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phart wrong.. Food can be found. I can tell you never had kids. Maybe no family either

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phart South Florida, Miami to be exact, is the banking center and portal to South and Centreal America. Millions of dollars pass through this city. The Port of Miami is the biggest passenger port in the world and one of the biggest cargo port in the US. Yes, florida is a heaven for retirees but that's in the central areas of Florida and it's west coast (Gulf of Mexico). Miami's tourism is very strong even now. Fisher Island has more millionaires per capita than any other part of the USA. This is a working city. BTW. Miami-Dade county, Broward County and Palm Beach counties pretty much act as one entity. Little shit kicking places in Appalachia, Wisconsin, and other rural areas can't hold a candle to a small neighborhood from this areas.

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A kid is way better off not having loving parents?

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The currenfirst lady knows how to peg. He likes that

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Did you read (WHY?) I blacklisted him? (referring to aussieman, Lix's boyfriend)

Reason: A window licker on the sunshine bus! Nothing more then an 5'3" OUTBACK ASSWIPE! 👍 Bwahahaha! 😜

And while I'm at it, this is (WHY?) I blacklisted her.


Once again Bella! is showing her irrational jealousy and bitterness. Bella!, whom we all know is AKA SKITTLES, again shows her hypocrite personality. She complains of other members trolling her pages and she does the same. What a BITCH. She is obsessed with licksipsuckit. With me too for that matter yet she's always mentioning us. I think we know who the whack-a-doodle really is.
It was funny, one of her posts had her, her alter ego, SKITTLES, and that site king of conspiracies, Phart.
By the way Dgraff, keep that shit stained thumb in your mouth. We all know how your precious Bella! cocks her ass for your tongue. Bitch, bitch, bitch

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Ok, tecsan show me other politicians that are any different than Biden. Then we will compare him to "Do nothing Trump". It's always convenient to go into ancient history but what did precious Donny do in the last four years of a do nothing PRESIDENCY?

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I'm 68 yrs old and my house has never been burgled. I'm not stupid to suggest police are not needed, but, why do we have to provide escorts to the dead? Why do we need to provide security at an NFL game? Why do thet need to serve eviction notices? And like these there are hundreds other things. You conviniently try to scare us off by saying "defunding" sugesting no police. Me thinks that after taking a dump you should use the toilet paper to wipe your mouth.

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Guys, does it hurt?

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Here here

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What exactly did creepy Joe do to you in the laat four years? The current Bozo holds the toilet paper with his right hand and wipes with his left hand. And when it comes to women, we are were we are thanks to MEN. You all talk big but when you loose your jobs you want unemployment insurance. You want to get Social security. You want overtime after 40 hours. Maybe you should check your own diaper.

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L.p. According to you. My city is still vibrant. Florida is still beautiful, the Statue of liberty is still standing and you are still spewing wild ideas

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Bella! and her henchmen run around going to the evaluation panel to throw dirt on this member and that member. She swears she does it to prevent unfairness but, did you notice she's the one trolling both sides of the site hoping to catch a lawbreaker?. She's also so curious about what happens in other threads. Can't stand ANY criticism. I like how she makes fun of my age when she's knocking on my back door. And lets face it, that bag of wrinkles wouldn't stand a chance of winning a beauty contest, even against a 68 yr old. I admit going over to her thread. She's obsessed with me and always mentions me. She still calls me Two-warm. Well, her other personality, Skittles, gets to be a horrible member and she comes off as a cock sucker only..

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First, don't darling me. Second. The idea of disrespect to the anthem is just that, an idea. The majority of people may be outraged but, not only is it not against the law but I'll bet the Supreme Court would strike any laws trying to prevent it.
Get over it. You care more about a demonstration than the life of a man killed by the cops in a horrible way.

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You forget this country started with merchandise being destroyed.
Just because your house is falling down around you doesn't mean you don't want protection from fires.

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Bella! is loosing her touch. Her STUFF, JUST STUFF is running out of steam. She's strugling with the color of emogies. Her group of ten (maybe?) Are discussing brother/sister hook ups and the old girl is photoshoping her...........I guess you call them tits.

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Bella! posted in her thread

The old girl "mentioned" me today, in one of her posts. You know, one of her posts, in her thread, the thread that she talks to herself because no one visits that thread but her. She thinks I am you.(talking to herself as Skittles)

Angel1227 Denial doesn't make it true. You and your band of worms drilled it into me until blue in the face. You are Skittles and were also Huxley 999.

By the visited.

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Missed the point, didn't you?

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Blacks, latinos,police bashers.

