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By houghton at 09,Sep,20 20:32
naked all night just love it.

By houghton at 09,Sep,20 20:31
i love being naked as much as i can be

By houghton at 09,Aug,20 23:06
i sleep naked and yes i do stay naked.

By houghton at 26,Jul,20 21:15
i have hairs on my penis sometime i shave it.other times i dont.

By houghton at 25,Jul,20 23:06
to me it taste like wallpaper paste.

By houghton at 24,Jul,20 20:45
that would be nice but i dont have wheels.

By houghton at 12,Apr,20 00:38
andi always sleep naked.

By houghton at 10,Mar,20 01:11
i am not offended by anybody complimenting me at all.dont care if your straight or gay.not a problem.

By houghton at 09,Mar,20 23:09
it doesent bother me buying underwear.

By houghton at 25,Feb,20 22:37
now that would be nice

By houghton at 15,Feb,20 23:40
i was caught having a wank

By houghton at 03,Feb,20 01:01
i have it was my mum who caught me wanking.

By houghton at 28,Jan,20 01:39
it did nothing for me whats so ever

By houghton at 18,Aug,19 21:59
you or anybody can suck on my cock with pleasure

By houghton at 09,Mar,19 22:37
yes please or even a well hung white guy.

By houghton at 09,Mar,19 20:56
you always come first

By houghton at 08,Mar,19 22:43
i was self taught on how to jerk off

By houghton at 18,Nov,18 02:20
never tryed it but would love to.

By houghton at 19,May,18 19:41
ive never had it so i cant say if i like it or not.

By houghton at 12,May,18 22:10
well said

By houghton at 12,May,18 22:09
well i am a straight guy and it wont bother me if you make a compliment.

By houghton at 05,May,18 12:00
and why is that then.i like my foreskin.

By houghton at 03,May,18 23:01
thanks glad you like it

By houghton at 03,May,18 17:26
ok i will leave it just the way it is

By houghton at 02,May,18 01:59
no it doesent bother me at all.

By houghton at 17,Jan,18 17:29
no i wasent embarrassed at all.

By houghton at 31,Jul,17 13:31
yes I have and it was shit

By houghton at 04,Jul,17 19:41
I would love to do cock docking but nobody seems to want to do it with me.

By houghton at 28,May,17 19:11
never had one

By houghton at 24,May,17 01:01
I do and I wouldn't get rid of it.

By houghton at 20,May,17 00:06
my mum told me about masterbating

By houghton at 19,May,17 12:54
showing it off

By houghton at 29,Apr,17 18:57
no dick size does not matter.its the women that makes a big thing about it.

By houghton at 26,Apr,17 20:14
I would love to try it.

By houghton at 26,Apr,17 11:45
you should try a hoover.brill for making you cum

By houghton at 26,Apr,17 11:26
I would dock with you

By houghton at 24,Mar,17 09:26
it don't bother me whats so ever.if he has a bigger dick than me.

By houghton at 22,Dec,16 01:16
and im just curious about having another guys dick.

By houghton at 08,Dec,16 12:27
i do think its great.wouldnt be without it.

By houghton at 07,Dec,16 15:05
I am in a hotel.thats a shame that ur so far away.

By houghton at 06,Dec,16 23:46
no cam on phone that's why

By houghton at 03,Dec,16 23:16
I wear briefs.

By houghton at 30,Nov,16 01:10
well how come I wasent asked to have my penis measured then

By houghton at 25,Nov,16 03:15
I would like to try one and show it of as well.any offers

By houghton at 11,Nov,16 08:45
would never dream of having sex in public.

By houghton at 30,Oct,16 23:02
I want a guy to jerk me of pics or no pics.

By houghton at 25,Oct,16 12:22
pubes everytime.

By houghton at 16,Oct,16 22:10
well I wouldn't no matter how much money I was offered.and rihtly so your hubby was offended.

By houghton at 11,Oct,16 13:38
I have tried my own.and I wouldn't do it again.thats only my opinion.

By houghton at 10,Oct,16 21:15
well she would have seen my dick.if she put my pjs on