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By mobiusdick at 09,Feb,21 12:47
Just goes to show no matter how much you beat a dead horse, it won't come back to life.

By mobiusdick at 20,Jan,21 17:06

By mobiusdick at 20,Jan,21 16:07
I think he carried the nuclear "football" with him, so he still has right at under an hour to use it before they change all the codes. That's going to be a nail-biter.

By mobiusdick at 12,Jan,21 13:11
Oh it's worse than that. All of his major sponsors are abandoning him. The banks that have kept him afloat are going to be less and less amenable to continue lending to him. I see a fire sale of a lot of his holdings and another bankruptcy (what is this, the fourth or fifth one?) on the horizon. He goes on about how wealthy he is, but I think the world is about to find out how cash poor he really is.

By mobiusdick at 11,Jan,21 00:37
I was never given a choice, it was done to me at birth. Some doctor probably talked my parents into it so he could charge for it. Obviously too late to worry about it, but if I had been given a choice I would never have let them do it.

By mobiusdick at 10,Jan,21 21:10

By mobiusdick at 09,Jan,21 12:50
Yea I heard him talking on a radio broadcast and I thought it was a woman talking at first. He had one of those high pitched "girly" voices. Maybe he belongs to the "FTM's for Trump" group.

By mobiusdick at 07,Jan,21 00:01
That is the way the world ends....not with a bang, but a whimper. Who said that?

All this s**t is the beginning of the end for this country.

By mobiusdick at 04,Jan,21 18:51
I plan on catching up on my DVR recordings while it's going on. Maybe I'll just watch South Park, because Trump has been about like having Eric Cartman as president for the last four years.

By mobiusdick at 27,Dec,20 11:14
That was fast, he already deleted his profile

By mobiusdick at 24,Dec,20 23:26
What's next for him? Oblivion.....irrelevance...his 15 minutes of fame are LONG overdue to expire. Not that it will happen, but I can always hope. All his groupies act like they love him to death now, but it never lasts. He will find them to be fickle as hell. (Wishful thinking again.)

By mobiusdick at 23,Dec,20 16:01
I'm not predicting who will be president. This will be an all-purpose, generic "I told you so" thread. It's just that all this blabbering is pontless until we know how this turns out.

By mobiusdick at 23,Dec,20 15:08
OMG Blah Blah Blah Blah.......Why don't we just all wait till January 20, 2021,say around 12:15 PM EST, right after the Chief Justice swears in the president.Then all the appropriate "I told you so"'s can then be dealt out. I'll even start a thread called "I told you so."

By mobiusdick at 23,Dec,20 00:27
Hmm...insulting people to try to make your point...

Not very original, actually one of the oldest ploys used.

The odds are not in Trump's favor that is for sure.
Good luck is all I can say.

By mobiusdick at 22,Dec,20 18:54
It was a good run while it lasted. Trust me something else will take its place.

By mobiusdick at 22,Dec,20 10:27
Nice try Mr. Kebmo, but convincing them of anything is a lost cause.

By mobiusdick at 22,Dec,20 00:36
It's only "fake news" when it doesn't substantiate their outlandish claims. When it does, it's top notch reporting. No evidence required for a "trustworthy" slimeball like Bill O'Reilly.

By mobiusdick at 20,Dec,20 15:14
Looks like the Trump is mulling the idea of declaring martial law to get his way on the election. We're now officially the newest third world country. He should pay Maduro a visit for pointers on how to cling to power without the courts or the people on his side.

By mobiusdick at 18,Dec,20 14:45

By mobiusdick at 17,Dec,20 19:52
Where I live, there's usually just one long summer, starting in May and ending around October or November.

By mobiusdick at 17,Dec,20 19:46
He's certainly acquired the taste for it, given that he's been licking Putin's asshole for the past four years.

By mobiusdick at 16,Dec,20 12:09
I'm a little rusty on my latin.

By mobiusdick at 15,Dec,20 13:27
Don't count on that any time soon.

By mobiusdick at 15,Dec,20 09:33
They will NEVER admit anything. The dirty Yankees (i.e. Biden supporters) have have disrespected their right to their president terrorizing the world for another four years. Let's see how this plays out, but it didn't turn out too well for the South (i.e. Trump supporters) the first time.

By mobiusdick at 15,Dec,20 00:36
Believe me there is still PLENTY of drama to unfold. It will be better than Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, The Young And The Restless,etc all put together. That Greg Kelly guy on NewsMax is pushing some kind of kooky agenda of trying to pull off a coup on January 6. Yeah Donald Trump and Rudy Giulianni pulling off a coup....about like one of Lucy and Ethel's hair-brained schemes.

