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By bil47 at 10,Jan,22 19:18
Same here. I didn't kiss a girl until I was 17... but I sucked a boy's cock at 13.

By bil47 at 10,Jan,22 15:59

By bil47 at 09,Jan,22 13:29

By bil47 at 07,Jan,22 16:13
Awesome! Is it a major turn-on for you when she watches you sucking cock and/or being fucked?

By bil47 at 07,Jan,22 13:16
Has she ever watched you having sex with a man?

By bil47 at 06,Jan,22 21:05
My sex life is 100% solo masturbation. I typically edge for 2 hours.

By bil47 at 05,Jan,22 16:29
Does she tease or humiliate you about your desires and kinks?

By bil47 at 02,Jan,22 11:37
... or from the priest's hard cock.

By bil47 at 31,Dec,21 19:16
First I'll confess my sexual sins!

By bil47 at 28,Dec,21 15:34
Summer camp, age 12. We showed off our erect penises and did mutual feel-ups.

By bil47 at 27,Dec,21 17:05
Just a fantasy for me too. My wife said "no way". But I'd love to watch as she got gang-banged, while I edged my stiff cock.
Or licking my wife's cunt while her boyfriend fucks my ass.

By bil47 at 26,Dec,21 20:49
I love to worship a hard cock with my mouth, like it's a religious experience.

By bil47 at 25,Dec,21 15:53
I've never been with a girl or woman who enjoyed sucking cock and/or was a competent cocksucker. My male partners on the other hand all enjoyed sucking, and most were good at it.

By bil47 at 22,Dec,21 13:22
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By bil47 at 18,Dec,21 12:56

By bil47 at 17,Dec,21 15:34
I was 13 and very naive. I was invited to play "naked games" with three neighborhood boys. We called it our Sex Club.

By bil47 at 17,Dec,21 14:09
I was 13. A same-age friend had described it to me, and a tried it out in the bathroom first time I was alone. I gripped my penis too tight, but the orgasm was intensely pleasurable, with lots of cum spraying out.

By bil47 at 15,Dec,21 13:36
I'm really good at "edging" self-masturbation. Does that count?

By bil47 at 15,Dec,21 13:33
Here's mine.

By bil47 at 12,Dec,21 01:01

By bil47 at 08,Dec,21 04:02
Me too. I stopped asking. We haven't had sex of any kind for several years. But I sure have fun masturbating to porn!

By bil47 at 06,Dec,21 13:56
I would love to do a MMF threesome with my wife, but she said "no way!"

By bil47 at 03,Dec,21 19:03

By bil47 at 27,Nov,21 14:30
Not at all?

My wife snooped my gay porn pic files one time.

By bil47 at 23,Nov,21 19:12
Have you ever sucked a cock, or is it just a fantasy so far?

By bil47 at 22,Nov,21 17:50
Wish my wife would join me watching Bi and gay porn. She doesn't even like straight porn!

By bil47 at 21,Nov,21 17:13
If internet porn had been around in the early 1960s, I would have started masturbating several years earlier than my discovery at age 13.

By bil47 at 19,Nov,21 17:05
Here's mine.

By bil47 at 19,Nov,21 16:34
I fantasize about when I was a 13-year-old boy... imagining things that me and my friends did when we were that age.

By bil47 at 18,Nov,21 20:50
Has she ever watched you have sex with men?

By bil47 at 16,Nov,21 12:02
Sucking multiple cocks at a gay orgy in a basement room of a private house. Twenty or so naked men of various ages and races... sucking, fucking, jacking, and watching.

By bil47 at 15,Nov,21 17:16
I love to look at close-up pictures of erect cocks. So erotic! I especially like to see, suck, and fantasize about those in the small-medium size range (like mine).

By bil47 at 14,Nov,21 20:19
I like cocks in the 4-inch range. Like mine. Perfect for sucking.

By bil47 at 13,Nov,21 17:02
Averaging two times a week now that I'm in my 70s. But it lasts a whole lot longer than in my young days when I was doing two times a day.

By bil47 at 13,Nov,21 16:24
I'm either a small-medium, or a large-small.

By bil47 at 12,Nov,21 12:45
A 3-way with a dominant M/F couple who would treat me like their sex slave.

By bil47 at 10,Nov,21 21:47
You write "... every boy wants a 12' dick...".

When I was a young man aspiring to hetero hook-ups, I didn't want 12 inches. I would have been totally satisfied with 6. (My erection is 4.5".)

By bil47 at 08,Nov,21 12:13
My wife knows that I had some gay-sex experiences as a teen, but doesn't have a clue (I hope!) about all the cocks I've sucked as a closeted faggot.

By bil47 at 06,Nov,21 18:22
Locker room showers in high school.

By bil47 at 05,Nov,21 12:02
First orgasm was at age 13, while playing naked games with three similar-age boys. Lots of cum, spraying in droplets.

Best orgasm? A multi-way tie of 2-hours-plus edging masturbation sessions.

By bil47 at 03,Nov,21 12:54
In the back seat of a car, hidden under my coat, with my oblivious parents in the front.

By bil47 at 03,Nov,21 11:49
Check out my blog.

By bil47 at 02,Nov,21 13:16
My last time with a boy at age 15. My first time with a man at age 47. Lots of gay-porn masturbation before then.

By bil47 at 31,Oct,21 00:41
Considering that my interest in penis size is sucking it, I'd say smallish - 4.5 inches... like mine!

By bil47 at 29,Oct,21 13:23

By bil47 at 28,Oct,21 13:50
Premature ejaculation, about 2 seconds after my cock touched her pussy lips. I immediately went down on her, licking my cum up while licking her clit.

By bil47 at 22,Oct,21 14:38
I love looking at erect cocks, and fantasizing about them.

Also love showing my own. Anonymous sex is hot!

By bil47 at 20,Oct,21 13:08
I love doing and seeing it. Liked it even more when I was doing it with boys when I was 13.

By bil47 at 19,Oct,21 11:52
Hell yeah! I wish my wife was adventurous. I'd love to watch her having sex with other guys!

By bil47 at 15,Oct,21 16:20
My turn-ons:
- medium-hairy untrimmed pussy.
- shaved or trimmed dick.