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I was 11 and it was friends older sister she was 16. She was hot had very sexy curvy body We had been swimming and she had a two piece on. I was tired of being in the pool I got out and she did to. She went inside to shower but before she did she had seen how I kept looking her up and down that she went to her room and took off her bikini bottom and changed into a thong and came out her just as I was in the hallway I saw her ass and said damn that she looked at me and said I know you like it she then said if I wanted to shower with her and of course I said yes. We went into the bathroom I closed and locked the door while she turned the shower on and started taking her top off then got close to me and bent over shaking her ass while pulling her thong off grabbed my hand and walked in shower she started touching herself getting me hard and how I still had my shorts on she saw how I was getting hard and starting to show she got close again and said take my shorts off and let her see so I did and she grabbed it and started stroking it then got on her knees and sucked it then I started touching her then licking her pussy eating her out she made me bust in her mouth

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Jennifer Lopez

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It depends can be from 25seconds to a minute

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Mouth first so she can deepthroat and gag on my huge cock slobbering all over

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I caught my friends sister masturbating in her room she was 16 and I was 17. I got turned on and when she realized I walked in she said do you like because I like what Iím seeing. I was wearing shorts that werenít very loose and my cock bulge was showing. So we masturbated together then fucked.

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I would make love to you all night in every position making you cum over and over till youíre shaking and canít take it no more and before you pass out and I cum I pull out and have you suck my cock till I cum and swallow it. And in the morning once we wake up and shower and we start getting dressed and just after you put on your sexy thong panties facing away from me I smack your big curvy ass I turn you around and make you get on your knees and pull my huge soft cock out my boxers and start licking it and sucking it deepthroating and gagging cuz you got it rock hard I pull you up twist you bend you over rip your thong off and drill your pussy deep and hard and before you cum pull out and start drilling your ass and put three fingers in your mouth and with my other hand play with your clit and finger your pussy making you scream and moan wanting it harder you start squinting and gushing begging me to stop cuz itís been over two hours the bed drenched and I go faster and harder cuz Iím still harder than a rock I lay you on your back on the bed with out pulling out and keep fucking your ass and I put it in deep then pull out and drill it in your pussy deep and keep switching your screaming and moaning even louder and louder I put it back in your ass drilling you as fast and hard and I burst cumming so much harder you squirt again and squirm

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Thereís nothing wrong with that. You should see if she gives you the look and playfully suggest it