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right on but getting these pee pee heads to understand that is a huge undertaking. Probably impossible.

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So what's your point? Does the other side (whatever that is)put out their fuck ups? For whatever reason, you are anti black. Ok. Now use your balls and stop hiding behind URLs and other things. You don't like them? Tell us why.

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I thought Bella! was also SKITTLES. Lately, I also think she was Huxley999. She's still, two weeks after Sir HuxleyoftheLittleBalls disappeared from the site, defending him. I think she'll bring him back soon.

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Nor illegal or stupid. You use what you've got
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But, as usual, you bring an extreme, barely germaine topic to the converrsation. Why are you making this the fault of a woman? How would you feel if your mom was in the super market and Trump came by, grabbed YOUR MOM'S PUSSY, and kept on going. Are you going to tell her she's a whore?

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countryCouple54 "won or lost" may be the wrong words. How about they were able to bring their displeasure with rougue cops to the eyes of the public. Right or wrong they jarred the public's mental stagnation. YOU describe it any way you want. The message is out.

By ANGEL1227 at 19,Oct,20 09:40
Damn, phart is everything have to be spoon fed to you? Before the kneeling, there were the run of the mill demonstrations. The public was (still is) getting jaded. Ho hum one more demonstration. When they took a knee during the playing of the anthem, they created a huge reaction. Some pro, some against. Either way they brought the public to recognise that there's a lot of abuse of blacks by the police. That is a win for the BLM crowd.
Now tell me how this is horrible, disrespectful, unamerican and generally anti-poop. I know you will have some out of this world comment. Let's see.

By ANGEL1227 at 18,Oct,20 20:06
phart in your Bizarro world I understand that comment

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By ANGEL1227 at 18,Oct,20 20:05
Phart, CC, get real. Denial doesn't work

By ANGEL1227 at 18,Oct,20 15:40
Well, obviously it worked. You may, sorry, you donít like it but they got their message across. They won

By ANGEL1227 at 17,Oct,20 08:21
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And if he had taken a knee for the problems Vets face with Veteranís Affairs youíd be cheering.

By ANGEL1227 at 15,Oct,20 15:30
On the male side of POM the current leader has posted the same pic all over the site for several yrs

By ANGEL1227 at 15,Oct,20 12:30
Trump started with a million dollars from his father which is all he got. He got only one million dollars from Daddy? Poor thing, that's criminal. Let's see you make 12 billion dollars from this. Id love to try but he's a developer. You invest $100k and mortgage $15000k and he just made himself 15 times richer. It's all paper money. After all he had six (6) bankruptsies
He was right with the trades overseas to Europe to China the Arabian deal, the Paris Accord and most importantly the very bad trade deals the United States made with China.
Says who? Everyone said tariffs would not work and they didn't.
As far as being a liar I followed him since 2016 and I don't know what you're talkin about if him being a liar for it's okay to call somebody a liar but come up with example just don't say that without any examples because then it's just slander and that's all it is.
Every major news outlet has said he has lied over 20000 times since he took office, including Fox News but if you want one, how about "the pandemic will be over in two weeks. I understand this like no one else."
There is no "deep state of the United States". That's another conspiracy theory by the right. As far as the other countries not liking him, why should they? His policies
Have fucked up their countries. Moving the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem was a bad move . It created more ill will. No president, Republican or Democrat wanted that.
The whole world hates him that are in with the establishment such as the Vatican the Bilderberg Group the Deep state of the United States, the top-notch is of the FBI, and the CIA. The other hand Israel is grateful for him movie The embassy to Jerusalem recognizing Israel as a Sovereign Nation. I'll try to go simple it for you regarding gold and printed paper money-- the gold is the value of currency it is what we all work for and survived by. The Federal Reserve Prince dollars bills and coins to represent the amount of gold that the United States has but what is not fair and transparent is that they're creating more currency for what gold is worth there for depleting the value of the dollar there for the dollar is only worth $0.35 today as it was compared back in 1965.
I'll go simple on you. The value of the gold we have stored does not cover the amount of paper and/or. metal in current use. We gave up using the gold standard several decades ago. The view of all economists is that a dollar is a dollar. You either believe that or the whole economic house of card crumbles. Almost all countries use the dollar as the measuring rod, weather gold is $0.35 or not.

However the cost of living has increased dramatically while the dollar has lost its value. So what do we have we have mother and father having two have a career nobody home to take care of the children they have some need childcare which is an added expense the Nelsons the Democrats and the establishment Republicans have sent our jobs overseas for pay-to-play and Corruption it has brought us into a recession. Another problem is that they still want to do the same thing they don't care about you they don't care about the wealth in this country they don't care about infrastructure they don't care about education they don't care about health care although they do say they do. They want this country into recession and eventually depression they want the stock market to go down to 7000 points or lower.

