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March 2019 - Pic Of Month

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Started by dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 18,Mar,19 05:30  other posts of dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^
I still refuse to spam my friends to vote for me in Pic Of The Month because i think itís unbecoming and rude. Posting a blog or starting a main forum topic, in effect, spams my friends too (because they get a notification that i posted a blog/forum topic); but, as an ex-sportsman, iím so fukn tired of losing contest after contest to begging spammers (i donít deserve to win all of them - iím not deluded; but 1 in 75-100 is not me being cocky).
Iíll post the link to the contest here. You can vote for any/all of the contestantsí photos for free (HOT or NOT). You donít necessarily need to vote for me, as i have several friends in the competition that i would be just as happy to see win.
Voting may not be compulsory in some parts of the world; but iím declaring Australian Law (under which it is 🤪 ).
VOTE, my fellow fuckers!


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New Comment

By #581577 at 18,Mar,19 12:24
my good friend to me u r always a #1 winner
By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 19,Mar,19 07:30 other posts of dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ 
Mate, you are a legend (: ! I know i shouldnít care about losing, itís just the ex-sportsman thing that i canít kick
By #581577 at 22,Mar,19 17:45
you just need to upload the right pics brother. keep trying to win for yourself. your still no. 1 in my book

By JustWill at 18,Mar,19 15:37 other posts of JustWill 
I don't really pay that much attention to the contests. Never have, actually.
For what it's worth, Elf, you always have my vote...even if I don't register it in the competition.
By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 19,Mar,19 07:27 other posts of dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ 
You, Will...are a gentleman and a scholar (: ! You donít need to vote for me. Your unfettered friendship over the years is more than reward enough...even if you still call me Elf
By JustWill at 19,Mar,19 16:30 other posts of JustWill 
Like I said before, I happen to be a huge fan of Elves (the Legolas kind, not the tree-dwelling, cookie making sort--though I AM a fan of cookies), so I use it as a term of affection.

By #578610 at 18,Mar,19 12:18
Baby, I've entered almost every contest on site. Never won any. It's tough to win against organized groups. If it helps, you are a clear winner in my book,
By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 19,Mar,19 07:32 other posts of dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ 
You did win at least one with your previous profile, hotp (; ... but yeah, agreed
By #578610 at 19,Mar,19 11:13
See? The mind goes first. Still, it's very hard to win without a support group

By Onanizer at 18,Mar,19 08:28 other posts of Onanizer 
I just voted for you dude!
By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 19,Mar,19 07:35 other posts of dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ 
If only 1/10th of my friends were as loyal and awesome as you, Onan...(:
By Onanizer at 19,Mar,19 07:58 other posts of Onanizer 

By dura2000 at 18,Mar,19 08:21 other posts of dura2000 
I donít care about winning, if it fattens the dicks of the ones that cheat, fuck them and let them win. They are the real losers.
By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 19,Mar,19 07:38 other posts of dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ 
Very well said, dura (: - iím kind of feeling less peeved now that you and my other friends have put things in perspective (:. I still wanna WIN though (ďshut up, the inner competitor in meĒ )

By dgraff at 18,Mar,19 08:37 other posts of dgraff 
You got my vote
By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 19,Mar,19 07:34 other posts of dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ 
Cheers, dgr - mate (:

By Sicilian1 at 18,Mar,19 11:02 other posts of Sicilian1 
Got it, I'm just glad I'm so average, I don't have to worry about this shit, I just ignore the ones who "ask for the vote."
By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 19,Mar,19 07:33 other posts of dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ 
As you should, Sicily (: ...and you arenít average - youíre a great guy!!!

By Curvey51 at 18,Mar,19 05:52 other posts of Curvey51 
You seem to be a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. Why is it so important to you to win these contests. I don't think any of your friends care.
By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 18,Mar,19 06:03 other posts of dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ 
Just the competitive sportsman in me, mate. That facet aside, i am pretty chilled unless challenged (: . When you grow up playing 4-7 games of sport a week from the age of 5 until 26, you develop a ďmust win attitudeĒ. Itís definitely an unhealthy mindset, C51 - my friend; but one win on here would probably ease the cut-throat sportsman in me . As i said, donít see this as me saying you have to vote for me or vote at all. It was just the least cringe-worthy (in my mind) way to publicise (which every contest winner does in their own way)👍👍👍🥃
By GEORGIE10 at 18,Mar,19 15:16 other posts of GEORGIE10 
I vote for pics I like! I tell the ones who PM me for a vote that my vote is not given upon request and that usually stops them from asking.
By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 19,Mar,19 07:29 other posts of dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ 
Thatís exactly what a polite guy like you should do, GEO (: ! Very few people ask me coz they know it shits me

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