By mobiusdick at 14,Dec,20 00:04
His presidency was little more than a scheme to energize the Trump brand. It seems to have helped, given the latest grift on his die hard followers.
He's managed to get them to open up their checkbooks for his supposed "cause", but in reality it's not clear at all what all that cash is going to be used for.

By mobiusdick at 12,Dec,20 09:58
It looks like it might be over and Biden is going to be president... Trump's legal fight is over and he's going to stop trying to get all the mail-in votes invalidated....NOT!!
I predict he's going to exhaust appeal after appeal, and it will devolve into a fist fight on the floor of Congress in January. He won't even admit defeat when the Chief Justice is swearing Biden in as president.

By mobiusdick at 10,Dec,20 17:58
See what I mean?

By mobiusdick at 10,Dec,20 13:57
These people are inconvincible, trying to convince them is pointless. I'm sure everyone remembers that Leonardo DeCaprio movie "Inception". In a sense it doesn't whether any of these wild claims of fraud are true, truth hasn't really mattered that much in the last four years. I think Trump's main goal is to plant the idea of fraud into his follower's minds. This has just been one big inception. Unfortunately, I'm afraid, in that he has been successful.

By mobiusdick at 05,Dec,20 18:10
Just look at the total number of members on the main page. It's down about a thousand members from what it used to be. Leastways this site will never be able to compete with the likes of Facebook, let's face it.

By mobiusdick at 04,Dec,20 09:47
Well thanks for the advice, Mr. President-Elect, but it seems that most guys enjoy it when they make me gag. It gives them the illusion that their dicks are bigger than they are.

By mobiusdick at 03,Dec,20 16:58
OMG what a load of bull. Doesn't surprise me though. I might have thrown up a little bit in my mouth while I watched it.

By mobiusdick at 01,Dec,20 20:51
Wow, attorney general Bill Barr has said that he has found no evidence of fraud in the 2020 election. That's gotta say something since he and Lindsey Graham usually fight over who's gonna get to stick their nose up Trump's ass.

I would say that Barr will be urged to resign within the next week.

By mobiusdick at 27,Nov,20 19:31
Nothing is for certain, I can't predict the future. But with every passing day, with every court action, with every misstep by Rudy Giuliani, with every tweet by Trump himself, it seems less and less likely that Trump will be able to pull off a comeback. I'm starting not to care about any of it.

By mobiusdick at 24,Nov,20 20:29
He's in the bargaining phase.

By mobiusdick at 23,Nov,20 08:45
When Tammy Faye Bakker died and the funeral home got all the makeup off her face, they found out it was really Jimmy Hoffa.

By mobiusdick at 17,Nov,20 09:03
Just let him go through the five stages... at least give him that. He's very clearly in the anger stage.

By mobiusdick at 03,Nov,20 17:06
He must be worried. Otherwise he wouldn't be trying so hard to convince people to vote for the Trump. People have already made up their minds one way or the other, nobody is going to take the time to wade through all that.

By mobiusdick at 22,Oct,20 22:32
Wow. I keep remembering that saying "Opinions are like assholes..everybody's got one." We won't know until we know. Then we'll deal with whatever happens, just like we've been doing for centuries.

By mobiusdick at 19,Oct,20 22:04
Feels so good when it swells up thick like this. The orgasms are mindblowing then too.

By mobiusdick at 13,Oct,20 18:26
I like the style of your words here. I probably would have said something rude like "I want the walking bowl of anus-pus that is our president out of here". But since you put it so nicely I won't have to be so rude. Aren't you glad I wasn't?

By mobiusdick at 10,Oct,20 16:32

By mobiusdick at 09,Oct,20 15:21
Wow, it's hard.

By mobiusdick at 09,Oct,20 09:23
Well he is posting on this site apparently, isn't that what we do here?

By mobiusdick at 09,Oct,20 02:52
Hey Mr. President when are you going to post a picture of your dick?

By mobiusdick at 05,Oct,20 10:55

By mobiusdick at 02,Oct,20 08:53
I'll have to admit that when I heard that I let some evil thoughts enter my head. But then I immediately gave myself 20 lashes with a whip, kind of like that weird looking albino guy did in the DaVinci Code.

By mobiusdick at 01,Oct,20 15:51
4 Above average

By mobiusdick at 25,Sep,20 18:31
Yes, admirable goals. Too bad they come from a totally despicable human being.

By mobiusdick at 11,Sep,20 16:21
He doesn't seem to be able to keep his trap shut. He didn't have to get diarrhea of the mouth with Woodward. You know they call nuclear secrets TOP SECRET for a reason. That's because you're not supposed to talk about them. I think he deserves whatever he gets because of this mess.