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By MisterXBator at 18,Sep,19 18:16
Different poses? Different view angles? Different underwear?

By MisterXBator at 17,Sep,19 02:57
Make a rule that every member has to post a pic of their dick at least once a month or else they’re out, or at least can’t look at any other members pages until they do. There still seem to be some members out there who haven’t posted anything, or haven’t posted for ages.

By MisterXBator at 16,Sep,19 18:00
Shagged her for the first few weeks she was preggers, then had to settle for HJ’s, then wanking .... then shagging again when we managed enough sleep to get the energy to shag. Then finally back to normal!

By MisterXBator at 16,Sep,19 11:33
How about enabling our favourites to be put in our galleries, for example entitled “Member X’s wank fodder”? At present it seems we can only put our own uploaded pictures into galleries.

By MisterXBator at 16,Sep,19 02:45

As shown. Being cut, I stroke my shaft up and down, catching my corona ridge with my thumb and forefinger till I cum.

By MisterXBator at 15,Sep,19 16:24
Any excuse to see a cock. I hope you let them wank you, and returned the favour!

By MisterXBator at 15,Sep,19 10:21

By MisterXBator at 14,Sep,19 13:42
Borrow them from your woman’s underwear drawer of course!

By MisterXBator at 14,Sep,19 13:30
Never! Isn’t that what this site is all about, complimenting hot looking dicks out of the blue? Any compliments welcome!

By MisterXBator at 13,Sep,19 18:02
If I’m laying on my back, I wank with legs as wide as I can get. Kneeling I stroke my load off with legs wide because I like the heavy feel of my cock sticking out and my balls swinging. Standing, usually with my legs closer together and thrusting my hips forward.

By MisterXBator at 13,Sep,19 17:58
Sounds the same as my experience. I was sitting naked in bed with my woman in the morning after a night of sex. I was having a good rock hard boner. She asked me to show her how a man did it with his hand. I showed her, making sure I put on a good meaty show making lots of noise, and jerked a good load.

That and the first time I ever wanked of course. Oh yes and the first time I ever masturbated naked with another boy in a swimming baths changing cubicle.

By MisterXBator at 13,Sep,19 17:50

By MisterXBator at 12,Sep,19 18:52

By MisterXBator at 12,Sep,19 17:03
Most mornings. I don’t usually wank it though as I find morning wanks are less satisfying than night time.

By MisterXBator at 12,Sep,19 17:02
Gimme a furry pussy any day. Those old full triangle bushes girls had pre 1980s nearly snap my dick. I like a neat bush or landing strip. Pubes on a woman show she’s mature for sex and not a little girl anymore.

By MisterXBator at 11,Sep,19 05:13
But it’s nice to have a woman’s naked body to watch and play with while she’s giving a HJ.

By MisterXBator at 11,Sep,19 05:11

Wife’s sexy knickers bulge

By MisterXBator at 10,Sep,19 14:32
Getting on top of my woman after a good nude romp and giving her a good shagging. Can’t think of much better.

By MisterXBator at 10,Sep,19 14:29
I half remember I was getting pubic hair about age 12 because when I first masturbated at 13 I remember I had a decent bush. I became quite hairy later.

By MisterXBator at 09,Sep,19 13:25
I can certainly get a better stronger orgasm masturbating as I can control the pressure, stroke and speed, hold back on the brink and finger my most sensitive parts, and enjoy very erotic porn while I’m wanking. Also wanking is much more convenient when I simply feel the need. But nothing equals the whole body experience of undressing a woman, running my hands, lips and tongue over her naked body and enjoying hers on mine, then feeling her naked body against mine as I slide in, then hearing her orgasm cry and feeling her legs wrap over me and her heels pound my bum. They are two different kinds of sexual experience with their place, but I prefer full sex.

By MisterXBator at 08,Sep,19 18:20

By MisterXBator at 08,Sep,19 18:18
Boys at school were all talking about “wanking” and I guessed it involved their penises but I didn’t know what or how. My penis was getting erect spontaneously and I’d found lightly fingering it felt nice. One night in bed I was playing with my erect dick. By accident I got the tugging, stroking action just right. After a couple of minutes I jerked a load of semen up my chest and it felt real good. I knew immediately that I’d “wanked”.

