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By swvsucker at 03,Jul,22 17:04
Me. I have been married to my wife for almost 30 years and am a dedicated cocksucker. Just fucked her last night. Over the years I have had several regular feeders including a married guy I sucked off 3-5 times per week for 9.5 years. At one point I had 3 regular feeders and was giving 8-12 blowjobs per week between the three of them.

By swvsucker at 20,Dec,21 19:06
Absolutely! I was 13. I woke up because I had just had a wet dream. I went to the bathroom to see what happened. I was unsure what the sticky white stuff was in my underwear. I smelled it, then tasted it. My dick was still hard, so I rubbed it a bit. Suddenly I felt pressure in it so I let go and I shot 5 or 6 squirts of thick cum all over the place. I was amazed at how good it felt!

After I cleaned up everything I went back to bed and laid there playing with my dick. I started feeling that good pressure build again, so I grabbed it and stroked it some and again I shot several thick squirts on my stomach and chest.

By swvsucker at 24,Sep,21 13:56
I was in Cabela's a few days ago and a dad took his daughter (prob 9 or 10 years old) in the men's bathroom. For a split second I thought he might be a **** stealing someone's kid, but he had her stand against the wall at the urinals while he used it. Made me uncomfortable as fuck.

By swvsucker at 15,Jul,21 20:32
I always find it interesting that guys post a pic of their obviously soft dick to prove they have a little dick.

Mine is 2.6 inches when hard...

By swvsucker at 11,Apr,20 21:24
I was 14 and so was my cousin. We had played with our dicks in front of each other, but never touched or anything. I had seen his cock enough that I was craving sucking it.

We got ahold of a porn movie and was watching it and had our dicks out. In one scene this girl agrees to fuck two guys if they suck each other first. I asked if he would suck a cock to get pussy and he said no. He asked if I would and I said yes. Then I added that I would like to do it even if I wasn't getting pussy. Nothing was said after that.

A few minutes later I asked if he wanted us to play with each other and he said yes. After a few minutes he stopped playing with mine and just laid back while I stroked and rubbed his. From our angle my head was sort of blocking the TV and he asked me to move my head, so I lowered my head down putting my face just a few inches from his cock. I knew if I stayed there he would shoot on my face and I was really excited about that, but I was dying to suck it.

Then he said to go a little lower and put his hand on the back of my head. I decided to go for it and opened wide and lowered my mouth onto his cock. He didn't stop me, so I started sucking. I was in heaven!

After maybe three or four minutes he told me he was about to cum and said I better stop. I kept sucking. A few moments later he warned me again. I kept sucking, but I applied a little more suction and rubbed his balls. A third time he warned me and said I had to stop now or he was cumming in my mouth. I kept sucking. He didn't say anything else, I just felt cum blast the back of my throat and fill my mouth. It was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted and I swallowed it all.

He was shocked that I did out and that I swallowed. I told him I had really liked it a lot. He tried sucking me, but stopped after a minute and said he didn't like it. After that I sucked him off all the time throughout our teen years and into our late 30s.

By swvsucker at 26,Mar,20 20:37
Mine is 2.9 inches when hard and barely a nub when soft and I am very happy about it. I am not ashamed of it at all.

By swvsucker at 26,Mar,20 20:34
My dick is 3 no. On the flip side, I have deep-throated many cocks

By swvsucker at 01,Sep,18 11:35
When I was 17 I had a freak girlfriend that loved to fuck. One day she wanted to see how many times she could make me cum and she fucked me to orgasm 13 times over about an 8 or 9 hour period.

If we are talking jacking off, my record is 5 in one day.

By swvsucker at 01,Sep,18 11:32
3.25 inches long
5.5 inches girth

By swvsucker at 18,Feb,18 21:40
I passed the 600 mark in 2016. Sort of quit keeping count after that. Gotta be approaching 700 by now. Probably 95% of them were gloryhole cocks too.

By swvsucker at 26,Jan,18 23:32
I used to go to my in-laws house a lot when me and my wife first got married. I would wear these sweatpants that had a hole in the crotch with no underwear and when my wife's little **** was around I would allow my cock to fall out of the hole. She saw it often but never said anything to anyone, so I assume she enjoyed the view.

