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By dreamer at 11,Jun,18 06:39
Agree 100%

By dreamer at 11,Jun,18 06:14
I'm shocked to learn off John's passing. We used to communicate via e mail as I shared in his love for Dachshunds and enjoyed learning more about his country.
When my e mails started coming back undelivered I realized something was wrong. Thank you very much for your friendship John. R.I.P. my friend.

By dreamer at 09,Dec,17 18:26
Agree 100%

By dreamer at 09,Dec,17 06:32

By dreamer at 24,Nov,17 05:13
I used to feel very self conscious about my size when I was younger.


By dreamer at 24,Sep,17 06:20

By dreamer at 18,Aug,17 10:33

By dreamer at 18,Aug,17 09:10
Hi Willy. 10

By dreamer at 02,Mar,16 14:46
I'm March 3rd. Thank you very much, much appreciated. The same to you and everybody else with Birthdays in March. Happy Happy Birthday to you all. Enjoy!

By dreamer at 10,Dec,14 05:30
10 for sure

By dreamer at 11,Sep,14 07:55
On this special day, I wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

By dreamer at 10,Sep,14 05:21
Missed yoy too Steffi

By dreamer at 10,Sep,14 05:20
Missed you too

By dreamer at 10,Sep,14 05:12
I have some stretch marks

By dreamer at 10,Sep,14 05:06
Exquisite to say the least

By dreamer at 09,Sep,14 07:10
Helloooo. Sure will be peeking at you "peekatchu"

By dreamer at 09,Sep,14 07:03
MMmmmm deliciously wet

By dreamer at 09,Sep,14 06:26
YIPPEEEEE!!!Welcome back Steffi

By dreamer at 26,Jun,14 13:03
I use NO HAIR, Lotion Hair Remover with moisturising baby oil.
Never had problems. But always test on small area to see if any reaction. Never bath directly before or after applying. And don't leave on longer than recommended.

By dreamer at 26,Jun,14 09:52
I don't shave, too much work. I use hair remover cream. If used correctly there is no discomfort or irritation.

By dreamer at 26,Jun,14 07:49
Thanks for your kind words

By dreamer at 25,Jun,14 06:54
No butt hurt problems on my side. I take most things around here with a few bags of salt. Definitely no stick poking at the monkey, just some slapping now and then

By dreamer at 24,Jun,14 10:12
I'm on the small side

By dreamer at 24,Jun,14 08:49
Living in South Africa I'm sure it must be Union Rugby then.
7's and 15's Springboks. Super 15 (Sharks), Currie Cup (Sharks), Tri Nations etc. I truly enjoyed the Junior World Championship. England beat us 21-20

By dreamer at 23,Jun,14 11:25
Why don't you show us your "straight as an arrow" dick.

By dreamer at 23,Jun,14 10:57

By dreamer at 23,Jun,14 10:56
Ag please skippy, go spank your monkey

By dreamer at 23,Jun,14 10:50

By dreamer at 13,Jun,14 18:46

By dreamer at 13,Jun,14 18:41
I tend to agree with you Hi there Will. Long time no see

By dreamer at 12,Jun,14 06:16
Rugby all the way.

By dreamer at 06,Jun,14 17:08

By dreamer at 28,Mar,14 17:36
Ag please Daffu don't go
Hang in there friend, I don't visit SYC/SYD so often any more, but you will be missed. You, like so many others give life to this site. The jokes/humour, friendship etc etc. You are one of them. Please reconsider.

By dreamer at 10,Mar,14 12:59

By dreamer at 10,Mar,14 12:52
Well said

By dreamer at 31,Jan,14 22:17
Here in South Africa we thrive on bullshit, just ask the ANC, or Jacob Zuma our beloved PresIdent.
--------------------------------------- added after 52 minutes

Nee! Ma se hare....

By dreamer at 31,Jan,14 21:26
Do you Americans understand what Africans are saying? Like us from South Africa, we talk this British shit English, they call it African English. I'm Afrikaans. Some call me a Dutchman. That is ok....

By dreamer at 31,Jan,14 21:08
I luv you too... We sure did, no happy pink pills, or is that purple

By dreamer at 31,Jan,14 19:49
So in my broken English may I start shitting myself/ throw my toys out of the pram/cot? Maak uit? Verstaan? I luv you all...

By dreamer at 31,Jan,14 19:18
The South African Economy is totally fucked -up now. And still they strike. So seriously...

By dreamer at 31,Jan,14 19:13
Eet hom soos n mielie, dat die hare in jou tande sit....

By dreamer at 25,Nov,13 18:48
Slip of the finger maybe, m instead of n, do you mean any?

By dreamer at 23,Nov,13 16:51
Hi John, in my opinion bro/bros refer to brothers or male friends. Here in South Africa they also sometimes use it. If Afrikaans speaking they will spell it broe or bru.

By dreamer at 22,Nov,13 17:33
Hear Hear

By dreamer at 15,Nov,13 08:06
All pussies are beautiful to me, each in its own unique way. A work of art

By dreamer at 12,Nov,13 18:24

By dreamer at 12,Nov,13 12:49
Well said John

By dreamer at 12,Nov,13 10:02

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