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By oldbugle at 10,Dec,19 15:11
This is premature ejaculation...and the ability to just keep going is one of the best benefits of youth!

By oldbugle at 10,Dec,19 15:09
yes, I had this problem with a particular woman......It's a psychological probelm where, however much you want to have sex, your sub-concious mind knows that the woman is the wrong one to be in bed with and the outcome will be bad for you...your sub-concious picks up on very slight give aways...perhaps she is hoping to get pregnant or use the coupling against you later...perhaps she is a potential blackmailer.....perhaps she is looking for a husband....perhaps she will not be discrete and tell another woman that you actually like better.....there's lots of reasons

By oldbugle at 13,Oct,19 08:53
That pic was made 8 years ago, and I'm now does take longer to get hard as one ages, generally, however, for me it's all about psychological stimulation as much as anything and even now it can get hard quite quckly......if the situation is right!

.....Then again there were times when I was in my 30's when it took a long time to get hard and then not very hard, but they were bad years for me and the mental stimulus was completely missing.

By oldbugle at 29,Jul,19 07:34
I trim mine because it gets caught inn my underpants at the worst time, like driving the car or in public places and it feel SO uncomfortable!

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By oldbugle at 23,Jul,19 08:39
Ah! 'Crawley' & 'Gatwick', two words that bring so much joy to English people that they can't stifle a groan when they are mentioned......

By oldbugle at 23,Jul,19 08:35
older women are MUCH more attractive than young women and girls....they might not be so fresh and pretty but they know what they like and that they won't be nubile for can read it in their eyes when they look at you.

By oldbugle at 23,Jul,19 08:27
Actually, there's no such thing as either 'tight' or 'loose' as the scrotum is temperature sensitive by design....when conditions are too cold for good sperm production the scrotal tissue bulks up to insulate the testicles and when conditions are hot it thins out for rapid cooling.

.....Even the Romans knew about this and used hot baths as a primitive contraceptive measure.

By oldbugle at 23,Jul,19 08:23
I'm always sort of surprised when people say that cut looks 'better'.....some of the specimens here have quite ugly scar tissue half way down the shaft along with a big colour difference so they look like what they are,, mutilated....

........Actually, when the hood is right back off the head it look very like a 'cut' one to me!

By oldbugle at 16,Jul,19 12:00
It's extremely dangerous if he has a serious STD......

By oldbugle at 15,Jul,19 05:04
This is my most commented pic with 14 comments....there seems to me to be no 'rhyme or reason' why some of my pix get a lot more than others...

By oldbugle at 15,Jul,19 04:58
This is mine with over 3.5k views...

By oldbugle at 01,Jul,19 05:29
I thought all healthy young men could do this....I certainly could when time or need were pressing.....but, right from my earliest dry sessions 'longer was better'.

By oldbugle at 05,Jun,19 13:55
The part that so many people seem to miss is that 'The president'...whoever that might be, is the elected leader of one of the most important countries in the western world and a vital ally of the UK. As such, for REAL British people, born and bred it is but politeness to recognise him/her as such.....Trump may well be an idiot (not the first president who was) but he is here on a state visit which is a friendly greeting to ALL Americans who have helped us...and that includes all the dead ones......

However, to put 'Queenie' into context;.....She was once asked if she was ok about meeting Idi Amin and her reply was ; "yes, I've shaken hands with mass murderers before" A very pragmatic Majesty who has 'seen it all' since 1953.

By oldbugle at 30,May,19 13:24
A few weeks back I was walking with some friends along a track in the forest on a sunny afternoon and we passed a car containing a young couple in the back seat. They were fully dressed but she had his fly open and had her hand around his short but very thick penis. She had the foreskin right back off the head and her little thumb was flickering up an down his frenulum. We walked on bye but I would have loved to watch what happened after they recovered from the shock of being interrupted by a troop of walkers.....did we 'soften' or 'harden' his manhood?....did she bring him off or go down or drop her panties?????

