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By DJS at 30,Apr,21 08:43
Not really any favourites,I just scroll down when on sites,& if I find them sexy as fk I click on their vid,but at the start of lockdown last year was out of work for about 1mth,watched a lot of porn and seen Marilyn Chambers from back in the day,had me wanking more than ever,& she seemed to love fking,

By DJS at 25,Apr,21 14:54
Cfnm,also like oldje(older guys fking beautiful young ladies, teachers/nurses/cops etc fantasy shit

By DJS at 24,Apr,21 11:05
As the old analogy goes,why waggle your tail when youve got a dog,so why suck your own dick whilst someone else can..

By DJS at 21,Apr,21 06:52
She's definitely up there,been one of my favourite since being on here

By DJS at 21,Apr,21 06:51
She's definitely up there,been one of my favourite since being on here

By DJS at 18,Apr,21 18:37
The Duke of Edinburgh’s unwavering commitment to young people began in 1956, when The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award was established. Developed as a ‘toolkit for life’ for British boys; within 18 months the Award was available to girls as well. It continued to gain momentum and by the early 1970s, it was operating in more than 30 countries.The Award is now a cornerstone of non-formal education and learning, with more than a million young people involved, in 130+ countries and territories around the world. For more than sixty years, millions of young people have participated and received Awards, with millions more benefiting from its impact in communities around the off HRH charities he started & supported

By DJS at 22,Mar,21 18:04
Weekend was called dooooodddddaaaaaating bit off a aching back but not sure if that was the jab or getting out off practice

By DJS at 22,Mar,21 17:53
Reminds me of that sketch,where a couple on the phone together,but wont hang up,she says you hang up first he says no you hang up first,no she says you hang up first,which he does,and she gets pissed and calls back asking why you hang up

By DJS at 19,Mar,21 18:32
No,am having my jab/vaccine tomorrow,so just in case am abit rough the following day the ex gf popping around,so tomorrow will fk her greatly(that why I didn't doodatt)she like my loadlol,so if am abit rough the day after she can suck wank us of as much as she like,even if am a sleep she will dooooddaaaattttt a lot going by past experiences mate,=me

By DJS at 19,Mar,21 13:04

By DJS at 18,Mar,21 09:44
Incase you've forgotten this is the GRIP

By DJS at 16,Mar,21 09:00
I will reply to you as tb1 when you get a GRIP off things in the future

By DJS at 15,Mar,21 20:58

By DJS at 15,Mar,21 12:22
Never laughed so much mate, eyes frontfk off only pissed guy wanted your Services lol,ponytail guy nothing lol,it definitely wasn't your day trying to doodatt

By DJS at 14,Mar,21 11:12
Bad day at the office mate

By DJS at 07,Feb,21 10:47
I have some great ideas but dont have the no no,how to do them,but those onsite are excellent pics

By DJS at 24,Jan,21 08:05
Am confused,is it the head or the cock that's been photoshopped??

By DJS at 23,Jan,21 20:24

59yr old cock

By DJS at 17,Jan,21 13:29
Question mate,have you ever received a black eye,or a thick lip over the years whilst trying todooddat??

By DJS at 17,Jan,21 13:26

By DJS at 10,Jan,21 20:28
I completely agree mate,stockings & tights in UK,everyone must off seen old bank robbers films with tights/pant hose over their face,not a very pleasant look

By DJS at 31,Dec,20 08:50

By DJS at 30,Dec,20 19:45
Well,if your Arms extend you have no problem with doodatt,unless you can extend them to doodatt at 2mtrs distancing

By DJS at 30,Dec,20 07:54
Carry disposable gloves if you get a chance to dooddat

By DJS at 29,Dec,20 18:34
Some excise for you when the vaccine comes out dont want to get cramp in your hands when your dooddatting

By DJS at 29,Dec,20 13:39
I've got to HAND it to you

By DJS at 29,Dec,20 12:12
I will give you audition sexy

By DJS at 29,Dec,20 12:00
You dooddatt always.

By DJS at 29,Dec,20 11:53
Any pussy so long as it's legal,and its attached to someone with a heart beat,

By DJS at 04,Dec,20 07:48
If you doodatt to quickly you might sprain your hand seeing its been a while

By DJS at 02,Dec,20 12:54
I don't believe you

By DJS at 30,Nov,20 12:11
Vaccine around the corner mate,so not long to get back to doddat what you luv

By DJS at 15,Nov,20 19:45
Very well put hunxx

By DJS at 23,Oct,20 12:45
Guilt as charge your honour i did doodatt yesterday and the day before

By DJS at 22,Oct,20 16:44
Yeah its should be called tb1 thread,as he like to doodat

By DJS at 22,Oct,20 14:25
I should imagine by opening your mouth,

By DJS at 14,Oct,20 13:36

By DJS at 11,Oct,20 12:17
I would doodatt every day

By DJS at 06,Oct,20 07:32
Coming out of the supermarket the other day, a woman was crying her eyes out saying she'd lost all her holiday money. Felt sorry for her so I gave her 50 quid.

I wouldn't normally do that sort of thing, but I'd just found two grand in the car park.

By DJS at 04,Aug,20 14:29
Hot links not allowed

By DJS at 04,Aug,20 14:21
Same as cant see nowt

By DJS at 28,Jun,20 11:19
Were do you live..asking for a friend

By DJS at 20,Jun,20 14:55
Think your more handbidexrous mate

By DJS at 19,Jun,20 06:00
You must be a double agent if you doodatt

By DJS at 18,Jun,20 20:47
Of course I doodatt mr bonddidn't think you would doodatt tho

By DJS at 18,Jun,20 16:43
The proof of the pudding is in the eating

By DJS at 18,Jun,20 16:34
But he never got on with Pussy Galore..

By DJS at 18,Jun,20 11:38
Well beside a bj dam right I fk her pussy

By DJS at 18,Jun,20 11:35
Tb1 is 007 off peeking

By DJS at 12,Jun,20 12:33
Ever fancied sucking my cock while watching him sucking some other guy cock off,
By the way your one stunner babexx