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Going for a walk...with my cock out... 19,Mar,11 00:04
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Naked driving

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Sitting in the grass

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These pics where taken while driving from the naturist resort where I was staying to an area where I went nude hiking. Great to never having to get dressed!

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Oh yeah!

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I love outdoor nudity.

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I love being naked as much as possible.

It's great it's finally summer, even here in cold Sweden, so I can spend some naked time outdoors as well.

By mn751 at 18,Apr,15 23:33
Shooting my load in the shower
Shooting my load
Orgasm at 43000 ft

By mn751 at 13,Apr,15 23:21
Every day!

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Hope you'll see a lot of cocks on during your travel as well...

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Hard and horny!

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I love being nude. At home, at resorts, at the beach, ...

I've been staying at two different nude resorts at the Canary Islands and visited numerous nude beaches in different countries.

Skinny dipping

At the beach

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By mn751 at 05,Mar,15 20:14
In the dunes of Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, looking at a couple fucking. Probably about 20 persons around.

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Testing my new cock rings

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Best time of the day is when coming home from work and finally being able to strip it all off...

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I shave my cock and balls in the shower with a razor, but never get any itching.

On the area around my cock and balls, I get itching, so I should probably try an electric shaver there instead.

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Yes, it's wonderful. Just avoiding the hassle of wet bathing suits is great.

It's more that I'm not used to beaches with mixed dressed and nude, otherwise it's normally one of them. For me it doesn't matter if most other people are dressed or nude as long as it's a place where nudity is ok.

By mn751 at 21,Nov,14 22:37
Two pics from today's visit to the beach:
Photo of a thing from mn751
Photo of a member from mn751

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Photo of Man's Ass from mn751

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Jacking off in the shower
Shooting my load in the shower

In the shower

By mn751 at 20,Nov,14 17:41
A love being naked as much as possible. I'm currently staying at a naturist resort and haven't had any clothes on today. Waking up naked, breakfast on the balcony naked, reading a book by the pool naked, lunch in the pool bar naked, walking to the beach naked, lying on the beach naked (where about 90 % were clothed) and now browsing SYD naked. I love it!

By mn751 at 20,Nov,14 17:35
I get a lot of precum. I don't even need to be hard, my dick can be leaking anyway, which can embarrasing when naked in public. I've been on nude beaches and not noticing anything until I feel it dripping on my foot...
Dripping precum

By mn751 at 20,Nov,14 17:23
This is precum!

Dripping precum
Dripping precum

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