By swvsucker at 17,Jan,18 05:25
Sucked off my cousin when we were in 7th grade. Long story short, we were jerking to some porn and I was dying to suck his cock. A scene in the movie gave me a chance and I basically ended up asking to suck him off. He agreed and I was hooked. When he came in my mouth I was in heaven. He sucked me too, but didn't like it. I admitted that I loved doing it and ended up being his regular cocksucker for many years after that.

By swvsucker at 17,Jan,18 05:21
I woke up in the midst of my first wet dream. I rushed to the bathroom freaking out with no idea what was happening. I pulled down my underwear and there was cum in them and it was still running out of my dick a little. I went to sort of rub my dick and squeeze the remaining cum out of my dick and it immediately felt amazing. I did this little milking/stroking motion and suddenly I blasted cum across the room. It was the most amazing feeling I had ever had. I sat there and continued until I shot another load all over the place. After that I was hooked and have been a jack-a-holic every since.

By swvsucker at 24,May,17 15:08
I fit with ease. I barely crack the 3 inch mark.

By swvsucker at 24,May,17 15:07
Every day. If I get my first nut early in the day then I usually jack a second time in the evening.

By swvsucker at 22,Apr,17 15:09
I love eating my own seed. In spite of having a little dick I have always been a producer of big creamy loads that taste delicious.

I have not done it in a while, but I used to use empty medicine bottles to save up 10-15 loads in the freezer and then thaw them out and warm them up in a cup of hot water and eat them during a jack session. By freezing the loads right away they stay "just shot" fresh and tasty.

By swvsucker at 02,Feb,17 14:59
I can not honestly say why I did it, but when I was about 14 or 15 I would slip out of the house after dark, strip naked and leave my clothes hidden under the porch and go running around the neighborhood. The farther I got from home and the protection of my clothes, the more I loved it.

About the 3rd time I did this I went down by the main road which was a busy 2 lane 55 MPH road. I realized that even if someone driving by saw me there was no way for them to stop in time to catch me. So I walked out and stood about 5 feet from the road and jerked my little dick. As the first car approached I had an amazing orgasm. I was hooked. That was 30 years ago and I still go for naked walks, sometimes in the daytime too. I also like to drive naked which is always fun when a mall parking lot is nearby.

By swvsucker at 02,Feb,17 14:46
Simply not true. The length of my hand is right at 8 inches. My dick is 3.25 inches.

By swvsucker at 02,Feb,17 14:30
My little 3.25" guy. I love small dick humiliation

[deleted image]

By swvsucker at 17,Oct,16 14:25
My wife calls me Stubby or Stubs

By swvsucker at 17,Oct,16 14:24
I agree, she is gorgeous. Plus I have a major foot fetish and her feet are heavenly!

By swvsucker at 13,Oct,16 15:19
I have no idea how anyone can reject it. I consider cum to be my reward for a job well done. I love it and can nit get enough.

And I prefer it thick and gooey. I like the "cum coating" a thick load leaves in my mouth, similar to drinking milk on a hot day.

By swvsucker at 20,Jan,16 15:45
I fuck the wife 2-3 times per week and jack off at least once per day.

By swvsucker at 14,Jan,16 22:04
I don't know if I have answered this one or not. Don't feel like looking back through the comments so I will answer anyway.

I started sucking my cousin's cock when I was 14 and continued tosuck him off all through high school. I went to a few public restrooms when I was 16 and sucked off some older guys, but that was mostly it until after I got married.

When I turned 30 I did some math and figured up that I had sucked off 17 guys. I decided I wanted to suck off 35 guys by the time I turned 35 and went on a mission. Everytime I was near a porn shop with a gloryhole I stopped by looking for cock to suck. Needless to say, I hit 35 in just a few months. On top of that, I was addicted. I wanted as much as I could get.

Over the next few years I kept a running record. On my 35th birthday I had sucked off 377 different men, all but a handful though gloryholes. I also was still sucking off my cousin regularly until he got ill a few years ago and had picked up another local feeder that I was sucking off 2 or 3 times a week.

About 6 months after my birthday I hit 400. At that point I thought it seemed silly to keep on keeping count so I quit. I am now 46 years old and still suck cock any and every chance I get. Assuming I have averaged just 25 new guys per year (a gross underestimate considering just this past December alone I sucked off 6 new guys and I wasn't even really trying) then I am up to around 650 different men. If I go with a more realistic estimate of 50 new guys per year then that puts me up around 925-950 different guys.

