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Stretching 16,Jan,20 00:37


By aaa-dick1 at 31,Mar,20 19:44
Horny as hell and she wasn't in the mood. We checked out of the B&B, but I said I had to piss, so I ran back in to our room, pulled a fast one and got out.

By aaa-dick1 at 31,Mar,20 19:40
The first time, we both agreed it tasted awful, yes metallic. But over the years I've been getting used to the taste of my own. Plus the act is very exciting, making the man have his ecstasy and taking it in my mouth. I do like the texture too.

I haven't taken another guy's load in a long time. But I'm in process of splitting with GF and am looking forward to a little cocksucking.

By aaa-dick1 at 28,Mar,20 23:21
I've got a year's worth of projects queued up. That and getting out for my usual exercise.

By aaa-dick1 at 11,Feb,20 14:01
That my friend is one very sexy, well-proportioned, veiny, sexy hunk of man.

By aaa-dick1 at 30,Jan,20 22:36
For me, the attraction is having a cock in my mouth, either mine or someone else's. When I was a young adult I could get my head into my mouth briefly. Always wished I could do more.

When I was even younger, I had a few suck buddies. I enjoyed it and might go there again. Having a hard cock in your mouth is very sexy. I like making someone else climax, get a real charge out of it.

By aaa-dick1 at 30,Jan,20 22:24
Take a piece of foam pipe insulation for 1/2" pipe. Open it lengthwise and roll it into a tight coil. Bevel the top a little with scissors, then roll a condom down over it. I use one of these to suck on, pretending it was a cock. It is about 5" around, make it as long as you want.

If you want it stiffer, say for fucking yourself, put a piece of dowel down the middle of it.

By aaa-dick1 at 30,Jan,20 22:11
Occasionally, as I have a mild case of ED. But when I do cum soft-ish, my cum is watery and has a very mild taste. I don't normally eat my own jiz, but I do when this happens.

By aaa-dick1 at 17,Jan,20 00:35
I did some research. You can expec it to take months of stretching to see any results, years to get really flexible. I'll continue my general stretches for good health, but I won't keep any illusions about sucking myself. Damn.

By aaa-dick1 at 17,Jan,20 00:33
OK, thanks for that statement about a question that I didn't ask.

By aaa-dick1 at 16,Jan,20 00:47
They'd think you were a perv exhibitionist and they'd call the cops. Jesus, don't you have any common sense or self control?

By aaa-dick1 at 16,Jan,20 00:42
I think everybody is a grower and being a shower is either extremely uncommon or a myth.

By aaa-dick1 at 16,Jan,20 00:40
I'd guess that there are other stressors in your relationship with your bro. I'd also suggest a counsellor.

By aaa-dick1 at 19,Dec,19 06:05
Handsome and sexy! I think it would be the perfect cock for fucking my mouth.

By aaa-dick1 at 04,Nov,19 20:58
I don't watch porn at work and am not lying. Well, I did look at some soft porn in the 80s, before the company started monitoring. Folks, it's not worth losing your job over. Same reason I don't go nude in public or identify myself or my location on this site.

By aaa-dick1 at 01,Nov,19 22:49
Mmm not really. I can put on a Lifestyles but it hurts. I can put on a regular Trojan but it's uncomfortable. The Magnums are comfy. Note, I'm only slightly larger than average. I wonder how the really thick-dicked guys make out.