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Started by cunthunter at 08,Mar,20 07:18  other posts of cunthunter
Hi everyone

I would appreciate your feedback. Please rate my dick from 1-10

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New Comment

By chris51 at 31,Jul,21 14:21 other posts of chris51 

By Hardnstrokin at 30,Jul,21 12:18 other posts of Hardnstrokin 
A 10 for sure!

By #647571 at 28,Jul,21 15:01
It is beautiful and perfect, big and thick for your age ! 10/10

By babycok at 12,Jul,21 08:30 other posts of babycok 
It looks very big - maybe 8 inches. Capable of very deep penetration of a vagina - must be very satisfying for the girl as well as you.

By inkognito36 at 10,Jul,21 23:12 other posts of inkognito36 
10/10 !!!

By GeniusPat at 10,Jul,21 10:48 other posts of GeniusPat 

By Lilboi at 07,Jul,21 03:00 other posts of Lilboi 
11 out of ten

By Bigcountry at 23,Jun,21 18:11 other posts of Bigcountry 
I give it a 10 I would love to ride it

By Haak90 at 16,May,21 23:37 other posts of Haak90 
Eine solide 8. Fьr eine 10 stimmt die Symmetrie nicht ganz. Sieht aber schцn groЯ und krдftig aus.

By Knob67 at 12,May,21 16:11 other posts of Knob67 
Nice cock & skin.

By SmoothCutRawDick at 08,May,21 05:23 other posts of SmoothCutRawDick 

By denim9150 at 19,Apr,21 10:29 other posts of denim9150 
Great Cock.

By #640184 at 12,Apr,21 08:09
definitely 11/10 haha

By KyCCGLW89 at 11,Apr,21 12:13 other posts of KyCCGLW89 

By Charl at 11,Apr,21 07:06 other posts of Charl 

By Allalexallday at 11,Apr,21 06:46 other posts of Allalexallday 

By cock5382 at 30,Mar,21 01:03 other posts of cock5382 

By #639209 at 29,Mar,21 20:12

By gosha at 03,Mar,21 14:03 other posts of gosha 

By #634242 at 07,Feb,21 17:42
10.5 You're gorgeous!

By suckerovr30 at 03,Feb,21 04:06 other posts of suckerovr30 

By #635246 at 31,Jan,21 03:47
Nice looking cock

By #633597 at 28,Jan,21 08:58
Much bigger than my little dick

By Cockzilla at 27,Jan,21 06:31 other posts of Cockzilla 

By pifad at 18,Jan,21 10:27 other posts of pifad 

By #612360 at 17,Jan,21 22:50

By Notamonster at 11,Jan,21 04:19 other posts of Notamonster 

By DixieNormis21 at 10,Jan,21 19:27 other posts of DixieNormis21 

I give it a 10! How big and what’s the verdict on mine ?

By PJWICK at 10,Jan,21 11:41 other posts of PJWICK 
The wrapper is still on that package

By yeehawboyy at 16,Jul,20 22:11 other posts of yeehawboyy 
10!!! looks so hot

By gaining at 16,Jul,20 14:18 other posts of gaining 

By AvgJo at 12,Jun,20 04:03 other posts of AvgJo 
Perfect ten

By #618623 at 30,May,20 14:23
I give a 9. Fuck it’s hot

By #617307 at 14,May,20 07:44
I give you a 9.

By evil957 at 13,May,20 23:57 other posts of evil957 
I give you a 9/10

By katica24 at 11,May,20 09:29 other posts of katica24 

By Mikkellund1312 at 11,May,20 00:45 other posts of Mikkellund1312 
I’ll rate it with a high number. I just got two questions: How Big is it and will you give feedback on mine? [deleted image]

By #616744 at 10,May,20 23:09
I give u a 10, looks great to me

By littleprince at 10,May,20 03:46 other posts of littleprince 
No-one is perfect so that you get 8.

By #568803 at 25,Apr,20 18:18
10! How big is it?

By #614622 at 07,Apr,20 03:25
Very nice and amazing

By tcputts at 07,Apr,20 02:20 other posts of tcputts 
10 for the nice foreskin!

By #614313 at 04,Apr,20 20:27

By big79 at 31,Mar,20 10:21 other posts of big79 
Extremely worth a vote of 100/100 and would definitely suck you off and Definitely would love to have your full length fucking me xxx

By #609972 at 30,Mar,20 15:13
10/10 would sit on

By #612667 at 24,Mar,20 16:18
Smokin hot awsome cock 10 out of 10 from me 👍😎🇦🇺

By jerrycums at 15,Mar,20 14:39 other posts of jerrycums 
20, its lovely.

By kopdude at 15,Mar,20 05:57 other posts of kopdude 
That's an 11!

By #612377 at 14,Mar,20 12:40
That is hudge!! A 10

By balin16 at 14,Mar,20 05:29 other posts of balin16 
Very big

By shozer at 11,Mar,20 07:43 other posts of shozer 
10 perfect cock for sucking

By eonblue at 11,Mar,20 02:47 other posts of eonblue 
9 Nice uncut thick cock!

By #572554 at 08,Mar,20 11:34
Fuck, man. I’m sorry. I was going to vote 10. Thought I had to push the + button 10 times. I didn’t know it was going to make me look like an asshole and give your hot cock a 1. I don’t usually rate the cocks on here but I’m bored and stoned... Can I change my vote or fix it?

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