TAX people because of it and steal money from them in order to fuck children which the democrats so much love to do..

By SrCums at 02,Feb,21 10:24
You listen to the devil a lot dont you.. There is no climate change. The extra money they are taking us for this bullshit just goes into biden's pocket. If there is a 1 degree fluctuation its because it is natural for it to happen.. The earth runs in cycles and you're stupid enough to follow it.

By SrCums at 02,Feb,21 10:19
Remind you of somebody??lol

By SrCums at 22,Dec,20 22:15
Get what? I don't get it.. We are here to find the truth.. If I don't agree with you I will show why I don't.. You don't give reasoning behind your disagreements..
I'm not smarter than yo u.. The only difference that keeps you in the cage is your own egoism.

By SrCums at 21,Dec,20 22:33
If I'm right I need courage... When I'm wrong I admit humility.

By SrCums at 21,Dec,20 15:20
No evidence huh? Feast your no evidence theory on this too.

By SrCums at 21,Dec,20 15:07
Hi Dev.. You live in Perth now?

By SrCums at 20,Dec,20 21:54
The left supports terror globally and ANTIFA BLM here. It is all over the world. You don't see it now? Back in the late 20s 100 years ago the profiteers invested on bringing hitler to power after he wrote mein kemph. Time magazine declared Adolf Hitler man of the year.. Did they not know his true intention with the 3rd reich?..With Germany having no money how did they get all those tanks and planes? Hitler came to power through Franklin Roosevelt and the democratic party including henry ford.. Any Jews that came to USA seeking life they turned them back to the gas chamber..
You vote for this. but its not just you.. Its all that has egoism in strength opposed with what is true. you believe the fake media. It was the left that created the KKK but of course you will say no.. It was the left that made blacks lose citizenship and Forced into Christianity just like the indians that were here before Christopher Columbus..The american indian who migrated from asia 12000 years with no money survived. It was Christianity that destroyed them in 40 years. From South America through western Canada into alaska. You protect evil. The real evil..You think they care about you? You are a fool...

By SrCums at 20,Dec,20 21:30
I don't have to,, If you don't see it by now there is no use to reach a platform of transparency with you.
Why convince me that Joe Biden used transparency? You do and say what you want.. I don't care what you think.

Everything that is written cannot be authenticated. You want to fuck over our constitution then go ahead. Right down the fucking toilet.. Done... People like you will be the reason this country goes down.

If you want proof then you look up the web where there is transparency. Lots of it has been deleted to take away our freedom of speech such as twitter and Facebook or YouTube. Anything that goes against the agenda is silenced.
You do the fucking work.. You don't believe me? Then do it yourself... I don't have to unprove nothing...
--------------------------------------- added after 14 minutes

Here,, listen to this link only registered users can see external links

By SrCums at 20,Dec,20 20:06
The last time I saw that picture the head was Hillary Clinton.

By SrCums at 20,Dec,20 20:05
The country that caused 9-11 was the deep state,, I should know.. I worked there the time the fucking planes hit.. Thompson financial corp.. WTC2... The buildings came down by imploding.. self destruct...You just don't get it... Your dots are NO dots.. just plain dumb ... you do what you want..I don't care..I know the truth..

By SrCums at 20,Dec,20 19:42
The evidence is just so overwhelming if you can't see the truth by now then you are either ignorant, stupid or both.

By SrCums at 20,Dec,20 19:40
The left, democrat ,,deep state, bilderburg group, bohemian grove and the 1000s of other names you want to call it gives Iran trillions of dollars to set up terror cells globally..If you vote for the left then you support terrorism. Iran said "THERE WILL BE NO ISRAEL IN 25 YEARS" So figure it out for yourself.. I stand with what I just said.

By SrCums at 20,Dec,20 13:33
So what are you saying?

By SrCums at 20,Dec,20 10:52
Are you smart as well as strong?? Here is the evidence. The democrats fund palestine, The gave Iran who is our enemy 100s of billions of dollars to make weapons to give to palestine to attack Israel.. So it goes from the left in this country to the terrorists Palestine. So does Europe want this. It goes from us to palestine through Iran.. Just because there hasn't been any attacks lately doesn't mean they aren't working.. Antifa and BLM are funded terror organizations organized by the left.............. So what's your point? EVERY SINGLE ground war in this country has been funded by the democraps They fund radical terror attacks through the Iran deal. Now they are exchanging money underneath the table... SO WHO IS LAUGHING NOW? BUT ISRAEL LIVES,, Nazis,, who was funded by americans are gone, Romans, gone...Babylonia on the map?... ummm no...If successful who is the next on the list.. Christians? Then who... Each other...Oh and more more thing...There is no RIGHT... That a fake term invented by the left. Its either morally right or unmoral. You either cherish freedom for your people or you steal it from them.

By SrCums at 20,Dec,20 10:44
So Mitch and Mitt are wrong: Trump and the GOP have no choice but to fight on. Either they challenge the increasing lawlessness of the far-left Democrats, who value their power over our freedom, or let the U.S. become a one-party progressive-socialist state with rigged presidential elections every four years.
"And the time to fight is now, not later. This isn’t just about fixed elections or even about Trump. It’s about the future of our republic. If we lose that, we’ve lost everything. NO THE COURTS DO NOT HAVE JURISTICTION. The legislation of each state does..WHY DO YOU KEEP SAYING THIS WHEN I GIVE YOU THE ANSWER????? What is the matter with you?