By oldbugle at 25,May,19 05:27

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By oldbugle at 25,May,19 05:05
I used to see this couple on the bus every morning...they were massive like a couple of sumo wrestlers only one was female. I used to sit there trying NOT to enviage them both naked and having sex. I used to think that it must have been a 'big' event just in the space needed, like hippopotamous mating. I used to sit there wondering if they had a 'docking procedure' and if it was difficult for them,..if she went on top and the sheer massive weight of her huge bulk smashing up and down.....the kind of bed they had or needed and if the whole house started to shake....if the neighbours used to moan and quake on a sunday morning or whenever......

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By oldbugle at 23,Apr,19 13:01
I have a long foreskin which exists as a fleshy looking overhang when I'm soft and still covers my glans when I get erect with the slit in the head just visible thru a little ring of skin. My most sensitive nerve ends that enable me to orgasm are on the inside of my foreskin, or hood, and when it's pushed right back off of the glans these nerve ends are stretched out around my shaft an inch or so below the glans....I have never been able to orgasm from stimulating the glans or any other part of my penis but for many years I could reach orgasm just by lightly brushing the tip of the overhang when erect.

When enjoying sexual pleasure, either with a woman or my own efforts, these sensitive nerves need to rolled back and forth against the ridge of my glans for pleasure and thn orgasm. Once i'm fully aroused I can 'pleasure' the nerve ends directly by holding my hood right back and stimulating the exposed foreskin enterior.

Western medical authority thinks that it knows everything but only a little reading will show that very little is known about teh actual mechanics of sex and what, exactly, causes pleasure and orgasm.

For many years I never thought much about other men being cut and what that means for their sexuality but after 10 years on this site andn access to the web I have come to see that the foreskin is a very important part of male sensuality and that many men need to explore that seuality much more,..and teach their women about it too.

All cut men have to use the remaining sexual nerves that are in the scar where their hood used to be...for this reason, as they age they find it difficult to reach orgasm and must have greatly reduced sensuality....which, to me is a genuine tragedy.

I've seen it suggested that the foreskin is comparable to a womans clitoris, and have come to believe that too, so I have become deeply glad that nobody decided to slice mine off when I was too young to say 'no'.

For these reasons I have become adamantly against infantile sexual mutilation whether to male or female babies,....but I have no problem with a grown man wishing to have his own body changed in any way he wants too.

By oldbugle at 23,Apr,19 04:53
i would'nt say I "hate" cum but I certainly learned to have an ambivalent relationship with it at an early age.....I can remeber my first ejaculation and my mortification at cleaning up all traces. thereafter semen became the dreaded evidence and since I tended to shoot violently a considerable distance I was frantic to clear up all extraneous spurts and drips. On one memorable occaision I shot right over my head and splashed the new wall paper behind the bed....

Later on girls brought new semen problems so I learned that it's a neccessary evil to being a man

By oldbugle at 08,Apr,19 03:36
Firstly it's not "uncut",'s normal and unmutilated as it should be and functions as it should with the full sensuality of all of it's special voluptus providing nerves......

By oldbugle at 27,Mar,19 15:19

By oldbugle at 02,Mar,19 06:08
......Well please take my tip that it's much better to keep her in your head the way you have imagined her because, as with many of the 60's pop icons, the reality rarely did justice to the image....

Dusty was 'ok' and very professional to deal with, but did'nt really 'do' other people and was a committed lesbian (no probs with that in my book, but very uninterested in men)

By oldbugle at 02,Mar,19 05:54
I met Dusty a few times and I have some large B/W prints o fher which I shot during a rehearsal for the TV prog 'Ready, Steady, Go!' She was an odd character and of course, 'packaged' as a pop star so it was difficult to see the real person. However, the things I remember most for some reason are her extreme short sightedness and her always attendant black girl-friend. When the cameras stopped rolling an aide would run up to Dusty and place a large pair of red framed specs with big telly shaped lenses on her face. these were about half an inch thick like the bottoms of milk bottles and changed her face entirely so her minders were very careful to never let her be seen wearing them as they pretty much destroyed her image.....

