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It is mind boggling... Consider also that we have about 1/6 of your population which puts an entirely different spin on it...

By 0-00 at 05,Aug,19 14:34
Come to good old SA where we have an average 52 murders a day, every day for 365 days a year... nearly 20,000 a year. Most of them will never lead to an arrest or conviction. I don't hear anyone trashing the SA government about these stats because this is Africa, no one gives a shit. What is interesting, even with our horrendous stats, is that we do not experience mass shootings like we often hear of over there.
SA=South Africa.

By 0-00 at 10,Jun,19 14:45
I love shaved pussy... so much nicer to go down on than a mouth full of hair.

By 0-00 at 10,Jun,19 14:43
I enjoy them too and have had the good luck of having my fantasy come true...

By 0-00 at 08,Jun,19 15:12
My fantasy came true and I enjoyed every minute...

By 0-00 at 03,Jun,19 13:51
Second that! Black girls are great! See the evidence on my page...

By 0-00 at 22,May,19 11:44
A pleasure! Glad you enjoyed them.

By 0-00 at 21,May,19 14:13
Another pic you can zoom into nicely...

By 0-00 at 21,May,19 14:12
You can zoom in nicely with this pic...

By 0-00 at 27,Apr,19 12:23
Well blow me over... I met another squirter on Thursday evening. She is very tight and I could not fit inside (she did warn me she is like a virgin) so I played with fingers and tongue until she squirted (she warned me too). I can only imagine what will happen when we get it right.

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Yes I have, three different girls. The girl I am currently seeing most weekends is a squirter. I had to buy a waterproof mattress protector for her visits. I have another not so regular visitor who squirts too...
It is not thick cocks that makes it happen, it happens when thay are really worked up. You can do that with oral or just foreplay in my experience. Most women are scared to let go and hold back because it feels like they want to pee and mess the bed. I encourage them to let go and enjoy the moment...what a difference!

By 0-00 at 03,Apr,19 11:44
I have often wondered about this. I have no way of knowing until I am confronted with such a situation but do not fantasise about this. I recently had the pleasure of spending some time with a sexy transgender and it felt completely natural for me, possibly because I saw her like any other woman. I am not so sure about a normal guy, I think if I was in an MMF 3some it may happen but not otherwise.

By 0-00 at 03,Apr,19 11:31
I use a 5 blade razor that is more forgiving of carelessness, I have never cut myself with one of these. I shave dry skin only. It allows me to feel poorly shaved areas better than with soap/cream/gel and have had no rash or other discomfort from doing this.

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Does nothing for me... It can be an irritation too...

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Look at the video on my page, she is good at it. I have met a few other girls that do deepthroating but it doesn't do anything for me... I like more attention on my glans!

By 0-00 at 23,Feb,19 01:17
I enjoyed one of my fantasies recently by spending a few hours with a shemale, a pic of her is on my page. I would like to enjoy her in a 3some with one or two of my lady friends. Her cock looks small in my photo but when she gets going it is a rock hard 7 inches!

By 0-00 at 23,Feb,19 01:09
I cannot speak about younger guys because I am not that way inclined. I have been really lucky to have access to many younger girls because of our local university. Black girls here tend to favour older white guys so finding a younger girl is no problem. White girls do not usually like older guys and that no longer bothers me... I have more than I can handle already. I enjoy the younger girls eagerness and appetite for exploration. They may not be very experienced in the bedroom but they learn very quickly and are a pleasure to teach!

By 0-00 at 04,Jan,19 23:05
I look at the prices quoted by everyone here and can't believe what I am seeing. I suppose it is not right trying to compare with an exchange rate to complicate matters but over here we are paying around $1.21 for premium of which around 37% is government taxes. I am assuming premium is the same as high octane fuel?

By 0-00 at 22,Nov,18 14:37
I could also not access the site by any means for about 6 days. I have been a member here for so long it was a bit stressful not being able to get my regular fix. Interesting how something like this grows on you...

By 0-00 at 15,Nov,18 14:39
I have had the pleasure of playing with numerous girls and realise I do not need any more than I already have. Every one of them have loved my cock and come back for more... I do not have a monster cock either but a good fulfilling size. Most girls will be put off by anything much bigger... unless of course they are size queens and there are not many of those.

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She is HOT and would look even hotter sitting on my face in the pic below...

By 0-00 at 23,Oct,18 13:21
Totally agree with you!

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In a bedroom with my future mother in law watching TV in the room next door. I came so hard I almost fainted from trying to keep silent.

By 0-00 at 12,Sep,18 16:05
I agree, it is the quickest way. Thanks for your input!

By 0-00 at 12,Sep,18 08:37
You are right, a small modification would make it appear to be a different image and bypass the restriction. I should be more careful in future, I was distracted and not paying attention.
Thanks again for your suggestions, they are both good!

By 0-00 at 11,Sep,18 13:59
Hi Bella. I think suggestion #1 is best, I will give that a try - thanks!
I guess I should just be more careful in future. Would be nice if admin could give us such a feature.

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How do you circumcise a whale?
Send down four skin divers...

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Glad you like sir! I did too!!!

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If you were a friend then you would see the full size pic and be able to zoom. The system reduces the displayed image size as far as I am aware. There is a notice on top of your images to this effect when I view yours. Maybe this is the problem?
I will add you as a friend and then you check again..

I reduce most of my pics in size before posting...

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Think of it this way...
You are travelling at 1000mph with the earth as it rotates. If you jumped up and came to a sudden stop at 0mph the forces on your body will turn you into pulp. No, you continue at 1000mph and land back in the same spot. Why is this so difficult to understand?

By 0-00 at 11,Jul,18 16:28
It is inevitabe, it is going to happen whether we like the idea or not. Earth's resources are going to run out and there are plenty more to be had elsewhere. Perhaps by the time we get to colonise other planets we may have learned a few lessons from the one we are stuffing up in the first place.
Who knows, maybe we colonise "lifestyle" planets and mine others. Mars will just be a stepping stone to developing technologies that will take us further. If it does not happen we are doomed to extinction here on earth as competition for dwindling resources hots up... probably by nuclear war or similar.

By 0-00 at 08,Jul,18 13:58
Nice one! Well done!

By 0-00 at 08,Jul,18 13:57
I am not surprised, you have a good looking cock there! Why not pay her a visit sometime for the real thing?

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Couldn't agree more...a friend really helps!

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That is pretty good!

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I did it for fun...
You dont need to buy a kit. I made a mold once using plaster of paris and a cardboard tube taped closed. It sets quickly and keeps amazing detail. I then filled the cavity with resin which sets quite quickly and broke the plaster off the resin cast without too much trouble. The plaster sets hard after a while so you should not take too long with this. You could also use modelling latex to cast a latex copy but that takes a while to set properly. Modelling latex is quite cheap too.

By 0-00 at 26,Jun,18 14:39
None, never have and never will.

By 0-00 at 06,Jun,18 14:21
How about this one then?