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Agreed. Enjoy it. Life is short

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Definitely 2 here.

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That is a good story, but it stretches credibility....

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Ohhh... that's too bad. None of her business to be going thru your phone...

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I don't think straight guys play with other guys.... I used to be straight. But once I started to play with cocks and have men suck mine, I rationally considered myself bi...
I am interested at all in a relationship with a man. I Love women. But sex is a different thing than an emotional relationship. And it is also quite uncomplicated. You get together, enjoy each other, and then leave. Quite simple, so long as you are carefully selective and trust your partner.

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Yes, several. And No, the wives don't know....

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Fantastic one-of-a-kind group!! RIP.

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Just finally Did it. And it was Worth it.
It is addictive....

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I think this is a reasonable response. I am straight, in that I do not "Love" other men. However, occassionally I like to play with other men. I enjoy that there are no Emotional strings attached to this play. Just sex. I guess I consider my sex bi when it comes to sex, but not gay, which I consider also involves emotional attraction

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The best way to get over it is to just go and do it. Make sure you are with someone safe, someone you trust. A Warning for you though...... once you suck a cock, I guarantee you will become a"dick"ted to it. You will at first think, "I probably won't do that again"... but then you will find yourself thinking about cock, and just have to have one.
Good luck!!