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This topic being nearly 9 years old I have some better pix now

By oldbugle at 18,Jan,19 13:55
Dunno, depends what the rest of her is like.

By oldbugle at 27,Dec,18 04:22

By oldbugle at 27,Dec,18 04:13
This is because of major changes in society in general when it comes to sexuality and 'gender'. The idea of 'maleness' has had a succession on knocks in recent years and young men are much more circumspect about feeling and expressing their gender than their older predecessors.......

Gender bashing, Weinstein, the LGBT thing, media, gay rights, womens movements have all played their part in this and it's not surprising that many young men are shy and even nervous about their masculinity.

.........Only last week there was an item on the BBC Website about a plan to teach boys that they "have periods" just like girls!

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By oldbugle at 30,May,18 14:00
Although mine is not really 'big' like some men here it IS a bit over average and has always stood pretty much up against my belly when I'm fully aroused and ready.....

Actually, it's not without it's danger for injury as a women only has to get a bit excited and throw herself forward and the ligatures are pulled painfully....I have had a couple of near disasters and, apparently, it's difficult to be repaired surgically. A "horizontal2 erection can be pulled down without risk.

By oldbugle at 30,May,18 13:51
I've never done anything "bisexual" and neither have many people here,...but,....we seem now to be in a minority!

........Perhaps it's time I left the site.

By oldbugle at 26,May,18 12:03
You can't actually see your "sperm" it's your semen that you see and it varies not only from man to man but from one day to another in the same man. In fact it changes thru your life as it contains a whole lot of stuff that most men don't know about!

By oldbugle at 26,May,18 12:00
I hd my pix on it thru comments here. It was quite a good site and complamented this site in a way

By oldbugle at 25,May,18 14:55
When I was a teenager in the 60's it was pretty much the only sex for the took months to get to the main event and it was not certain that she would go that far even then. Many girls were not even prepared to investigate what lived behind your flies.....

.....Although there was a minority who were keen to find out

It intrigued me even then that some girls were sensual and felt erotic while the majority were clumsy and ignorant with no real 'talent' for anything sexual.

By oldbugle at 13,May,18 10:48

By oldbugle at 21,Mar,18 05:39
I don't think you sound like a prude at all, just that you are beginning to gain some maturity. Woddy Allen said;..."there are only three important things in life; is sex and the others don't really matter". In actual reality, for most people sex is the 'salt n pepper' that givrs life flavour and value...BUT it's not life itself, just the flavouring. As such, sex is best when it flavours a secure stabile life with someone you know, trust and hopefully, is different and sometimes comes later and by surprise.....

For now, forget sex and don't dwell on your lack of relationship,....just 'get your act together' on a career, develop yourself as a person and find things that you are REALLY interested in that you want to explore in your life....cast your net widely!

Before long you will have turned into a selective, cultured and interesting guy, valued by the community and in demand with friends and other connections.....Then, worthwhile partners will come to you. Meanwhile treat EVERYONE yiu meet with kindness and integrity,..Good Luck!

By oldbugle at 06,Mar,18 11:47
My orgasms were dry for about three years and it is more common than many people think. I only 'discovered' orgasm because I found that my foreskin was too tight to go back when I was erect....every night in bed I pulled it back until the skin cut into the glans. It was quite painful but strangely exciting and one night the obvious happened and this excitement suddenly boiled over into the most exciting heart thudding thrill that fused my mind and hooked me for life....

By oldbugle at 06,Mar,18 11:37
'Kegel' excercises make orgasm much deeper and 'whole body' but they also extend orgasm duration considerably. My orgasms typically last around a minute, and various authorities have claimed that the usual male orgasm last only between 5 to 10 seconds....

I have a video on my page where you can see that orgasm from first involuntary grunt lasts about a minute at least and continues well past the last shot of semen.

By oldbugle at 01,Mar,18 18:06