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By horniperv at 21,Nov,21 12:03
I guess I relate to being "heteroflexible". I am drawn and attracted to women but can and have appreciated a nice cock. Im not attracted to guys, I'm attracted to dick.

By horniperv at 14,Aug,20 17:16
I love it! deliciously sexy

By horniperv at 09,Aug,20 17:32
easily 4

By horniperv at 09,Aug,20 17:30
I like it to. Guys that eat well taste better. Medicines poor diet, too much alcohol can effect the taste.

By horniperv at 09,Aug,20 17:22
I love doing that

By horniperv at 16,Oct,19 12:00
I live in the US, I have been to gloryholes. I like them. So much fun. Ive sucked dick and had my dick sucked. Been thinking about going again. I live in NJ

By horniperv at 25,Mar,18 16:44
So yummy

By horniperv at 16,Jan,18 16:07
I shave. Have been for years. I shave completely once a week and just trim my balls and base of cock every other day or so. Im not very hairy so its not a big deal for me. Pretty easy up keep if you do so semi regularly.

By horniperv at 16,Jan,18 16:01
Totally fair game! Go with it!

By horniperv at 08,Jan,18 11:32
only registered users can see external links. I like wearing rings too from time to time. ... I wouldnt worry about anon shipping, its pretty much standard practice with places shipping out "adult" novelties and toys.

By horniperv at 07,Jan,18 00:58

By horniperv at 07,Jan,18 00:57
Anonymous sex is so fun. be safe, be smart, ... but it is a turn on

By horniperv at 07,Jan,18 00:55
Yea, its awesome.

By horniperv at 29,Dec,17 19:03
So hot! I bet that feels amazing!
....Yea, I love all kinds of pussy too and definitely can appreciate a well conditioned loose pussy

By horniperv at 23,Dec,17 15:00

By horniperv at 14,Dec,17 00:17

By horniperv at 14,Dec,17 00:14

By horniperv at 10,Dec,17 22:18
Love it

By horniperv at 06,Dec,17 17:06
Alot of girls in general like gay porn.

By horniperv at 06,Dec,17 17:05
Long labia are lusciously lickable

By horniperv at 06,Dec,17 17:03
I love it. Total turn on. Whether its mine or some one elses

By horniperv at 06,Dec,17 17:02

By horniperv at 04,Dec,17 11:31
Thank you! Im flattered. .... Strut your stuff, do your thing. Bottom line is we are all on this site to express ourselves sexually in some way or another. The discussions that I have had with women over the years is that there is a dividing line with pervs. Some are gentlemanly and respectful, and some are just dudes that either have no idea on how to handle conversations with woman or just flat out dont know how to act period. Apparently most guys cock block themselves. In my group of friends, I am kinda known as the resident perv and non of the girls have a problem it.

By horniperv at 04,Dec,17 11:18
Thank you

By horniperv at 03,Dec,17 12:13

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By horniperv at 03,Dec,17 12:08
I was between 6-8 and I had a baby sitter that would dry hump me under the covers. She would lay on top of me and grind her pelvis against me. So does that count?

By horniperv at 03,Dec,17 12:05
Just do it. Live a little. Life is too short. All partners consenting, and if it feels good and or turns you on, go for it. It wont make you a bad person. If anything, it will make you a better person.

By horniperv at 03,Dec,17 12:01
Hey! Im a perv, .... but in a romantic kinda way

By horniperv at 03,Dec,17 12:00

By horniperv at 03,Dec,17 11:54
You got a good girl

By horniperv at 03,Dec,17 11:53
Im sorry to hear that. I never met a woman that doesnt love it. ... Stay hydrated, eat your fruits, veggies and nuts. Your diet affects how you taste. Ive had multiple partners comment on how "sweet" my cum taste. Hell, even my ex wife STILL says I have the sweetest cum she has ever tasted. ... From my experience, they all swallow and love it

By horniperv at 28,Nov,17 10:54
Never been there but Id love to go for at least a month. Id love to check out that whole country. Never met an Australian I didnt like.

By horniperv at 27,Nov,17 21:31
I do. Roll your legs up over your head and aim for your mouth

By horniperv at 27,Nov,17 21:29

By horniperv at 27,Nov,17 21:28
I wear them once in a while. I just like how they look and feel.

By horniperv at 27,Nov,17 10:47
Cheaters fuck best

By horniperv at 08,Nov,17 11:36
Not all cum is created equal. Depending on diet and health, whether or not a person takes medication etc can all affect the taste, color and consistency of semen. Drink ALOT of water, eat your fruits and veggies and nuts. ... As for your question, yes, I like the taste of a healthy load in my mouth.

By horniperv at 07,Nov,17 11:50
I love sluts!

By horniperv at 07,Nov,17 11:39
I honestly have never measured my cock before. The reason being is that visually, I am fine with my size and if I put a ruler up to it Im afraid I might be a little smaller than I think I am. I have had enough partners tell me I am above average in size. When I was younger, I occasionally thought they just said that to be nice/polite, but as I got older and learned how to take a compliment and actually saw other penises, I saw that perhaps I am larger than normal. I dont have the biggest cock out there but its not the smallest either. Im confident (based on past/present partners) that I do know how to use it. That being said, myself and partners estimate me to be somewhere between 7-8 inches. For what ever thats worth.

By horniperv at 28,Oct,17 10:12

By horniperv at 28,Oct,17 10:10
Sounds like an invite to at least have a discussion about sex, likes/turn on's, fantasies. How she feel about a 3 way with you and another guy? How do you feel about it? Is she interested in other women? etc etc. ... The best sex and best relationships start with communication and honesty. Good luck.

By horniperv at 22,Oct,17 12:10
Im with you on this. I love all pussies but the ones that are well conditioned dont get enough praise. Loose pussies, big clits, gorgeous dangling lips, Mmm mmm mmmm! And we got to show some love for loose asshole too.

By horniperv at 22,Oct,17 12:05
Go for it! You will love it. I love girls that can handle a crowd.

By horniperv at 20,Oct,17 10:58
Tattoos arent for everyone. Depends on what you are drawn to, or your purpose for getting one. I have a few. Definitely give some serious thought when getting one. If you dont have any but are considering one, think about it for at least 6 months to a year. If you are still interested then get one. Go to a reputable clean tattoo shop and deal with an experienced artist. Def check out their portfolio. each artist has their own style and are proficient at different techniques.. I know people from all walks of life that have tattoos and they all have their own reasons for getting them. Doctors, mechanics, teachers, lawyers, bikers, athletes, corporate execs, tattoos are pretty main stream and common place. And please dont refer to them as "tatts"! Idk, just a personal thing but I **** when people say that. They are tattoos, not tats! Lol

By horniperv at 19,Oct,17 18:05

By horniperv at 09,Oct,17 11:48
Just go for it. Depending on your health and diet, its delicious and girls think its so sexy. Ive always done it.

By horniperv at 09,Oct,17 11:45
Yes, all of them. They all seem to like it very much.

By horniperv at 09,Oct,17 11:01
Always go commando, unless its REALLY cold

By horniperv at 26,Sep,17 21:26
Im more submissive when I play with men, more (playfully) dominant with women. Idk. Some kind of role reversal thing I guess.