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Do you really sleep when you sleep with someone? 24,Mar,19 03:09


By countrynaturist at 09,Apr,21 02:31
I don't think sucking cock makes you gay. Plenty of straight guys suck cock and enjoy it. But at the end of the day, they will be in bed with a woman.

There is a difference between being sexually attracted to a guy and liking to have sex with a guy.

I am a fan of casual sex. I love having sex with another guy. I am not looking for a relationship. I am looking to get naked with a guy and enjoy ourselves. I am not bragging here, but I have had sex with at least 200 guys. Some people like drinking beer. Others like going to hockey games. I like having sex with a man and I love to suck a man's cock. This week is typical ... three guys came over here to have sex. They are all married to women, but they love having sex with another man ... me. I was also I was the third guy in a mmm threesome. One of the other two is s straight single who loves m2m sex.

At the end of the day, however, I will be sleeping with my partner ... the guy I have been in a relationship for over seven years. We love each other and are committed to each other. Yes, he has sex with other guys. So do I. I am gay and far prefer sex with a guy. He is bi and has sex with both.

Sucking cock does not make you gay. It is just a preference you have when you are having sex.

By countrynaturist at 09,Dec,19 04:14
As much as I can. I live rural so I am nude 90% of the time. I drive nude and hike nude. Often take a nude bike ride. I like jogging nude (with only running shoes on) at night. Garden nude. Use the tractor nude.

By countrynaturist at 09,Dec,19 04:10
In the car, at a picnic table, in a hotel hot tub,in my back yard, hiking nude, at a nude beach. All fun.

By countrynaturist at 09,Dec,19 04:08
A girl invited me over to her house to help her with algebra. After a whiile, she started watching soap operas. I was bored and went to the washroom, and when I got out, I saw an open door. Her brother was nude on his bed and jacking off. He was one hot guy. As I am gay and was horny, I asked if he needed help. He agreed and I sucked his gorgeous cock for a while. I got naked in the process. We start 69-ing. Girl came upstairs looking for me. She sure found me.

By countrynaturist at 09,Dec,19 04:00
I was 13 and visited a friend (14) who was a nudist. I stripped and we went out to jump on a trampoline in his back yard. Do the math ... two horny guys both naked both jumping on a trampoline. We were both hard, and we started to play together. Ended up in his bedroom and really started playing. First time sucking a cock, and it was awesome. First time being sucked off. Just as awesome.

By countrynaturist at 15,Oct,19 01:43
Loaded question actually. There is a massive difference between the legal answer and the practical answer. Here it's 16. But there are lots of 19 and 29 year olds who should not be having sex. I too started having sex when I was 14. Was I old enough to become a father. Absolutely not. But it was a moot point seeing that I was having sex with the 14 year old guy down the street. It was a beautiful time we played and slept together. We were both consenting and we both loved sex.

By countrynaturist at 15,Oct,19 01:29
Jacking another guy is hot. Sucking another guy is hot. Fucking another guy is hot. Hmm, I sense a pattern here ...

By countrynaturist at 15,Oct,19 01:26
Normally it takes me half a minute to get hard, about triple the time it took me when I was younger. Part of the reason is that I am nude most of the time and I am used to having my cock in the open. So unless my boyfriend walks in with his cock in his hand, there's no reason to be hard. Part of the reason is that growing old sucks.

By countrynaturist at 01,Oct,19 03:56
Nude beaches, at a gym or pool locker room, nude swims or yoga. I live nude so plenty of people see me gardening or on my ride on mower nude. I answer the door nude. I drive in the nude.

By countrynaturist at 01,Oct,19 03:49
I am over 50 and I have slept with only one woman. However I have slept with well over 125 men.

By countrynaturist at 01,Oct,19 03:44
It's so nice to come into the house where my boyfriend, who is also a nudist, grabs my cock and gives me a nice sensual hand job. No reciprocation required.

