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By LetchworthGC1971 at 06,Apr,21 15:28
Small for sure

By LetchworthGC1971 at 04,Apr,21 20:27
Your balls are definitely normal sized itís your dick thatís very large

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By LetchworthGC1971 at 20,Feb,21 18:19
Mines always skinned back all the time it always keeps going back anyway on its own (short foreskin) so gave up trying to keep it forward, even thought about circumcision in the past but always find something better to spend 500 quid 9n

By LetchworthGC1971 at 02,Feb,21 17:03
Me 4 inches

By LetchworthGC1971 at 28,Jan,21 19:51
I actually really like your dick a lot, but then again I just love hypo cocks any way, I love the way your glans is more rounded all around instead of the usual helmet shape, with the less defined and visible cleft on the underside.

You wouldnít be able to get me off it Bud.

By LetchworthGC1971 at 28,Jan,21 19:40
No slip of the knife Buddy, You have whatís called ĎMegameatusí a form of hypospadias where like yours the underside of the glans is splayed apart showing a groove it wasnít officially known in urology until as late as 1989. You have my favorite form of hypo.

By LetchworthGC1971 at 11,Jan,21 17:10
I have an extreme phobia of public urinals, Iím way to ashamed
to show it

By LetchworthGC1971 at 11,Jan,21 17:06
We all have different feelings about our Penisí for me personally I would do anything to have a cut 7 inch like yours, itís my ideal size and look.

My foreskin has done nothing for me, I get no pleasure from it, never have in fact itís quite short and tight and pulls back and stays back half the time, this Iím happy with as it makes me look circumcised.

I love the look of your cock Man

By LetchworthGC1971 at 03,Jan,21 16:58
Stopped wearing underwear permanently when I was 14 always hated wearing and couldnít see the point in wearing them. Plus my balls always got wrapped up same with dressing up to go to bed with pajamas, either tíshirt to bed when itís cold or nothing

By LetchworthGC1971 at 03,Jan,21 16:49
Xhamster has also stopped picture uploads for all members and downloading of videos and also on a deleting spree. Not owned by Phub but thereís rumors around about DMCA coming down like a ton of bricks on porn sites, donít know how true that is.