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By whitebriefs at 22,Feb,21 12:52

By whitebriefs at 21,Feb,21 13:15
I only make a small amount, usually after lots of stimulation of my bare glans... it makes me ooze

By whitebriefs at 21,Feb,21 07:52
Exactly the same herr

By whitebriefs at 21,Feb,21 07:51
I always skin back when masturbating. I only started doing it about ten years ago, the sensation is so much more intense when I do it like that. My foreskin is mainly used to stop the glans drying out now!

By whitebriefs at 16,Feb,21 18:25
Youíd love mine

By whitebriefs at 15,Feb,21 14:15
Depends, but if itís before bed (when I usually have a wank) my cum goes onto the days briefs, they are the perfect cum rags

By whitebriefs at 14,Feb,21 17:49
Yours is utterly perfect

By whitebriefs at 14,Feb,21 17:47
Small to average every time

By whitebriefs at 14,Feb,21 09:11
The good thing about having a 5Ē cock is that they are usually rock hard. Less blood needed equals a nice stiff dick!

By whitebriefs at 14,Feb,21 07:47
I certainly do, I wear nowt else but white briefs.

By whitebriefs at 14,Feb,21 05:19
Classic whites for me, why change perfection?!

By whitebriefs at 14,Feb,21 05:17
White briefs are always perfect

By whitebriefs at 12,Feb,21 17:29
Dad intact from Scotland, me intact from England

By whitebriefs at 06,Feb,21 09:36
I had the skin back tight last night. Started dry, then put a little lube on my glans. Didnít take long for me to shoot, itís always so much more intense and better when I keel off like that

By whitebriefs at 04,Feb,21 12:59
Because cocks are utterly fantastic?

By whitebriefs at 04,Feb,21 01:55
Cock play, masturbation, edging, oral, frottage. White briefs play. Being dominated and made to please better endowed and circumcised guys

By whitebriefs at 03,Feb,21 12:58
Up and curved to the left

By whitebriefs at 03,Feb,21 12:56
I have a short-ish foreskin which (when itís not cold) only just covers my glans. As soon as I get erect it rolls back behind the ridge. Not a problem to me, Iím more than happy with a short foreskin, best of both worlds!

By whitebriefs at 03,Feb,21 12:53
I suppose 1Ē soft and 4Ē or under would be thought of as small. Though I love small dicks, I much prefer them to anything 6Ē or more

By whitebriefs at 03,Feb,21 12:51
I find it more sensitive jerking with my skin back and no lube, my cock is twitching just thinking about it

By whitebriefs at 31,Jan,21 11:24

By whitebriefs at 31,Jan,21 11:23
I love it when my penis is really small

By whitebriefs at 31,Jan,21 11:22

By whitebriefs at 31,Jan,21 10:59
Yours looks amazing though

By whitebriefs at 31,Jan,21 10:58
Circy Lee

By whitebriefs at 31,Jan,21 10:00
11 with my school friend on our way home from school in his bedroom. We rubbed them together, pulled each otherís and compared what each otherís were like. No cum though, we werenít shooters yet

By whitebriefs at 31,Jan,21 09:56
Kids will always take the piss at anything thatís different though. In our class of 30 there was only one who was circumcised and he had a nickname due to it. I always found it so intriguing as it was different, especially as mine wouldnít retract due to tightness.
Shows how different doctors have a different outcome though. Having the same problem at you as late as 16 and I was told to stretch it as some of us developed later than others. He said if it didnít stretch come back, which I didnít as I didnít want to go to a hospital!

By whitebriefs at 31,Jan,21 06:32
Theyíre both so perfect

By whitebriefs at 31,Jan,21 06:32
Iíd beat that off anytime, youíre certainly a grower

By whitebriefs at 31,Jan,21 03:12
I love having my foreskin pulled back really tight

By whitebriefs at 29,Jan,21 02:00
You gotta be careful not to hurt your head

By whitebriefs at 26,Jan,21 01:55
Thatís great, weíre all different! Personally I like glans pink and soft though, some Iíve seen look really dry and rough

By whitebriefs at 26,Jan,21 01:52
Thatís great... encourage more men to wear them!

By whitebriefs at 26,Jan,21 01:52
I wouldnít be seen in anything else than white briefs. Itís nice that other people appreciate them as well! I do laugh when someone tries to insult my choice though... Iím not wearing them for their benefit!

By whitebriefs at 25,Jan,21 16:53
Definitely, a nice glans outline looks great covered in white

By whitebriefs at 25,Jan,21 13:08

By whitebriefs at 24,Jan,21 05:05
I do sometimes, depending how the mood takes me. I prefer the look of my glans exposed as itís really big, but love having a foreskin as it stops it from keratising

By whitebriefs at 24,Jan,21 05:03
Nearly 53

By whitebriefs at 24,Jan,21 05:02
Oh wow, a hard cock in yís gets me so hard

By whitebriefs at 18,Jan,21 17:30
Iím sure they shrink a bit. When I was a hormonal teenager I measured many a time and I was around 5 1/2Ē. Over the years Iíve shrunk a little to just over 5Ē. Suits me, 5Ē is the perfect penis size

By whitebriefs at 18,Jan,21 17:28
Same here, 4 to 5Ē is perfect

By whitebriefs at 18,Jan,21 01:52

By whitebriefs at 18,Jan,21 01:52
Thatís what I think now, but I was paranoid and ashamed that to show it for years. Youíd think with the internet things would have changed but a forum Iím on has lots of younger guys on it fretting about the same thing.

By whitebriefs at 17,Jan,21 11:28
Iíd probably more likely get an instant boner

By whitebriefs at 17,Jan,21 05:01
Definitely, the perfect penis

By whitebriefs at 16,Jan,21 09:13
Same here, itís the best way

By whitebriefs at 16,Jan,21 04:32
Always back fully when I have a piss

By whitebriefs at 16,Jan,21 04:29
Back every time, that head has so many good bits it seems wrong to have it covered when Iím wanking. I have it right back and clasp the shaft. My thumb and forefinger then really pleasure the ridge of my glans

By whitebriefs at 16,Jan,21 04:25

Having my foreskin pulled right back tight is a big turn on for me

By whitebriefs at 16,Jan,21 04:22