By countrynaturist at 01,Oct,19 03:35
I was 15 and dropped by a friend that I liked. He had warned me before that his family was different. When the father answered the door completely nude I found out what he meant. Th whole family were nudists. My friend greeted me and asked me if I was comfortable with the house nudity. Being a nudist myself (I always went nude in my room), I stripped and joined him as we went to the back yard to play on his trampoline.

Well, two nude and horny 15 year old boys jumping on the trampoline and guess what. We were both hard in no time. He didn't seem bothered by it so why should I? As we sat on the trampoline, he must have noticed that my eyes were locked on his cock. He asked me if I ever touched another guy's cock as his hand gave my cock a gentle squeeze. My heart pounded. Very soon his cock was in my mouth and he guided me to my first blowjob. It was awesome. Just as awesome as him swallowing my load five minutes later.

It felt so natural having sex with him, we ended up in his room where he taught me the world of fucking.

By countrynaturist at 22,Sep,19 03:19
My boyfriend and I are always aiming to cum together. Most of the time we do.

By countrynaturist at 22,Sep,19 03:18
I love the fact that my boyfriend has sucked hundreds of cocks. I don't feel alone (I have sucked at least a few hundred myself ... ). I love watching him suck a friend's cock. He is so awesome at it.

By countrynaturist at 22,Sep,19 03:12
A guy. We were both 15 and when I dropped in to see him, I found out that he was a nudist (him answering the door in the nude was a good clue). After a few minutes I stripped and joined him on his trampoline. Didn't take long until we were both hard. He sucked my cock dry then showed me how to suck his. First taste of cum. So awesome.

By countrynaturist at 22,Sep,19 03:04
Second guy I slept with had a nine inch cock. Felt so nice when he fucked me. Not so easy when he face-fucked me though unless I could be ready for him. A few times I woke up to his cock sliding inch by delicious inch into my ass.

By countrynaturist at 18,Sep,19 03:58
I looked at his gorgeous partner to see if I could explore a bit more.

By countrynaturist at 17,Sep,19 03:28
As I sleep and spend my days nude, I often have morning wood. Can last for quite a while but that's where my boyfriend comes in.

By countrynaturist at 17,Sep,19 03:25
I am nude about 90 % of the time. I live on a farm that allows me to be nude outside all the time. Only time I have clothes on is when I have to get groceries. Also helps that my boyfriend is also a nudist.

By countrynaturist at 26,Aug,19 03:41
Very well said spermkiss. It's awesome to be able to suck multiple cocks and get to swallow all that cum. I can give these men a gift of relief, a gift of orgasm, and the gift of giving his cum to someone who wants it. The fact that I can give six or seven guys this gift in the same afternoon is just as awesome. If only I could cum that often...
It's just as awesome to know that part of a man remains inside me well after I swallow his load. The feeling of his cock spasming as he cums is intoxicating. Listening to him dump his cum in me is also hot.

By countrynaturist at 13,Aug,19 02:21
My boyfriend tried a couple cock desensitizer a while ago. It took my friend and I about 45 minutes to get him to cum. We took turns sucking him off until finally we hit paydirt.

By countrynaturist at 02,Aug,19 23:57
My bf is also a nudist so we have lots of chances to get / give blowjobs. We both cum and we both swallow. I usually cum in about 10 minutes. He has a longer staying power and it usually takes me 20 minutes of sucking to get him to cum. Well worth the wait ...

On average we suck / get sucked 8 or 9 times a week. More during the summer when outdoor sex enters the equation

By countrynaturist at 02,Aug,19 23:53
I was 15 and started to hang around this cute guy down the street. HE and his family were all nudists so I joined in the scene. We were on a trampoline and two horny nude guys jumping up and down quickly led to both of us getting hard. I was so anxious to try, he let me suck him off right there on the trampoline.

