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By JackS at 11,Feb,21 01:59
Sometimes I just get this mood, and I just want to see beautiful penises, and maybe chat, or see penises in panties, hard or soft.
Penises are beautiful!! It's not gay to love your penis, as like seeing others!
I LOVE women, and sex, with women, but sometimes, you know, they just piss you off, and maybe some nice dicks makes you feel better!?

By JackS at 11,Feb,21 01:40
Dream it, fantasize about it, maybe look at all the wonderful penises here and jerk off! It can be just fantasy, and a sexual urge, but if you want to actually do it, and suck someone's penis, then go for it!!
It's OK to just look, and get REALLY HARD, and then get off!!

By JackS at 16,Nov,20 01:32
Exactly! What's wrong with just looking, and smiling!!
I have a two gay friends, trying to 'turn me' that send random 'dick pics' but they are beautiful! I am NOT going to play with them, but I love seeing them!
Another, a married guy, sends me random dick pics, and he has the most beautiful penis!! Saying that as a straight guy, but if I was a little too drunk, maybe. . .

By JackS at 16,Nov,20 01:27
Dude, we all have dicks, and love them! What's so wrong about being straight, and liking seeing other penises that look really nice!?
It's not a 'gay' thing in any way, but just loving seeing other's penises, and how beautiful they are!

By JackS at 12,Nov,20 00:41
Never a real penis, never with a man! Not sure I want/need that?
I LOVE women, and if she can do that with a toy, I'm pretty satisfied with that.
What does a real penis have to offer, to a hetero guy, that a loving GF, and a strap-on toy, doesn't do??

By JackS at 06,Nov,20 02:07
When I was maybe 14, and seeing all the girls I liked at school, in the local pool, in swimsuits, like little underwear! I thought I was the only one that got super hard, and nervously got off, in the water, to make the erection subside! Sometimes, two times, before it would soften, because some of those little cuties were just taunting, and teasing us young guys!

By JackS at 06,Nov,20 01:43
I respectably disagree! I like looking at penis, in a TOTALLY different way than I love being with women, and I think their bodies, those soft, sensual lips and folds, are more AMAZING, and wonderful than a penis!!
Given a choice, I would go down on her every day of the week, and maybe sneak a peek, at a penis, on Saturday night! LOL!!

By JackS at 06,Nov,20 01:40
I'm straight, but I have a penis, and love that! I can also just love seeing other, really nice, cute penises, and still be totally straight, because I love being with women, and those things are not mutually exclusive!!
Why can't a straight guy just love looking at other penises, soft, or hard, or in showers, on here, or wherever?

By JackS at 06,Nov,20 01:30
Spermkiss is totally right!!
Some guys really LOVE the prostrate stimulation, and for me, it was a woman, with a strap-on toy, and she Made me love ANAL playing!!

By JackS at 06,Nov,20 01:26
Lots of lube, and get comfortable with doing enemas, to clear everything out.
Playing alone, and having an 'accident' is bad, but with a partner, maybe catastrophic!
Clean out, a few hours before, so you are comfortable.
The 'magical thing' about LOVING anal play, is RELAXING, and submitting, and just accepting, then enjoying the sensations!!

By JackS at 25,Sep,20 01:28
I've been to a nude beach, and been naked, with some reluctant guy friends! Guys are such 'wusses' with nudity!!
I loved just being there, but never really got stimulated, even though a few, really nice "Mom-types" came by!
It was like going to the Doctor, and she is a really cute lady, and even with the prostrate exam, I don't get hard! It's just no 'right' somehow!!

By JackS at 25,Sep,20 01:22
If I am getting her pants off, and seeing hers, then I am "All In" with her, and whatever she has, in whatever way, is just fine!!
I like certain things, but her body is hers, and I WON'T tell her to do this or that!! SHE CHOOSES, for herself!

By JackS at 25,Sep,20 01:19
video chatting with a lady love? Getting close to that 4 hour thing, they warn guys about, taking those pills, but I wasn't but like a CEDAR TREE with her!!

By JackS at 19,Sep,20 04:28
So why doesn't anybody like to tease their prostrate from the other side? Yeah, straight up your pee hole, and right into the middle of the prostrate, from the inside!
BEYOND BELIEF, with the intensity!!

By JackS at 04,Sep,20 02:01
Brave enough?? What is the challenge??
Not like some lady lover challenged you to wear women's flower panties, under white tights, that totally show, and also your bulge!!
Guy's leggings in public is like, whatever! That's been done before, and no big deal!!

By JackS at 04,Sep,20 01:57
There are a few ponds, with walking paths, and at 2am, it is just quiet, and fine, if some couple, or maybe a single, liked skinny-dipping in the water, and maybe just walking the path, naked, loving the early morning air!

