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By shavenjason at 26,Sep,20 03:09
Mine was with a guy at a camp ground in the communal showers. I saw him shaving his cock and I started to get hard. When he saw me getting hard he walked over and grabbed my cock. Within minutes I was on my knees sucking his cock. Just as he was about to cum someone else walked in and saw us. He was shocked. And he pulled his cock out of my mouth and came on my face. The other guy just started getting naked for his shower as if nothing happened. I washed the cum off my face and showered The other guy was rubbing his cock with soap and was getting hard. At this stage I was still rock hard. Was funny 3 guys in the shower block all with erections.

By shavenjason at 06,May,18 12:22
I fucked my neighbors daughter when she was 19

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By shavenjason at 17,Dec,13 12:38
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By shavenjason at 16,Aug,13 14:13
cut is best you can feel your head rubbing on your shorts constantly , i never were under ware and i sunbath naked so my cock gets burnt and it feels awesome . plus when your at the nude beach most guys have forskin so when people see me they tend to look more at my nob and i love it

By shavenjason at 16,Aug,13 13:53
i walk around on the beach naked with my shaved cock and i get lots of looks especially from women , they must love my shaved cock.
sometimes if they are hot i get a semi, but i want to get a full erection one day in front of these women and just continue strolling down the beach as if its normal