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Hott Bunz & Hard Cock (^_^) 16,Feb,13 01:02


By Blu-Leo at 28,Feb,13 00:50
well I'm a nice guy, and people have told me I'm hott, so I guess that's for you people to decide (^_^)

By Blu-Leo at 28,Feb,13 00:48
Mmm I only sucked cock several times from the same person, my friend, and that was years ago. But I always have the urge to suck cock, lick balls. As long as I like the cock and the balls are shaved (^_^)

By Blu-Leo at 17,Feb,13 04:11
Looks great! Very suckable (^_^)

By Blu-Leo at 17,Feb,13 03:54

My ass is virgin as well =] I like yours (^_^)

By Blu-Leo at 17,Feb,13 03:51
Definitely wouldn't mind learning.. =]

By Blu-Leo at 17,Feb,13 03:49

Either or =]
If it's tight,I'd lick and suck em til the sack gets nice and soft. (^_^)

By Blu-Leo at 16,Feb,13 01:10
[deleted image]

By Blu-Leo at 16,Feb,13 01:08
[deleted image]

Join my group if you fit the criteria; namely liking my ass (^_^)

--> /groups.php?id=1704

By Blu-Leo at 16,Feb,13 01:04

By Blu-Leo at 16,Feb,13 01:03

By Blu-Leo at 05,Aug,12 02:39
Oh, if you really like mine, it's got a club =]

By Blu-Leo at 05,Aug,12 02:37

[deleted image]

And finally....
[deleted image]

By Blu-Leo at 05,Aug,12 02:33
Thanks Daffs, you the man!

By Blu-Leo at 02,Aug,12 01:59

By Blu-Leo at 02,Aug,12 01:57
It'd be nice if someone answered the question asked by several people : how to post an image rather than a link.

By Blu-Leo at 30,Jul,12 02:47
And for damn good reasons!
I can think of at least 5 (^_^)

By Blu-Leo at 29,Jul,12 23:40
love your balls too

By Blu-Leo at 29,Jul,12 02:00