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Mexican cock 02,Mar,14 05:49
Cancun Mexico 04,Jan,14 04:20
yahoo jerk anyone? 06,Jun,13 04:19
who wants to group jerk on skype 03,Apr,13 04:12
frends??? 27,Mar,13 02:46
what kinds of pics to post on the site 16,Oct,12 21:21
how would you fuck me 04,Oct,12 04:58


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Check out my page I love to pm so hmu

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Let me know what you think

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I got more on my page come check them out

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I have more on my page

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South Portland ME

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I honestly make my self do it I just cum straight into my mouth and swallow

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Any one know where I can find a store like this in Portland Maine?

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Awww no pics?

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My skype ID is jerkforfun add me all are welcome

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That was painful to read

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WATE STEFFI LEAFT!!!! What caused her to leave was it medical reasons or were some jealous pricks bitching to steffi? Cuz I'll hunt them down and slap a bitch if I have to!

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Add me ID is jerkforfun

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This is mine around 300 views and 0 comments

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I was the same way it wasn't until I started checking out cocks that I realized more and more that I'm gay and it wasn't just the cocks it was the community too. My tip would be to start off by getting used to putting things like your fingers in your anus then when you feel comfortable with that it might be easier and you may want to start with a three some that way you have guy and girl. also if having trouble with the idea of swallowing try cuming into a water bottle with a small amount of water left and down it like a shot hope this helps and have fun

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I'm naked right now it feels so good

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I loooooove to suck

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this is mine

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Hmmm.... i think i was like 6 me and my friend would jerk each other's cocks. i remember one day we were older but still fairly young when his mom was gone we would strip down and walk around his house. we also figured out how to jerk together we would put both hands flat on ether side of our dicks and rub our hands together

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i shave them cuz it keeps my ballz from itching and they dont swet as much

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if you are nerves about it use sizers thats what i did when i started trimming its a lot less itchy and your balls wont swet as much

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see that is why more people should be bisexual it gives you more options. for example if ur not having luck with the ladies try men see how that goes and vice versa. good for you btw

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yah cuz that would not be awkword

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i do that too works fine for me

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i think you got more of it in ur nose than your mouth

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HAHAHAHAHAHA reading books ..... oh you r serious i am not the "reads for fun" type of person but i like survival type books like Hatchet

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cas66 what does it consern you like will sayed earlier they are not doing any harm so why make such a big deal about it

By Generalcock at 18,Apr,13 03:26
no i agree with your opinions/statements i was not trying to start a debate, like im not going to come back saying "blah blah blah" trying to change your mind it was more of a "what if" statement if you will, and your right you can never be too cairful with all thoes douche bags out there.

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i am no longer skypeing there is not enough people on at once to do a group jerk and it feels a little awkward jerking off one on one altho i have no problem doing it IRL

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dang steffi there is just somethig about your cream filled pussy and just you in general that just gets me every time i check out ur pics.

ps how are you doing u feeling better at all

By Generalcock at 17,Apr,13 04:58
NO NO I totaly agree 100% with what you and every one else that has posted on this forum it was just a thought i have only tried skypeing once to see what it was like and it felt soo awkward that when ever someone wants me to skype them i just think up an excuse not to IE "i cant my roomates are home"
(i did end up deleting my account)

By Generalcock at 17,Apr,13 04:38
the only reason i would skype with someone on this site is to jerk off

By Generalcock at 17,Apr,13 04:15
now peach what about this, through my travails around this site i have noticed that you 2nice and bella! (for example) communicate quite often and seem to be good friends with each other if they decided they felt they knew you enough and felt comfortable enough to skype you wouldent you feel more comfortable doing it too?
just a thought.

Respectfully yours -Generalcock

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attached to a fucking hot body

By Generalcock at 12,Apr,13 02:02
what a dumb shit

By Generalcock at 10,Apr,13 03:29
ya u can its an option

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when is the next group wank pm me to let me know and my skype ID is funtime7027