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By Jamie at 24,Sep,22 19:14
How but mine

By Jamie at 22,Sep,22 14:18
I agree fantastic balls.

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By Jamie at 17,Sep,22 21:15
It went poof again

By Jamie at 17,Sep,22 12:56
So do I miss em. daddy+blair were so sweet.

By Jamie at 16,Sep,22 19:24
Do you remember

By Jamie at 16,Sep,22 17:03
This one

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By Jamie at 14,Sep,22 13:05
We had two derail do trains have blowouts .cause they wouldn't say how it happened

By Jamie at 13,Sep,22 15:44
I lose my balance even going straight. Have broken angle points to the right my left one is straight

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[deleted image]

By Jamie at 31,Aug,22 03:39
tecsan manners you old wacko dude

By Jamie at 30,Aug,22 20:46
Oh you wack-job..

By Jamie at 30,Aug,22 18:04

By Jamie at 28,Aug,22 17:20
Yes As Bluetunder how sad he was a great guy..

By Jamie at 28,Aug,22 16:39
Was he ccco partner

By Jamie at 26,Aug,22 22:21
only registered users can see external links are we getting the India tomato flu..

By Jamie at 26,Aug,22 20:06
I used to like watching the longranger and Roy royrogers..

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⏰ time

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By Jamie at 23,Aug,22 15:43
Yes true

By Jamie at 23,Aug,22 15:31
Yes the changes of verification others can't play.
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

Will top of the month. Be change next.

By Jamie at 23,Aug,22 15:23
Gets boring when same people enter for potm

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By Jamie at 22,Aug,22 01:24
Blair made me hard when I die I want to come back as a doll to fuck her.

By Jamie at 18,Aug,22 17:32
Well said bella! I like her pics

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By Jamie at 17,Aug,22 15:56
Well got to blame my doctor' he was supposed to up dated my diabetes pills. I had to go to the emergency. My bloodsuger was 1200. Now I take shots

By Jamie at 16,Aug,22 20:56
3.29.9 here in Amarillo Tx.

By Jamie at 14,Aug,22 01:16
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A study says that as the Earth warms, a California flood that would swamp Los Angeles, displace millions and cause historic damage gets more likely.

By Jamie at 08,Aug,22 23:04
So sad she was my favorite

By Jamie at 29,Jul,22 02:34
Haven't been active got sick my kyc went 1200 and caught cocoa so if I make or did till then.

By Jamie at 27,Jul,22 03:43
Ether one will trust me.

By Jamie at 27,Jul,22 02:16
Red bull will kill me for sure.

By Jamie at 26,Jul,22 03:33
Is Xoner that old man 1975 that got deleted for having s.ex with dogs...

By Jamie at 20,Jul,22 22:15
Dgraff don't worry bjuk floats he will saves you if you hold to his clit hair..

By Jamie at 20,Jul,22 16:11
I would go to but won't ' cause bjuk being in the pool with cody.

By Jamie at 20,Jul,22 03:54
This year its being bad for everyone ' I would think.

By Jamie at 20,Jul,22 02:14
Yes even in
the shade very hot

By Jamie at 20,Jul,22 01:45
Was 106 here

By Jamie at 18,Jul,22 23:46
I knew all the time..

By Jamie at 15,Jul,22 19:00
Yahoo thanks.

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By Jamie at 15,Jul,22 00:13
Them fuckers have a cross walk you have to stop when the cross the road..

By Jamie at 14,Jul,22 23:31
There about a 100 here in park pond.
And you can't kill them shity fuckers

By Jamie at 14,Jul,22 20:53
Imagine I didn't know it was her

By Jamie at 14,Jul,22 19:15