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By Samman at 25,Oct,21 08:13
Most guys will let you go down on them if they are sure it remains secret.

By Samman at 25,Oct,21 08:12
You literally just described my fantasy

By Samman at 25,Oct,21 06:20
I was nervous at first but as soon as I felt his dick get rock hard in my mouth I was really excited. Plus most guys like getting head and I am lucky enough to absolutely love giving head 😝🍆🤤🤤🤤

By Samman at 13,Oct,21 11:09
Around puberty I realized that I was just as excited about seeing girls naked as guys

By Samman at 06,Oct,21 09:49
I've always been so intrigued by the different shapes and sizes of dicks and every time I am standing next to a guy I have to watch him pull it out and 9 times out of ten I get hard by the time they are stuffing it back into their pants

By Samman at 05,Oct,21 10:22
Its honestly a lot of fun with the right guy. I personally like the taste and I thoroughly enjoy pleasing them so much

By Samman at 01,Dec,20 11:12
See I consider myself very fortunate to have always been in Athletics so starting our 6th grade year we began to practice in the morning pior to going to our classes and that meant something very important was starting as well. For the first time we were presented with a large communal style Locker room shower that had just four poles with four shower heads on each so there was zero privacy. Most the boys were visible nervous and some decided to not shower or bath in their underwear
I had reached puberty by then but I was really scared to let everyone see me nude for the first time since we all got older over the summer. Several of my friends and teammates and I walked around covering up our crotches the best we could but the first boy to get nude and just go for it was the same guy Chase whom I still live with, of course he is huge so he confidently showered while teasing helli coptering his chubby cock so I quickly turned it in to joke of sorts where we all did the same thing but I got so hard I tried squeezing my shaft and I felt my cum ooxing

By Samman at 30,Nov,20 08:36
Hers is my gorgeous boyfriend David spraying His creamy load all over his sexy abs
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By Samman at 19,Nov,20 01:42
That's really hot!!! I had two different ways, either I joked about how I had a much bigger dick than the rest of them. Eventually one by one they would show how you would do that then come my turn I whip it out play with it and get hard eventually after several sleepovers no one wanted to be soft because we would look smaller in front of the other guys then the game evolve into who could come first, or I would cover up in my sleeping bag and get naked in slowly unzip my sleeping bag sliding one leg out exposing my crotch I loved looking over and noticing what buddy seeing it

By Samman at 17,Nov,20 15:47
I love guys stuffed into my panties preferably

By Samman at 17,Nov,20 15:46
Did you get undressed infront of everyone? Did you do it jokingly or seriously? I used to tease my friends by getting hard in front of them pretending like I didn't want them to see.

By Samman at 17,Nov,20 15:43
A few times I made sure my buddies saw me especially in the morning or middle of the night I would throw aside my blanket and slowly touch myself until I got hard. W

By Samman at 16,Nov,20 23:52
I usually had either a sleeping bag or some blankets to sleep with so I could easily slide down my shorts and as far as the rest of my friends thought I was just shirtless

By Samman at 16,Nov,20 23:49
I mean if we're being honest no one wants someone to stop passionately engulfing their dick but he didn't know what to do

By Samman at 02,Nov,20 17:33
That's what we did on the basketball, football, and track team all the time,

By Samman at 01,Nov,20 21:18
I have to try really hard and focus so I don't cum almost every time I go down on a guy and recently I have discovered that I can orgasm from anal stimulation super easy. I have came in my panties from getting my ass fingered before I got hard the other day. My buddy called me a squirter

By Samman at 01,Nov,20 21:14
I would spend weekends at my friend's House and they were multiple times where I literally got off several days and times over the weekend I used to like to see how much I could cum in a day so several times throughout my day I would find a reason to excuse myself either to the bathroom or just to a secluded area and slobber on my hands before quickly stroking one out I used to love doing it as I excuse myself from the dinner table I've been sitting back down with my crotch still wet

By Samman at 01,Nov,20 13:21
I very clearly remember the first adult dick I ever saw and I couldn't believe how thick it was but then I saw my very first adult dick get rock hard and I was even more shocked and intrigued. I must have watched him shower every day that summer

By Samman at 01,Nov,20 08:51
With my hands wrapped around this I would feel so little and dainty in the best possible way

By Samman at 01,Nov,20 08:49
I've never been with a boy who is really thick but I can distinctly remember my friend growing up had a great big head that I always fantasized about trying to get it in my mouth

By Samman at 31,Oct,20 11:25
Sometimes while critiquing a video before I send it to someone I have gotten turned on by myself before several times especially when I have on some cute little panties

By Samman at 20,Oct,20 11:20
All boys are horny and most will gladly let you suck them off as long as they don't think anyone will find out and I think seducing straight boys is wayyy hotter

By Samman at 20,Oct,20 05:35
I remember being a teenager and walking into the men's room at a football stadium and for the first time I saw a circle style urinal. I was so excited to see all those different guys whipping out their dicks I didn't even pee I just started getting hard

By Samman at 20,Oct,20 05:33
I used to be so embarrassed bc literally all the other guys I saw were so much bigger but now I proudly show off as much as I can.