If you believe that you live in the wrong country. I'm not chasing you out. Just saying you got the wrong end of the stick.

I just don't understand how you can come call Trump a liar just from your breath and not come up with examples I don't think you can't come up with examples so I teen not to be hypocritical shapement and a proprietor of fake news.
Every major news outlet has said he has lied over 20000 times since he took office, including Fox News but if you want one, how about "the pandemic will be over in two weeks. I understand this like no one else

.On the other side of the aisle you have Hillary Clinton that is lied about just about everything she is guilty of what people say she did but all of these accusations of concluding with Trump Russia was an attempt to Diversion so they would stop with her and work more on him eventually that was a lie but they took away his Fourth Amendment right which is unconstitutional by illegal surveillance. This came from the CIA which was in violation and the FBI which is violation for Hillary Clinton's campaign. Ukraine colluded with the election to for the Democrats and so did China. So how do we know why he won the election? Oh that's right the silent majority voted for him not the media which was one-sided. It was the people of the United Stat

Is that the lady that ran for president in 2016? Because I don't believe she's part of this election. Why are we wasting our breath on a lady walking free even after 4years of Trump as president, a Republican senate and William Barr as the attorney general? Let me give you a hint. You righties are full of shit. Trump fed you that shit and you swallowed it hook line and sinker. MAGA, MAGA, MAGA, HAHAHA


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That's how much you know. Who said the mask is supposed to protect you?

By ANGEL1227 at 15,Oct,20 09:51
Ignorant? If the teachers union of some large city did that, no one would have thought about it. But because Kilpatrick is black, you let your Nig@rs are only good dead or enslaved feelings out

By ANGEL1227 at 15,Oct,20 09:47
Why would you feel this is wrong?

By ANGEL1227 at 15,Oct,20 09:45
Floyd took a knee the wrong way

By ANGEL1227 at 15,Oct,20 09:44
Glorified coffee filter. All experts, medical and scientific swear by Well you know best.

By ANGEL1227 at 15,Oct,20 09:41
William Barr, a Republican Attorney General, has cleared Obama of any wrong doing. To all you Obama bashers. He's bending over waiting for your kiss.

By ANGEL1227 at 14,Oct,20 19:19
Have you asked them? Did you go under the copís knee and asked them?
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phart how many poor people do you know?

By ANGEL1227 at 14,Oct,20 19:17
Getting sick because of his own stupidity is giving hope?

By ANGEL1227 at 14,Oct,20 15:29
But that means he has to be as poor as a church mouse for you to adnit there is inequality? Don't make it about him. It's about the people.

By ANGEL1227 at 14,Oct,20 15:26
But, he is our president. If he can't at least render hope, what good is he?

By ANGEL1227 at 14,Oct,20 15:19
It might be the area you live for some of your doubts. I lived in Central Florida ( Umatilla, Marion County) and if you didn't fly Old Glory you were a commie.--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutesBut, CC, there's plenty of product that's made in the USA. Not nearly enough what we are capable of producing, but most of the flight to Asia and South America can be blamed on company CEOs and corporate greed, regardless who's in the White House

By ANGEL1227 at 14,Oct,20 14:25
Francis Scott Key was the author and the music was popular for othe reasons was not until 1932 that it was officially named our anthem. So, while waiting for prohibition to end you could take a knee
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And when you come down to it. ANY LIFE is worth more than some silly piece of music.

By ANGEL1227 at 14,Oct,20 14:16
So, phart you refuse to shit in your commode so it stays clean. Will you piss in a corner of the living room?

By ANGEL1227 at 14,Oct,20 14:11
Cody, only if it comes to fruition.

By ANGEL1227 at 14,Oct,20 14:01
Let's see. In order to be a strong president to face N. Korea or Iran he has to suck from the covid threat? Phart with all due respect. You are several cards short in a deck of 52.

By ANGEL1227 at 14,Oct,20 12:45
The question is not why Trump can get so many attendies to his rallies. The questions are: who will be the president-elect after November 3 and how will all those fools that risked covid to see a clown will feel infected or not.

By ANGEL1227 at 14,Oct,20 12:38
phart is that the worth of a President? Because if it is, lets nuke every dictator to hell and tell all others to behave. My president will not write love letters to a ball of Rangoon noodles.

By ANGEL1227 at 14,Oct,20 12:34
The difference between decency and indecency is "May I fondle your beautiful pussy?"
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In any world