By countrynaturist at 02,Aug,19 23:50
my boyfriend and I hit the local gay nude beach. A guy there (one who obviously had money to burn) brought some 420-laced cookies and offered them to people. We had one, and the 420 had its usual effect on us ... we were horny and hard as a rock. In no time, the 7 or 8 guys who had a cookie got down to business. After swallowing a few loads, I started to fuck this gorgeous guy. Watching the other nude guys having sex in multiple combinations got me going and soon I dumped my load in him. Normally it takes me 5 or ten minutes or so to regain my stamina but weed is weed and I soon was taking a nice hard cock up my ass. And then a longer thinner cock. And then a nice uncut cock. Three loads in my ass in about 15 minutes. What a day. My bf was also doing good for himself. Being a bottom, I think he ended up with 4 or 5 cum loads. Love them cookies.

By countrynaturist at 14,Jul,19 00:29
Agreed. Just an absolutely awesome pic.

By countrynaturist at 14,Jul,19 00:28
Never wear them. Then again I am a nudist

By countrynaturist at 14,Jul,19 00:26
Making my guy cum is an awesome feeling. It's awesome that I made him hit orgasm and gave him that gift. Its awesome listening to him and feeling him climax, and even better that his cum is inside me, whether it's down my throat, or in my ass. The thought hat part of my lover is inside me is great.

By countrynaturist at 14,Jul,19 00:22
Those important in my life know I am gay. Those who wouldn't understand don't know. I don't hide it but I don't promote it either.

By countrynaturist at 14,Jul,19 00:20
A cute boy lived down the street. We were both 15. He loved jumping trampoline in the nude. In fact he was a nudist and did everything nude. I went over, stripped, and jumped trampoline. Soon we were both hard and I got my first blowjob on the trampoline. A short while later, I gave my first blowjob. That night I slept with my first guy. Been hooked ever since.

By countrynaturist at 14,Jul,19 00:16
I started when I was 15 with a cute boy down the street who loved to jump trampoline in the nude

By countrynaturist at 14,Jul,19 00:14
This is TOTALLY a personal taste. I love being shaved, have been shaved for decades, and I find a shaved guy more sexy than a bushed guy. But that is my choice. I just don't like dealing with loads of dental floss when sucking a guy off.

By countrynaturist at 14,Jul,19 00:12
Gay saunas are awesome. Lots of cock to enjoy, and lots of respect. Guys will take their cue from you

By countrynaturist at 14,Jul,19 00:11
I am cut and am happy about it. I dont care if my guy is cut or uncut. I will suck them all.

By countrynaturist at 14,Jul,19 00:09
I sleep with four different men throughout the week, and I love each one of them

By countrynaturist at 14,Jul,19 00:07
That last month I went to a gay nude beach (something I do regularly), shared some marijuana with a few other guys (something I occasionally do), and spent the day taking part in a massive orgy with five other nude n horny n high guys (something I rarely do). Swallowed four loads, and took two others up my ass. Not even my bf knows.

By countrynaturist at 01,Jun,19 02:13
First experience was when I was 14 or so. I became friends with the boy ... Sam ... down the street. I asked to go to his place. He told me it was fine but that I should know that his family were nudists and no one wore clothes in the house. That didn't seem to be a problem for me as I have been sleeping in the nude for quite a while.

When I got there, sure enough Mom and Dad and the other siblings were all doing their thing naked. So I left my clothes by the door and Sam and I watched some TV. After a bit, we headed to the back yard and went on the trampoline. You can guess what bouncing up and down in the nude with a very attractive boy did ... We were both hard.

He invited me to touch and feel his cock. It was wonderful. He then held my cock and we both started to pump each other. He told me to lie back and he wrapped his lips around my hard cock and gave me my first blowjob. My head hurt so much how great that felt. That started a long relationship. We soon graduated to 69 and then he showed me the awesome world of barebacking. I was soon sleeping over at his house.

