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Can I get some serious ratings on my cock, please? 06,Feb,20 11:46
Post your favorite pic of yourself 05,Feb,20 11:53
Feel free to rate my cock 05,Feb,20 10:25


By MrHappy at 09,Mar,20 09:55
Rough. Love to make her craving for more

By MrHappy at 06,Mar,20 13:03
Well seeing as how trump is calling it a hoax, what's the problem??

By MrHappy at 03,Mar,20 13:41

By MrHappy at 13,Feb,20 09:27
Stick around
Let off some steam Bennett
Yakitty-yak don't talk back!
Who is your daddy and what does he do?

By MrHappy at 13,Feb,20 07:14
I try to last as long as I can. I'll gently rub just the head until I'm about to explode, then stop. Then continue and stop again. Finally, when I can't stand the urge anymore, I'll jerk off while grabbing my balls. Feels amazing!

By MrHappy at 12,Feb,20 05:51
Been playing APEX Legends, it's addictive when you play alongside friends.

By MrHappy at 11,Feb,20 11:44
Not offended at all! Anyone can compliment!

By MrHappy at 11,Feb,20 11:41
/zweqii8nlsf2pic.html just curious what others think

By MrHappy at 10,Feb,20 09:16
Can't get away from politics no natter where you go. Keep politics off the site. It's for fun, not starting arguments. Go onto Facebook if you really need your dose of politics. You really think arguing with people about politics is going to change ANYBODY'S mind? FUCK NO! So what's the point?

By MrHappy at 06,Feb,20 09:09
How do you figure it's all the trump haters? Y'all acted the same way when Obama was president.

By MrHappy at 05,Feb,20 10:20
I'd say I'm about a 7... I'll leave it up to y'all though.

By MrHappy at 05,Feb,20 10:18

By MrHappy at 04,Feb,20 11:50