Toss in a blowjobs per week for my cousin over the last 25 years (600 blowjobs) and 2-3 blowjobs per week for my regular feeder over the last 10 years (1000-1500 blowjobs) and I have given somewhere between 2500 and 3000 blowjobs...and swallowed every single time

By swvsucker at 18,Dec,15 19:06
I go naked at home as much as possible. If the kids are home from college then I wear shorts, but otherwise I stay naked. I have encouraged the wife to join me but so far she has declined.

By swvsucker at 18,Nov,15 15:06
"You wanna smash?"

Smash what? Potatoes? Smashing it does not sounds exciting to me at all.

By swvsucker at 13,Nov,15 01:33
My wife has a very loose pussy and I absolutely love it. I find it amazingly desireable simply because it indicates a very well used pussy. I guess it just depends on the guy's preference.

By swvsucker at 28,Aug,15 20:06
When erect I am 3.75 inches long, but 5.5 inches around, so even though I am short I look pretty big thanks to my thickness.

By swvsucker at 07,May,15 01:54
I am not going to pull away when he cums. Ever. So with that said, it really is all about what will get him off the most. If he will have a better orgasm face-fucking me, then I am all for it. A better orgasm for him equals a bigger load of cum for me, so we both are happy.

By swvsucker at 02,May,15 02:07
I have done it many, many times. Over time I have come to realize that people literally pay no attention. I think it is the fear of making eye contact. I have driven through mall parking lots in the middle of the day without a stitch of clothing on and nobody notices.

Just this past summer I sat in the Walmart lot parked up front where lots of people would pass by, bare naked and jacking like a feind. People walked right by my window and a couple actually got in the truck beside of me...nobody noticed.

By swvsucker at 11,Mar,15 20:54
It says absolutely nothing. I wear size 13 shoes and have a 3.5 inch dick.

By swvsucker at 11,Mar,15 20:53
Without a doubt I am a slut. I have sucked off over 400 men in the last 15 years and never, ever turn down a guy who wants a blowjob. My single day record is 7 blowjobs. I have a regular feeder that invites his friends along for me to suck them off too. He never asks me if it is OK if they come, he just brings them because he knows I will suck them off without hesitation. I am a slut and I am proud of it.

By swvsucker at 11,Mar,15 20:49
17 times, ironically when I was 17. My girlfriend at the time had learned that me and my previous girlfriend had fucked 7 times in one day and she became obsessed with breaking that record. When we hit 8 times she decided she wanted to double the record. When we hit 14 she wanted keep going. When we hit 17 my dick was wore out and her pussy was raw so we called it quits.

By swvsucker at 11,Mar,15 20:46
I know this isn't the "politically correct" answer for this particular question, but honestly sucking cock makes me the happiest person I can be. I have had lots of hobbies over the years and experienced many different things, but giving a blowjob is the one thing that brings me the most joy. It is the one and only thing that I actually experience unhappiness if I go without it for a period of time. When I know that I am going to get to suck cock soon I become downright giddy to the point that I amaze myself at just how happily excited I am. It is my one true love in life.

By swvsucker at 16,Jun,14 21:28
Thick shaft any day! Nothing I love more than wrapping my lips around a fat cock.

By swvsucker at 16,Jun,14 21:25
I am with ya! Love to eat my precum while jacking and I always eat my own loads. When I was less heavy I would double over in self-suck position (although I am too short to suck) and jack my cum into my open mouth and on my face.

I have taken my obsession with cum a bit farther tho. I eat everyone else's cum as often as I can too. As much as I love eating my own, having a guy blast his sperm directly onto my tongue is impossible to beat.

By swvsucker at 16,Jun,14 21:12
Tried it quite a few times but I always end up sucking them ff instead.

By swvsucker at 17,May,14 01:59
Would love for her to get up close and personal and watch me suck it, then you get up close and personal and watch me fuck her. Then I could lick my cum from her pussy and finish you off while she watched and eat your cum too.

By swvsucker at 17,May,14 01:56
I do it a lot. Major fun is doing it while driving thru busy parts of town. Stop lights are a real rush Have driven thu the parking lot of malls, Walmart and grocery stores too. Gets my heart pumping when I find myself in the position of having to drive right by someone who will probably see or being behind a slow moving car as we pass people walking theu the parking lot.

