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By Matt52 at 06,Nov,13 18:14
From Matt's Wife: This doesn't belong here.

By Matt52 at 20,Oct,13 18:25
From Matt's Wife: This really has no place on this site.

By Matt52 at 20,Oct,13 18:23
From Matt's Wife: They really need to start banning IP addresses.

By Matt52 at 10,Oct,13 10:49
From Matt's Wife: Why is this even here?

By Matt52 at 05,Oct,13 11:51
From Matt's Wife: This is why I posted proof pics.

By Matt52 at 30,Sep,13 00:43
From Matt's Wife: Happy Birthday. XOXO

By Matt52 at 17,Jul,13 13:02
From Matt's Wife: There seems to be very few people discussing topics anymore. Most all topics look the same, seems to back up what I am saying.
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From Matt's Wife: Dudes

By Matt52 at 16,Jul,13 02:14
From Matt's Wife: Nice

By Matt52 at 13,Jul,13 00:15
From Matt's Wife: I will agree with that.

By Matt52 at 12,Jul,13 14:39
From Matt's Wife: But it has to be consensual and my point is that it is not for the most part unless it is another guy pretending to be a woman.

By Matt52 at 12,Jul,13 14:38
From Matt's Wife: I have never been there
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From Matt's Wife: Anyone else glad he left? He disagreed and then told me that he posed as a woman to get men off. Head desk

By Matt52 at 12,Jul,13 14:37
From Matt's Wife: As you should regret it and the **** thing is bullshit, this is not my first time on the net.

By Matt52 at 12,Jul,13 14:36
From Matt's Wife: I know Justwill, it fits well doesn't it.

By Matt52 at 12,Jul,13 14:36
From Matt's Wife: What is wrong with that? Nothing unless they are trying to **** it on you and you tell them no over and over.

By Matt52 at 11,Jul,13 19:12
From Matt's Wife: Nope plastic and you should put it over your head. Need to borrow a rubber band to hold it in place?

By Matt52 at 10,Jul,13 00:27
From Matt's Wife: Oh and dee, being on this site or any other does not excuse a man from having manners, I have met many very nice people here but it is entitled males like you that make it a bad place. My thread stands for itself, even you admit that you enjoy getting off with men pretending to be women. Calling me Matt just proves you are grasping. Matt has a wife and he doesn't need to go on the net to jerk off.

By Matt52 at 10,Jul,13 00:16
From Matt's Wife: You are clueless.

By Matt52 at 09,Jul,13 21:57
From Matt's Wife: No I am using complete logic and you are thinking with the wrong head.

By Matt52 at 09,Jul,13 20:28
From Matt's Wife: This is funny, some guy thinks that because his girlfriend helps him get off online that all women are like that. Dude, she is getting you off.
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From Matt's Wife: Smart

By Matt52 at 09,Jul,13 20:26
From Matt's Wife: No this thread is about how men behave and you are proving me right. Thank you, bitter men are soooo sexy.

By Matt52 at 09,Jul,13 13:49
From Matt's Wife: My statement is backed up by the way men behave on here on a daily basis and you john are proving me right.

By Matt52 at 09,Jul,13 13:48
From Matt's Wife: rydell is very wise. I love when a guy mansplains things to me.

By Matt52 at 09,Jul,13 13:47
From Matt's Wife: Very true rydell

By Matt52 at 09,Jul,13 13:46
From Matt's Wife: I agree

By Matt52 at 09,Jul,13 13:46
From Matt's Wife: Thanks for proving me right

By Matt52 at 08,Jul,13 17:41
From Matt's Wife: Women are far more likely to get excited if they know they are turning someone on that they care about.

By Matt52 at 08,Jul,13 17:39
From Matt's Wife: Most all of the time. If what you are saying is true that makes you very rare

By Matt52 at 08,Jul,13 17:39
From Matt's Wife: : )

By Matt52 at 08,Jul,13 17:38
From Matt's Wife: Typical male response

By Matt52 at 07,Jul,13 03:23
From Matt's Wife: Cyber sex with a random man is not a book. Books are more interesting.

By Matt52 at 05,Jul,13 13:43
From Matt's Wife: No I am not wrong, your girlfriend is not some random woman on the net.

By Matt52 at 03,Jul,13 12:00
From Matt's Wife: It is not really a generalization, I never said all but it is definitely a very high percentage.

By Matt52 at 03,Jul,13 11:58
From Matt's Wife: It is not really a generalization at all. I never said all but it sure as hell is a very high percentage.

By Matt52 at 11,Jun,13 13:10
From Matt's Wife: I am sorry to hear this. I can think of a lot of others that should be leaving.

By Matt52 at 08,Jun,13 14:02
From Matt's Wife: Pot is **** most everywhere still and **** chat is something that should not be allowed. It is a quick way to get a site shut down.

By Matt52 at 04,Jun,13 14:27
From Matt's Wife: Ralphie needs to be banned

By Matt52 at 04,Jun,13 14:27
From Matt's Wife: I agree John. This guy doesn't deserve anyone.

By Matt52 at 05,May,13 14:30
From Matt's Wife: I would reply like this. Only those close to me know what I like and want.

By Matt52 at 05,May,13 14:30
From Matt's Wife: Not to mention **** and against site rules.

By Matt52 at 26,Apr,13 12:10
From Matt's Wife: I have to agree with that Justwill. Makes it hard for the talking penis to think.

By Matt52 at 23,Mar,13 15:41
From Matt's Wife: Classless.

By Matt52 at 15,Mar,13 15:11
From Matt's Wife: Holy crap! I love the butt hurt and the sense of entitlement. Here is a news flash guys, women don't owe you anything. For slider to sit there and tell you that you need to figure out who you are and why you are here....what an asshat! Who does he think he is? Listen snow flake......when your mother told you that you are special.............................SHE LIED!
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From Matt's Wife: L0L, Now he left he site.

By Matt52 at 13,Jan,13 14:00
From Matt's Wife: This site needs better policing

By Matt52 at 13,Jan,13 13:59
From Matt's Wife: That is very sick

By Matt52 at 10,Jan,13 18:20
From Matt's Wife: I agree, this is a public forum and Johns post are always among the best. Anyone that wants to bash and try to control others is a weak excuse for a cyber bully.

By Matt52 at 09,Jan,13 13:13
From Matt's Wife: Not a fan

By Matt52 at 14,Dec,12 15:02
From Matt's Wife: Sorry if someone was an ass to you Bella

By Matt52 at 12,Dec,12 14:11
From Matt's Wife: I got up and worked out at 5 AM.

By Matt52 at 10,Dec,12 13:14
From Matt's Wife: I am not in favour of legalizing pot at all. It can help some people in medical form but that has to be regulated.

By Matt52 at 06,Dec,12 11:38
From Matt's Wife: Does she want this?