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By onefunguy1 at 10,Nov,17 09:51
She gives a lot better than boxes of chocolate. Being nice goes a long way. I havent event asked for pictures but she is more than happy to send me some. Face and all. And she has a nice ass btw.
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And I've already seen every inch of her. Which was worth not posting on the forums about.

By onefunguy1 at 10,Nov,17 08:38
That sounds kind of fishy to me... I talk to Asskicker a bit. I guess she just likes me.more than you lol.

By onefunguy1 at 11,Nov,14 01:33
It wasn't the photoshopped part of it that offended me, its how he reacted to it. Messeged me and told me to stop trolling him. Really? I have much better things to do than "troll" a fake lol.

By onefunguy1 at 11,Sep,13 21:21

The sickness of this world is destroying all the dreams
The fools are kings, tearing apart the soul
The race for complication communicate reaction
The lack of heart of men, I grow distant from the core

Borrow this body for a lifetime, earthly material
My soul unraveled out of mental
The shell returns to dust

I focus on the present concentrate on what I find
Accelerate the vision high beyond the curse of time
Bring light to my attention, the walls of vacuum fall
This **** increases and tells me where to go

Follow, I enter my dimensions, awakened heart of life
Enforce my senses, I'm understanding
I find the will to live straight

I feel the change I see the vicious circle
finally turned into a virtuous one
Having the whole world in my hands, filled

Out of the frame I feel so vast I'm all around myself
Imaginative interaction
But I keep struggling inside to hold this always
Forever there

Is it the fear to fall in space that keeps us from understanding
The only way to find the power is to look inside
Increase your fall on purpose and let this river flow
Now you hold this **** appeared out of the vacuum of space

Remain in what you are, the center of your life
You made it to this point no one can tell you how
You crawled and bled all the way but you were the only one
That was tearing your soul apart, you finally find yourself

By onefunguy1 at 09,May,13 06:48