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By bi_44 at 25,Dec,21 21:00
I enjoy wanking to my own pix & videos. It's so exciting to think that others may have masturbated to them as well.

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By bi_44 at 26,Aug,21 00:14
Smooth is definitely the best. Feels sooo good.

By bi_44 at 29,Nov,20 22:05
I've always found older women more sexy. For me, women from 40 to 70 are the best & turn me on the most.

By bi_44 at 19,Nov,20 21:31
I have on occasion

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By bi_44 at 28,Oct,20 21:00
I love wearing panties but always sleep naked.

By bi_44 at 25,Oct,20 21:38
I've been to nude beaches & occasionally got hard. Most times it wasn't for long & people don't usually pay much attention. If I had a rock hard boner that would't go away, I either jumped in the water or just lay on my stomach until it went away.

By bi_44 at 25,Oct,20 21:30
Personally, I like the look of circumcised cocks better.

By bi_44 at 21,Sep,20 20:25
xhamster is very good

By bi_44 at 09,Aug,20 21:28
I go naked the majority of time I'm at home.

By bi_44 at 21,Jul,20 20:40

By bi_44 at 01,Jul,20 20:47
I've been to a couple of nudist camps & beaches. Loved it. I'm nude most of the time at home but there's nothing like being nude outside.

By bi_44 at 09,Jun,20 20:54
I've slept nude since I got out of high school.

By bi_44 at 09,Jun,20 20:52

By bi_44 at 07,May,20 21:53
I always enjoy the feeling of hot pee running over my naked body.

By bi_44 at 07,May,20 21:49
It just feels soooo erotic to dress up, especially in lingerie.

By bi_44 at 11,Apr,20 21:38
I always sleep naked. Too uncomfortable to wear anything under the covers.

By bi_44 at 09,Apr,20 20:44
#3 Average

By bi_44 at 06,Feb,20 23:09
The wet warmth wrapping around my dick felt soooooo good! I kept pulling almost all the way out & then slowly pushed in again & again just to keep experiencing that feeling again.

By bi_44 at 06,Feb,20 23:04
I've done it a few times usually when I'm outside. Being outdoors naked or jerking is such a horny turn-on that I've cum before I'm hard.

By bi_44 at 06,Feb,20 22:58
Agree 100%. My favorite cocks are very similar to mine.

By bi_44 at 03,Aug,19 21:12
Totally smooth

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By bi_44 at 13,Jul,19 20:57
In the one I went to, many guys walked around with towels around their waists, some were naked & one guy wore a corset & panties. You can play with your cock as much as you want but nobody will touch you unless you show interest & kind of invite them over.

As someone else said below, unless you have a micropenis, don't worry about size at all. Most guys are "average" size, not like the giant ones you see in porno flicks.

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By bi_44 at 19,May,19 21:02
Penelope Cruz

By bi_44 at 14,May,19 21:33
I like the feeling of warm piss on my body

By bi_44 at 14,May,19 21:32
For me, mature women from 40-70 are the best.

By bi_44 at 23,Mar,19 20:46
Love a nice ass on a woman

By bi_44 at 01,Mar,19 21:05
I've been to nudist beaches & nudist camps and love being outdoors naked.

By bi_44 at 01,Feb,19 22:10
Love both smooth cocks & pussies!

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By bi_44 at 07,Jan,19 21:52
On occasion I have

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By bi_44 at 15,Dec,18 18:27
Feel the same way

By bi_44 at 27,Nov,18 21:27
I like a smooth ass like mine

By bi_44 at 12,Nov,18 21:19
Nowhere near as much as I'd like or as much as I used to!

By bi_44 at 31,Oct,18 20:54
Everything is better nude but I really like walking outside in nature & swimming nude.

By bi_44 at 23,Oct,18 20:37
Many years ago, was screwing a gal on New Year's eve with the TV on. I came just as the ball dropped in Times Square to light up the new year. Perfect timing!

By bi_44 at 17,Sep,18 21:05
You bet. Older women are the best.

By bi_44 at 17,Sep,18 21:03
You're so lucky

By bi_44 at 03,Sep,18 21:04
Always naked