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By rikki2 at 30,Sep,17 18:57
Mmmmmm me too

By rikki2 at 27,Jun,17 19:58
That is so true...fondling, and playing with it rolling the head in your mouth tonguing it cupping his balls, stroking bhnim..using his precum as a lube....making him cum by fingering his prostate how cool is that and...............the pleasure of swallowing his thick warm loads!!!!!!

By rikki2 at 27,Jun,17 19:40
Truth be told......BOTH~!!!!!

By rikki2 at 19,Apr,17 19:41
Mmmmmmm mmouthwatering....wish my tongue was lapping that rosebud right now!!! Hugzzzzzz Rick

By rikki2 at 08,Nov,16 20:16
I totally agree.....
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By rikki2 at 16,Jul,16 19:24
wish I was swallowing that warm load for you

By rikki2 at 16,Jul,16 19:23
Absolutely...wish I could been there with you!

By rikki2 at 03,Jun,16 19:54

By rikki2 at 03,Jun,16 19:52
Count me in as one!!!!!

By rikki2 at 03,Jun,16 19:51
It should be in my mouth....cumming!