By MisterXBator at 08,Sep,19 18:11
The first time I masturbated naked with another boy. We were doing swimming for school sports. We had to share a changing cubicle. Getting naked together in the confined cubicle we both got rock hard near vertical boners. He asked me if I wanked, I said I did. He started jerking one off and watching him I just had to pull one myself. The two of us wanked together, grunting and watching each other. In the confined space we splashed our cum over each other. From our red faces and bulging swim trunks with wet cum stains on them when we came out boys guessed we’d been wanking and thought we’d wanked each other.

By MisterXBator at 08,Sep,19 17:59
The main reason is to show my penis and to admire other men’s penises.

By MisterXBator at 07,Sep,19 05:52

By MisterXBator at 05,Sep,19 18:28
I tried holding off for 5 weeks when I was on a summer camp aged 19 sharing a dorm. But I just kept having wet dreams and waking with my shorts covered in cum. After about a week I just had to jerk one against the toilet wall but I don’t remember if it was a good one.

By MisterXBator at 04,Sep,19 02:40
Here’s a tribute to those brave boys of the 1940’s far away from their wives and girls.

By MisterXBator at 02,Sep,19 04:09
That’s a beauty! Welcome to my man cave any time.

By MisterXBator at 01,Sep,19 18:01
I agree. A well delivered HJ by someone who knows what they’re doing can be exquisite, and also gives you the most freedom to play with their naked body.

By MisterXBator at 01,Sep,19 15:57
I enjoy doing missionary position rather than watching it. The feel of her soft naked body under me against mine, her arms round my back and her legs round my thighs, her squeals and squirms under me and her heels pounding my bum as she climaxed takes some beating.

By MisterXBator at 01,Sep,19 07:44

The closest you’re going to get.

By MisterXBator at 31,Aug,19 12:25
Thanks buddy!

By MisterXBator at 31,Aug,19 12:25
Set your camera on a timer, like 10 seconds. Get up hard and start masturbating. When you feel your cum rising start the timer and wank gently. At 2 seconds to go, stop masturbating and thrust your cock forward.

By MisterXBator at 30,Aug,19 15:31
I’m pretty sure which fuck resulted in my son from the timing. My wife and I were staying at her parents for the weekend. We were in separate parallel single beds. I woke up with a morning wood and felt really horny. I waited till she woke in the bed next to me. Then I moved naked into her bed with her. We had a cuddle and a romp. Then I pulled up her nightie. Laying on her back she spread her legs. I got on top of her and slid my dick in. I had a good shag then filled her. Just over nine months later out he came. I didn’t fuck my wife many times in her parents house so it sticks in my mind.

By MisterXBator at 30,Aug,19 15:20

By MisterXBator at 30,Aug,19 15:18
Wild and hairy for me.

By MisterXBator at 30,Aug,19 15:17

By MisterXBator at 30,Aug,19 15:17
I like mine hairy, like. Guy should be. Definitely bush.

By MisterXBator at 29,Aug,19 13:00
Love too!

By MisterXBator at 28,Aug,19 17:39
Oh no! You’ve got a great dick.

I’d swap mine for yours.

By MisterXBator at 27,Aug,19 14:45
Tasty. Like the pubes peeping over the top, hinting at what’s inside!

By MisterXBator at 26,Aug,19 21:11

By MisterXBator at 26,Aug,19 08:28

By MisterXBator at 26,Aug,19 02:52

By MisterXBator at 25,Aug,19 10:29
6” erect is quite big! Show us some pictures of that hard up six inches!

By MisterXBator at 25,Aug,19 10:27
Watching my work colleague Julie slowly undress from her business blouse, skirt, stockings and white panties, then having her from behind.

By MisterXBator at 25,Aug,19 10:25
I’ll try using an elastic band. I plan to visit a sex shop in London in a couple of weeks and I’ll see what they’ve got.

By MisterXBator at 25,Aug,19 07:57
Best of all get your woman to work you up hard, then get her to take the pictures.

By MisterXBator at 25,Aug,19 07:08
Just how I do it. There’s skill in catching the moment you jerk your load.

By MisterXBator at 25,Aug,19 07:01
I must try a cock ring. Any suggestions on using one?