By JackS at 04,Sep,20 01:54
Tacos are the BEST!!

By JackS at 04,Sep,20 01:52
I wish I was confident enough to go nude on "Clothing Optional" beaches!!
I am a little concerned, ass there are DEFINITELY **** kids, totally naked, there!
I know that "Nudism" is 'protected' as a form of expression, but little kids, and there are a lot of pervs out there!! If I had kids, I wouldn't want them naked, out there, for anyone to see, or take pictures of!! Yeah, you have no 'right' of privacy, in public places, and people can take pictures at will, unless it is a private beach, and posted!

By JackS at 04,Sep,20 01:45
We share porn, as part of the relationship, together, when I am with someone. Most like "Twinks" but don't know the term, and just love watching two young, gay boys loving, when she shares what she really likes!!
I Wouldn't play with those boys, but she likes getting off, watching them, and so, OK, and should I shave, so I look like them?

By JackS at 04,Sep,20 01:39
Because I have one, and I LOVE seeing nicely circumcised ones, especially on Tranny girls!

By JackS at 04,Sep,20 01:34
A woman I dated in college just got excited, and wanted me to try them! Of course I could get into her tiny little things, so she went shopping, and just said "try them!" like she knew!!
Women's underwear are so much softer, and more comfortable, and just all around better, WHEN YOU FIND THE RIGHT ONES, that fit you!!
So many more colors and styles, and even the occasional thong, for her joy!!

By JackS at 04,Sep,20 01:28
I do it because the ladies I have been with asked me to. What more need be said??

By JackS at 04,Sep,20 01:27
There is no 'sexual orientation, in Fantasy play!! How many guys play a female character in online games?
In fantasy, just relax, and it is FANTASY!! Enjoy it!!

By JackS at 04,Sep,20 01:24
It's best, for a straight guy, when a really great lady loves that, and loves the pegging play, and she makes it FUN, and you laugh, and 'play' and it isn't about orgasms, but just being together, playing, and if she knows, and likes that, she knows how to tease your prostrate, but also keep you hard, but not like you are going to cum!
Just fun playing together, and there are some toys that press against her clit, so she can feel something, when she is stroking, and teasing your prostrate until you are going to explode!!
Focus on the feelings, and not the orgasm, and it is sooo much more incredible!

By JackS at 04,Sep,20 01:16
I have an upcoming colonoscopy, and I am shaving clean, because the doctor is a lady, and it's just respectful, and nice!

By JackS at 29,Aug,20 02:03
It's just clothing, and a so what if you like some that are "Women's" but you feel comfortable, or excited, or whatever?

By JackS at 29,Aug,20 01:52
Just Gfs that love role-playing, and pegging with strap-on toys!

By JackS at 29,Aug,20 01:50
I LOVE Bailey Jay!! I would totally let her have her way with me!!

By JackS at 29,Aug,20 01:47
I had a serious medical SCARE, and went to see a Urologist, but he was in an extended surgery, so the nurse asked if I was ok to have his PA examine me, and then talk with the doc, later. OK, no worries! But the PA was SUPER HOT!! OMG, hot, but I'm freaking out about what might be.
She says there has to be a another present, for "insurance reasons?" What??
So she has a nurse come in, and, of course she is really cute, too!!
Limp as a noodle. She tells me to take down my pants, and lean over, and so on, and she says it might be cold, as she just lubes, and then slides in, just a bit.
She says relax, and slips in, and feels my prostrate, and takes her time. Much longer than any, ever, and she pushed on one side, and asked how it felt, then the other, and how that felt, and no pains.
Then she pushed on something, and I got SOLID, ROCK HARD, with no control!!!
I was freaking out!! OMG!! What is she thinking?
She pushed here and there, again, and then slipped out, and I was still, SOLID, hard! The nurse, was blushing!!
Then, she says, like nothing, "Oh, that sometimes happens, it's no big deal!"

By JackS at 06,Jun,20 02:21
You like some, but what are these 'disturbing' ones?

By JackS at 08,May,20 01:30
Feels a lot better with a lady and her toy!!

By JackS at 08,May,20 01:28
Bullshit!! I adore women, and all of your soft, sensual curves and so much more, but sometimes, why do you think it is 'gay' that a guy can see a nice-looking penis, and just like how he looks, having one, himself?
Don't just go to this BS "he must be gay"crap!!

By JackS at 08,May,20 01:20
I just like beautiful penises, and I try to maintain the 'respect' in showers, but when one gets hard, everyone seems to, and then so what, and looking!
I think it happens more than most want to admit, and more guys that are 'straight' maybe like, and look, and it doesn't make them 'gay'!!
A few like to show off, but most seem to leave, as I have experienced.
Maybe your guy could have had a private moment, with you, when they others left!