By countrynaturist at 30,May,19 22:15
Finally some nude outdoor weather

By countrynaturist at 30,May,19 22:12
Easily over 200. Maybe 225. They have all been delicious. I started when I was 15. I am assuming you mean how many different cocks. If you mean how many cocks, counting repeats, then the answer is a lot closer to 600 or 700. My partner loves having his cock sucked on a daily basis. All in the interest of marital harmony, right?

By countrynaturist at 30,May,19 03:42
When we take shots of us having sex, my hubby sets his camera on a tripod and sets the timer. We take lots of nude shots of each other. Then again we are both nudists.

By countrynaturist at 30,May,19 03:21
No big deal. Current generation isn't hung up on nudity like our generation is. I have seen a few nude pics of friends of both genders (and I know that genders aren't binary)

By countrynaturist at 25,May,19 03:03
Just as Dale said. Poppers are really for bottoms. I find the take the edge off, and lower my inhibitions. I enjoy being fucked a lot more when using poppers. And the softening cock thing can be a real advantage if you are hoping to stay naked with your guy for a long period of time. You are horny yet rather soft ... Multiply that by two and thats the recipe for an all nighter!

By countrynaturist at 25,May,19 02:57
You ask that as if being a slut us a bad thing. I love having sex with men. So what? Each guy I have sex with or sleep with is doing so on their own accord. I never force anyone. I have been sleeping with a beautiful guy for four years now and we have an open relationship. We both have sex with other guys. So far in May, I have had sex with eight other men, and my lover has had sex with half a dozen guys. So what? I am a man who loves having sex, and there is nothing that makes me happier than sucking some cock or having a guy fuck me. So yes I am a slut and I love it.

By countrynaturist at 12,May,19 18:41
About an hour ago. Sucked it dry. It was awesome.

By countrynaturist at 12,May,19 18:40
You ask that as if there's something wrong. What is wrong with wanting sex?? You are blessed with a high sex drive. Maybe your partner(s) do not satisfy you. Maybe you are a multi orgasm gal and just need to climax a few times. Maybe you just like having sex. Maybe public nudity gets you going … not just being nude with your partner. Just enjoy.

By countrynaturist at 12,May,19 18:37
All . the . time. Except … I drive nude so I do not need to deal with loose shorts. It makes the trip go by faster when I edge for a while then just let it rip.

By countrynaturist at 12,May,19 18:34
While I love cumming, I do not need to cum to feel satisfied. I love sucking cock and after working on my guy's cock for a long time and getting to swallow his load is reward enough. I have often fallen asleep with him completely happy after swallowing his load.

By countrynaturist at 09,May,19 03:08
Bareback is absolutely the best way to get fucked. Nothing like feeling each inch of that hard cock in your ass, and even better having your guy's cum in you. When I feel my guy cumming inside me, it can get me cumming as well. I can feel each spurt and it feels awesome. But find a clean guy and bareback away.

By countrynaturist at 02,May,19 02:32
Plenty of times. It's hard not to be watched when I am sucking a delicious cock at a bathhouse. Once I am on my knees slurping on a guys cock, another guy is waiting beside him stroking away waiting for me to get to him. I love getting my fill of cum.

Also, same thing happens at virtually any gay nude beach.

My bf and I regularly have a third or another couple join us for the night and again we love watching and being watched.

By countrynaturist at 26,Apr,19 14:16
No you are not in fantasy land. Like spermkiss I too am an out gay man and most of my threesomes have involved other guys. Once though, my partner and I invited a friend of his into our bed. She was known to my partner and we just wanted to try it out. It was nice. Although I prefer guys, it was nice to try something new out. She loved being fucked, and so do my husband and I. So we have three fuck lovers.

I have also been the regular third in a couple's bed. That was a wonderful few years. He was bi and she loved watching him and I suck and fuck. ALthough I concentrated on him, I did enjoy her presence as well.

Go get your guy and enjoy it. It adds a beautiful texture to your sex.

By countrynaturist at 26,Apr,19 14:09
Why not ... yes means yes. Go get naked and enjoy it.