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By Jamie at 10,May,21 02:48

By Jamie at 10,May,21 02:14
Your welcome

By Jamie at 10,May,21 01:17
Lol I am

By Jamie at 10,May,21 01:09

By Jamie at 10,May,21 00:49
Rachel_G one of the hottest 🔥 girl here

By Jamie at 10,May,21 00:46
Sent your points you spent back

By Jamie at 09,May,21 22:03
Now I am confused if I should stay or remain..
--------------------------------------- added after 4 hours

Hope it stay of my profile

By Jamie at 09,May,21 03:03
Adrian Asian has change same nastycunt as always..dgraff

By Jamie at 07,May,21 01:37

By Jamie at 04,May,21 01:41
Well she said in a chat room that I belong at a nursery home.

By Jamie at 03,May,21 17:43
She don't like older men or uncut don't waste your time on her

By Jamie at 01,May,21 15:23
S3 I can't believe you didn't know.:x LOL wrong jamie

By Jamie at 29,Apr,21 22:29

By Jamie at 29,Apr,21 02:13
Excuse me. I'm Espaņol I do Mass up on my spelling.

By Jamie at 27,Apr,21 02:48
I won't dare look at your page skittles. You all gone mad.

By Jamie at 26,Apr,21 22:23
Forgive me.ladys. just being a ass

By Jamie at 26,Apr,21 21:56
What is SKIPE..?

By Jamie at 26,Apr,21 00:22
Lol I did dgraff

By Jamie at 19,Apr,21 02:46
Lol skittles running out of Indians

By Jamie at 16,Apr,21 23:06

By Jamie at 15,Apr,21 23:21
I'm small sure you can

By Jamie at 15,Apr,21 21:41
Don't there was

By Jamie at 15,Apr,21 20:55
He was boot

By Jamie at 15,Apr,21 17:17
Lol. how true

By Jamie at 15,Apr,21 15:38
I'm the same way I use to able to spell better then now.but I still love to read

By Jamie at 15,Apr,21 02:09
This gun thing is getting boring..

By Jamie at 15,Apr,21 02:07

By Jamie at 12,Apr,21 20:05

By Jamie at 12,Apr,21 18:42
Oh my they Steal my virginity..

By Jamie at 12,Apr,21 16:57
I wonder what **** means

By Jamie at 11,Apr,21 11:10
Think I had it when it started. I felt like hell for a few weeks.

By Jamie at 09,Apr,21 22:24
I agree I do the same

By Jamie at 09,Apr,21 16:00
I'm Hispanic and my last name means courteous.Lol.

By Jamie at 09,Apr,21 15:52
I'll shoot any fucker
that breaks into my home.

By Jamie at 09,Apr,21 01:40
Why don't they change there names. they have whites names.

By Jamie at 03,Apr,21 22:30
I haven't yet Specially Johnson Johnson was mess up I just wait a while.

By Jamie at 03,Apr,21 19:40
Hoping you filling better by now.

By Jamie at 31,Mar,21 22:17
Saw that Biden going to put Blacks and Hispanic in jail cause they are hurting the Asians.Lol

By Jamie at 31,Mar,21 19:33
What happen they were in they were in their chat rooms last night?

By Jamie at 26,Mar,21 23:15
I couldn't post the video people have flags in there yards

By Jamie at 26,Mar,21 19:39

By Jamie at 20,Mar,21 19:15
Yes. thank you

By Jamie at 20,Mar,21 19:13
Hey don't make fun of old people

By Jamie at 20,Mar,21 17:41
Ok my wife when she was younger

By Jamie at 20,Mar,21 17:27
Young no way

By Jamie at 20,Mar,21 16:15
I see a lot of women. posting pics in the men's side now days.shout we men do the same.

By Jamie at 20,Mar,21 00:18

By Jamie at 18,Mar,21 18:53
What's the bump thing

By Jamie at 18,Mar,21 03:42
He/she is 24/7 here. someone wrote you ever sleep..

By Jamie at 17,Mar,21 14:47
Lol.its a secret I was going to delete might get for it