By JackS at 08,May,20 01:15
I don't wear dresses and panties to be like a woman at all. They just have the most amazing fabrics and clothes, and they are so comfortable, just relaxing at home!
It's just cloth, so does it need to be 'male' or 'female' or does the fact that they are panties, and dresses make it more erotic to some that love dressing??

By JackS at 03,May,20 05:13
Did you jack off thinking about the other guy? Not judging!
He might have gotten off in the shower, thinking of you, and liking yours!
Why is it a big deal? It happens, and one gets hard, then the rest do too! Not liking anything or feeling anything, but just happens when one does!
I just laugh, and love the feeling, not really knowing why it happens just then!!

By JackS at 03,May,20 04:54
I just like being here, and seeing nice penis! But i do, really love the smaller ones! Small, circumcised, just AMAZING!!

By JackS at 03,May,20 04:50
Of course Bailey Jay! But what about Hazel Tucker, and Ashley George?

By JackS at 03,May,20 04:36
I love women, but I have a penis, and guys love their penis, so I'm here, just loving looking at other men's penis!! Not wanting to do anything at all, but just look, and love how beautiful they are!
I love women, and have no interest in anything sexual, with men in any way, but I think the penis is beautiful, and love seeing all the ones that post theirs!
BTW, the smaller ones are much cuter, and make me want to get off!! LOL!!

By JackS at 03,May,20 04:29
First time was with a wonderful lady, and it was AMAZING! She was gentle, and wanted it to be fun, and enjoyable, and i loved how she did it, and how it felt, when she slipped her soft toy in, and then just held me close, and gently, lovingly stroked, an inch, maybe two, and then reached around and got me as hard as I could.
Feeling her hold me close, tight, when I had the most MIND-BLOWING Orgasm EVER, was amazing!!

By JackS at 03,May,20 04:18
Just getting to see so many perfectly beautiful penises, and then others saying it is just normal to love beautiful penises and just loving that! Getting off to so many nice ones, but still being mostly straight and loving a lady! Just something else, a personal 'guy thing' maybe!

By JackS at 03,May,20 04:01
I think yours is beautiful!! Why did you get circumcised if you liked having a foreskin?
Personally, I LOVE the nice circumcised ones! So nice!

By JackS at 03,May,20 03:57
I know what you intend, but panties, and all those soft fabrics feel amazing! besides, what is cuter that an little pink panty, upskirt with a nice buldge??

By JackS at 03,May,20 03:54
Just curious, and LOVE LITTLE Penises, but is this some new fetish thing, or what? Seems that on some sites, women are asking about HUGE ones, but guys here, are loving their perfectly beautiful smaller, cute ones!

By JackS at 03,May,20 03:42
TOTALLY agree!! Panties are wonderful!

By JackS at 22,Mar,20 23:36
Why can't I be straight, and still like a beautiful penis? Guys have them, and they love theirs, and what's so strange about liking another's, and just liking?

By JackS at 22,Mar,20 23:26
Great post!! I'm not Bi, and don't want to have sexual contact with men, but Trans fantasies, and maybe, at the right time, with a tranny lady, but she identifies with 'she' and some may see that as a cop out, and say I'm gay or Bi, but I like what I like, and think that those labels are crap!
Just love who you love, and fuck whomever gets you off, and who cares!??
Why does someone have to be 'straight' or 'gay' or 'Bi'? Why can't we just love what we love in the moment, and have that joy without labels and stigmas?

By JackS at 22,Mar,20 23:20
Gay is who you are really interested in, and really want to be with a same sex partner, living a certain way.
Sounds like you just like having horny friends use you as a bitch! Nothing wrong with that, if you like it, and get off to it!!
I imagine they are mostly straight, but like your submissive nature, and let them get off with you.
Do you like doing that, with them, for them? Do you like some of them, and maybe feel like you might like guys more? Totally fine, whatever you like, as long as you aren't getting taken advantage of, and dislike it!

By JackS at 22,Mar,20 22:54
Cool! If more guys just relaxed, and learned how sensual and amazing women's feel, they might relax all the aggressive BS.
What style, type, color do you like most? Private chat?

By JackS at 22,Mar,20 22:49
Agreed! Utlimately, it's about his partner, really, and his comfort, and not a bunch of judging people here that just don't know!
Women's have so many colors, styles and types of fabrics that are just erotic, when you put them on!
Several women I have been with have suggested it, maybe as a 'test' but it always turned out to be great fun together!

By JackS at 22,Mar,20 22:36
Who doesn't? There are great toys to just stimulate the prostate and give the most intense orgasms!!
I've been playing, loving it, since about 14, when I was just wondering, and found a plastic cigar tube, from my dad's cigars! It felt amazing, and something so 'naughty' about putting something in there!! LOL!!