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By cutroundhead at 25,Mar,21 15:21
I'm pleased you like it! Yours looks much bigger than mine!

By cutroundhead at 25,Oct,20 18:22
it's a very personal matter and we all have our own opinions...nobody is either right or wrong

By cutroundhead at 25,Oct,20 15:26
A circumcised cock looks much better and more masculine...a nice big knob out on show- assertive and aggressive with nothing hidden...cleaner too!

By cutroundhead at 10,Oct,20 14:22

By cutroundhead at 29,Aug,20 14:00
My 5 inches, for what it's worth

By cutroundhead at 27,Aug,20 16:07
My 5 thin 5 incher being taken in hand

By cutroundhead at 27,Aug,20 16:03
Lucky guy...I wish my knob was bigger so that I could show it off like that.

By cutroundhead at 27,Aug,20 15:59
No one could avoid looking at your bulge with such a big cock and balls...women who would love to get hold of your huge member, give it a good tongue bath before being fucked silly by it, and men, staring enviously, wondering why they couldn't have been blessed with such a big cock!

By cutroundhead at 23,Aug,20 15:07
I'm thin (4.25 inches around) and short (5 inches)...

By cutroundhead at 23,Aug,20 15:04
That must look good and confirms your circumcised status...

By cutroundhead at 23,Aug,20 14:40
Thanks...and you're showing off a nice jungle of natural bush too...fat cock as well!

By cutroundhead at 02,Aug,20 09:18
Having been circumcised at age 65, I agree with you...much better look and feel plus easier to maintain

By cutroundhead at 26,Jul,20 13:14
Jockstrap bulge with one ball trying to escape the pouch

By cutroundhead at 14,Jul,20 10:10
Circumcised, hard and hairy, like you, but about half your size!

By cutroundhead at 12,Jul,20 10:51
Policeman's helmet, I think

By cutroundhead at 12,Jul,20 10:49
Taking matters in hand

By cutroundhead at 14,Jun,20 10:04
My balls and cock at rest

By cutroundhead at 14,Jun,20 10:02
In the Uk it's compulsory to wear a swimsuit or shorts, but in Germany, Switzerland and the Nordic countries, swimsuits are banned, as they're considered unhygienic, so everyone is nude, even if it's 'mixed bathing'- very sensible

By cutroundhead at 14,Jun,20 09:56
Circumcised at age 65 for medical reasons and really like my 'new' toy...looks better, feels better and much easier to maintain

By cutroundhead at 25,May,20 10:14
My hard 5 incher

By cutroundhead at 24,May,20 13:58
Unlike most of the others shown here, mine have some hair on them

By cutroundhead at 17,May,20 09:29
Vintage jockstrap mini-bulge

By cutroundhead at 17,May,20 09:27
and no quite fitting it all in here

By cutroundhead at 17,May,20 09:25
Me in my jockstrap

By cutroundhead at 11,May,20 15:47
I've also done that where files were stored...jizz stains all iver them!

By cutroundhead at 10,May,20 16:54
Here's a small cock for you...

By cutroundhead at 10,May,20 13:41

By cutroundhead at 10,May,20 13:40
Not a relationship, but more two horny teenagers getting rid of built-up testosterone...a purely phsycial need! I learned a lot about cocks then- he had an uncircumcised cock, medium size with a short foreskin and I also wanked with another boy who had a large tightly circumcised cock and big low two very different cocks!

By cutroundhead at 02,May,20 11:19
tanga briefs if I have to, but I prefer nothing...

By cutroundhead at 02,May,20 11:13
Playing with my cock...and I;ll still be doing that when restrictions are lifted!

By cutroundhead at 02,May,20 11:12
why don't you go much easier...I've been doing that since lockdown started

By cutroundhead at 01,May,20 14:48
It starts like this...
--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

and grows to this...a grower?

By cutroundhead at 01,May,20 13:17
I think it looks great! I put up with a troublesome foreskin for years, first as a teenager when it wouldn't retract and later when I developed recurring balanitis, so I was happy to be rid of it when I was 65.

By cutroundhead at 29,Apr,20 11:08
As a 15 year old at boarding school I was challenged by a classmate to show him my hard cock (he'd seen it soft often enough in the showers)...I did so and we wanked together regularly from then on

By cutroundhead at 27,Apr,20 15:04
Jizzing into my jockstrap...

By cutroundhead at 27,Apr,20 10:02
At 5 inches, I'd say mine was 'small'

By cutroundhead at 27,Apr,20 09:42
No way would I let scissors or a razor anywhere near!

By cutroundhead at 25,Apr,20 11:28
what I see when I unzip...

By cutroundhead at 22,Apr,20 15:20
Good for you...I had an Ace jockstrap many years ago!

By cutroundhead at 21,Apr,20 11:53
My cock is both thin AND short...5 inches long and 4.25 around

By cutroundhead at 21,Apr,20 11:50
Great pic of your bushimng sticking out and clear outline of your big helmet

By cutroundhead at 18,Apr,20 11:02
good for you...the bulge in your jeans should look impressive

By cutroundhead at 18,Apr,20 10:23
I always feel inadequate when I see all the larger cock in the showers and locker room

By cutroundhead at 17,Apr,20 08:30
Thanks...yours looks good too, and much thicker than mine...

By cutroundhead at 16,Apr,20 09:49
Wild, bushy and natural as man is meant to be! More so when he has a luxuriant growth of chest carpet and belly looks strange when suddenly there are shaved tubes down below.

By cutroundhead at 08,Apr,20 09:32
Circumcised cocks and full natural bush

By cutroundhead at 08,Apr,20 08:06
what are the reactions? Interest, horror, or do some just pretend not to notice it?

By cutroundhead at 26,Mar,20 12:19
Long and thin goes right in, but short and thick does the trick...

By cutroundhead at 26,Mar,20 12:12
It's a fine specimen...big and circumcised, large helmet, nice low danglers and plenty of must be proud to show it off

By cutroundhead at 26,Mar,20 12:10
I've always been embarrassed by my small cock- it seems to be the tiniest in the showers; but as I get older I have come to accept it and don't worry any more what anyone thinks. So it's a locker-room problem rather than bedroom problem. But I certainly don't crave any humiliation!