By SrCums at 20,Dec,20 10:37
He does know Just because he doesn't say anything doesn't mean he is not working on it.Our country is being run by a forced coup. The FBI is in on it, CIA and the media. Our country is on the verge of being destroyed because of widespread treason not only by the democrat's but most of the republicans that do business with not only foreign countries but countries that are on the enemy list and China is the worst..The people of the united states with half a brain know that widespread fraud and treason is running ramped. This even includes the entire previous administration.

Canada is worse because the coup in your country was successful. You had no-one to stand up for your rights and widespread corruption has taken over your country..

By SrCums at 20,Dec,20 10:31
it was outvoted 7-2.. Since the one's that voted for were not trump picks I assume they voted no.. Keep in mind its not that they looked over the case.. they refused to even look at it.

By SrCums at 20,Dec,20 03:07

By SrCums at 20,Dec,20 02:56
Gary Kasparov is a radical left with agenda driven driver..I just hate it when you repeat the same crap.. Menas you don't care if I'm right or You are racist, you hate trump suporters and with that said, logic shows you probably hate jews too.. The left wants all Jews dead.. Everyone in our party anod hating trum,,

By SrCums at 20,Dec,20 02:35
That's what obama says too.. What the fuck are you talking about.. Just because he doesn't say something he doesn't have to but still do.. I'd better be careful with you.. You may call on your fat pig bella to come bail you out..

By SrCums at 20,Dec,20 02:27
Not exactly.. I'm willing to debate this but you don't acknowledge the issues as to reason. You just come up with blind conclusions with no explanations. Not sure if it is being stupid, ignorance ... You only bring up the fake news.. You just don't get it. The abstracts I post are all over the place so don't bullshit me. If you aren't stupid or dumb, you are selfish with your vessel being totally selfish and egoistic.. If you prefer socialism in canada then keep doing.. Your freedom has been taken from you... You are from canada. You didn't vote.. I did.. I focused as to why and who.. You have no vvotinng rights. Here's a simple pattern.. If you are smart and can reaon you voted for trump.. If you're stupid, ignorant and selfish you don't give a shit about anyone but you and what you need.. Trump supporters don't take, we already have what we want.. You are selfish so therefore liberal

You're bullshit says no evidence.. BUT i've shown the evidence here many times but you don't care..Your writing shows your ineptness.

By SrCums at 19,Dec,20 18:02
Dear fool... I have 3 on my site that's genuine. Always did. But you have nothing else to do in your boring life other than make fake cocks on photoshop and even have the notion people actually fall for this boring stupid crap..

By SrCums at 19,Dec,20 17:51
This is all about POWER... The fake news gives this bullshit to everyone but only 30% of the stupid ones falls to it.. They fuck their asses till they are raw and dry.. Then they die..Total wastes of life.. NOT ONE THING THEY SAY IS TRUE.. Yet their stupidity never ceases to frustrate me.

For once stand up and believe in yourself, not what others tell you.

By SrCums at 19,Dec,20 17:40
how is that? Obviously you're logic is not my logic.. So let's just end this.. Waste of oxygen.. Need all we can get.
So this is all you have to say? This is a STUPID person,, yes you..

By SrCums at 19,Dec,20 16:24
Garry Kasparov,, is he G-d? He predicted Trump would lose in 2016 with no question. He's human and biased. So what's your fucking point?
Keep believing and hoping. You're country--right down the fucking toilet with communism under China rule.. People like you are the most stupidest and retarded I have ever seen.. Ever!
Your country is history.. You don't know shit, but you will,,, the hard way..
He lost a lot of court battles because they refused to even see the case. The one's he won was NON-Obama socialist judges who are biased and damn their oaths.
Sooner or later the paths to victory will widen. But you don't see this,, you don't want to but its there.. Its not my fault you don't see shit in front of your face before you eat it..

By SrCums at 14,Dec,20 22:44
china would be..


By SrCums at 14,Dec,20 20:13
Donald J. Trump
YetnrtmsottSeerdlfgpauonsye oaoSt nr5dosf:5ni6e PndM
Swing States that have found massive VOTER FRAUD, which is all of them, CANNOT LEGALLY CERTIFY these votes as complete & correct without committing a severely punishable crime. Everybody knows that dead people, below age people, illegal immigrants, fake signatures, prisoners, and many others voted illegally. Also, machine “glitches” (another word for FRAUD), ballot harvesting, non-resident voters, fake ballots, “stuffing the ballot box”, votes for pay, roughed up Republican Poll Watchers, and sometimes even more votes than people voting, took place in Detroit, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and elsewhere. In all Swing State cases, there are far more votes than are necessary to win the State, and the Election itself. Therefore, VOTES CANNOT BE CERTIFIED. THIS ELECTION IS UNDER PROTEST!

By SrCums at 14,Dec,20 20:12
You're fake photoshopped dick site moron