By swvsucker at 09,May,14 14:48
I don't have much of a gag reflex. Never have. When I was a **** I would stick my fingers down my throat to try and make myself puke so I could stay home from school playing sick. It never worked.

With that said, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to get throat fucked! My feeder has this massive 8x6 cock that he loves to facefuck me with. He has me lay on his bed and hang my head off of the edge and then he pins my arms down, straddles my face and throatfucks me. There is nothing hotter than him burying it to the balls down my throat, being unable to breathe, his big balls mashed against my nose...nothing hotter.

By swvsucker at 09,May,14 03:49
Went to a public bathroom that was known for being cruisy. Guy in the other stall tapped his foot so I reached under the stall and he put this big, beautiful cock in my hand (8"x6"). I just had to taste it so I whispered that I wanted to suck it. He whispered back and invited me over. When I went in his stall we were both shocked. We had known each other since high school. There were a few nervous seconds where I think we both considered running, then I looked down and saw that big dick throbbing and lust took over and I dropped to my knees and inhaled it. That was 9 years ago. I have been his personal, on-call cocksucker every since and I couldn't be happier.

On several occasions he has showed up at my house to get sucked off and brought a friend or texted me to come to his house and service him and when I arrived he had a friend waiting to get serviced too. As much as I love sucking his delicious big cock, I love him sharing my mouth with his friends even more.

I get very turned on that he doesn't even mention the other guy to me. He just invites the guy along to get sucked off with the knowledge that I will suck any dick that is put in front of me. So far I have serviced 3 of his friends and he has taken video and pictures while I sucked them off.

By swvsucker at 09,May,14 03:37
Yes I came every time, but I won't deny that the last few were minimal shots of cum.

I have sucked off 7 guys in one day and I swallowe every drop

By swvsucker at 08,May,14 18:52
I fucked an ex-gf 17 times in one day. We were both wore out and she wouldn't fuck for days after that.

By swvsucker at 02,Apr,14 21:29
When I was 17 my 16 year old girlfriend and I masturbated together all the time. She was quite the show off and voyeur. She got it started. One day she was at my house. She called me back to the bedroom and I walked in to the sight of her laying naked on the bed staring at me, 3 fingers going to town in her pussy while she squeezed her tits with the other. After she came she called me over to lick her fingers clean. We fucked for a while. When she sensed I was close to cumming she told me she wanted to watch me finish myself off. I rolled off of her and she laid beside me and watched as I stroked to a finish, then leaned over me and licked up my cum. After that we masturbated together once or twice a week.

My wife loves to fuck herself with a dildo or finger herself while I watch, but doesn't like to see me jack off, mostly because she loves to get creampied and doesn't want me to waste my cum. The net result is I get a lot of shows. She doesn't mind me playing with or stroking it, she just wants the cum in her pussy.

By swvsucker at 02,Apr,14 21:07
swvsucker = Southern West Virginia Sucker

By swvsucker at 21,Feb,14 04:02
There is ZERO truth to this myth. I wear size 13 shoes. My cock pics speak for themselves.

By swvsucker at 21,Feb,14 04:00
Same thing happens at my house. Had no idea that a literal herd of deer is in my yard at night.

By swvsucker at 21,Feb,14 03:58
Was driving down the road one day and saw firetrucks, ambulances and police cars everywhere. I looked all around and couldn't see what the problem was. Then I spotted it. A small SUV on a house. Not in it, ON it. Apparently a drunk driver had lost control at high speed, hit a flower garden hump beside of the house and launched into the air and landed on the roof of the house. I actually have a picture of it somewhere.

By swvsucker at 21,Feb,14 03:36
I have double-trouble. My dick is short and my wife's pussy is loose as hell. I fall out a lot.

By swvsucker at 21,Feb,14 03:34
There is nothing and I mean NOTHING more pleasurable than feeling a hot, thick load of sperm blast onto my tongue. That moment, just before he cums, when his cock gets a little harder, the precum is flowing, his balls draw tight, and his breath is short is heaven, because I know what I am about to enjoy. For that few moments in time we both get to enjoy ultimate pleasure in his orgasm. For those few seconds his orgasm is bringing both of us tremendous pleasure.

I repeat, nothing is more pleasurable.