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By bil47 at 28,Jun,22 15:39
I would be tempted, but never in my 50-some years as an adult have I ever seen any sexual activity in a restroom, nor been solicited for sex.

By bil47 at 27,Jun,22 18:01
I love my wife, but she has zero interest in anything sexual. As a bi guy, it's easiest for me to have occasional cock-sucking hook ups with other married bi guys.

By bil47 at 25,Jun,22 12:44
They want to take us back to the time, not so long ago, when you could go to prison for having gay sex.

By bil47 at 25,Jun,22 12:18
A solid "S" (4.5 inches).

By bil47 at 12,Jun,22 13:35
When I was a teen, I got offered money three different times by men who wanted to suck my cock. $20 each time. I turned each of them down, but I fantasized what it would have been like.

By bil47 at 11,Jun,22 21:57
Very submissive... but almost entirely the product of my kinky imagination and porn, rather than real-life dom/sub experiences.

By bil47 at 04,Jun,22 15:07
I can only "edge" when I'm going solo. It's my current favorite. When I'm getting an edging handjob from a partner, I either cum too soon or lose my erection.

By bil47 at 04,Jun,22 11:58
I went to a weekly gay orgy a few times. Around 20 guys of various ages and races, all naked. I spent a lot of time on my knees. Very hot!

By bil47 at 04,Jun,22 01:31
When I was 13 and at summer camp, all the guys in the tent proudly showed off our morning boners. Actual "sex" happened almost as soon as I got home from camp. Three neighborhood boys around my age had formed a Sex Club and asked me to join. Naked feel-ups, hand-jobs, and oral.

By bil47 at 15,May,22 15:49
Two wet dreams. I started masturbating soon after the second. Never had another wet dream.

By bil47 at 15,May,22 12:54

By bil47 at 15,May,22 00:27
Not a contest... but my group of sex buddies - four of us in all - would put on masturbation shows, going one at a time while the others watched. We were all 13.

By bil47 at 08,May,22 12:06
Me too. I spent a lot of time on my knees, sampling multiple cocks.

By bil47 at 08,May,22 00:26
An all-male orgy. Maybe 20 guys. Having hot sex with multiple partners.
(A bisexual orgy would be hot too.)

By bil47 at 02,May,22 13:45

By bil47 at 30,Apr,22 14:12
That's one of my hot fantasies.

By bil47 at 27,Apr,22 16:01
It depends on how talented the cocksucker is. A mediocre fuck is better than a mediocre blowjob. A good blowjob is better than a good fuck.

By bil47 at 23,Apr,22 13:59

By bil47 at 10,Apr,22 13:44
13 or 14,

By bil47 at 10,Apr,22 13:43
Cannabis and edging masturbation.

By bil47 at 07,Apr,22 12:15
FMM 3-way?

By bil47 at 06,Apr,22 17:07
It's happening. Nearly all actual scientists acknowledge this fact.

By bil47 at 06,Apr,22 01:10
My wife hates anything anal. I do it with men (sometimes). Love giving and getting.

By bil47 at 03,Apr,22 18:42
Men getting a blowjob or handjob. Twinks masturbating. MMF threesome. Small tits. Women with moderate amount of public hair and armpit hair. Dom/sub and BDSM, mostly "femdom". Small cocks. On-line sex stories. Porn art of all themes.

By bil47 at 03,Apr,22 11:46
Small and very hard.

By bil47 at 03,Apr,22 11:07

By bil47 at 02,Apr,22 13:43
I love masturbating with a soft "sleeve". Perfect for edging. I always use lube, and it keeps my hand from getting messy.

By bil47 at 01,Apr,22 11:37
Every times I went to the pediatrician for an annual check-up as a young boy, I always got a thrill when he pulled down my underpants a few inches and briefly felt my penis and balls.

By bil47 at 30,Mar,22 17:49
Here's an account of my first times, at age 13.


By bil47 at 30,Mar,22 13:45
How old were you "a long time ago"?

By bil47 at 25,Mar,22 13:28
I learned at age 13, when I was invited to join a "Sex Club" consisting of three similar age boys in the neighborhood. I love to fantasize about those days.

By bil47 at 24,Mar,22 01:42
Sucking another player's cock?

By bil47 at 09,Mar,22 14:57
Yep. The very same situation for me. Fortunately, she doesn't give me a hard time about masturbating to porn for 2-hour edging sessions.

By bil47 at 08,Mar,22 13:07
I love sucking a cock that's just like mine... on the small side of average in length, average girth, cut.

By bil47 at 08,Mar,22 00:12
Fortunately, I get more pleasure from masturbating than I got from her... before she closed down completely.

By bil47 at 07,Mar,22 15:20
I'm Bi, but tilt gay. The only times I'm into anal are when I'm bottoming in dom/sub role-play. I get off on being sexually submissive to dominant men.

By bil47 at 07,Mar,22 12:22
My wife doesn't get off on me masturbating, but she's gratified that it means she doesn't have to have sex with me.

By bil47 at 06,Mar,22 14:00
Question: When you played strip poker and a player got completely naked, did he keep playing? What would he need to do if he lost again?
--------------------------------------- added after 46 hours

When we played, the first guy to get naked had to lie down and let the others feel his hard cock. Then we would all get the rest of the way naked. The card game was forgotten, and we proceeded to other sorts of sex-play.

By bil47 at 03,Mar,22 16:33
My 13-year-old self definitely enjoyed sex with other boys. I'm guessing that sex-play of identical twin brothers would be especially pleasurable.

By bil47 at 03,Mar,22 14:13
I would definitely suck my 13-year-old self. One of my fantasies is being an identical twin.

By bil47 at 02,Mar,22 13:13
Tell us about other "naked games" you played with your friend!

By bil47 at 01,Mar,22 15:38
Did you have a boner? Did the other boys feel it?

By bil47 at 27,Feb,22 14:57
Some of my favorite porn is MMF bisexual three-somes. Never done it for real unfortunately.

By bil47 at 22,Feb,22 13:39
What age were you?

By bil47 at 14,Feb,22 23:40

By bil47 at 14,Feb,22 14:01
"We then started getting together, stripping naked and having masturbation parties. Ten or so boys, all naked, masturbating and cumming. What a sight!"

I would have loved to watch!

By bil47 at 13,Feb,22 17:50
My wife has gone completely asexual. My only blowjobs in the last 10 years have been in occasional hook-ups with men. I usually come in my partner's mouth. Otherwise finishing with a lubed handjob.

By bil47 at 13,Feb,22 12:32

By bil47 at 12,Feb,22 20:00

Not anymore. More like twice a week.

By bil47 at 12,Feb,22 00:52
The things I fear are muggings, carjackings, and home invasions.
Well, I also fear Donald Trump getting another term