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By piercedcock at 24,Feb,15 13:35
Hopefully she has more that her clit pierced. Good looking rings, barbells etc for me to play with....the more the merrier, just me.....

By piercedcock at 22,Jan,15 15:37
East central. south of Champaign, stuck in the middle of cornfield other words I think Im the only cock sucker in my area...LOL

By piercedcock at 27,Mar,14 13:40
The only key on mine is house key. My Dad was a mechanic and taught us early not to overload key ring. I have a separate ring that must weight five pounds (maybe less lol).

By piercedcock at 27,Aug,13 18:09
I keep mine shaved also, like Ray, love the smooth feeling and my friends do to.

By piercedcock at 25,Aug,13 00:00
awful harry

By piercedcock at 19,Jul,13 20:08
I agree with Ray, shop around for piercer, read, read, read. My piercer has been piercing for a long time, and I trust her 100 percent.

By piercedcock at 13,Jul,13 18:58
same here. almost had a chance to exchange sucking cocks, but he backed out....maybe next time ill get lucky

By piercedcock at 30,May,13 18:41
Have been wanting to taste my first cock also. Jacking off every day is fun but would like to have someone to watch me or help me and I would help back. Am married and love my wife. After a bout with breast cancer her sex drive has died. Ill be turning 60 next week and would love to have a birthday present of a cock to play with. And no my wife dosent know I feel this way and never will. I do have her talked into going to Florida in October to visit Haulover nude beach. Wonder if I walked through the gay side if Id get lucky? Such a dreamer huh!! Maybe......

By piercedcock at 19,May,13 18:43
59 here 60 in a few weeks. been thinking how it would be to suck, jack off, fondle balls, maybe a little more, so i guess i would be bi if it ever happened.