By Samman at 19,Oct,20 09:18
I love playing with myself either in the living room or bathroom and sometimes even on my bed with the door open and wait for my roommates to walk in and I act like it was an accident but it's happened dozens of times now

By Samman at 18,Oct,20 00:33
The first time was on accident, I was so nervous and excited to finally get to go down on this really cute boy and I was so nervous that I was having trouble getting hard but as I knelt in front of him gagging on his member I started cumming on my panties completely soft. Now I almost always cum while I go down on guys without touching myself and recently I started cumming from anal

By Samman at 17,Oct,20 19:39
I was hit on by this older guy for a while and after I declined several times he offered to pay for me to strip and play with myself for him, needless to say I was flattered and turned on by how much he wanted me

By Samman at 17,Oct,20 19:37
This afternoon I knew my roommate had a girl in his room so I snuck in his room after they left to get off in his underwear but I noticed his used condom on the comforter and I could see the jizz in the tip, I didn't really think about it I just grabbed my cock and quickly pulled the still warm condom on it and I felt his cum ooze down my shaft and since he is at least twice as big as me the condom didn't fit me tight so his jizz started running down my balls and I was able to get off in a few minutes mixing up our cum before I got dressed and put on some of his underwear for fun later

By Samman at 17,Oct,20 19:29
I have always slept better when I have on a cute little pair of panties, something about my dick just barely snuggled in makes me feel so sexy and pretty

By Samman at 26,Apr,20 05:22
Omg so much. I can notice a cute guy or see a good dick while in the bathroom and if I feel comfortable I will just start getting off right there

By Samman at 26,Apr,20 05:15
God the locker room used to be full of my friends walking around I was pretty much always getting aroused so I would try hiding my stiff dick but after a few weeks I would be comfortable jerking off with my friends standing next to me as we showered. Good memories

By Samman at 26,Apr,20 04:59
My Buddies dad would change clothes with us after swimming and I was so surprised by how fat and hairy his dick was. I would spend every Summer slowly changing clothes while watching his shaft slide into the front of his swimming and wish I could see him get hard

By Samman at 26,Apr,20 04:55
I get slightly buzzed and I work up the courage to ask my Buddy to let me try to get him off but no luck yet

By Samman at 26,Apr,20 04:51
I wish other straight OE curious boys knew what it is like to hook up with me. I would prefer to be the one going down on him and he gets to just enjoy it I really want to just enjoy sucking a hot guy

By Samman at 26,Apr,20 04:30
I am in an open relationship and I have never gotten a BBC for the two of us

By Samman at 26,Apr,20 04:28
That is how most boys my age like to treat me but I would be more inspired yo pleasure a boy who is being sweet to me. Although I have to admit that I was once giving head to this straight guy I went to highschool with and while I was on my knees teasing his dick and he got super aggressive an called me faggot as I swallowed him I thought I would be offended but an was just turned on

By Samman at 26,Apr,20 04:19
I would have been perfectly fine never being penetrated BC I get off giving Head but most boys would feel how tight I am and try to just finger me but I could never stand stand it until one guy who I really wanted to impress just Bent me over and spit on his dick and I felt his shaft slide so deep in me I told him he was too big and tried to get him out but he said he was close which made me feel real sexy so I let him have his way until he got off all over me. I was so sore but I learned that for a hot guy you can take a pretty big dick

By Samman at 26,Apr,20 04:07
I can't stand trump but I have a fantasy of me going down on a trump supporter while he watches a trump rally and I have to shut up and take it

By Samman at 21,Mar,20 19:54
I remember when I was 18 I encountered a similar situation where my boss and his wife wanted me to fuck her. I was hesitant at first as we both took turns in her mouth and pussy but as I got more comfortable I ended up getting my fill of both worlds that night

By Samman at 05,Jul,19 09:59
I am so freaking attracted to you and your lovely hairy cock. It reminds me of the first older guy who ever let me go down on him and I loved every minute of it but I haven't been able to get my hands on an older guy since 😥😣😪

By Samman at 26,Jun,19 01:49

By Samman at 26,Jun,19 01:46
9 1/2 but I'm sure I can make it another half bigger once in my mouth 🤩😘

By Samman at 10,Jun,19 19:13
I found that you can never have too much lube and with the right guy you are willing to try a little harder

By Samman at 06,Jun,19 06:43
If you were next to me in the bathroom I couldn't help but reaching out to you to see if you were interested in a handjob

By Samman at 01,Apr,18 05:35
If I have anything to say about it they do

By Samman at 30,Mar,18 04:30
I have been fortunate enough to go down on guys with EXTREMELY large dicks and guys with very little cocks as well. I have found that even though I thoroughly enjoy admiring really big cocks I have had a better time with adorable little dicks bc I am able to get all of it in my mouth and can more easily handle it. Not to mention how absolutely precious little bitty dicks are 😘😛

By Samman at 22,Aug,17 14:00
I always wear cute little panties

By Samman at 10,Dec,16 08:37
That's not small at all